Chapter 89 - Snow Queen

Chapter 89 - Snow Queen

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The battle within the arena became more and more intense.

Shen Xiao madly counterattacks. Every time he bursts out his violent energy, they were suppressed by Nie Li. Seeing that nimble and agile figure, Shen Xiao’s eyes flashed a hint of fear. The pressure that Nie Li gave him is too huge.

“Sacred Dragon Pillar!” Shen Xiao angrily roared. A thick Sacred Dragon descended from the sky, forming into pillars that were constantly raging.

Bursts of surprise was coming from the audience.

“Such a frightening attack!” They all couldn’t help but to worry for Nie Li.

Looking at the thick pillars of flame sweeping towards him, Nie Li wasn’t nervous and leisurely smiled.

‘Such attacks are only nice to see but are useless. When facing low-grade demon beasts, it might still a little useful. But in an expert duel, it’s just a plain waste of soul force!’ Nie Li hiddenly thought to himself. With the combat abilities of his previous life, he naturally wouldn’t place such attacks in his eyes.

What Nie Li doesn’t know is, Shen Xiao has already used all of the attacks he can. But all his attacks are useless, therefore he can only use this Sacred Dragon Pillar. Shen Xiao wasn’t hoping for this attack to kill Nie Li, as he already lost hope. Seeing Nie Li’s calm and composed expression, he knew that Nie Li still has lots of moves that he has yet to use.

Nie Li leaped, constantly dodging the fire pillar. “Psu” He arrived behind Shen Xiao.

Thunder Strike!

Nie Li’s large palm pierced the sky, emitting a shocking piercing sound.


He heavily slapped Shen Xiao’s back.

Instantly, Shen Xiao became a meteor and flew, crashing towards the ground.


A deafening clash sounded. The whole arena was violently trembling, a huge crater appeared on the ground. Shen Xiao was in the crater, breathing heavily. He had his back against the ground, his eyes and consciousness slowly blurred.

He Lost! Nie Li has been pressuring him from the start. He did not give him any chance to retaliate at all. Furthermore, he had been holding back all this time. Nie Li gave him a unfathomable feeling. A feeling that, no matter how he burst, he still wouldn’t be Nie Li’s opponent.

His eyes were filled with weight of the loss, he never thought that he would still lose after taking two Demon Spirit Strengthening Pills. He can only say that Nie Li’s strength is too frightening.

The opponent is only a thirteen year old youngster!

The gap is too huge!

He thought that he was an unrivalled genius. Turns out that he’s just a frog in the well.

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Seeing this scene, the whole audience was in a dead silence. Then after a moment of shock, a tsunami like cheer bursted out.

“Nie Li! Nie Li! Nie Li!”

The burst of cheers was earth shaking.

Nie Li’s power left a deep impression in them. Every super genius, when facing their peers, will try nothing but to suppress them. However, what Nie Li suppressed, isn’t an opponent of his peers. But a twenty over year old genius!

What will Nie Li grow into in the future? No one had the answer to that question. However, they know that today, they have witnessed history.

At a corner far away, Ye Ziyun stared at Nie Li’s back figure. At this moment, she was also shocked at how powerful Nie Li was. Such powerful talent! ‘Even stronger than grandpa was when he’s at that age!’ She suddenly had a thought. Nie Li wouldn’t really become a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist liket he said before right?

The possibility of this coming true is extremely high!

Ye Ziyun couldn’t help thinking back to the joke she said to Nie Li. If Nie Li becomes a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist, then she will marry to him. Should she keep the promise? Her heart couldn’t help becoming messy. Thinking of the unclear relationship between Nie Li and Xiao Ning'er, she lets out two snorts. She would never marry to a playboy like Nie Li.

The cheering slowly died down. But the shock caused by Nie Li hasn’t died down that fast yet. It will soon spread throughout the whole Glory City!

