Chapter 88 - Legend

Chapter 88 - Legend

Before the battle began, the Sacred Family had already weakened their momentum.

However, the Sacred Family doesn’t care about that. Even if they had to throw their face away, it’s nothing compared to three hundred demon spirit coins!

At this moment, the audience was busy discussing with one another.

“Even if he has god’s luck, he won’t be able to win now!”

“1-star Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, add the consumption of two Demon Spirit Strengthening Pills, Nie Li is destined to lose!”

At this moment, even Nie Hai, Nie En and bunch did not think that Nie Li could win. After all, the opponent is too strong.

“I had bet on the Sacred Family three times in a row, I know that I can at least win this round.”

“The two earlier rounds were really unjustified. This time, I have to win it all back!”

“I still bet a portion of the money on Nie Li. I still feel that Nie Li can win! That kid is a little weird. Even if I lost, I still earned enough in the previous rounds!”

In the Arena

Shen Xiao has already finished making his preparations. A powerful sacred flame gushed out from him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The whole arena was bombarded to the point that cobweb like cracks appeared all over the place and was spreading at a fast speed.

Shen Xiao walked towards Nie Li step by step.

Nie Li lightly smiled and merged with his Fanged Panda, “If you people underestimate the power of my Fanged Panda, than that’s a big mistake!”

Gravity field!

Nie Li coldly snorted. An invisible field of gravity was formed within the surrounding area, enveloping Shen Xiao.

Shen Xiao suddenly felt his own weight suddenly increase several times. Every step he took became very difficult. His face slightly changed. Nie Li’s strength is indeed not that simple.

He actually has a gravity-type combat ability. Shen Xiao kept a contemptuous heart and his expression turned serious.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shen Xiao’s steps caused the arena’s ground to have deep dents. That terrifying power caused others to be deeply shocked upon seeing it.

“So powerful! He actually has such power at only 1-star Gold rank!” Bursts of exclamation came from the audience.

Only Shen Xiao, who is currently within the gravity field, knows exactly what’s going on. Unable to speak out his difficulties, Shen Xiao suddenly understood why Shen Ning lost. He no longer dares to underestimate his opponent and rapidly merged with his Scarlet Dragon Eagle. A pair of huge wings grew out from his back, flapped those powerful wings and flew up.

“You are the most powerful opponent among my peers that I have faced. Try my Scarlet Dragon Burst!” Shen Xiao roared, breathing fire from his mouth. A flaming pillar was jetting towards Nie Li.

A heat wave blew towards Nie Li. It felt like his body was burning.

The Scarlet Dragon Eagle is a portion of the dragon lineage. Therefore, its flames carried a hint of dragon power, causing his breath to be extremely strong.

“Let’s see whether it’s your Scarlet Dragon Burst or my Yin-Yang Blast that is more powerful!” Nie Li leaped backwards. He widened his mouth, and spat out two black and white balls. The two balls were intertwining in mid-air, drawing two lights across the sky.


The black and white balls collided into the fire pillar.

Horrifying explosions sounded. After the two energies exploded, a terrifying energy was raging and destroying, continuously sweeping and causing destruction to the ground, making small stones to fly about.

Nie Li leaped backwards, firmly landing outside the explosion range. His expression was still calm. As for Shen Xiao, who was swept up in the explosion, he was flying dozen meters out before catching his footing.

Seeing the arena, the audience was in a dead silence.

“What’s happening?”

“Can it be that I am seeing this wrong? The collusion between both sides and Nie Li took the upperhand?”

“Shen Xiao is the super genius of the Sacred Family! He’s a 1-star Gold rank Demon Spiritualist and in addition, he ate two Demon Spirit Strengthening Pills! How is he still not Nie Li’s opponent!” The crowd was dumbfounded.

In this match, Nie Li’s expression was calm and it seems that he has not shown his true power yet. This was totally different from the two previous matches.

Yang Xin looked at Nie Li’s back figure, her eyes sparkled. ‘A thirteen year old kid actually has the strength to fight against a Gold rank. It seems that I have underestimated you!’

After falling into a brief moment of shock, Nie Hai and Nie En’s expressions turned to excitement. A thirteen year old Gold rank Demon Spiritualist! Even if it’s Lord Ye Mo from the past, he could not have such frightening strength. After the fight today, Nie Li will be like a comet, rising and receiving the protection of the City Lord’s Mansion. After today, if anyone or any family wants to touch Nie Li, they will have to seriously consider about it first.

Such a genius will definitely become the pinnacle existence in Glory City. After such a long time, the era of the Heavenly Marks Family is coming!

At this moment, the audience understood what was going on. In the two previous rounds, Nie Li was hiding his strength. They all thought that Nie Li won with pure luck, but that was not the truth at all. What caused them to be more surprised is the frightening talent and strength of Nie Li.

A thirteen year old Gold rank Demon Spiritualist! My gods!

Could it be that a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist like Ye Mo will soon appear?

“Nie Li! Nie Li! Nie Li!” The whole audience was heated up. Everyone was yelling and howling with excitement.

Among those in the crowd, there are many who had very complicated feelings as they have bet quite an amount on Shen Xiao to win. However right now, they all truthfully cheered for Nie Li.

Glory City was able to survive through the Age of Darkness until now, however, it was not easy. Every time a demon horde attacked, Glory City depended on Lord Ye Mo alone to fight back the few of the strongest demon beasts. Therefore, Glory City was able to survive up till now. But as time goes on, Lord Ye Mo gets older and older. The citizens of Glory City have a strong worry. If there isn’t any Legend rank Demon Spiritualist appearing, then Glory City will be in danger. Although there are a few experts of the Black Gold rank, the majority of the Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists are already over forty years old. Therefore, it’s very hard for them to have any breakthrough into the Legend rank Demon Spiritualist realm.

Everyone was hoping for the emergence of a genius. And Nie Li, is without a doubt the most dazzling one. A thirteen year old Gold rank Demon Spiritualist! At this age, it’s the best time for cultivation to rise. Nie Li already has such frightening achievements at such young age, who can say how high Nie Li will reach in the future? Who knows if he will become a stronger Legend rank Demon Spiritualist than Lord Ye Mo!?

So what if they lost money? To be able to watch the emergence of such a genius, is simply an exciting thing!

How did Nie Li obtain the strength of a Gold rank Demon Spiritualist at the age of thirteen? What they don’t know is that, Nie Li’s soul force is only a 2-star Silver rank. The reason for to him have the strength of a Gold rank is because Nie Li’s control over his soul force has reached perfection. Another reason is that Nie Li’s Fanged Panda is a God level growth rate demon spirit. Just by itself is already a frightening power, anyone who underestimates it will pay a price for it.

If Shen Xiao lost, than he will become the sinner of the Sacred Family. His ending has already been decided.

“No! Shen Xiao still hasn’t lost!” Shen Ming’s eyes flashed a hint of hope in it, staring at the arena.