Chapter 1466 - The Heavy Burden of Saving the World

Chapter 1466 - The Heavy Burden of Saving the World

There wasn't a single person who wouldn’t enjoy being showered with praises by a bunch of big shots who stood at the top of the world, even though the power behind him was the real reason they praised him.

In fact, it was probably unprecedented for anyone to receive a bowing thanks from several god emperors in a row.

Yun Che chose this moment to speak up, “There’s no need for this, everyone. I’m not finished yet.”

Silence finally returned to the guest hall as every pair of eyes landed squarely on him. A solemn expression rose to Yun Che’s face as he said, “It is true that Senior Devil Emperor has promised not to kill without reason or vent her hatred on the world, but this doesn’t mean that this calamity is over yet. It seems like all of you have forgotten something important.”

Yun Che’s words and expression immediately struck a foreboding feeling in everyone. Mu Xuanyin’s eyebrows sank slightly as she asked, “What do you mean? Speak clearly!”

“Yes, Master.” Yun Che hurriedly acknowledged his master before starting, “As you are all aware, the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor isn’t the only one who was exiled from the Primal Chaos. She was accompanied by nine hundred devil gods of the Heaven Smiting Devil Clan back then!”

The air abruptly froze when everyone heard this. Xia Qingyue frowned deeply before asking, “Are you saying… that those nine hundred devil gods are still alive to this day!?”

The gazes on Yun Che suddenly turned heavy, causing him to speak in a deeper tone before he realized it, “Although Senior Devil Emperor was the only one who had returned from outside the Primal Chaos, that doesn’t mean that the nine hundred devil gods that were exiled with her are dead. In fact… nearly a hundred of them are still surviving to this day.”

“What…” Everyone shivered like they had been struck by a heavy hammer.

“The reason they didn’t return with Senior Devil Emperor was in case the god race were waiting for them. They didn’t want to be annihilated in an ambush after all. Moreover, they couldn’t get close to the World Piercer’s spatial passage because they were temporarily restricted by the space outside of the Primal Chaos.”

“Remember, I said ‘temporarily’.” Yun Che’s voice grew even heavier. “Although the World Piercer can’t recover its energy quickly in the current world, the devil gods still have enough strength to create a spatial passage that leads to the crimson passage on Wall of Primal Chaos… Moreover, they will arrive here in at most several months’ time!”

“W… what?!”

Their earlier joy and excitement were completely extinguished. Shock and bone chilling cold ran throughout their entire bodies.

At the current state of the Primal Chaos, a single devil god would be enough to destroy the entire world. Almost a hundred of them… no one could imagine the consequences if they were to return all at once.

“How can this be!?” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s face lost all joy and tenderness. His eyebrows slanted vertically like swords.

Although the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had been sure that Mo E, the strongest divine emperor of the god race wouldn’t deign to trick her, that didn’t mean that she was foolish enough to meet him alone without any protection. She had attended the meeting with nine hundred devil gods, and all of them had been exiled alongside her. This incident was clearly recorded in the history books. That was why everyone thought that all nine hundred members of her entourage were dead when the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had appeared from the crimson passage alone. After all, a devil god was an entire power level behind a devil emperor. Even if the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had been strong enough to survive the environment outside of the Primal Chaos, this did not mean that the devil gods could do the same.

They never thought that the devil emperor would just be the beginning of their troubles.

Speaking of which, the spatial passage the devil emperor created with the World Piercer was still “embedded” in the Walls of Primal Chaos. The crystal-like passage had shown almost no signs of wear, and it didn’t look like it was going to fade any time soon.

Suddenly, Huo Poyun chose this moment to speak up, “There is no need for such panic, everyone. These devil gods still serve the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, don’t they? Since the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor has promised not to harm the world, surely she’ll control her subordinates as well.”

Huo Poyun’s words steadied their minds a little, and Yun Che shot a glance at him before continuing, “I had the same thought as well. However, reality is unfortunately much crueler than that.”

“Senior Devil Emperor will not harm the world. That is a fact. However… she has told me with equal severity that the only person she will restrict is herself. She’ll not raise a finger against her people no matter what they do after they have returned from beyond the Primal Chaos several months from now.”


Everyone’s aura suddenly fell into disorder. The space in the hall vibrated so much that it nearly caused the guest hall to collapse.

They had been overjoyed by the good news, then thrown in disarray by the bad news. Huo Poyun’s words had had a calming effect, but Yun Che had immediately lobbed a bomb at them afterwards… These Divine Masters felt like they were riding on a giant tsunami, especially because the crisis was so deadly and close.

“This all sounds very cruel, but it’s a perfectly normal outcome if you actually think about it.” Yun Che sighed. “These devil gods have suffered greatly while they were stuck outside of the Primal Chaos, and the hatred and grudges they have accumulated for the past millions of years are simply beyond all of our imaginations. Moreover, they were innocents who were dragged into a trap set for Senior Devil Emperor… no matter how kind Senior Devil Emperor is, she has no reason to stop them from venting.”

“That is why Senior Devil Emperor won’t restrict them no matter how they vent and twist the world in the future. After all, a billion mortals isn’t worth even one member of her clan.”

“Moreover…” Yun Che’s statements were each crueler than the last, but it was his duty to lay it all out in the clear, “these devil gods aren’t as strong as Senior Devil Emperor is. Their minds have long since been twisted by the world outside of the Primal Chaos. Senior Devil Emperor told me personally that her people have turned into true devils after going through millions of years of hatred, fury, struggle, torture, pain, and death. What they will do after they have returned to the Primal Chaos… is unthinkable to say the least.”

