Chapter 53 - Return home

Chapter 53 - Return home

Nie Li felt Shen Xiu’s gaze and the corner of his mouth curled. Chasing Shen Xiu away isn’t his only desire. He will regard Shen Xiu as his opponent, because his first target is the entire Sacred Family.

Although Nie Li provoked the Sacred Family, the Sacred Family probably won't put much attention to him. Because in the view of Sacred Family, Nie Li is just a brat. How could a small brat threaten them? But they will soon realise that the one who caused the destruction of the Sacred Family, will be the threat that they have been ignoring.

After his recent training, Nie Li's soul force has already reached 589. Once his soul force breaks through 600, he will be able to reach Silver rank.

Once he steps into Silver rank, he will be able to integrate with one demon spirit.

Nie Li has already chosen his first demon spirit. But he is still prepared to go to the auction to get a suitable demon spirit for Ziyun, Ning'er, Lu Piao, and bunch. This way, their group would be able to have their strength enhanced even more.

But at this moment, Nie Li is preparing to get himself to Silver rank Demon Spiritualist.

After a while, the year examination for the Fighter Apprentice class has ended. Every student's future class has been decided.

Soon after, Shen Xiu's resignation of her teaching position and leaving the institute has been spread among the students. Everyone's looks towards Nie Li is a little abnormal. After all, it’s the first time that someone was able to chase a teacher away.

There are also some students trying any possible way to get close to Nie Li. Although Nie Li is just a 1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist, his knowledge has already far surpassed some teachers. Those who had followed Nie Li had their cultivation soar to amazing heights. Therefore, it's normal for others to be envious.

Nie Li got Du Ze and Lu Piao to block these bootlickers. He's rather cautious in this matter. The ones he accepted are those whom he had an impression of in his previous life that he is able to trust. As the cultivation talent is secondary, the key is trust.

But even so, those who followed Nie Li already amounted to more than twenty six students.

After the exams, the notice for entry into the Genius class has also been dispatched. Nie Li inhaled a mouthful of air. It's time for him to go back home. He recalled some memories from his previous life, when his family was falling one after another. Nie Li couldn't help but feeling sour in his heart, feeling homesick.

It's finally the Holy Orchid Institute's holiday!

Nie Li's gaze fell afar. Memories from his previous life began coming back like waves.

After a moment, Nie Li laughed out. Since he's back, his clansmen wouldn't need to live fearful lives anymore. Those enemies of his clan shall tremble in fear!

The holiday of the Holy Orchid Institute is a big event for Glory City. The amount of students attending the Holy Orchid Institute is quite a lot. Therefore, many students all can finally reunite with their families.

Groups of students were leaving the institute one after another.

"Nie Li, this is for you. I hope that you can remember me whenever you see it! We'll meet again next term!" Xiao Ning'er passed a ruby over to Nie Li. On the ruby, there's an extremely delicate pattern on it. When Nie Li raised his head, Xiao Ning'er was already running away with her face red.

In the Divine Continent, a ruby represents a girl's love.

Watching Xiao Ning'er's slender figure, Nie Li couldn't help smiling bitterly. He knows how Xiao Ning'er feels about him, but he never thought that this ice beauty would actually be so gentle.

When he looked up, Ye Ziyun was smiling as she looked at Nie Li, then looked at the distant Xiao Ning'er and said, "Since Ning'er likes you so much, why don't you be with her?"

Nie Li kept the ruby, looked at Ye Ziyun and said, "It’s a pity, but the one I like is you!"

The love from two lifetimes, Nie Li won't change. Nie Li has already told Xiao Ning'er about how he feels, however, she still refuses to give up.

Ye Ziyun's face blushed red and said, "Nie Li, if you still speak like this, I'll.... Don't think that I'm easy to bully!"

At this moment, Ye Ziyun couldn't help recalling those incidents within the Ancient Orchid City's underground palace. She was feeling indignant within her heart and tightly squeezed her fists.

"I'm serious!" Nie Li lightly laughed with his eyes deeply looking at Ye Ziyun.

"You! I'm not bothering with you any more!"

Ye Ziyun stomped her feet, wanting to leave but suddenly held her step. Pursing her lips, she smiled and asked, "Then, why don't you tell me, how am I better then Ning'er?"

Nie Li shrugged and said, "This is impossible to compare. I can only say, this is all decided by fate!"

Looking into Nie Li's deep gaze, Ye Ziyun is slightly stunned. She feels that Nie Li is keeping a lot of things from her. Within Nie Li's eyes, there seems to be many stories hidden inside.

After she paused for a moment, Ye Ziyun raised her head, stared at the clear skies and said, "I wish that my husband could be a great hero like my grandfather. He must have the strength to shake the world, using his life to protect Glory City."

She then looked at Nie Li, pursed her lips, smiled and said, "If you can reach the Legend rank Demon Spiritualist realm, I could give it consideration."

"Hey, how can you say that?! Didn't you say that you'll agree to be with me when I reach Gold rank?" Nie Li said, sounding depressed.

"I was just joking earlier, it doesn’t count! Don't you know that a girl always changes her mind?"

After speaking, Ye Ziyun laughed, and hastily ran away.

Seeing her back figure, Nie Li lightly smiled, muttering to himself, "If that's the case, why did you choose me in the previous life?"

In his previous life, Nie Li did not even reach Silver rank, but was together with Ye Ziyun.

"However, it's just Legend rank Demon Spiritualist, not that difficult."

