Chapter 176 A Vicious Battle

Chapter 176 – A Vicious Battle

The male dragon’s voice carried deep hatred and murderous intent within it, as though humans were hated enemies that it was not willing to share the world with. Clearly, to negotiate with them and then depart was completely impossible.

“Hurry up and leave…the farther you go, the better!”

The powerful aura that emanated from those two Flood Dragons caused Little Fairy to feel tremendous danger. She suddenly pushed out her hand, bringing forth a surging, icy current of energy, and shoved Yun Che far away. At the same time, her entire body floated forward icily as she attacked the male and female pair of dragons.

“Little Fairy——”

Little Fairy’s pushing power was something which Yun Che cannot to resist at all. Amidst his shouting, he was pushed more than five kilometers away by that surge of air current before finally falling onto the ground, escaping the attack range of the two Flood Dragons at the same time. From the location he was previously at, a series of utterly world-shaking rumbles could be heard.

The two enormous Flood Dragons coiled there, high in the air, their bellows shaking the world. Compared to their enormous bodies, all that could be seen of Little Fairy was her adorable, tiny, snowy figure. Like a snowy butterfly, she darted about amidst them.

The two Flood Dragons were roughly the same size. They looked similar from the outside, but one was female while the other was male; they appeared to be husband and wife. They simultaneously opened their enormous mouths, belching forth a wave of storming tornados. The storming tornados were originally only a several meters wide, but in the process of spinning, they quickly grew larger. In the blink of an eye, they had already reached the size of several hundreds of meters. The two vortexes of enormous tornados, one in front, the other behind, carried an incomparably terrifying ripping power as they swept towards Little Fairy.

As Yun Che raised his head, this was the scene he saw. His eyes instantly widened, and even his heart felt as though it stopped… Within these two tornados that all but covered the entire sky, by comparison, Little Fairy’s delicate frame seemed as insignificant as a tiny, thin leaf.

Little Fairy ascended upwards slightly, and then her body began to swivel. Her rotating speed was very slow, as if elegantly dancing like a lithe, graceful butterfly. But that beautiful, illusory swirling, brought up an enormous tornado that was not one whit weaker than those created by the Flood Dragons in the area around her…and what’s more, it was a bone-freezing storm of frost.


A thundering sound that seemed to shake the world exploded forth in the skies.

These three storms collided in midair, and space immediately began to violently shudder. In an blink of the eye, the hills below them were whittled apart by the tornados, converting the ground into flat ground. Some ancient trees that had been rooted there for centuries and millennia were lifted high up into the air, then thrown out to an incomprehensible distance. Yellow dirt was more so thrown about in large amounts, covering the entire sky and blocking out the sun. Even Yun Che, who was more than five kilometers away, was knocked to the ground by a sudden surge of air current that was blasted in this direction. Only after he clutched hard at the corner of a boulder, did he manage to avoid being blown far away.

The collision between the tornados had created a terrifying stream of chaotic energy that remained unabated for a long period of time without vanishing. Yun Che who was at the outermost of the margins of this storm, was already finding it completely impossible to breathe. Yet Little Fairy, was at the very center of this tempest…Yun Che raised his head with difficulty as he resisted the power of the storm and he looked at Little Fairy who was in midair. Her lithe figure was still slowly swiveling, her position not budging in the slightest. Those two storms generated by the Flood Dragons were kept at a firm distance of more than sixty meters by her storm of profound energy, and they weren’t able to touch her body at all. Instead, they were slowly being pushed farther and farther away by her.

In other words, even facing a pair of Flood Dragons at the pinnacle of Sky Profound Realm, she actually wasn’t at the slightest disadvantage!

Yun Che was greatly relieved. At this time, he suddenly saw that directly above him, a black blur had been sent flying over with a high speed by the chaotic air streams. That black figure caused Yun Che’s pupils to slightly contract…

Fierce Storm Hawk!!!

