Chapter 54 - Miracle Meridian Hands

Chapter 54 - Miracle Meridian Hands

"Xiao Li, you're back!" Nie Ming said, smiling.

"En, father, I'm back!"

Seeing father's haggard looks, Nie Li's eyes couldn't help turning slightly red. Memories from his previous life were coming in waves.

"Xiao Li seems to have grown taller, more handsome too! After spending one year at the Holy Orchid Institute, his aura is indeed not the same!" Nie Kai beside also said, laughing. He's the blood brother of Nie Ming. He’s younger than Nie Ming by three years. He's the same as Nie Ming, not having any cultivation talent, therefore, he’s just an ordinary farmer.

At Nie Ming and Nie Kai's age, their soul realms had already solidified and they were no longer able to cultivate it. However, being an ordinary person is still fine.

'In the previous life, I was unable to protect you all. In this life, you will be protected by me!"

Nie Li returned home, and after seeing his mother and aunt, became joyous. Finally, the family is reunited again. Nie Li's heart is filled with excitement and emotion.

"Nie Li, what’s your strength now?" Nie Ming finally couldn't hold on anymore and asked.

Everyone's gaze fell on Nie Li. Nie Yu's big eyes were also blinking as she looked at Nie Li.

"We should eat first!" Nie Li's mother, Xiao Yun hurriedly said.

In his previous life, no matter if it's Nie Ming or Xiao Yun, even if Nie Li's cultivation was unable to breakthrough, letting them down again and again, they would still comfort Nie Li nonstop. They did not ask much of Nie Li, however, He still felt their high expectations. Every time he was with them, it was like a sharp knife was cutting him, and he would blame himself for being useless.

However, in this lifetime, he finally did not let his parents down again.

"In this year's examination, my soul force had broke through into 100, and I became a 1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist," Nie Li said while calmly eating his food. He doesn't dare to tell them his real strength. If they knew, they would definitely get the shock of their lives.

Nie Ming and bunch did not imagine that Nie Li would be able to become a Demon Spiritualist. They all thought that if Nie Li can become a Bronze rank Fighter, it would be more than enough. When they heard about Nie Li already becoming a 1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist, they were all stunned. The chopsticks in their hands also stopped moving.

1-star Bronze rank...... Demon Spiritualist?

Nie Ming and bunch all thought that they had heard wrong.

"1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist?" The Nie Kai beside couldn't help opening his mouth and asked Nie Li again.

"Yep!" Nie Li nodded his head. Seeing his kind parents beside themselves, he felt a little sorrow and grief in his heart. One of his previous life's regrets, in this life, he could finally compensate them all!

"1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist!" Nie Ming and bunch muttered to themselves, "Our household finally has a Demon Spiritualist?!"

After a brief moment of stunned silence, their faces were filled with extreme joy.

A Demon Spiritualist!

Any Demon Spiritualist within the Heavenly Marks Family would have extraordinary status. Aside from being excused from the tax every month, they can still claim quite a few things from the family.

"Other than becoming a 1-star Demon Spiritualist, I'm also chosen to enter the Genius class by the Holy Orchid Institute." Nie Li thought awhile and continued.

"The Genius class? Don't you need extraordinary talent to enter? Nie Chong's son, Nie Long, is also a 1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist, but he did not have the qualifications to enter the Genius class!" Nie Kai doubtfully said. His understanding towards Holy Orchid Institute is still very clear.

Nie Yu blinked, her watery big eyes looked at Nie Li in admiration and said, "Big brother Nie Li is great!"

All along, Nie Li has been her object of worship.

"Hehe!" Nie Li laughed, rubbing Nie Yu's head. In his previous life, he can only look up to Nie Yu, and be under her protection.

'In this life, let me be the one to protect you,’ Nie Li thought within his heart.

"It’s probably because Xiao Li has talent in some other aspect, therefore he was chosen for the Genius class. After all, Xiao Li wouldn't be able to become a 1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist is such a short time! Our house finally has a Demon Spiritualist!" Nie Ming emotionally said.

At this moment, no matter if it's Nie Ming, Nie Kai, Aunt Miao Ling or Nie Yu, they were all very happy. Xiao Yun even started weeping from being too happy.

"Xiao Li's future will be bright!" Nie Kai patted on Nie Li's shoulders.

"Xiao Li, let’s go! We'll go meet the Patriarch!" Nie Ming suddenly stood up, his heart filled with pride. This time, he can finally raise his head in front of his fellow clansmen. Previously, Nie Ming had always been looked down upon by the people in the family, especially Nie Chong, who was always boasting in front of him. Today, Nie Li finally fought for his face.

"Our son has just returned home, let him have his meal first. Why are you in such a hurry?" Mother Xiao Yun threw Nie Ming a glare.

"Right, right!" Nie Ming embarrassedly laughed. He was feeling extremely proud in his heart, causing him to be excited.

Seeing his family being proud of him, Nie Li also felt extremely happy in his heart.

"How's the situation within the family?" Nie Li asked while eating.

"Very strange." When the topic turned to the situation of the family, Nie Ming frowned.

