Chapter 1465 - Crownless King

Chapter 1465 - Crownless King

After staying in the Blue Pole Star for a comfortable half month or so, Yun Che finally recalled that he still had some serious business to do and returned to the God Realm.

Jie Yuan hadn’t shown herself to him even once during this time, probably because she was accompanying You’er in the little world beneath Cloud’s End Cliff. Not that Yun Che dared to seek her out on his own. He was also constantly reminded of the fact that almost a hundred grudgeful devil gods were looming over all of them and that he could think of no countermeasures despite this temporary peace. 

Right now, there was no power in the world that could stand up against a single devil god… much less a hundred.

The only hope had always been Jie Yuan, and Jie Yuan alone.

Could he really change Jie Yuan’s mind before it was too late…? No answers had come to Yun Che yet, and he himself wasn’t feeling confident at all.

One more thing: Profound Sky Continent and Illusory Demon Continent hadn’t experienced any breakdown in laws or profound beast rampages since the arrival of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. Yun Che wasn’t surprised in the least, of course. Considering the power the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor wielded, it was a very simple task to say the least.

Yun Che returned to the God Realm once more, but this time he didn’t use a Spatial Profound Stone or the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace. Instead, he chose a method that was completely different from his previous two journeys.

He flew out of the Blue Pole Star and into space. Then, he took off toward the Eastern Divine Region with his own power.

Space was infinitely vast. By the time Yun Che turned around to glance at the Blue Pole Star, it was already quite some distance away from him. 

Perhaps it was because most of the planets in the back drop were either dark, or black and crimson-colored, but Blue Pole Star stood out as an extraordinarily beautiful and dazzling planet to him. It was like an azure-colored veluriyam pearl and the prettiest decor of this corner of space.

This was why Blue Pole Star was called Blue Pole Star in the first place. This was the first time he saw his own planet from space with his own eyes, however. In the past, his planet’s appearance had only been privy to him in the form of records, and he never realized that it was this beautiful until today.

“In the past, I’d always thought that Blue Pole Star had too many bodies of water and too little land, but now… it’s so beautiful I actually feel proud of it.”

“I’ll bring Wuxin over for a look next time.” Yun Che smiled to himself and memorized the distant image of Blue Pole Star firmly in his mind. He also memorized the space around it and the thousands of weird-looking stars in the backdrop.

When a lower realm profound practitioner had reached the Divine Origin Realm, their bodies would become capable of living in space and space travel. They would also be able to sense the existence of a higher plane—like the God Realm—with their spiritual perception, and make their way there with their own power. He vaguely remembered that this process was called the “Ascension”. The first time Yun Che had arrived in the God Realm, Mu Bingyun was the one who brought him to the God Realm. Moreover, he wasn’t a divine way profound practitioner back then.

Once he had made it back to the God Realm, his ascension to godhood would finally be “complete”, he supposed.

The Blue Pole Star was situated not too far away to the east of the Eastern Divine Region. At first, Yun Che spent some time playing around and sightseeing for a bit. After that, he flew full speed toward the Snow Song Realm and reached his destination in less than ten days.

When he returned to the Snow Song Realm, he immediately noticed a huge amount of powerful auras that belonged to either powerful profound practitioners or profound arks around his sect.

“Tsk, I knew this would happen.”

Yun Che wasn’t surprised by their presence in the slightest. He even recalled the time Jasmine had finished reforging her body and shown herself in the Profound Sky Continent back then. At the time, the Four Great Sacred Grounds had been scared out of their wits, and the Sacred Ground masters had acted as meekly as Jasmine’s grandchildren.

This was so similar to what he had witnessed back then.

Undoubtedly, “absolute power” was the driving force behind all of this.

As it turned out, absolute power that could easily decide one’s life or death didn’t care if you were a lowly mortal from the lower realms, or an important person in the God Realm. All were the same before it.

The only difference here was that last time Jasmine was that representation of absolute power, and this time it was Jie Yuan.

Yun Che sighed quietly to himself… Obviously, these upper star realm “bosses” are trying to curry favor with me through the Snow Song Realm, and through me a certain devil emperor… In the end, I’m just the same as they are, hoping to intimidate others with a powerful backer.

I wonder when I’ll be strong enough that they’ll fear me instead of the people behind me...

Every person who had visited the Snow Song Realm lately was a realm king, so it was only natural that they had spotted Yun Che way before he had spotted them. As a result, what should’ve been a quiet and unimportant return had immediately been blown up into a giant uproar.