At this point, the guest hall was as silent as the netherworld. The Snow Song Realm’s icy air clearly couldn’t penetrate their defenses, but they felt like a terrible chill had seeped through their bones anyway.

“A few months… how many months do we have, exactly?” asked the Eternal Heaven God Emperor. His expression looked calm, but his tone had changed completely from before.

Yun Che shook his head and said, “Senior Devil Emperor hasn’t said anything. Originally, she was going to receive the devil gods right after the World Piercer was recharged. But after returning to the Primal Chaos, she quickly discovered that its aura had changed so much that it became incredibly difficult to recharge the World Piercer. The devil gods don’t know this, so they will probably waste some time waiting before creating a passage… Therefore, the best case scenario should be longer than ‘a couple of months’.”

“No,” Xia Qingyue suddenly interrupted in a calm tone, “these devil gods have waited several million years for this day to come. Once they learn that the Wall of Primal Chaos have been penetrated… I don’t believe that they’ll wait meekly for the devil emperor to receive them based on nature alone. I’m almost certain that they will try to create the spatial passage at first notice.”

“That is why we should prepare for the worst.”

No one could deny Xia Qingyue’s words. After all, these were devil gods who had been tormented for several million years… they probably couldn’t wait for even half a breath’s time.

“So what if they arrive sooner or later? It makes no difference.” A higher realm king sat down on his chair powerlessly before letting out a heavy sigh.

Almost a hundred hate-filled devil gods...

“You said that the World Piercer cannot recover its energy quickly. That means there’s no way it can create a second spatial passage,” the Holy Eaves Realm King said in a low tone. “In that case… is it possible to destroy the crimson passage on the wall?”

“We cannot!” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor rejected his suggestion immediately. “Even the World Piercer had to take several years to create that spatial passage, so how can it possibly be disrupted or destroyed by the current power of our world? Not only would we fail, we might even risk angering the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor.”

“That is true.” Xia Qingyue nodded slightly before falling into deep thought.

“Do you perhaps have a plan to share, Eternal Heaven God Emperor?” asked Qianye Fantian.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor shook his head and said, “You know better than me about the limits of the current world. There is basically nothing we can do against a single devil god, much less almost a hundred of them. Besides, have we ever thought up with a single strategy that might work against the level of devil gods?”

Qianye Fantian let out a deep sigh after hearing this.

“Just as before, our only hope lies in God Child Yun.” By now, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor had completely ditched Yun Che’s name for the title “God Child Yun”. He stared at Yun Che pleadingly and said in a heavy tone, “God Child Yun, you’re the only hope we have left…”

No one except Yun Che had the opportunity to speak with the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor.

“You don’t need to say anything, Eternal Heaven God Emperor. I know what you mean.” Yun Che let out a long breath before continuing, “The chances are miniscule, but I will do my best. Even if I fail… I will try to get the best outcome out of the worst case scenario.”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor nodded deeply and emotionally before saying, “It is the world’s fortune to hear such words from you. Sigh… we thought that we possessed the strongest powers in the world, but in the end we are utterly powerless before this tribulation. I’m grateful for your sacrifice, but I’m also deeply ashamed that I am unable to share your burden of saving the world.”

Yun Che said, “You don’t have to act like this, Eternal Heaven God Emperor. I am a denizen of this world myself, by saving the world I’m also saving myself, am I not? Additionally, the Heretic God left behind his inheritance specifically for this day. As the successor and the recipient of the Heretic God’s favor, it is my duty to complete his final wishes.”

“To think that the Heretic God would leave behind such a favor to us lowly mortals despite being a Creation God… he was truly a great divine being.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor lamented, “If this old one knew this would happen, he would’ve done everything in his power to protect you, God Child Yun. At the very least, he wouldn’t have allowed you to suffer that near death from several years ago.”

Yun Che smiled faintly at him before replying, “No one would’ve believed me if I had revealed it sooner. In fact, countless people would’ve vied for my inheritance. I’m sure everyone here understands what I mean.”

“Mn. That’s true.” Qianye Fantian took a step forward and swept a cool glance across everyone’s faces. “There is a saying called ‘treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime’, not to mention that the world has no shortage of greedy people. We don’t even know that the Heretic God’s power can be forcefully taken away, but that isn’t going to stop some people from trying anyway, so hear me: anyone who dares to harm God Child Yun will be declaring war against the Brahma Monarch God Realm! No mercy shall be given!”

Yun Che, “...”

“The Brahma Heaven God Emperor is right!”

“Forget harm, anyone who offends God Child Yun will be offending my star realm!”


The realm kings immediately echoed Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s sentiment. They looked so forceful and angry that it was as if Yun Che’s provokers were their sworn enemies.

“God Child Yun, if you can convince the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor to lay down her hatred, then it must be possible to change her mind again before the devil gods return.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor took a few steps forward and said heavily, “You may be able to save countless innocents and ensure peace if you manage to avert the worst case scenario for even a little. When that happens, you’ll become the true savior of the world, and everyone in the world will respect you for your good deeds. The entire world will retaliate against anyone who dares to harm you, not just us.”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor bowed deeply again after saying that. “Whatever might happen in the future, please ask this old one anything if the need arises, God Child Yun. If you can save the world, then the Eternal Heaven Realm will be at your beck and call!”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s declaration was something that could shock the entire world, but it was clear from his expression and the fact that he was making the declaration before an audience that he wasn’t joking at all. Every word he spoke had come from the heart.