Chapter 86 - Fallen unconscious

Chapter 86 - Fallen unconscious

Gravity field!

Nie Li activated the gravity field combat ability of the Fanged Panda, causing the gravity within the surrounding area to increase.


Shen Ning’s entire body heavily fell onto the ground.

Just when Shen Ning was about to hit Nie Li, Nie Li jumped to the side, barely dodging the flaming impact. However, burnt injuries were left on his body. Nie Li was hiddenly relieved, he almost became a barbequed panda. Obvious having the strength to win against your opponent, but having to pretend that your strength was weaker than your opponent’s was extremely testing on the acting.

Rumbling sounds came from the whole arena as the whole place trembled. Shen Ning literally smashed a ten meter square crater into the ground, flames soared into the skies, as dust shattered around.

The audience stood up in excitement, screaming here and there.

“Woah, just how terrifying is this energy?!”

“My god, is this the strength of the Sacred Scarlet Bear? This is too frightening!”

“Although he’s only a 5-star Silver rank. With such strength, it’s simply comparable to a Gold rank!”

“Shen Ning’s win is confirmed!”

“Shen Ning, Shen Ning……” Voices sounded from the audience area, getting louder and louder.

Not mentioning their bet, Nie Li began running before the fight even began, causing Shen Ning to chase to the point of him chicken flying and dog jumping, they had full of disdain in their heart. If Nie Li managed to win, then there really is no justice.

[T/N: I don’t think I’ll need to explain it… Just imagine Nie Li pretending to dodge, then imagine chicken flying around and dog jumping, that’s how the scene is.]

Shen Ming also had a satisfied smile on his face. He nodded his head and said, “Shen Ning isn’t bad. Base on the strength that he just displayed, he should have already stepped into Gold rank. He must have been training really hard. If he managed to win against that brat from the Heavenly Marks Family, I’ll have to reward him when we get back!”

Hearing Shen Ming’s words, Shen Xiao standing beside him, couldn’t help showing envious expressions. Even he, who has been training together with Shen Ning, did not think that Shen Ning’s strength had already reached Gold rank.

Yang Xin, who was over at the Heavenly Marks Family’s viewing area frowned and murmured, “Shen Ning is only a 5-star Silver rank Demon Spiritualist. How was he able to display such power? With such power, his strength should have already reached 3-star Gold rank.”

Ye Ziyun, seeing this scene, also had puzzled eyes.

At this moment, on the arena, the risen dust was slowly settling down. The figure in the crater slowly appeared in everyone’s eyes.

Suddenly, the originally heated audience went into a dead silence. Everyone was dumbfounded as they stared into the crater.

At this moment, within the crater, Shen Ning was like a dead dog lying there and was not moving. His body was filled with injuries, and had burnt injuries.


“What exactly is happening? Who can tell me what happened?!” Shen Ming roared.

After Shen Ning leaped up, and used the flaming meteor fall, he ended up falling and ended up unconscious himself? If this was to be spread out, who’d believe it?

Seeing this scene, not only was Shen Ning puzzled, even Yang Xin, Nie Hai, Nie En, and bunch were dumbfounded.

“The Sacred Family couldn't be so stupid, right? The first person that went up did not summon his demon spirit and ended up being beaten by Nie Li. The second one summoned his demon spirit, displayed strength not below that of Gold rank, but ended up falling and ended up unconscious?

They were unable to believe the scene before them.

Yang Xin seemed to have understood something and murmured, “I say, Shen Ning wouldn’t have the strength of a 3-star Gold rank for no reason. Could it be that little brother Nie Li did something?”

The audience was in a dead silence. Everyone had their eyes widened, staring at the arena. After a long time, Shen Ning was still down for the count, like a dead dog lying on the ground.

“Damned garbage from the Sacred Family. Get up for your daddy!”

“Damn! The garbage of the Sacred Family is so damn useless!” Those who had bet were scolding the Sacred Family.

“It couldn’t be a collusion of the Alchemist Association and the Sacred Family to cheat us, right?”

“Not possible. With those few pills of the Alchemist Association, god knows how much money they have earned. Why would they care about this little amount of money? It’s just those garbage of the Sacred Family are being too useless!”

As for those who had bet on Nie Li, they were all smiling. Nie Li is really a lucky kid. The first round, Shen Fei that idiot came up without merging with his demon spirit, a free win. The second, Shen Ning learnt from the previous lesson and merged with his demon spirit, but fell unconscious, another free win.

What they didn’t know, is that Shen Ning did not cause himself to fall and became unconscious. It was secretly caused by Nie Li. That flaming meteor fall of Shen Ning’s was extremely powerful. By jumping to a high location and using the falling momentum to increase his strength, that speed was already the limit of what a 5-star Silver rank can reach. Nie Li suddenly increased Shen Ning’s gravity, which caused the falling Shen Ning suffer from a higher gravity. He wasn’t able to react and fell to the ground with a speed of the original’s several times. One can only imagine that outcome, and not have a single bone in the whole body shattered would already be considered very lucky.

Looking at the motionless Shen Ning on the floor, the corner of Nie Li’s lips curled. Shen Ning has lost conscious. He probably wouldn’t be able to get up in the next two-three days. Gravity field is a type of invisible combat ability. Outsiders wouldn’t be able to notice this move at all.

Nie Li won again!

“This is simply no challenge at all!” Although Nie Li is a Silver rank, his truth strength can suppress a 2-3-star Gold rank expert. Therefore, for him, Shen Ning didn’t pose a threat at all.

After seeing this scene, Ye Ziyun, who was among the audience, wasn’t surprised at all. She had an expression that said she had expected this. The Sacred Family was once again falling into Nie Li’s hands. Looking at Nie Li, she couldn’t help pouting. Nie Li has always had the look of everything within his grasp, even in relationship matters. He was also firmly confident that Ye Ziyun would fall in love with him. It’s simply hateful!

Will she really fall in love with Nie Li one day? Her eyes flashed a hint of unknown. Thinking back to the incident at the Ancient Orchid City, Ye Ziyun couldn’t help feeling shy in her heart. Her heartbeat accelerated all of a sudden. Thump Thump, jumping.

The results of the fight, Nie Li once again got a hundred million demon spirit coins from Shen Ming.

Getting the Sacred Family to pay a hundred and fifty million demon spirit coins, although it's not enough to shake the foundation of the Sacred Family, is enough to make the Sacred Family’s life to be tight for a period of time. As a Major family like the Sacred Family, able to take out three-five hundred million demon spirit coin cash is already very good. Of course, the value of their businesses is far more than that, reaching tens of billions. However, they could only take out this much for now.

Although a hundred and fifty million demon spirit coins doesn’t mean anything to Nie Li, he still felt satisfied.

“Main Affairs Elder, you let me win, you let me win. The several elder brothers of the Sacred Family is too generous, letting me win every round. Even I have been winning to the point that I feel a little embarrassed. It seems that I have wronged the Sacred Family all along. The Sacred Family not stingy, rather you are too generous!” Nie Li laughed and said to Main Affairs Elder Shen Ming.

Shen Ming’s face ashened. His lips were trembling from the anger. Furthermore, listening to the sarcastic words of Nie Li’s, if it’s possible, he would really want to slap Nie Li’s head into the mud!

A hundred and fifty million demon spirit coins, how will he explain all this to the Patriarch?