Chapter 175 - Male and Female Flood Dragons

Chapter 175 - Male and Female Flood Dragons

Yun Che’s frame shook and his gaze swept through his surroundings. The pendant’s case was made of metal and would reflect at least some light. Its color also had obvious differences with that of the ground. If it were to fall on the dry yellow ground in the surroundings, it should be easily seen. Yet after searching quite a while, Yun Che still couldn’t find a single trace of it.

And Yun Che clearly remembered, while he had sat and tended to his injuries, his hand had brushed the pendant as he pulled at his damaged collar. His pendant had still been on him, then.


Yun Che raised his head abruptly, and looked towards the sky….. When he was shaking off the Fierce Storm Hawk just now, he clearly felt something run itself over his neck. Then, he had thought it was because his own actions had been too large, and he had been constrained by his clothes, so he didn’t take it to heart. Now that he thought of it…….

It was obviously because his pendant was being swiped off his neck!

Not only were hawks’ talons incomparably sharp, they were also curved into hooks. If they had came into contact with the pendant’s thread, it was very possible that they had firmly hooked onto the pendant, and then pulled it out!!

The Fierce Storm Hawk’s speed was extremely fast. By then, it was already high up in the sky, and only a blurry black speck could be seen. Yun Che was extremely worried as he spared no effort in furiously rushing up to it. But after running only a few steps, he stopped and hollered above him, “Little Fairy!! Help me chase up to that Fierce Storm Hawk! It snatched my pendant away!”

“.......” After a long while, Little Fairy’s serene voice came from above, “I only keep the promise to protect you for three months, not to go along with your wishes. I also have no obligation to obey a man’s order.”

“That pendant is extremely important to me! It concerns my life and it’s the only proof that can reunite me with my biological parents! I absolutely can not lose it…….”

“How does that concern me?”

Yun Che’s gaze stayed unwaveringly on the fuzzy black spot high up in the sky. Taking a deep breath, he roared anxiously, “If you can chase up to the Fierce Storm Hawk, and bring me with you, I’ll open up three… No! Five…. Five closed Profound Entrances! I do what I say, and I absolutely won’t promise what I can’t uphold! If I can’t do it, you can kill me with a single slap however you wish!

Not only would Yun Che’s words resound like thunder in any practitioner’s ears, it was also a gargantuan lure any practitioner would not be able to resist….. Little Fairy also could not. After two breaths of time, her figure appeared in a sheet of ice auroras before Yun Che, “Alright, then I’ll help you!”

Her clear, cold voice fell and Yun Che felt a large wave of unopposable strength barreling towards him. His body was lifted and send shooting into the sky like an arrow which had left its bow, straight towards the Fierce Storm Hawk that was far away!

Surging airflow swept at his face, causing Yun Che to be unable to not close his eyes for a short period of time. Wind whistled by his ears and it was comparable to the wind when he had sat on the Giant Snow Eagle. After he was accustomed to the surging airflow, he opened his eyes. Little Fairy was right beside him. Her flight posture was very beautiful, it was as if Xuan Nu was floating and dancing on the clouds. Her long, snow white skirt fluttered up, and as her veil swished; a perfectly beautiful, snow-white face was revealed indistinctively, and it was faintly discernible.

That black speck within his line of sight grew larger and larger.

“Just a little faster, we must definitely chase up to it!” Yun Che urged hurriedly. Now, he couldn’t help but pray that the pendant was hung more tightly to the hawk’s talons. It definitely could not drop; otherwise, in the boundless Wasteland of Death, looking for it will truly be like searching for a needle within a haystack.

Little Fairy glanced at him indifferently, “Practitioners who have reached the Sky Profound Realm are able to travel aerially, but the Fierce Storm Hawk is still king of the skies. Even if I do my best, the most I can do is merely to give chase. Right now, I’m almost at my limit.”

While speaking, the black speck in front of them grew nearer and they had closed the distance to approximately one and a half kilometers or so. Just then, the Fierce Storm Hawk in front seemed to realize they were chasing it and a loud, clear and angry squawk came from far away. Following which, it sped up and in their line of sight, it grew further and further away.

“Darn! Did it discover us? Little Fairy, go a little faster, we must catch up to it! Definitely!!” Yun Che said with clenched teeth.

Little Fairy looked at Yun Che again, and then sighed lightly. A sheen of light blue light appeared on her entire body, causing the surrounding temperature to suddenly drop.

The cold air that suddenly shrouded him made Yun Che unconsciously tremble. Only by rapidly working his profound energy did he withstand this almost bone-chillingly cold chill. At the same time, he felt the force that was moving him along suddenly increase exponentially, propelling him into the sky at a greater speed….

Finally, the Fierce Storm Hawk within his line of sight was no longer growing further away. But even after a while, they still did not get closer. The threatening aura from behind made the Fierce Storm Hawk go at full throttle. Even though it was only a Spirit Profound Beast, it was a genuine aerial master, so even if it was the Little Fairy, who was at the pinnacle of the Sky Profound Realm, she could only match its speed. It would not be able to shake her off, but she would be unable to pull nearer either.

“Little Fairy, can’t you pull a little closer?” Their current speed was already as fast as lightning, and the wind’s screaming in his ears was already pushing him to the verge of going deaf, but he still fretfully wished to go faster. It was because to him, that pendant was simply too important. In his lifetime in Azure Cloud Continent, he had worn it from birth ‘til death and was never apart from it. In this lifetime on the Profound Sky Continent, he had similarly worn it on his neck since birth…. it was like an imprint of his life.

Both lifetimes, they had no parents, and they also did not know who their parents were. In this lifetime, he finally had some information regarding his biological parents, and this pendant which was on his neck, had become his only hope of finding his identity and his biological parents….. If it was lost, he would have to give up all hope of finding out his own lot in life.

