Chapter 1464 - An Inexplicable Oddity

Chapter 1464 - An Inexplicable Oddity

Jie Yuan was already surprised that Yun Che had cultivated the profound strength of both light and darkness.    

But now, he was able to release both light and darkness profound energy simultaneously with just a casual wave of his hands!

Not only could he cultivate them together, but he could also release them simultaneously!?

Jie Yuan’s pupils violently throbbed for a short moment… it was a pity that Yun Che himself was so perplexed and puzzled that he did not manage to see her reaction.

He had never felt like there was anything wrong with having light and darkness profound energy in his body at the same time. Even Mu Xuanyin, who knew of this fact, did not think that there was anything wrong.

After all, the profound veins of the Creation God of the Elements should naturally possess the most complete and ultimate mastery over the elements.

But this had totally ripped apart the knowledge of a primordial devil emperor! This had caused a primordial devil emperor to turn pale from the shock.

When she saw Yun Che releasing both light and darkness, and with just a casual wave of his hands at that, Jie Yuan was indescribably shocked and her heart churned like a stormy sea. 

As the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, she was currently viewing Yun Che… as if she were looking at an incomprehensible monster.

What in the world was happening?

Could it be that a strange change occurred after a mortal had inherited his strength?

No, that’s not right! No matter what sort of strange changes took place, it would be impossible to break the most fundamental laws. Light and darkness are natural opposites and cannot coexist, this is the most basic of basics. It was absolutely impossible… to break this law of creation and no one had ever done it before.

So how could he…

Hold on… Breaking the laws of creation!?

In these few short instants, the look in Jie Yuan’s eyes changed more than ten times consecutively. Even during the Primordial Era, she had rarely ever been so shocked.

The more shocked Jie Yuan became, the more confused Yun Che grew… Her reactions did not seem fake, and as the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, she would never intentionally give such a reaction just to tease him.

He recalled how he had obtained darkness profound energy and light profound energy... The former was when You’er had given him the Darkness Seed and he was able to control it flawlessly after that. The latter had been obtained naturally after sleeping with Shen Xi, and after he had casually practiced using it a few times, he was able to control it with familiarity and ease.

Furthermore, there was not even a single instant of these elements repulsing each other or conflicting inside his body!

The Heretic God was a little afraid of light profound energy… But even when he had possessed darkness profound energy, he felt neither afraid nor uncomfortable when he was faced with Shen Xi’s light profound energy.

“Who are your parents?”

Jie Yuan suddenly asked in a deep voice.

Yun Che immediately replied, “This junior’s parents are all regular human beings…”

“You don’t need to say anything else.” Without listening to Yun Che’s reply, Jie Yuan stretched out a hand to grab him, “This “thing” inside you is not normal! I must personally witness it!”

Since Jie Yuan had said such a thing, Yun Che naturally could not voice even the slightest objection. He could only nod his head and say, “Okay.”

In a flash, he brought Jie Yuan to the Illusory Demon Realm’s Demon Imperial City.

The Yun Family’s Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou had finished their busy tasks and were currently sitting at the same stone table leisurely sipping tea. The relationship between the Yun Family and the Illusory Demon Realm was very different from what it had been back in the day. There were barely any troubling matters and they seemed to be doing better with each passing day.

Jie Yuan silently looked at both of them before she swept her spiritual perception over everyone in the Yun Family. After that, she followed Yun Che to his maternal grandfather’s home... 

Yet she did not discover anything strange.

Be it his father, mother, clan members, maternal grandfather, uncle… in Jie Yuan’s eyes, they were ordinary mortal beings. Though their strength was considered the best on this planet, they were all ordinary lowly mortals to Jie Yuan.

Jie Yuan was extremely disappointed and she became even more puzzled, “Did you grow up in this city?”

“No, I didn’t.” Yun Che shook his head and explained his past in simple terms, “Although I am the son of the Yun Family, I was born and raised in the Profound Sky Continent. I only returned to my ancestral hometown when I was twenty years old.” 

Jie Yuan’s gaze froze… Could it have been due to artificial reasons?

She suddenly said, “Bring me to the place where you grew up!”

It was obvious that Jie Yuan regarded this matter with exceptional importance. Yun Che then brought her to where Floating Cloud City was located… He himself would like to know what sort of abnormality his body had that could provoke such a reaction from Jie Yuan. 

