Chapter 177 - Dual Dragon Extermination

Chapter 177 - Dual Dragon Extermination

Yun Che was very clear about what the consequences of Jasmine attacking would be. He also clearly remembered the scene at the time, where Jasmine’s soul had almost scattered after she attacked the Flame Dragon. But these two Flood Dragons absolutely could not compare to the Flame Dragon, and with the purification of the Sky Poison Pearl over this period of time, Jasmine’s current state was much better than before; striking out and killing these two Flood Dragons may cause the purification from this period of time to be wasted, but at least there wouldn’t be the danger of her soul scattering.

And if she doesn’t strike out, Little Fairy’s life will be in danger. After the Frozen Cloud Domain faded, she had already clearly found herself in a disadvantaged position.

Yun Che was just about to continue persuading Jasmine, when the voice of the male Flood Dragon suddenly sounded from the distant skies: “Human, your strength is weakening. It appears you reached your limit just now; a half-step from the Emperor Profound Realm, is merely so.”

The female Flood Dragon’s voice also sounded haughtily: “Insignificant human, you’re not fit to contend with our dragon race. Your futile attempt to obtain a share of the Dragon God’s treasure will only end in your destruction! DIE!”

Although the level of Little Fairy’s profound strength was half a realm greater than these two Flood Dragons, in regards to endurance, how could she compare to Flood Dragons! Previously, she had flown non-stop at maximum speed for six hours, and now she had gone through such a lengthy fierce battle; her strength was already starting to show clear signs of fatigue. On the other hand, although several hundreds of the male Flood Dragon’s scales had broken and shattered, and blood oozed unceasingly beneath some of its scales, its vigor did not decrease at all. All these injuries combined equated to only a light injury for it; the female Flood Dragon wasn’t even worth mentioning. The strength contained in their enormous bodies seemed almost boundless.

Under the berserk power of the dual Flood Dragons, Little Fairy’s counterattacks grew weaker and weaker. At the very end, she could only dedicate all her strength to defending, with absolutely no energy to counterattack. Her petite body swayed like duckweed in the storm generated by the two Flood Dragons, with a chance of being crushed at any time...

Arriving at this sort of circumstance, a deepening feeling of anger began to aggregate within Little Fairy’s beautiful eyes.

“We have no prior grievances, yet not only do you attack with no reason, you also want to force me to make my last stand…”

Little Fairy’s voice was slow and tranquil, and a deep feeling of anger was concealed under the tranquility: “Since I am fated to die in this place, you must also… pay dearly!”

From Little Fairy’s voice, Yun Che could hear deep resentment and a bone-chilling coldness… There was even a hint of a decisive consignment for death. The moment the last note ended, a deep blue glow suddenly emitted from Little Fairy’s body and charged towards the sky, shooting straight at the heavens… And at the same time, the surrounding temperature plummeted at an incomparably terrifying rate. The temperature practically dropped below zero in an instant, then continued dropping sharply, and a thickening layer of ice began coating all the objects beneath her.

Yun Che, who was five kilometers away, felt a gust of bone-chilling icy air billow over, causing his entire body to shiver. Watching the streak of blue light charging at the skies, he said in a low voice: “What… is that?:

Jasmine: “...”

“Human, is this your last stand? It’s a pity; with your current strength, you simply cannot damage the bodies of us Flood Dragons! Only complete extermination awaits you!”

Under the blue light, Little Fairy’s face was completely tranquil. She slowly raised the ice sword in her hand, yet she didn’t point at the male Flood Dragon, who was already riddled with scars; rather, she pointed at the female Flood Dragon that had just spoken. Her snowy lips moved slightly, and each and every one of her words were like ice: “Before I die… I’ll let you… die first!!”

“Frozen Cloud Forbidden Technique —— Zeroth Aurora!!”


Little Fairy flashed in midair, and shot towards the female Flood Dragon like a streak of blue lightning. The speed she displayed in this instant exceeded the extreme limit of her speed by two times, and the ice sword, which was coated in blue light, pierced straight at the female Flood Dragon, then… amidst an ear-piercing splitting sound, penetrated through its scales, stabbing deep into its body.

If this sword had completely stabbed into a human’s body like this, it would indeed be sufficient to claim the person’s life. But this five foot long ice sword, was simply too miniscule in the face of the Flood Dragon’s enormous body. Facing the Flood Dragon, this sword had pierced its body like a single needle pierces a human’s body.

This scene didn’t actually cause the male dragon to feel any panic; rather, it sneered and said: “What an immense aura of strength, to have actually prevented me from moving for an instant. But do you really believe you’ll be able to injure the body of us Flood Dragons like this? To us, this kind of injury isn’t even worth mentioning…”

The sound of the male Flood Dragon’s voice hadn’t dissipated yet when it suddenly heard the female Flood Dragon emit a mournful howl, and its body began to struggle violently… But the only parts of its body that struggled were the head and tail areas; the area that had been pierced by Little Fairy’s sword seemed frozen in place, completely unable to move.

Crack crack crack crack crack crack crack...

A chain of ice crystals condensed with a deafening sound, centering around Little Fairy’s ice sword. The thick crystals condensed on the female Flood Dragon at an insane rate, and extended from the center of the Flood Dragon’s body to its head and tail.

The female Flood Dragon’s mournful howls become more and more painful, lasting until they became hoarse cries of despair; but its struggles actually weakened gradually, because the ice crystals began covering more and more of its body… Finally, its struggles and screams completely ceased, because even its head and tail areas had completely turned into ice crystals.

This entire process barely lasted for five breaths’ time… In only five breaths’ time, the Flood Dragon, which was several tens of meters long, turned into an ice sculpture from head to tail. Everything happened so fast that the male Flood Dragon didn’t even have time to react.