The Fierce Storm Hawk, which had been flying at full speed for three hours had already used up all of its energy. Now that it also suffered from the power of this storm, it had already fallen unconscious. Yun Che didn’t even think about it; he vaulted high into the air and grabbed onto one of the hawk-talons of the Fierce Storm Hawk, then relaxed his profound energy and relied on the weight of the heavy sword on his back to descend at high speed. He landed behind a giant boulder that was large enough to block the chaotic streams of air.

It was uncertain as to whether the Fierce Storm Hawk was already dead or just unconscious. Upon being brought down by Yun Che, it still remained completely motionless. Yun Che flipped it over with a kick, and then at a glance, saw the object flashing with a faint copper light within its right talon.

“So it really was carrying it!”

Yun Che was instantly overjoyed, and quickly untied it from the hawk’s talons. Although it had undergone such major twists and turns, the pendant was still completely undamaged. Its string was made of an unknown material; it was as soft and gentle as cotton silk, and yet it, too, was completely undamaged.

Yun Che carefully opened the pendant and stared at the small lens within it. Only after verifying that the small lens was also completely intact, was he finally, completely relieved. And then, he once more returned the pendant to his neck.

“You’ve already found what you came for. Why don’t you hurry up and leave? Are you going to stay here and wait for death?” Jasmine said quite frantically.

“I can’t! Little Fairy is still in a vicious battle with those two Flood Dragons. How can I leave!” Yun Che stuck his head out, peeping over the giant boulder towards Little Fairy’s direction as he spoke in a resolute voice.

“Idiocy! A battle at this level is something you aren’t able to interfere in at all! In the end, regardless of whether she wins or loses, or whether she lives or dies, this battle isn’t something you can intervene in! Aside from putting yourself in danger, how can you possibly help her?”

Yun Che gritted his teeth and said, “I know that I won’t be able to help her, but, she’s only being attacked by these two Flood Dragons because of me. If I were to let her fall into danger and then leave myself, I would look down on myself for the rest of my life. Moreover, this is also the very center of the Wasteland of Death. The surrounding area is filled by Profound Beasts of the Earth Profound or even Sky Profound Realms. Any beast that I encounter will result in a near-fatal encounter for me. Where can I escape to?”

Jasmine was unable to refute Yun Che’s words.

The storms persisted for seven full minutes, then finally dissipated. The male dragon’s voice rang out from high in the air. “So it is actually a human who has stepped halfway into the Emperor Profound Realm. No wonder you dare to come and attempt to encroach upon the treasures of the Dragon God in vain. But since you have come, you can forget about ever leaving again!”

Little Fairy said in an icy voice, “I only passed by here on accident. I have no idea the treasures of the Dragon God, nor did I think of offending you two.”

The female dragon’s voice rang out with explosive rage. “Silence! You humans are all despicable, vile creatures! In the past, it was because the two of us, husband and wife, were slightly merciful and spared a human that intruded, three months later, he returned here with several dozens of people…and even killed our one and only child! We definitely won’t make the same mistake ever again… Human, die!”

The power of both Flood Dragons was of the wind attribute. As they released their power, the wind and the clouds in the surrounding area began to surge. Sand and stones flew everywhere, and the awe-inspiring momentum caused the entire core region of the Wasteland of Death to faintly tremble. The Profound Beasts close to the core region that were slumbering or resting in silence were all startled awake, and fled away in terror. Even after reaching a location they felt was safe, they still didn’t dare to howl out. They didn’t even dare to breathe loudly. Trembling nonstop, they looked into the distant skies, where they saw those enormous draconic shadows.

“Frozen Cloud Domain!”

Along with the Little Fairy’s graceful shout, the space suddenly transformed into a field of ice-blue color within a thousand meters around her. Within this enormous ice-blue field, countless flakes of snow and frost silently fell, and the water element in the air condensed into countless crystals of ice. The world was covered with a layer of white snow, and an increasingly thick layer of ice began to slowly cover the bodies of the two Flood Dragons. Their movements grew sluggish, and even their tornados seemed to slowly become frozen as the howling were no longer as sharp as before.