"Strange?" Nie Li felt a little curious.

"Yeah," Nie Ming nodded, "The Heavenly Marks Family's wealth is barely enough to make ends meet. However, sometime ago, the Sacred Family began pressuring us, causing a big blow to our business. Some of our business partners have also stopped working with us, causing our elders and Patriarch anxious. Our Patriarch even personally sent a letter to the Sacred Family to ask for the reason, but he was ignored. They probably want to wait for a moment to let our Heavenly Marks Family to be in a more difficult position before talking terms with us, but suddenly, there was a turn for the better..."

"A turn for the better?" Nie Li asked.

"Right. Suddenly, ten over families took the initiative to work with us. The conditions are also very favourable. At the start, the Patriarch thought that it was a trap, however, later he realised that they have no malice at all. It's said that it was all inspired by the Alchemist Association. They even gave us many business opportunities by having us grow various herbs. Furthermore, the payment was also very good. Under the umbrella of the Alchemist Association, the Sacred Family could no longer use any actions against us." Nie Ming said.

Hearing Nie Ming's words, Nie Li understood what's going on. His mind popped out a beautiful young woman. All of this should’ve been arranged by Yang Xin.

Since Nie Li is now an important partner of the Alchemist Association, Yang Xin's arrangement is very normal. The Alchemist Association's strength is not any lower then the Sacred Family’s. It's network is even stronger than the Sacred Family’s. After all, all the families still need to purchase elixirs from the Alchemist Association. Therefore, with the Alchemist Association's shelter, the Sacred Family wouldn't dare to touch the Heavenly Marks Family any more.

Furthermore, with the elixir formulas that were given to them by Nie Li, even the City Lord Mansion, and the three major families, need to beg the Alchemist Association. As the Alchemist Association is being strengthened to this point, if the Sacred Family want's to go against the Alchemist Association, then it's simply seeking death.

After coming back, aside from seeing his relatives, he still needed to arrange for the Heavenly Marks Family to have contact with the Alchemist Association. Nie Li did not think that Yang Xin would have already arranged it all. Next, Nie Li can put his mind into dealing with the Sacred Family. Of course, the Alchemist Association is very crucial to this.

"Why are you telling this to the kids?" Xiao Yun unhappily looked at Nie Ming. In her eyes, Nie Li is still a kid, knowing these is simply useless.

"A woman's view. Now that Nie Li is already a 1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist, in the future, he will enter into the core of Heavenly Marks Family. At that time, the things that he will learn is even more than this!" Nie Ming retorted, with a proud and happy expression.

"Fine, fine. You are justified!" Xiao Yun said, impatiently.

Father and Mother are the same as the previous life. They would often quarrel, however, the relationship between them is still very good, upon seeing this scene, Nie Li laughed.

"Father, for the time being, I still don't wish to meet the Patriarch. I wish to continue my training." Nie Li raised his head, looking at Nie Ming and said.

"Sure, seeing him later is fine!" Nie Ming laughed.

Uncle Nie Kai beside rubbed Nie Yu's head and said, "Xiao Yu must also work hard, and be like Nie Li."

"En, Xiao Yu will work hard!" Nie Yu nodded her head and said in a serious tone.

The night is approaching, there would be a night breeze blowing in the forest, with the sound of leaves rustling in the wind.

Nie Li came out from his house, and headed to the back hill's forest. Sitting on a large stone, he looked towards the distance and only saw the lights from various households.

The Heavenly Marks Family is the family with the longest history. It's history can even go back to the Snow Wind Empire's era. The Heavenly Marks Family's ancestor was one of the great lords at that time. However, due to experiencing changes of the era, and the long Age of Darkness, the Heavenly Marks Family declined into a run down small family within Glory City.

Nie Li crossed his legs and sat on the huge stone to quietly training. There is just a small step left for him to reach Silver rank. Once he breaks through into Silver rank, he will be able to integrate with the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit within the Spiritual Lamp.

While consuming elixirs nonstop, he would operate the [Heavenly God] cultivating technique at the same time. Nie Li was absorbing the elixirs into his blood and slowly released the effects to his soul realm. This caused his soul realm to start expanding nonstop.

His soul realm began continuously rage as it filled with powerful soul force.

However, if he wants to break through into Silver rank, it will be a little difficult. Nie Li estimated that he would need roughly ten days to do this.

"I almost forgot, there is still another method that I have yet to use!" Nie Li seemed to have recalled something as he lightly smiled. When breaking through into Silver rank, there is a method called Miracle Meridian Hands. This would seal the blood vessels of his arm, and various other body parts. He would seal thirty-six acupuncture points and force his soul force to be trapped within his Soul Realm, allowing him to forcefully break through into Silver rank.

This way of breaking through, aside from exhausting large amounts of soul force, would damage the meridians by a small amount. However, with the help of the elixirs, it can be easily healed.

"Let's go with this then," Nie Li lightly smiled. Through the Miracle Meridian Hands method, he began to seal the acupuncture points within his body one after another, thoroughly locking his soul force.

No one would use this kind of method, unless they have absolute confidence.