The enormous dragon-shaped ice sculpture stagnated in midair for an instant, and then began dropping due to the heaviness of Little Fairy’s ice sword. It smashed heavily against the ice-cold ground, which had been leveled by the storm, and such a heavy fall caused numerous fine cracks to appear on the ice sculpture.

The blue light on Little Fairy’s body faded; even her strength and aura nearly dissipated completely. Her face turned pale as snow as she closed her eyes with incomparable tranquility.

“Wh … What did you do!!”

The male Flood Dragon’s voice became incomparably angry and frantic, and its aura of strength became particularly chaotic. This was because the ice on the female Flood Dragon’s body was not just a simple ice formation. It was not only her exterior; its body, its blood, its organs, its life, its strength, its soul… had been completely sealed by ice! This made it so that it simply couldn’t even detect an aura of life at all...

It had died! Under this incomparably frightening thorough ice formation, the female Flood Dragon had thoroughly died. In its entire body, not even a single cell had a trace of vitality remaining.


The male Flood Dragon’s angry roars resounded throughout the heavens and earth and resonated throughout most of the Wasteland of Death, agitating countless Profound Beasts. For some time, thousands of the beasts in the central section of the Wasteland of Death were alarmed, fleeing everywhere and created a field of chaos.

“You actually killed my wife, you actually killed my wife!!!”

Fierce winds rolled; even the clouds in the skies were dispersed by its angry roars. Little Fairy slowly raised her head, and her pale face revealed a cold smile: “I’m only a passerby, yet you forced me into a corner... Death cannot wipe out your sins!”

“ROAR!! Evil human, I want you to die! I want you to die from the pain of toxic poison devouring your body!!”

Five kilometers away, Yun Che stood frozen in stupor. He said in shock: “That Flood Dragon, died?”

“Yes, it died.” Jasmine said very calmly: “As for that woman, she’s about to die too.”

“What’d you say?” Yun Che’s heart skipped a beat.

“Hmph! The last bit of her energy has been blown away, and it was clearly a forbidden technique. And this forbidden technique, can only be cast with the price of destroying one’s own profound veins. Now that her profound veins have been destroyed, and her meridians have snapped, she’s already a cripple! Certain death awaits her! She herself knew that it would be impossible to escape from the assault of these two Flood Dragons, so this can be considered the most worthwhile decision… at least she dragged another down with her.”

“Wh… What!?”

Yun Che’s body stood up abruptly; releasing all his profound energy, he charged towards Little Fairy as if he was insane.

“What’re you trying to do? Have you gone mad!!” His actions caused Jasmine to turn pale with fright.

“I haven’t gone mad!” Yun Che clenched his teeth, and roared: “I can’t let her die! She met with this disaster while trying to protect me! I definitely… I definitely won’t let her die! Jasmine, quickly kill that male Flood Dragon… Consider it me begging you; quickly kill that male Flood Dragon! If Little Fairy really dies by that male Flood Dragon’s hand, I won’t be at peace for the rest of my life!! JASMINE!!”

Jasmine: “...”

“If you still won’t attack, even if Little Fairy dies, I won’t stop running; I would rather die by the Flood Dragon’s claw with her… I’ll definitely accomplish what I’ve promised you! I’m begging you, just this one time, please help me!”

As he spoke, Yun Che’s speed increased… completely surpassing the maximum speed he could reach before.

Little Fairy, who had lost all her strength, began falling from the air. She closed her eyes; her expression was incomparably tranquil, because she was very clear about how everything would end… Her profound veins had shattered, her meridians had snapped; she was already a cripple, and no longer possessed any will to continue living.

Only, in the corner of her eye, a single sparkling tear quietly rolled down her face.


The male Flood Dragon opened its mouth wide, and a lump of highly toxic whirlwind billowed towards Little Fairy.

“JASMINE!!” The male Flood Dragon’s actions caused Yun Che to turn pale with fright.

The Flood Dragon’s twister was extremely frightening, and at this time, Little Fairy’s body was completely devoid of profound energy to defend herself. If the storm touched her, she would be torn to shreds instantly.

Just when the frightening whirlwind was three feet away from Little Fairy, a petite, crimson silhouette suddenly appeared in front of the storm. With a sweep of its small hand… Only a smothered sound could be heard. Then, this storm was actually directly smashed back and rolled back at the Flood Dragon at an even faster speed.

The male Flood Dragon surged after the violent storm suddenly turned back. Looking at the tiny red silhouette which had suddenly appeared in front of it, an expression of fear flashed in its eyes: “Wh… Who are you!”

Just a casual palm, without any fluctuations of energy, had repelled its toxic storm. Just this point was enough to prove that the strength of this petite human girl in front of it surpassed it by at least three great realms! And what really frightened it was the formless pressure she exerted. For its entire life, it had never experienced such a frightening pressure; in the face of this pressure, it felt as if it was an insignificant speck of dust in front of a vast sea.

Jasmine didn’t respond, and her crystalline gaze was filled with killing intent and anger. She extended a white, delicate finger and pointed at the Flood Dragon. A somewhat dim red glow lit at the tip of her finger: “This is seriously annoying... Such an insignificant low-level Flood Dragon actually forced this princess to waste one year of her efforts; if I wasn’t infected by this toxic poison, I would definitely tear you into thousands of pieces… DIE!!”

Just as her voice fell, Jasmine extended a finger and lightly drew an arc in the air...


At the same time, a slender streak of crimson light suddenly appeared atop the Flood Dragon’s body, and the Flood Dragon’s body tidily split along this thread-like streak of red light. The dragon’s eyes widened, never to move again...

Without a sound, without any vicious battle, without even a dying cry, the male Flood Dragon was completely exterminated.