The commotion hadn’t just affected Snow Song Realm either. The news of his return soon spread throughout the entire Eastern Divine Region.

For a time, every upper star realm close to the Snow Song Realm was rife with activity. Everyone was making their way toward the Snow Song Realm on profound arks they barely used once every couple hundred years or so.

Very soon, droves of top tier profound practitioners were piling on top of the Snow Song Realm like flies. Higher Realm Kings almost never showed themselves to the realms beneath them, so some might consider it the blessing of a lifetime to be able to catch a glimpse of them. Today though, these Higher Realm Kings were all gathered in the sky of the Ice Phoenix Divine Sect like cheap cabbages ready to sell themselves for nothing.

As the guests grew both in terms of quantity and quality, even Mu Xuanyin was forced to make an appearance and receive them herself.

Even the three greatest upper star realms—the Glazed Light Realm, the Holy Eaves Realm, and the Shrouding Sky Realm—had shown up in this order. Luo Shangchen had purposely brought Luo Changsheng with him, and Shui Qianheng of course came with Shui Meiyin.

It wasn’t long before Huo Poyun of the Flame God Realm had come visiting as well. He was alone, however.

In the end, even the three greatest god emperors of the Eastern Divine Region—Brahma Heaven God Emperor Qianye Fantian, Eternal Heaven God Emperor Zhou Xuzi, and Moon God Emperor Xia Qingyue—had personally visited the Snow Song Realm at almost the same time. Their presence was definitely shocking… but not unexpected to those who were aware of the truth.

The weather throughout the entire Ice Phoenix Realm came to an unnatural stop. This unprecedented atmosphere and commotion had also caused every member of the Ice Phoenix Divine Sect, from the lowliest disciple to the highest palace masters and elders, to fall into stunned silence. These days, everyone was so tense that they were even watching every step they took, and every word they spoke.

What the hell had become of this world?

Since when had the entire Eastern Divine Region started orbiting around the Snow Song Realm!?

Yun Che had finally shown himself, and his appearance meant that the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had something to say. How could they possibly sit still when they knew that the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s words could decide the future of the entire world?

In less than a day’s time, nearly half of every upper star realm in the Eastern Divine Region had rushed to the Snow Song Realm. Even the representatives from the incredibly distant southern star realms were probably rushing their way over right now.

All three god emperors of the Eastern Divine Region except the missing Star God Emperor had arrived. Naturally, Yun Che had no choice but to make an appearance himself.

In the Ice Phoenix Divine Sect’s guest hall, Mu Xuanyin was sitting in the main seat while Yun Che took up the seat next to her. At a glance, literally anyone in this hall was important enough to stun an entire Divine Region with their presence alone. Yun Che couldn’t help but worry that this guest hall would suddenly collapse under the invisible pressure.

“God Child Yun,” Qianye Fantian said gently with a bit of concern in his tone, “It is good to see you safe and well.”

“Hehe,” chuckled the Eternal Heaven God Emperor while stroking his beard, “this old one had noticed the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor‘s adoration of Yun Che, so he wasn’t too worried even though they had gone missing for a month. It’s clear now that my confidence was well founded.”

“We heard that the two of you were touring the Primal Chaos,” Xia Qingyue said. “Has she formed an opinion regarding the current world?”

“The Moon God Emperor’s question is also our biggest concern,” the Glazed Light Realm King Shui Qianheng said seriously but confidently. “Do tell us what you know quickly, my worthy son-in-law. This is a matter of the highest importance.”

Plenty of higher realm kings gritted their teeth in secret when they heard Shui Qianheng addressing Yun Che as his “worthy son-in-law” without any shame whatsoever.

They had laughed at him in secret when they had heard of Yun Che’s death. But now… the Glazed Light Realm didn’t deserve to be this lucky!

In the history of the Eastern Divine Region, the Glazed Light Realm had always been the foil of the Holy Eaves Realm. However, both upper star realms had had a stroke of good luck this generation. Not only had the Holy Eaves Realm produced a genius like Luo Changsheng, even the Glazed Light Realm had produced a Shui Yingyue, and a Shui Meiyin with a Divine Stainless Soul!

Moreover, it was looking more and more likely that the key named Yun Che that could alter the entire fate of the God Realm was going to become the Glazed Light Realm King’s son-in-law. As for Luo Changsheng of the Holy Eaves Realm… anyone who wasn’t blind could see that he had a feud with Yun Che.

The Holy Eaves Realm King must be spitting blood in gloominess every day as of late.

