Chapter 87 - Demon Spirit Strengthening Pill

Chapter 87 - Demon Spirit Strengthening Pill

After paying a hundred and fifty million demon spirit coins, all the credit that Shen Ming had in the family in this period of time has all gone down the drain. When the Patriarch comes out from his isolation, he’ll definitely not let him off!

Not having the position of the Main Affairs Elder is merely secondary. With the Patriarch’s methods, adding on to all those secrets of the family that he knows, he probably wouldn’t be able to escape death!

At this moment, Shen Ming’s eyes flashed a hint of a crazy idea. There is still another round! If he managed to win all the money back in the third round, then he did not commit any mistake, but the opposite instead!

“This third round, we must definitely win!” Shen Ming calculated for a moment. He can still take out another two hundred million demon spirit coins. This is all of the liquid cash that the Sacred Family has at the moment. Originally, they were prepared to be used to buy some elixirs from the Alchemist Association for the family’s younger generation.

Two hundred million demon spirit coins, if he won, he would be able to explain to the Patriarch.

All out!

Shen Ming’s eye flashed a hint of viciousness.

“Patriarch Nie Hai, we still have the third competition, correct?” Shen Ming stared at Nie Hai and coldly said.

Nie Hai was stunned for a moment and took a glance at Nie Li. Seeing Nie Li nodding his head, he said, “Correct, there is still the third round.”

Yang Xin slightly frowned. With her understanding towards Shen Ming, the consequences will be extreme since he lost a hundred and fifty million. After he returned to the main household, he probably wouldn’t be able to escape the fate of house arrest. Since Shen Ming actually still wants to bet, that proves that Shen Ming has already made his mind to go all out.

After the situation developed to this point, Shen Ming has already gone crazy. Therefore, thinking of betting as the last chance is very normal.

“This round, we’ll bet three hundred million demon spirit coins!” Shen Ming coldly said. He has already sent people to various stores of the Sacred Family to transfer the money over.

Of the Patriarch of the Sacred Family were to be present, he will definitely stop Shen Ming’s action. However, due to being the Main Affairs Elder of the Sacred Family for so many years, he has won the trust of the Patriarch. Therefore, his authority is very great. He’s placed in charge of all the business under the Sacred Family. If he were to transfer some funds, no one would say a second word against it.

Since it’s the last bet, if he’s able to win back three hundred million demon spirit coins, he will even be able to go up a step in the Sacred Family.

“Okay, three hundred million demon spirit coins bet is it!” Nie Li said, nodding his head. Looking at Shen Ming’s expression, he already understood that Shen Ning is doing the last bet.

The corner of Nie Li’s mouth curled into a chilling smile. This is exactly what he wished for!

Various Patriarchs of the various families were all discussing. They were all witnesses to the bet. They never thought that after losing a hundred and fifty million demon spirit coins, the Sacred Family would still continue betting, and this time, it’s the stake of three hundred million demon spirit coins.

“Sacred Family is really going all out!”

“After losing so much money, Main Affairs Elder Shen Ming probably wouldn’t be able to keep his position after he returns. He probably wants to win everything back with this round!”

“Heard that this time, Shen Xiao is the one being sent up!”

“I know of this Shen Xiao. He’s already a 1-star Gold rank Demon Spiritualist at such a young age. The only reason that brat Nie Li was able to win Shen Fei and Shen Ning was merely luck. Meeting a Gold rank Demon Spiritualist this round, his chances of winning is probably none.”

“Three hundred million demon spirit coins, if he lost it all, Main Affairs Elder Shen Ming is doomed. This is also probably the Sacred Family’s entire liquid cash!”

Several families were discussing among themselves.

Another betting round. The amount of the betting stake this time is something they can only see once in their entire life, causing their blood to boil. Under Yang Xin’s hosted bet, everyone was placing down their bets. However, whether Yang Xin win or loses, Nie Li doesn’t care about it. After all, Yang Xin is loaded. As the Director of the Alchemist Association, with huge power in her hands. After coming in contact with Nie Li, god knows how much money she has helped the Alchemist Association to earn. Even if she were to take out several hundred millions, those elders wouldn’t say a thing.