“A Domain…it’s actually a Domain!” Yun Che cried out involuntarily. Domain Arts, according to legend, required a person to at least be at the Emperor Profound Realm before being able to just barely execute such a powerful Profound Art. Once a Domain was formed, within the Domain, everything would transform into an element that was beneficial to one’s self, to the point of even becoming completely under one’s control. There were many different types of Domains; there were attack-type Domains, defense-type Domains, amplification-type Domains, restriction-type Domains, intimidation-type Domains, etc…

As for Little Fairy, although she had yet to completely enter the Emperor Profound Realm, she was actually already able to use Domain Arts!

Within the Frozen Cloud Domain. The freezing cold, the flying snow, the frost…all slightly augmented Little Fairy’s powers, while simultaneously weakening the movements of the two dragons as well as the strength of their attacks. Little Fairy was now holding a translucent longsword that seemed to be formed from ice crystals. Her body moved, and it was like a blue light flashed by as she pierced straight towards the male dragon.


That enormous collision sound was clearly heard by Yun Che who was more than five kilometers away. Although Flood Dragons weren’t like Flame Dragons, which were of true, pure dragon bloodline, and instead were merely lesser dragons with a seventy or eighty percent pure lineage, they were still dragons. Their bodies had the toughness similar to those of true dragons. Under this Little Fairy’s sword slash, only a single silver scale of the male dragon was slashed apart.

But the injury to his scales was more than enough to further enrage the male dragon. Its counter-attack came as well. As the wind howled fiercely, the ice on it’s body broke off in enormous chunks as it smashed down towards Little Fairy with its enormous dragon claw. Following the path of the dragon claw, screeches of the space being torn apart were generated.


The enormous dragon claw landed upon Little Fairy’s shield of ice. The dragon claw was bounced away, while numerous cracks also appeared on the shield of ice. And then, in the next instant, the enormous draconic tail of the female dragon, carrying the force of a small mountain, crashed down as well upon the shield of ice that the draconic claw had just cracked. With a ‘crunch’ sound, Little Fairy’s shield of ice completely shattered, blasting apart and sending shards flying everywhere.

The dragon's tail swept through, struck onto Little Fairy’s after image. Little Fairy’s figure suddenly appeared in midair, and her features became all the more solemn. Seizing this period of time when the Domain had yet to vanish, her body suddenly descended at high speed with her icy sword pointed directly at the male dragon. Each time the sword struck against the body of the male dragon, flashes of light that seemed like blue-colored lightning flickered. Within the blue light, the scales of the male dragon were also being shattered one by one.

The only option she could choose right now, was to focus her attacks on one of the Flood Dragons.

If these were simply two peak Profound Sky Realm beasts of any other kind, such as wolves, lions, falcons…she would have had a high chance of success even if she fought two at the same time. Unfortunately, these two just so happened to be Flood Dragons! In terms of physical bodies, bloodlines, stamina, spiritual power, aura…there were no beasts that could compare to dragons.

After having battled for fifteen minutes, Little Fairy already knew quite clearly that this would be an incomparably hard battle, regardless of whether the goal was to win or to retreat safely.

The skies grew darker and darker; the night sky had already begun to silently descend, causing the constantly flashing blue lights in the skies to appear all the more glaring.

After having persisted for a bit less than an hour, Little Fairy’s Frozen Cloud Domain finally, completely vanished.

The frigid cold quickly dissipated from the air, and the movements of the male and female Flood Dragons instantly became swifter. However, Little Fairy’s power began to weaken. As she slashed down against the body of the male flood dragon with her icy sword, the collision sounds were clearly not as ear-shaking as before.

The inside of Yun Che’s heart was also no longer able to stay calm any further. He said frantically, “Jasmine, how much strength are you currently able to use?”

“Forget about it. I won’t help her.” Jasmine had predicted long ago that this moment would come, and she refused decisively. “Exterminating these two Flood Dragons, to me, is something as easy as flipping my hand over. But if I were to use that amount of energy, the poison that I’ve finally managed to suppress will definitely recur again, causing all my efforts to be for naught! I’m not so benevolent as to waste a year’s worth of effort within the Sky Poison Pearl, all for the sake of a woman who has nothing to do with me!”