Upon arriving at Floating Cloud City, Jie Yuan’s brows furrowed for a moment…  the level of aura in this place was incomparably thin and inferior, and even on this small planet, it would be hard to find a place that was of a lower level than this.

As her spiritual perception swept the area, she was not surprised to find that the profound cultivation of the people here was so low that it seemed pitiful. Even the profound beasts were all low-level profound beasts. 

“You grew up here?” Jie Yuan was even more disappointed.

“Yes.” Yun Che nodded his head and replied, “This place is called Floating Cloud City. I grew up in this place until I was sixteen, never leaving this place once throughout those years. I have also often come back here over the last few years.”

“...” Jie Yuan frowned, she used her spiritual perception to sweep the area again and again before she suddenly asked, “Who is the one you spent the most time with?”

The answer was without a doubt Xiao Lingxi. They had both grown up under the care of Xiao Lie and had never left each other’s sides before he turned sixteen. This was especially true before he turned ten years old, as they had even slept on the same bed and were stuck to each other day and night.

Jie Yuan’s overly cautious behaviour caused Yun Che to hesitate momentarily before he finally answered honestly, “It’s Lingxi, she was my little aunt and she is younger than me by a year. She’s the person who I grew up together with.”

Following Yun Che’s guidance, Jie Yuan locked onto Xiao Lingxi’s figure and soon after, a disappointed expression once again appeared on her face. 

This was a lady who was extremely pure and quiet and though she had profound strength aura of someone who had just entered the divine way, Jie Yuan could tell with a single glance that her cultivation was expedited by an external force. Though her foundation was extremely unstable, she did not seem to mind, nor did she try to stabilize it. It was clear that she did not have any interest in pursuing the divine way.

A human girl who could not be more innocent and pure.

“It can’t be helped.” Jie Yuan finally gave up and muttered to herself, “Perhaps the evolution of the Primal Chaos over all of these years has caused the laws to change as well.”

“...” Even Yun Che did not believe the words that she had just said, let alone Jie Yuan herself. After the destruction of both the god and devil races, the aura and laws of the Primal Chaos had always been “devolving” and becoming more and more inferior. So how could there be a change in laws that even a Devil Emperor did not know of?

Jie Yuan turned and immediately disappeared from Yun Che’s sight, leaving her devilish voice floating in his ears, “I will take control of the chaos that has broken out in both man and beast, along with the breakdown of order on this planet. You don’t have to manage it anymore.”

“Master,” He Ling’s voice rang out in his heart, “the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor seems so strange, it’s as if… she really has been shocked by master?”

“Perhaps… she thinks that I’m even more strange.” Yun Che rubbed his nose as a deep doubt was planted in his heart.

As he put his thoughts aside, Yun Che looked at Xiao Lingxi from above and smirked. He descended from the sky and pounced on her, causing her to let out a delicate scream as they fell to the ground. After that, he held her tightly while they rolled in a flowerbed. 

News of the Devil Emperor’s return had not yet been extensively spread. Nor did anyone dare to recklessly spread it, but the news had already been covertly passed to the ones who needed to know. Even those who were still in the dark could sense that the atmosphere of the God Realm had changed slightly. 

This was especially so in the sects of the realm kings of all the greater star realms. The sect disciples had all realized that the three words “Snow Song Realm” had been mentioned with much greater frequency than before.

And the ones who were the most puzzled, were the people of the Snow Song Realm themselves. Since half a month ago, there would be many profound warships arriving at the Snow Song Realm every day. Each of these profound warships were famous and well-known and they each belonged to an upper star realm king’s sect.

In the past, one might not even see a profound warship of this level in a few thousand years, but over the last few days, they had arrived in bunches. And every single one of the people who walked out of these profound warships were higher realm kings who could make the entire Snow Song Realm kneel for them in welcome. But when they arrived, each of them were warm and respectful and even a little cautious. All of their profound warships were even fully packed with expensive gifts.  

It was as if they were visiting an exalted king Realm! 

Again and again, one wave after the other… The Snow Song Realm, especially the ones in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, had already been numbed from the shock, yet, no one knew what was going on.

Ice Phoenix Sacred Hall.