After collecting the betting stake, Nie Li once again went into the arena.

Shen Ming’s chilling eyes stared at Nie Li. A hint of vicious flashed across his eyes.

He took out two pills from his chest and said, “Shen Xiao, this is two Demon Spirit Strengthening Pills. Consume them before the battle begins!”

[T/N: In those traditional Chinese clothes, people like to keep stuff underneath their chest. It’s like a bathing robe with the belt on and people keep stuff underneath the robe.]

Shen Xiao looked at Shen Ming with surprise and said, “Elder, that brat is probably only 1 or 2-star Silver rank in strength. With my strength as a 1-star Gold rank, I’m more than enough to go against that kid. There is absolutely no need to use the Demon Spirit Strengthening Pills!” His demon spirit is a Scarlet Dragon Eagle, an extremely powerful type of demon spirit. The price of it is as high as two million demon spirit coins. If he were to consume two Demon Spirit Strengthening Pills, although he can let the Scarlet Dragon Eagle display several times its power for half an hour, it will cripple the Scarlet Dragon Eagle. This caused Shen Xiao to be very heart pained about using it.

“What is there to be scared of? Listen to me. This matter is extremely important. If anything were to happen, can you bear the responsibility? It’s an amount of three hundred million demon spirit coins! If you win this match, I’ll give you twenty million demon spirit coins. At that time, you can buy whatever demon spirit you want!” Shen Ming said.

Hearing Shen Ming’s words, Shen Xiao’s eyes lit up. Although the Scarlet Dragon Eagle is rare, it can be bought with two million demon spirit coins. If Shen Ming were to give him twenty million demon spirit coins, he can buy an even higher grade demon spirit. Crippling the Scarlet Dragon Eagle is worth that.

“Okay, I will listen to the instructions of elder.” Shen Xiao nodded his head and said, putting the two Demon Spirit Strengthening Pill into his interspatial ring.

Shen Xiao looked at Nie Li’s figure and let out two snort. ‘Losing by my hands, this is your fate. To actually force me to cripple a Scarlet Dragon Eagle with two Demon Spirit Strengthening Pills to handle you, consider this your honour!’

In Shen Xiao’s views, with his strength as a 1-star Gold rank, defeating Nie Li is a simply matter. One must know he is a 1-star Gold rank Demon Spiritualist!!

After the two people entered the arena, the whole audience area was heated once again.

However, this round, no one is sure who will win. Although Nie Li’s strength is far from Shen Xiao’s, no one knows if Nie Li will have the luck like the previous round again. They all felt that the reason why Nie Li won the last two rounds was purely based on luck.

This round, most of the people dared not to bet again. The one that was confident that Nie Li will win, is only Ye Ziyun. Ye Ziyun, once again, bet all of her saving money and those that she won earlier on Nie Li again.

Everyone was shouting.

“Never thought that you’d be able to consecutively win two rounds. However, this one, you will definitely lose by my hands!” Shen Xiao coldly stared at Nie Li and murmured as though he’s talking to himself, “I’m not the same as them. I am a 1-star Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. Furthermore, I’m a 1-star Gold rank Demon Spiritualist that has integrated with a Scarlet Dragon Eagle!”

Nie Li was lazily stretching his waist. In the previous round, he was tired from pretending. Now that this is the third round, there is no longer any need to pretend!

“How would you know without testing? Previously, I won the last two rounds. Who knows, maybe my luck will be good this round as in the previous rounds?” Nie Li said, lightly smiling. He looked calm.

Shen Xiao’s gaze turned cold. Nie Li is indeed a little strange. He obviously knows that Shen Xiao is a Gold rank expert and yet he was not panicking. His right hand moved, swallowing the two Demon Spirit Strengthening Pills that he got from Shen Ming.

At this moment, the audience uproared.

“Am I seeing it wrong? Shen Xiao of the Sacred Family actually swallowed Demon Spirit Strengthening Pills?”

“A 1-star Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, facing a Fanged Panda actually needs Demon Spirit Strengthening Pills? And it seems to be two at that, too!”

“Sure enough, the Sacred Family was scared after the two previous losses!”