Chapter 476 - Returning to the Tiny World

Chapter 476 - Returning to the Tiny World

Nangong Xianyin couldn’t make a decision for a long time and when Ye Ziyun saw this, she cupped her fist towards Nangong Xianyin. “Nie Li further said that no matter what decision Sect Master comes to, he will gladly accept it.”

“If the Heavenly Note Sect no longer needs the protection of the Divine Feathers Sect, he is willing to lead the disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect to retreat from the Heavenly Note Sect and will not be a bother to the Heavenly Note Sect,” said Ye Ziyun.

Hearing her words, Nangong Xianyin’s expression turned even more gentle, before she helplessly smiled. “Ziyun, what do you think I should do, as the Sect Master of the Heavenly Note Sect?”

“Sect Master can be rest assured. Based on my understandings of Nie Li, he isn’t someone that would follow rules and would always do something unexpected. But undoubtedly, he is righteous in his heart. If the Heavenly Note Sect really encounters a tribulation, Nie Li will definitely protect the Heavenly Note Sect, even if he has to pay his life, given his character.” Ye Ziyun confidently said.

“Why are you so certain?” Nangong Xianyin’s brows slightly lifted.

“It’s based on my understanding of him.” Ye Ziyun looked at another direction, reminiscing the distant memories. “The place that we were born in is a city called Glory City, which often suffers the assault of Demon Beasts and could be destroyed at any moment.”

“Every single member of Glory City fights for the safety of the city with countless Seniors sacrificing their lives to maintain it’s safety.”

“But thereafter, we found out that Glory City is only a small area of the Tiny World, with the Tiny World being a small part of the Draconic Ruins Realm. Humans and Demon Beasts are engaged in war. All alone, Nie Li has willingly been using various means to protect Glory City and remained truthful to his convictions.”

“For Glory City, we could even discard our lives and deaths, because it is a place that we have grown up in, our hometown.” Ye Ziyun’s gaze flickered with tears as she continued, “I’m not sure if Sect Master can understand this emotion of ours.”

“I understand a little now.” Nangong Xianyin said after being somewhat speechless.

“It is reasonable to say that as long as Nie Li conceals the Sacred Elixirs well and only provides them to the disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect, the gap between the Heavenly Note Sect and Divine Feathers Sect would be a gulf in less than ten years. Especially the amount of Martial Ancestor Realm powerhouses. I believe Sect Master knows the effects of those Sacred Elixirs, but Nie Li was willing to take a portion of them out to share with the other Righteous Sects.”

“All of this is because Nie Li wants the Six Righteous Sects to grow more powerful and fight against the Demonic Sects as one.” Ye Ziyun looked at Nangong Xianyin as she continued, “Is Sect Master Nangong still going to doubt Nie Li’s intentions after everything that he has done for everyone?”

“This… Ziyun, you have misunderstood me. I am not doubting Sect Master Nie’s intentions, I am just a little upset about his methods.” Nangong Xianyin quickly explained.

“If the Demon God’s Sect comes again, does Sect Master Nangong think that the Heavenly Note Sect will be able to fight against the enemy with our current strength? If the Heavenly Note Sect remains the same as has in the past, there is no doubt that it will face destruction. Rather than being like sitting ducks, why not change?” Ye Ziyun looked at Nangong Xianyin and sincerely said.

Nangong Xianyin went silent for a long while, pondering her words. Forced by the situation, there wasn’t any better option for her.

Although Nie Li truly wished well for the Heavenly Note Sect, his methods had truly made others feel somewhat unhappy.

But what could she do? The Heavenly Note Sect was too weak and what could they do other than silently accept it?

“Ziyun, pass a message to Sect Master Nie for me. The Heavenly Note Sect naturally welcomes the Divine Feathers Sect. However, as long as the Divine Feathers Sect does not take things too far, I will close an eye to their actions.” Nangong Xianyin bitterly smiled and waved her hand.

“Okay, I will definitely pass your message to Nie Li.” Ye Ziyun smiled as she replied. Seeing that Nangong Xianyin accepted it, she also rejoiced in her heart.

Despite being a disciple of the Heavenly Note Sect, she was also Nie Li’s fiancée. So she naturally stood on Nie Li’s side, not to mention that every single one of them wanted to protect Glory City and the things that Nie Li had been doing was also for Glory City, so she was naturally in favour of this matter. Not to mention that the rules of the Heavenly Note Sect only accepting female disciples was a little too old-fashioned and it's time for it to change.

In Nie Li’s courtyard, Nie Li was sitting down, fiddling with the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword in his hand. Ever since this sword devoured the fragments of the Myriad Ancestor Sword, Nie Li could feel that the power contained within the sword even made him inwardly startled.

He was wondering how powerful the sword would be if he tried to brandish it.

While Nie Li was fiddling with the sword, Ye Ziyun returned.

“Sect Master Nangong agreed?” Nie Li took a glance at Ye Ziyun, before speaking with a light smile on his face.

“How did you know?” Ye Ziyun asked with a smile hung on her face.

“It’s because of the current situation and that Sect Master Nangong is not a fool. If she truly wanted to break off with the Divine Feathers Sect, the outcome wouldn’t be something that she alone could bear. She obviously knew that we were trying to force her and she could only accept it.” Nie Li chuckled.

“What if the Heavenly Note Sect really broke off?” Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li.

“Then…” A sharp lustre flashed in Nie Li’s eyes as he continued, “Then we could only change the Sect Master. I believe that there are other people in the Heavenly Note Sect interested in the Sect Master’s position as well. All I have to do is gift some Sacred Elixirs to pull our relationship closer.”

“Nie Li… this doesn’t seem too good.” Ye Ziyun pondered, before letting out a long breath, “But fortunately, Sect Master Nangong agrees to it.”

“No eggs stay intact after an overturned nest. The Sage Emperor wants to refine the entire Draconic Ruins Realm and the Heavenly Note Sect will not be able to stay free from it. Rather than letting a mediocre leader lead the Heavenly Note Sect into destruction, why not have a competition for it?” Nie Li spoke as he further continued, “But fortunately, Nangong Xianyin softened.”

“What should we do now?” Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li. Knowing what powerful existence the Sage Emperor was, even Ye Ziyun felt the pressure in her heart.

“Call Ning’er, Duan Jian, Du Ze and the rest, we’re going to make a trip back the Tiny World.” Nie Li looked at Ye Ziyun.

“We’re going back to the Tiny World?” Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun’s gaze brightened for a moment before dimming after recalling the death of her father.

“Rest assured, I will definitely find a way to revive Lord Father-in-Law.” Nie Li patted Ye Ziyun’s shoulders as he said.

Seeing Ye Ziyun’s firm expression, Nie Li couldn’t help taking pity and embraced her, since this girl was bearing too much in her heart.