Chapter 55 - Physique of Heavenly Marks

Chapter 55 - Physique of Heavenly Marks

After his soul force was completely locked, his soul force began to accumulate towards the center of his soul realm, gathering more and more. Nie Li continued to consume all sorts of elixirs, which was enhancing his soul force. His soul force was constantly increasing, becoming more and more concentrated. It was like the air was being compressed to one point, enabling it to have an amazing burst of power.

His soul force was constantly being squeezed within his soul realm, unable to find a way out.

It was constantly being compressed, the constantly tearing in an infinite cycle.

Nie Li felt his soul realm constantly tearing and reconstructing. This intense pain made his face turn pale white, sweat flowing down like rain.

"Urhhh!" Nie Li painfully screamed. Although his will is constantly being challenged, Nie Li still maintained a clear mind, constantly guiding his soul force that has been compressed countless times.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The barrier within his soul realm began to break. Every time it broke, Nie Li could clearly feel his soul force growing several times.

The last 'Boom!'

The compressed soul force began to explode, sweeping across his whole soul realm, causing it to surge nonstop.


That terrible pain covered his whole body like millions of fine needles penetrating his brain.

His meridian was also constantly tearing, however, Nie Li forcefully endured the intense pain as he waited for the exploding compressed soul force to break open his closed meridians.


Nie Li felt relieved, his body relaxed. Although his meridians were damaged to quite a serious state, at this moment, Nie Li's face was filled with excitement. It went as he had expected. By using the Miracle Meridian Hands to expand his soul realm, it had allowed him to reach Silver rank.

After his soul force recovers, Nie Li will be a Silver rank Demon Spiritualist!

Nie Li took several recovery pills, crossed his legs, and started to practice quietly. After cultivating to his current realm, he’s now able to absorb the Yin energy from the night. Plus, with the fact that he's a male, he's full of Yang energy, therefore, he won't be like Xiao Ning'er.

(TLN: Chinese always says Yin-Yang. Woman represents Yin and Men represents Yang. Which also means that a woman is full of Yin and a men is full of yang.)

After practising for about an hour or so, Nie Li's meridians and soul force have already recovered.

He has finally reached Silver rank.

Nie Li opened his eyes as a light flashed across his eyes. He can finally use the Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp.

He retrieved the Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp. His right hand slowly stroked the lamp and inserted his soul force into the lamp. A 'Pu' sound came from the lamp, and began flickering like a ghost light in the dark.

Cries like devils was issuing from the Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp. The lamp light is where the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit resides. However, Nie Li was not afraid, his soul force was like a rope, winding towards the light.

Nie Li's soul force found a black shadow. When his soul force wound around the black shadow, the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit shrieked miserably, trying to resist, as it tried to break Nie Li's soul force.

"Trying to run? It’s not going to be so easy! Yield under me!" Nie Li continued to operate his soul force around the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit.

The Shadow Devil Demon Spirit suddenly trembled as it continued its resistance. However, under the pressure of Nie Li's soul force, the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit gradually lost his ability to resist.

'Whoosh' the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit turned into a black shadow and went into Nie Li's soul realm. Once a demon spirit enters a Demon Spiritualist's soul realm, they will be controlled by the Demon Spiritualist, with the support of the Demon Spiritualist's soul force. Unless the Demon Spiritualist releases the demon spirit on his own, the demon spirit will not be able to obtain freedom.

Just like being branded by soul force.

After integrating with the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, Nie Li's soul realm expanded more than two times. Once integrated with a Demon Spirit, the Demon Spiritualist and Demon Spirit will affect each other. Even the Soul force training speed will be raised by twice the original speed.

The Shadow Devil Demon Spirit is one of the most mysterious demon spirits. Very few would know of it's characteristics. Therefore, very few Demon Spiritualists can perfectly put their combat abilities into use. However, this is not a difficult matter for Nie Li.

The Shadow Devil Demon Spirit is undoubtedly extremely powerful. At the same time, it has an extremely high growth rate. Therefore, it can't be compared to those ordinary demon spirits. Furthermore, Nie Li's brain’s filled with combat skills suitable for the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, hence, he can absolutely utilize the power of Shadow Devil Demon Spirit to its limits.

Nie Li waved his right hand calling out the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, as he hastily merged with the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit. At this moment, Nie Li's body disappeared and reappeared, like a ghost. A bone sickle grew out from his arms, like a mantis. The Shadow Devil Demon Spirit can void-form and corporeal-form, when Nie Li goes into void-form, very few will be able to capture his aura. However, while in void-form, Nie Li will have no attacking capabilities. When he enters the corporeal-form, he will be able to launch deadly attacks.

[TLN: The raw says '虚化' which means Void Transform, I got it into void-form. Just think of the abilities as invisibility.]

The Shadow Devil Demon Spirit is an extremely powerful assassin. When battling, even a higher rank can be killed by it, if they are not careful.

The bone sickle is near a meter long, a chilling light flashing on it, looking extremely sharp.

Nie Li looked at the transformation of his two arms and looked at a huge tree several meters away. His body flashed, speeding towards the huge tree. The sickle flashed with chilling light, 'slash' that tree was immediately cut into half and collapsed. The cutting surface was very smooth.

Nie Li withdrew his sickle in satisfaction. With a thought, his body slowly turned transparent, disappearing from the spot. After a while, his figure, once again, appeared.

"It is worthy of being known as the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit!" Nie Li lightly smiled, revealing a satisfied smile on his face. This Shadow Devil Demon Spirit is definitely a killer when battling with the enemy. Under normal circumstances an ordinary person caught off guard could be easily killed by the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit. Furthermore it also has an extremely high growth rate. Which can be slowly strengthened as Nie Li's cultivation rises.

