Chapter 478 - Peerless Talent

Chapter 478 - Peerless Talent

Seeing Duan Jian, his bearing actually caused Nangong Xianyin to feel a great pressure.

“Although this person’s cultivation is yet to be in the Martial Ancestor Realm, the aura on him is actually comparable to mine.” Nangong Xianyin was shaken in her head. “If he steps into the Martial Ancestor Realm, how terrifying would he be?”

Duan Jian stood before Nie Li, while Nie Li closed his eyes, feeling the aura coming from Duan Jian.

Everyone was surprised when they looked at Duan Jian and Nie Li facing each other.

They were guessing the relationship between those two. One of them was a pinnacle genius of the Phaseless Sect, while the other was the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect. Both of them were elites amongst the younger generations.

“Could the two of them have some grudges?”

“Hard to tell, the two of them are absolute geniuses. So it’s common for friction amongst them.”

Everyone discussed while feeling the atmosphere here getting a little weird. Before Sect Master Xiu was about to say a word, Nie Li opened his eyes and showed a satisfied smile, while Duan Jian cupped his hands together. “Master.”

Hearing Duan Jian’s words, everyone was dumbfounded.

“What did Duan Jian just say?”

“He called Nie Li ‘Master’?”

Everyone was dumbfounded, be it those from the Heavenly Note Sect, the Phaseless Sect or disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect. There wasn’t an exception; all of them were shocked.

Everyone had heard of Duan Jian’s peerless talent. There were some that investigated the talented genius amongst the various Divine Sects, and ranked them. It wasn’t an exaggeration that Duan Jian was ranked as the first!

Everyone had no idea of his exact cultivation, but they had all guessed that he hadn’t stepped into the Martial Ancestor Realm, and should be at the Pinnacle Dao of Dragon.

One factor was his incredible cultivation speed. He had gone from a nameless brat to the Pinnacle Dao of Dragon in such a short amount of time. Another factor was the fact that despite his cultivation being at the Pinnacle Dao of Dragon, his strength shouldn’t be weaker than a Martial Ancestor Realm powerhouse.

Only Nie Li knew the reason for his swift cultivation and how he pulled apart the distance with others in such a short period of time.

It was due to his cultivation talent and powerful physical quality. The dragon bloodline in his body wasn’t something that ordinary people could possess. Not to mention Nie Li’s Sacred Elixirs.

Generally speaking, others would require a month to refine the power in Nie Li’s Sacred Elixir before they could digest it. They would explode if they consumed too much. However, Duan Jian did not have to concern himself with such, so the Sacred Elixir he took was a few hundred times more powerful than ordinary Martial Ancestor Realm powerhouses, not to mention that he could refine them in just ten-odd days.

Thus, one could imagine what shocking height Duan Jian’s cultivation had reached, especially his physical body, which had evolved to an even more terrifying height.

So one could imagine how shocking it would be for such a brilliant genius to call Nie Li Master.

Sect Master Xiu and those of the Phaseless Sect were even more shocked. Although their strengths were powerful, they felt respect and fear for Duan Jian. They had even placed Duan Jian as a pillar that could bring the Phaseless Sect to rise. If an Overlord is born in the Sect, it would be extremely beneficial to them.

In the Draconic Ruins Realm, Duan Jian would definitely grow into an Overlord in the future.

But why did he call Nie Li Master? What was the relationship between them? Such doubts started to rise in the hearts of everyone.

Nie Li looked at Duan Jian and smiled. “Not bad, you have already formed the Golden Dragon Physique. But it’s still not as I have expected, since you have not achieved the Indomitable Golden Physique. But it’s more than enough to deal with ordinary Martial Ancestor Realm powerhouses. When your cultivation breaks through to the Martial Ancestor Realm, no one will be your match, not even a Pinnacle Martial Ancestor Realm.”

“If it weren’t for Master, Duan Jian wouldn’t have such achievements today!” Duan Jian cupped his hands as he looked at Nie Li with absolute revere and respect.

Although his cultivation had far surpassed Nie Li’s, Nie Li was akin to a deity in the eyes of Duan Jian. Nie Li had been guiding him in the path of cultivation. So in his eyes, Nie Li was the one that was deep and unfathomable.

Even the Sect Masters of the Divine Sects couldn’t be comparable to Nie Li in terms of cultivation.

“It’s something worth celebrating that we met today!” Nie Li patted on Duan Jian’s shoulders.

Nangong Xianyin took a long time to suppress the shock in her heart before she awkwardly said, “I wonder, what relationship does Sect Master Nie and Duan Jian have?”

“He and I are Servant and Master ever since being in the Tiny World. It’s just that he was later accepted into the Phaseless Sect while I got into the Divine Feathers Sect!” Nie Li laughed as he looked at Sect Master Xiu of the Phaseless Sect. “Sect Master Xiu won’t mind about this, right?”

“Naturally not.” Sect Master Xiu embarrassedly smiled. How could be mind?

The Phaseless Sect had obtained quite a lot of benefits from Nie Li. Just those Sacred Elixirs alone enabled to Phaseless Sect to grow significantly. Even if he was unhappy and fearful that someone like Duan Jian was on Nie Li’s side, he didn’t dare to put them to words.

Not even in the future, since they still had to cooperate with the Divine Feathers Sect!

“Good, Sect Master Xiu is magnanimous.” Nie Li laughed.

As he spoke, a slender and fair youth attracted his attention. That youth smiled while taking a sip of wine as he sat in a corner. His pale face had an unspeakable demonic charm and peculiar look on it.

Seeing that person, Nie Li’s pupils narrowed.

That person was naturally the Demon Lord who had entered he Phaseless Sect together with Duan Jian. Back in the Tiny World, he was the founder and leader of the Dark Guild that brought disasters upon Glory City.

It was said that after entering the Phaseless Sect, the Demon Lord became the disciple of Sect Master Xiu. He had also secluded himself in cultivation and rarely showed his face. Nie Li never imagined that he would be here along with the party of the Phaseless Sect.

Nie Li briefly hesitated before walking towards the direction of the Demon Lord.