Wei Nan, Zhu Xiangjun, and Zhang Ming bid farewell to Nie Li, and left the institute for home.

Du Ze and Lu Piao both walked over.

"We'll be off too!" Du Ze said, smiling.

"Okay," Nie Li nodded, "We'll meet again in a month!"

"Meet again in a month!" Du Ze nodded, thinking about going home, Du Ze couldn't help being excited. This time going back, aside from the skyrocket results of his cultivation, Nie Li had given him lots of demon spirit coins, at least enough to bring his clans mens out of suffering. In his heart, Du Ze feel is fully grateful to Nie Li, because it's Nie Li that has changed his life!

Lu Piao had both of his hands on his hips, laughing loudly, "I'm finally returning home! This time, I don't need to fear being smacked by my father on my butt anymore! Hahaha!"

Seeing Lu Piao's current action, Nie Li and Du Ze both looked at each other. They couldn't help smiling bitterly, and distanced themselves from Lu Piao. The surrounding students threw them weird looks.

Lu Piao heavily hugged Nie Li, and drenched Nie Li's face with saliva through kiss as he said, "Brother, I love you to death!"

Seeing Lu Piao, Nie Li trembled and pushed Lu Piao away.

"Get away from me, I'm not gay!"

"I'm also not gay. The sky is so blue, the ground is so green! I'll be going first, see you in a month!" Lu Piao looked a little light headed as he walked out in big steps.

Du Ze waved Nie Li goodbye and left too.

Seeing the happy faces of these two buddies of his, Nie Li couldn't help smiling lightly, and walked towards the direction of his clan.

North of Glory City

The land of Glory City is rather wide. Aside from the two most prosperous cities within, there is six more subsidiary cities. From the Holy Orchid Institute to Nie Li's house, even with carriage, he would not arrive until two days later.

Nie Li belongs to a clan called the Heavenly Marks Family. The family resides in a valley with a vast land, however, the resources here are very poor. Therefore, the family relies on farming and harvesting mountain herbs for a living. Fortunately, the distance here to the military and the defensive wall is quite close, therefore, it's still rather safe. Generally, there wouldn't be any attacks from demon beasts. Although the Heavenly Marks is an Aristocratic family, only the House Master of the Heavenly Marks Family has the title of Count. This means that if the House Master were to pass away, and none of the younger generations have been able to obtain any title, the Heavenly Marks Family wouldn't be as it is anymore.

As one of the most declined Aristocratic families, the Heavenly Marks Family's castle is very worn and old. The outer wall has been extremely damaged, however, the family does not have any money to repair it.

Just outside the castle, one can see a large patch of farming field with people planting and farming various crops. When they saw Nie Li walking from far away, the clansmen took the initiative to say hello.

"Nie Li, you're back?"

The clansmen that are responsible for farming don't have any high position within the clan, and Nie Li's father is one of them.

Although the Heavenly Marks Family is declining, the population of the family is still high. This area alone has thousands of households, which also means that the population is roughly five-six thousand members.

Within the Heavenly Marks Family, there are a total of twenty-six kids attending the Holy Orchid Institute, with Nie Li being one of them. However, Nie Li's character was rather reclusive, therefore, it was less likely he would have contact with other kids. The other kids are all in the Intermediate class and Senior class, therefore their vacation is released later. It would probably be one or two more days before they are home.

"Big Brother Nie Li, you're back!"

A barefooted small girl cheerfully ran towards Nie Li. Her hair is tied in pigtails, with cheeks as red as apples, looking extremely cute.

Her name is Nie Yu, his uncle's daughter.

Nie Li's father, Nie Ming, has only one brother. Their status within the Heavenly Marks Family is very low. They would usually rely on farming to feed themselves. Fortunately, only one third of the harvest is required to be submitted to the family, the rest can be kept for themselves. Since the school fees are now going to be paid by Nie Li, they could live a little more comfortably.

With a family of five-six thousand people, a total of sixty members are Bronze rank Fighters, six are Silver rank Fighters, two are Silver rank Demon Spiritualists and one Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. This is the strength of Heavenly Marks Family.

The strongest in the Heavenly Marks Family is the Patriarch (House Master), Nie Hai. He's a 1-star Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, his position within the family is the highest. Thereafter, two 1-star Gold rank Fighters and one 3-star Gold rank Fighter.

(TLN: The raw is switching between Patriarch and House Master/Family Master to refer as Nie Hai, but from now I'll use Patriarch to refer him.)

Usually, the Patriarch is hardly seen. He would normally appear at ceremonies only.

Nie Li rubbed Nie Yu's head, he is still able to dote Nie Yu, and smilingly said, "Is Xiao Yu obedient at home?"

"En, Xiao Yu has been very obedient!" said Nie Yu, nodding her head, looking serious. "I also want to be like big brother Nie Li , enter into the Holy Orchid Institute and become a Fighter!"

Nie Yu has been putting Nie Li as her target all along, but Nie Li couldn't help blushing in shame. Before the destruction of Glory City, Nie Yu's achievements were much higher than him. Nie Yu has been concerned about him, however, even as a big brother, he was sheltered by Nie Yu. This caused Nie Li to be extremely depressed. Later on, Nie Yu died in battle with a horde of demon beasts that attacked the city, a heroic death.

Although he felt a little sour in his nose, Nie Li bore it down and thought, 'It's good being back.'

Nie Li walked a far distance together with Nie Yu. When they saw Nie Li, Nie Ming and Nie Kai stopped their chores, smiled at each other and walked towards where Nie Li is.