“There will be thirty-seven upper star realms that will be visiting tomorrow. Also, we received an extreme amount of invitation letters today, more than a thousand.” 

Mu Bingyun gave Mu Xuanyin an account.

“Why are there so many?” Mu Xuanyin said as she gave a small frown.

Mu Bignyun replied, “Those invitation letters from before are those from the upper star realms. Those received today are mostly from the middle star realms. The other middle star realms should not have known about the Devil Emperor’s return. I think that the continuous visitations of the upper star realms these few days has caused the rest of the middle star realms to become bewildered, that’s all.”

Mu Xuanyin’s icy brows knitted and said, “You and Huanzhi will continue to receive the upper star realms. Remember to be polite, it is fine to receive normal gifts and return one that’s of the same value. But you must reject all the expensive gifts! If they ask about Yun Che, tell them that he is still traveling around the Primal Chaos with the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor and we do not know when he will be coming back.”

“Let Tanzhi receive the middle star realms and warn him repeatedly to not divulge anything that he shouldn’t divulge.”

“I understand.” Mu Bingyun thought for a while and said, “Now that it’s come to this, there are already more than a hundred higher realm kings that are seriously proposing a marriage alliance. Perhaps Big Sister can consider this. All of them are daughters of reputable realm kings, all perfect in terms of figure and appearance, and they even clearly stated that they are willing to be concubines. This will bring many benefits to Yun Che in the future.”

“Reject them all and never mention this again!” Mu Xuanyin suddenly interjected and her tone turned cold.

“Alright, I will comply with Big Sister’s wishes,” Mu Bingyun gently replied and sighed when recalling the changes of the Snow Song Realm over the last few days. “The Snow Song Realm was originally a peaceful and extremely cold place, it has never been so rowdy in any era before. It would not be so even if it were to be conferred as a king realm.”

“Hmph! Even if another king realm was birthed, it would only fill them with reverence and respect. But the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor is able to decide their fates with a single word or action. Yun Che is the only one who can save them, but for Yun Che to have a good opinion of them, they will naturally start with us from the Snow Song Realm.” Mu Xuanyin’s tone was indifferent. Even after countless upper star realms tried to curry favor with her and fawn over her in the span of a single day, she did not seem to be excited or proud, “It’s only natural for them to do so.”

Mu Xuanyin was right. Even hundreds or thousands of king realms could not compare to the threat brought about by the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, let alone a single king realm.

During this half month, many of those upper star realms who knew the truth strived to be the first to try and curry favor with the Song Snow Realm and their reverence toward the Snow Song Realm far surpassed their reverence for the king realms.

Moreover, they themselves had absolutely never imagined that they, as higher star realm kings, would actually have such a day.

“Big Sister, say… do you think the returned Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor will truly become the master of the Primal Chaos and not bring down disaster on this world? Mu Bingyun asked.

This was the matter that everyone who knew the truth was most concerned about.

Mu Xuanyin closed her eyes and softly said, “I feel that she will. The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor that I saw possessed unimaginable strength, but her nature is far less frightening than I had expected it would be.”

“Given her level, even without all those years of hatred and resentment, she does not need to be concerned about the life and death of all creation. Even when she personally killed the three Brahma Gods, she was clearly in control of herself. Otherwise, she could have wiped out everyone present with just the aftershock from her attack. After that, she spared everyone else just because of a few words from Yun Che.”

“It’s been half a month and she has not yet shown herself. Both the God Realm and the lower realms show no traces of any disaster created by her. I think that this ‘calamity’ will no longer erupt anymore.” 

“The only difference is that there is now a true master of the Primal Chaos! Henceforth, all creation will have to follow the rules that she draws up.”

Mu Bingyun continued on, “Then Yun Che alone, as the one who inherited the Heretic God divine power, will receive favor from the new master of the Primal Chaos and will be able to do whatever he wants from now on.” She gave a small laugh, “That’s not too bad.” 

After finishing her sentence, Mu Bingyun originally thought that with Mu Xuanyin’s nature, she would definitely disdain the idea of Yun Che relying on others to show off. But instead, she heard My Xuanyin faintly reply, “That’s good too. At least no one will dare to covet his power or bully him anymore. Even if he were to turn arrogant and run amok, it’s better than before…”

Mu Bingyun, “...”