Yun Che swept a glance across the crowd before saying seriously, “There is no need to worry about Senior Devil Emperor. Back then, Senior Devil Emperor loved the Heretic God enough to break the taboo. Naturally, such a love cannot be broken this easily.”

“Although Senior Devil Emperor and the Heretic God were separated by the Wall of Primal Chaos, death, fate and time spanning over millions of years… her love for the Heretic God hasn’t faded in the slightest. Frankly speaking, their taboo love is most admirable.”

“...” The crowd exchanged looks with each other after hearing Yun Che’s exclamation.

Xia Qingyue said, “Does that mean that Senior Devil Emperor has ultimately decided to set aside her hatred and her fury for the sake of the Heretic God’s power and final will?”

Yun Che nodded slowly under the crowd’s earnest gaze. “That is so. Although Senior Devil Emperor is the emperor of the devil race, she is not a malicious or violent person. If she was either, the Heretic God wouldn’t have fallen for her back then. The tribulations she suffered outside of the Primal Chaos didn’t twist her nature, and all the people she hated have already passed away. Even the era she knew is long gone already. Although it has been less than a month since her return, she has decided to set aside her grudge and leave the world in peace. She even promised not to harm any living being unless she was given a good reason… These are all her own words, and not empty guesses of mine.”

Yun Che’s words were like an immortal tune to the realm kings’ ears. More than half of them leaped up to their feet with barely controlled excitement, “Are you… are you absolutely certain?”

“The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor really said that?” Even the Eternal Heaven God Emperor had gotten up to his feet.

“Mn. I wouldn’t lie about something this important,” said Yun Che seriously.

“That… that is wonderful!” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor looked up and let out a long sigh of relief as if a terrible burden had been removed from his shoulders. His entire body including his pores seemed to uncoil in relaxation.

The unusually tense atmosphere had also taken a drastic turn. The immense joy and the feeling of having escaped death that came with the news were so strong that even Mu Xuanyin let out a secret sigh of relief.

In his excitement, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor suddenly turned towards Yun Che and said seriously, “Yun Che… no, God Child Yun. The devil emperor’s return should’ve resulted in the end of the world. None of us had even dared to dream of an outcome like this. If it wasn’t for you… forget the peace that should come with the appeasement of the devil emperor, none of us should even be alive today. Please, accept a bow from this old one.”

He was already bowing by the time he finished his sentence.

Who in the world was deserving of a bow from a god emperor? Yun Che had always felt a deep sense of gratitude and respect towards the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, and it was due to him that he was able to meet the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor immediately in the first place. So how could Yun Che possibly accept a bow from him? He quickly got up to his feet and said, “You can’t!”

But there was no way Yun Che could’ve stopped the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, especially since the latter was way more powerful than him. Not only did he fail to hinder the god emperor’s movement, the latter had even frozen him with his aura so that the bow would go through completely.

Who would’ve thought that the most respectable and prestigious god emperor in the entire God Realm could deign to bow so deeply to a young man?

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor rose without looking ashamed or strained by the bow in the slightest. On the contrary, he was wearing a happy smile as he said, “God Child Messiah, there is no one who deserves this title more than you do. There may be none who deserve a bow from me, but you do. In fact, there is no one in the world who shouldn’t show you their thanks.”

“The Eternal Heaven God Emperor is correct!” The Brahma Heaven God Emperor stepped out and said, “You have saved the world single-handedly and turned away the doom of the God Realm. There is no one in the world who shouldn’t thank you for the eternal peace you brought us.”

After that, the Brahma Heaven God Emperor bowed toward Yun Che as well with complete sincerity. He didn’t show any arrogance whatsoever even though he was the number one god emperor of the Eastern Divine Region.

Why would the higher realm kings reserve themselves when even the god emperors themselves had given Yun Che a bow? They hurriedly rushed forward to meet Yun Che before filling the entire hall with praise and thanks.

“Please accept a bow from this little king, God Child Yun!”

“Your achievements and virtues deserve to be remembered forever, God Child Yun!”

“God Child Yun’s favor is something we may not be able to repay even in a million lifetimes. Please, ask the Infinite Star Realm anything if you have any requests!”


No one would’ve believed that an entire group of top tier experts whose strength and statuses were dimensions ahead of Yun Che would bow to him.

Shui Qianheng was the only one who was beaming with his hands held behind his back.

“Why aren’t you giving him your thanks, daddy?” teased Shui Meiyin.

“Hmph! He’s my son-in-law, isn’t he? Would he dare to accept my bow?” Shui Qianheng said proudly.

Shui Meiyin stuck her tongue out at her father in secret before blooming into a smile.