Nie Li choosing the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit as his first demon spirit was indeed the right choice!

Under ordinary circumstances, when a Demon Spiritualist first integrates with their first demon spirit, they would need a few months to get used to the demon spirit; only then can they slowly be able to get used to demon spirit's combat abilities. However, this is nothing for Nie Li, in just half an hour, Nie Li is already able to smoothly utilize those abilities.

"Not bad, not bad," said Nie Li. He lightly smiled, crossed his legs and sat down. He took a glance at the broken Spiritual Lamp. After integrating with the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, the Spiritual Lamp became useless, therefore Nie Li threw the lamp into a corner within his interspatial ring.

At this moment, a small figure hastily running towards his direction.

Under the dim moonlight, Nie Li could see the person's appearance. It's his cute Xiao Yu.

"Xiao Yu, why have you come here?" Nie Li asked, looking at Nie Yu.

"I can't sleep, so I wanted to practice like big brother Nie Li!" Nie Yu said, her face innocently serious.

"Before becoming a Silver rank, it's best not to practice at night. It'd do more harm than good," Nie Li teaching Nie Yu with a serious face.

"Then, why can big brother Nie Li practice at night?"

"I......" Nie Li can't possibly say that he has already reached Silver rank, "Boys are different than girls. Boys are full of yang energy, therefore, we’re not afraid of yin energy entering our body."

"I don't believe you!" Nie Yu said, pouting her face in disbelief.

Nie Li helplessly shook his head. Nie Yu is a little stubborn. Sometimes, no matter what other people say, nothing will go into her brain.

Nie Li thought awhile and said, "Since I'm back, I'll teach Nie Yu a cultivation technique."

"Yes! Thank you, big brother Nie Li!" Nie Yu clapped her hands excitedly. That little bun-like face is filled with anticipation.

Nie Li retrieved a soul crystal from his interspatial ring, passed it to Nie Yu and said, "First, insert your soul force into this primary soul crystal."

"Okay," Nie Yu did not think much and inserted her soul force into the soul crystal. After a short moment, the soul crystal began to light up.

"Soul force of 32. Not bad Xiao Yu, you're just 9 years old and you already have such a high soul force......" Nie Li suddenly stopped. His gaze focused onto the insides of the soul crystal and was shocked, murmuring, "No wonder Xiao Yu's cultivating speed is so fast. It turns out that Xiao Yu has the [Physique of Heavenly Marks]."

"Big brother Nie Li, what's [Physique of Heavenly Marks]?" Nie Yu is extremely curious as she has never heard of this term before. And big brother Nie Li actually said that her cultivating speed is fast, however, she doesn't realise this at all.

What Nie Yu doesn't know, is Nie Li is referring to her previous life. It’s a pity that before the talent of the [Physique of Heavenly Marks] showed, she had already fallen in battle.

Nie Li patted on Nie Yu's head and said, "Since the beginning of our Heavenly Marks Family in the Snow Wind Empire, we have a very far history. The strongest warriors of the Heavenly Marks Family all have the [Physique of Heavenly Marks]. The possibility of it appearing within our bodies is roughly around one percent. Which means within every hundred clansmen there would roughly be one with the [Physique of Heavenly Marks]. It’s a pity that the cultivation technique for the [Physique of Heavenly Marks] has already been long lost in the Age of Darkness."

"Oh..." Nie Yu blinked her eyes, understanding only a little.

Good thing that within the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, there is a cultivating technique for the [Physique of Heavenly Marks]. Nie Li rejoiced within his heart, realising he can use it to nurture Xiao Yu!

"Then is big brother Nie Li still teaching Xiao Yu a cultivating technique?" Nie Yu asked, a little worried. Just because those cultivating techniques are long lost, doesn't mean that they can no longer be learned.

"Of course. However, you have to keep the cultivating technique that I teach you a secret. Xiao Yu cannot tell anyone about it. It'll be our little secret. Can you promise big brother Nie Li?" Nie Li gently looked at Nie Yu and said. According to Nie Li's knowledge, the Heavenly Marks Family is not united, with many complicated conflicts. Therefore Nie Li doesn't intend to unreservedly contribute cultivating techniques to his family.

When Nie Li becomes strong, he will shelter the Heavenly Marks Family. However, that doesn't mean that Nie Li will contribute everything to the family.

"En!" Nie Yu nodded her head seriously, "Xiao Yu definitely won't tell anyone!"

Nie Li taught Nie Yu the chant of the first chapter to the cultivating technique of [Physique of Heavenly Marks]. Nie Yu recited it out, with a soul force of 32, her memory is already quite good. Soon, she will completely remember the chant.

For security purposes, the chant of the first chapter is enough. He will wait till Nie Yu finished practicing the first chapter, then he'll pass her the next one. After all, Nie Yu is still quite small, and very simple. Therefore, she is very easily cheated.

Nie Yu chanted the cultivation technique within her heart. Very soon, her soul force within her soul realm began surging up.

In the Snow Wind Empire Era, a Demon Spiritualist with the [Physique of Heavenly Marks] are known as one of the three most powerful Demon Spiritualists. At that era, geniuses were in large numbers, numerous Legend rank Demon Spiritualists were in the empire. But even so, the [Physique of Heavenly Marks] is still able to get all kinds of reputations, therefore, one can only imagine how powerful the [Physique of Heavenly Marks] truly is.