Chapter 477 - Duan Jian

Chapter 477 - Duan Jian

In a serene courtyard of the Heavenly Note Sect’s Heavenly Dawn Pavilion, the entire place was covered in flowers. It was a spectacular sight and extremely beautiful.

There were several tables there. Sect Master Nangong was holding a banquet. Practically all the powerhouses of the Heavenly Note Sect were there.

Nangong Xianyin sat on the main seat, pondering something.

“Sect Master, I wonder, why have you gathered us here?” The Great Elder of the Nangong Xianyin, Yan Hongye, cupped her hands towards Nangong Xianyin.

“It’s still because of the Divine Feathers Sect…” Nangong Xianyin snorted.

“What’s wrong with the Divine Feathers Sect?” Yan Hongye looked at Nangong Xianyin as she asked in doubt.

“Sect Master Nie of the Divine Feathers Sect has treated our Heavenly Note Sect as his courtyard. We have so many female disciples married to the disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect. I’m afraid that the Heavenly Note Sect will truly become their courtyard!” Nangong Xianyin snorted before she continued, “This time, I will have all of the Sect Masters of the various Sects gather to let that fellow Nie Lie feel fearful.”

“Sect Master, there’s nothing inappropriate about this. With the current Heavenly Note Sect’s strength, we have raised our power with the help of those Sacred Elixirs. And with the protection of the Divine Feathers Sect, we will be able to rest at ease.” Yan Hongye cupped her fists as she smiled.

Nangong Xianyin glanced at Yan Hongye before she snorted, “Don’t think that I don’t know about this. You have received many things from that brat Nie Lie. Do you want to become the Sect Master next?”

“Sect Master, you’re putting things too seriously. I and Sect Master have gone through life and death, does Sect Master still not believe me?” Yan Hongye’s gaze flickered as she cupped her fists. “I’m sure Sect Master understands that I am not only the one that has received benefits from the Divine Feathers Sect. Everyone did, even Sect Master, you are not an exception. So, why can’t I?”

Hearing Yan Hongye’s words, Nangong Xianyin’s face turned red. Indeed, she had also received them, so how was she qualified to denounce others? She could only blame that fellow Nie Li for being too cunning. He was unknowingly corroding the entire Heavenly Note Sect. Even Nangong Xianyin had no idea how many people in the Heavenly Note Sect was in favour of the Divine Feathers Sect.

She had no intentions to go against the Divine Feathers Sect by inviting the Sect Masters of the various Sects. She only wanted to intimidate the Divine Feathers Sect a little so that they wouldn’t go out of bounds.

“Sect Master Nie has arrived!” A servant announced as Nie Li, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er walked in.

“Nie Li pays respects to Sect Master Nangong!” Nie Li cupped his fists towards Nangong Xianyin as he smiled.

“Hmph.” Nangong Xianyin snorted, appearing somewhat unhappy.

“Is Sect Master Nangong still unhappy about the matters from before?” Nie Li smiled. He knew that although Nangong Xianyin had accepted it, she’s just showing her temper today. If she wanted to cut clean with the Divine Feathers Sect, then she wouldn’t just be showing her unhappiness on her face.

“You know it well!” Nangong Xianyin snorted.

“Hahaha, I express my apologies to the Seniors of the Heavenly Note Sect. I have specially prepared a present for the Heavenly Note Sect due to this.” Nie Li smiled before he cupped his hands towards Nangong Xianyin and the Elders of the Heavenly Note Sect.

Nangong Xianyin pretended not to hear him, while the eyes of the Heavenly Note Sect’s Elders lit up.

Nie Li took out a golden pellet and lightly smiled. “This is my latest manufactured product, the Fire Dragon Pellet. It is also the strongest Sacred Elixir. The density is ten-odd times that of an ordinary Sacred Elixir and only Martial Ancestor Realm powerhouses can take it!”

“You will require one year to refine it. An ordinary Martial Ancestor Realm could even step into the 8-Stage Martial Ancestor Realm. If an 8-Stage Martial Ancestor Realm took it, they might even be able to step into the 9-Stage Martial Ancestor Realm. This pellet is absolutely priceless!” Nie Li smiled with his eyes narrowed. “This time, I will gift one Fire Dragon Pellet to the Heavenly Note Sect as a present. This Fire Dragon Pellet cannot split up; otherwise, I will not be able to guarantee what will happen.”

Looking at the Fire Dragon Pellet, the Elders of the Heavenly Note Sect’s eyes lit up.

Nie Li placed the Fire Dragon Pellet into a box and left it on the table.

“There is only one Fire Dragon Pellet and there are Seven Elders of the Heavenly Note Sect. How do you want us to distribute it?” Nangong Xianyin furrowed her brows.

“This Fire Dragon Pellet is too precious and even getting one isn’t easy.” Nie Li bitterly smiled.

“Such a powerful elixir is extremely rare. Sect Master, please do not let Nie Li’s good intentions down.” Yan Hongye’s eyes first lit up before dimming down. There was only one Fire Dragon Pellet and it would definitely not go to her.

Nangong Xianyin felt embarrassed in her heart. This Fire Dragon Pellet was truly a hot potato.

If she didn’t accept this, then it would be too much of a pity. But if she took it, who should she give it to? If she used it on herself, then the seven other Elders would definitely be unhappy deep in their hearts. If she gave it to someone else, the Heavenly Note Sect would have a 9-Stage Martial Ancestor Realm a year later, which would threaten her position as a Sect Master.

Nangong Xianyin raised her head and saw Nie Li smiling. She felt anger in her heart, but there was nothing she could do. Even if she knew that Nie Li did it on purpose, she could only silently accept it.

“Then, I have to thank Sect Master Nie.” Nangong Xianyin cupped her hands then stored the Fire Dragon Pellet.

Seeing that Nangong Xianyin had taken the Fire Dragon Pellet, the Elders of the Heavenly Note Sect glanced at it with reluctance. They helplessly sighed. To them who were intoxicated in cultivation, there’s nothing more tempting than this.

“Sect Master Xiu of the Phaseless Sect has arrived!” A clear voice resounded within the palace.

A group of six walked over with a silver-grey robed old man in the lead. He had steady steps and the one that attracted the most attention was a man with a pair of dragon-shaped wings behind him and covered in gold, as if he was forged out of gold.

It was naturally Duan Jian, who had went to the Phaseless Sect to cultivate. At this moment, Duan Jian was akin to a treasure blade with a sharp bearing all over him. He had an indifferent expression that made others feel a formless pressure.

“Who is this person? Why haven’t we seen him before?” The female disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect looked over to guess his identity.

Duan Jian’s bearing was too powerful, rivalling even Sect Master Xiu of the Phaseless Sect.

As Duan Jian walked, his eyes lit up when he saw Nie Li and immediately made his way towards Nie Li’s direction.