Shen Ming was lost within his own mind. After this incident, he’s afraid that he could not remain as the Main Affairs Elder of the Sacred Family anymore.

Nie Li also successfully obtained three hundred million demon spirit coins. In this tournament, Nie Li has earned a total of four hundred and fifty million demon spirit coins. Although he wasn’t lacking money, to be able to let the Sacred Family fall into distress was what made him the happiest.

Although money wasn’t anything much to Nie Li, it’s more than enough to let the Sacred Family have a headache for a while.

Yang Xin looked at Nie Li, her gaze had a hint of worry in it and said, “Nie Li, I’m afraid that you showing your strength like this isn’t good. If you were to be eyed by the Dark Guild…” After all, Nie Li is too bright now. He must know that with his talent, the Dark Guild will stop at nothing to kill him.

However, Nie Li lightly smiled. He shook his head and said, “I have my own plans.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Yang Xin nodded. Nie Li should have his plans already. However, she still decided to add assign more bodyguards to Nie Li.

“Big sister Yang Xin, earlier on when I got you to help me investigate whether if there is any relationship between the Sacred Family and the Dark Guild. Did anything turn up?” Nie Li secretly asked Yang Xin.

“I investigated and found out that Sacred Family sheltered a person from the Dark Guild. He seems to be called Deacon Yun Hua. However, with just this point, it’s impossible to do anything to the Sacred Family.” Yang Xin sighed and said, shaking her head. But at least they can confirm that the Sacred Family isn’t clean and have to guard against them carefully. She has already reported this news to the President. The President will definitely pass this message over to the City Lord.

Nie Li nodded. If he wants to bring the Sacred Family down with just this, then he’s thinking the Sacred Family to be too simple. Facing the Sacred Family, he has to do this step by step.

When the Sacred Family left, the Heavenly Marks Family followed soon after. However, the tournament continued on. But it’s just playing around between families.

At the corner of the arena, when Ye Ziyun saw this scene, she pursed her lips smiling. Nie Li is too bad. Shen Ming of the Sacred Family is doomed now. She doesn’t have any good impressions of the Sacred Family, therefore, if the Sacred Family were to be doomed, then it’s for the best.

Just when Ye Ziyun turned around and was about to leave, a familiar figure suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. She saw Nie Li smiling at her.

“I only came to watch the tournament, I never thought that you would be here!” Ye Ziyun denied admitting while blushing.

“Did I say anything?” Nie Li put out his hands, teasingly said, “Since that’s the case, why aren’t you watching anymore. You’re leaving?”

“You……” Ye Ziyun stomped her feet. It’s impossible for her to admit that she was concerned for Nie Li. She snorted and said, “I realised that this is not interesting, can I go?”

Looking at the lovely and cute Ye Ziyun, Nie Li lightly laughed. He retrieved a piece of demon crystal from his interspatial then grabbed onto Ye Ziyun’s slender arm and shoved the demon crystal into her hands. Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “This is for you!”

Feeling the warmth coming from Nie Li’s palm, Ye Ziyun actually did not push Nie Li’s hands away in that moment. Not knowing why, her heart started to accelerate.

“What is this?” Ye Ziyun lowered her head.

Seeing Ye Ziyun’s expression and that girl fragrance coming from her, Nie Li’s heart couldn’t help but to be moved by the scene. He smiled and said, “This is a Snow Queen demon spirit of the Snow Wind attribute.”

“A Black Gold rank Snow Queen demon spirit? Where did you get this demon spirit?” Ye Ziyun ask in surprise. Snow Queen demon spirit is an extremely rare and powerful demon spirit.

“This Snow Queen is not any ordinary Snow Queen. This is a Snow Queen with a growth rate of God level. You’ll know after you integrate with it, she’s extremely powerful. After integration, be sure to nurture it well. Do not take any Demon Spirit Strengthening Pills!” Nie Li reminded. To get this Snow Queen demon spirit, he had spent quite a bit of effort to get it.