“This time, it’s already really my limit.” Little Fairy replied. Feeling Yun Che’s inner anxiety, she spoke soothingly, “You shouldn’t worry so much, we’re bound to catch up.”

“You’re confident about this?”

“After all, it’s only a Spirit Profound Beast, so when it comes to stamina, it can never hope to compete with mine. If we continue chasing this way, it will definitely tire before I do. As long as we do not lose it throughout the whole process, it will be unable to escape.”

Little Fairy’s words made Yun Che feel a little less worried. Thinking of the last time he had flown in the skies, he couldn’t help but laugh a little….. Previously, he and Lan Xueruo had been wildly chased after by a Fierce Storm Hawk until the Giant Snow Eagle could no longer continue….. But this time around, the situation was completely reversed. Little Fairy and he had now taken to the skies together, chasing after the Fierce Storm Hawk, and what they were waiting for, was also for it to lose stamina.

The Fierce Storm Hawk’s gigantic frame cast long shadows in the sky as it flew straight towards the north…… Which was the direction further into the Wasteland of Death.

Little Fairy and Yun Che still did not give up their pursuit, and below, vast plots of land flashed past their line of sight. After four hours, they had gone past more than several hundred kilometers of wasteland. They had completely passed the Spirit Profound Beasts’ territory and were now above the Sky Profound Beasts’ territory…….. If Yun Che were to land right then, he would be in mortal peril no matter which profound beast he chanced upon.

And this area, even if it was high up in the skies, was a place the Fierce Storm Hawk would have never dared to enter. But with Yun Che and Little Fairy in hot pursuit, it had no choice but to fly with all its might….. and continue northwards.

Another two hours passed, and the sky gradually darkened. Without them noticing, they had already flown past a distance of hundreds of kilometers. The place they were above was already close to the centre of the Wasteland of Death…. A place Yun Che could never possibly have reached with his own capabilities.

Flying like this for a long time with all its might, the Fierce Storm Hawk finally began to show signs of tiring. Its flight speed began to fall, and the squawks that came from a distance was no longer filled with energy, but grew increasingly feeble and tired.

The profound strength which was half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm was so thick that it could bring people into flight at full might for six entire hours, yet Little Fairy didn’t seem to be exhausted at all. Seeing the black speck in front get closer, and when they could gradually see the Fierce Storm Hawk’s blurry silhouette, she said softly, “It’s already close to its limit, prepare to capture it.”

While they were speaking, their flight speed also grew slightly faster as their distance from the Fierce Storm Hawk grew closer. After half a quarter of an hour, they had already closed in to be within a kilometer’s distance away. And just then, the Fierce Storm Hawk’s wing suddenly jerked as it let out a weak cry; its body plummeted to a low mountain below without any strength.

Little Fairy also brought Yun Che into a descent, and the distance from the ground grew closer and closer...

It was at this that a startled cry came from Jasmine in Yun Che’s mind, “Get out of the way, quick!! Danger!!”

Yun Che’s heart suddenly shook in fear, and the moment Jasmine’s voice fell, an enormous silver shadow emerged from the low hill below. The silver shadow rushed towards them like lightning and a single one of them was the size of a house. The beast’s ferocious mouth which was set with frightening teeth opened wide and rushed at them.

Yun Che and Little Fairy turned pale in fright at the same time. Little Fairy grabbed hold onto Yun Che’s arm with one hand and pushed him back with all her might, managing to dodge the extreme danger. But the crisis wasn’t averted just like that. From behind them, a wave of the same dangerous aura came barreling towards them…… And another ferociously wide mouth which looked practically the same came snapping from their backs....


Little Fairy’s elegant brows knitted as she stretched her right hand out, and constructed an ice barrier of about thirty three meters wide. Their ferocious mouths that were wide open crashed into the ice barrier, and were thrown far away. Large cracks also formed atop the protective barrier.

Seeing the cracks atop the ice barrier, Little Fairy’s eyebrows tightly wrinkled.

While Yun Che’s eyes were already filled with astonishment.

Because he saw dragons….

Silver colored dragons….

And it was two silver colored dragons!!

Both gigantic silver dragons that rose in the air were over a hundred meters long. With one in front and the other in the back, they circled around him and Little Fairy on both sides. A field of dragon scales reflected a cold silvery light, as if there were currently a numerous number of silver-colored snakes in motion; the two matchlessly vast spirals’ terrifying imposing manner locked them firmly in place.

“These aren’t true dragons, but rather, two variations that have become Flood Dragons! Their bodies permeate a thick, toxic aura into the atmosphere…. Quality-wise, they are high-leveled Sky Profound Beasts! Their strengths are at the pinnacle of the Sky Profound Realm and in ten more years of fighting against experts of the tenth level of the Sky Profound Realm, they will be able to step half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm. If there were only one, then she could handle it with her strength that’s half a step away from the Emperor Profound Realm. But two… she could only hope to perish with them!”

Jasmine’s voice was extremely cautious, “Today, you better make your choice, which is to let her stall these two Flood Dragons and take the chance to leave immediately. Or else, each one of your paths will lead to death! It’s because escaping together is completely impossible….. A dragon’s aerial ability far surpasses that of the hawks’!”

At this, the Flood Dragon in front opened its mouth wide, and spat out human words, “It’s another foolish human’s futile attempt to pollute the Dragon God’s treasure….. Die!!”

The voice was solemn and ear-splitting, and when it fell, two Flood Dragons surged into the sky simultaneously, and two waves of berserk auras rushed at Yun Che and Little Fairy one after the other.