Chapter 466 - Dao Companion

Chapter 466 - Dao Companion

Feng Yu took a deep glance at Nie Li.

She felt suspicion in her heart as the Sect Master would be secluded in cultivation most of the time to the point that few of the Elder ranked figures had seen her before. Furthermore, whenever the Sect Master made her appearance, she would have herself hidden from the eyes of others.

Only those that were the closest to her could see her true appearance.

The outside world had thought that the Sect Master was a male, but in fact not. However, not many Elders of the Demon God’s Sect knew about it, including Xu Long and Xu Hu.

So, how did Nie Li come to know about it?

Those who had seen the real Sect Master before were all those closest to her.

Could it be that…?

Feng Yu felt a small amount of doubt in her heart. Could it be that the Sect Master had a close relationship with Nie Li?

“Sect Master Nie has never seen our Sect Master before, how did you guess that she is a female?” Feng Yu said with a smile.

“Your Sect Master and I have known each other for a long time.” Nie Li chuckled as he continued, “Not only do I know that the Sect Master of the Demon God’s Sect is female, I even know about the many secrets in regards to her.”

“Hahaha, Sect Master Nie must be joking. I’ll hear what else you know about her.” Feng Yu faintly smiled in reply.

“Haha, I know too much about that.” Nie Li laughed, “For example, your Sect Master likes the pastries made by you as she frequently praised how considerate you were.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Feng Yu’s brows slightly furrowed. Why would the Sect Master tell Nie Li such personal information?

“Perhaps you know the Mind Reading Art?” Feng Yu trembled as she fixed her eyes on Nie Li.

“Haha, Elder Feng Yu must be joking. If I really knew of the Mind Reading Art and wanted to read your mind, how could you not have sensed it with your cultivation?” Nie Li burst into laughter as he followed, “Not only do I know about the matters that Elder Feng Yu is aware of, I am even aware of the things that you don’t.”

“What would that be?” Feng Yu slightly wrinkled her brows together.

“Elder Feng Yu, can we speak a little closer?” Nie Li said with hesitation as he looked at Xu Long and Xu Hu.

Feng Yu was clearly a little hesitant towards Nie Li’s words.

Xu Long and Xu Hung immediately looked at Feng Yu as they spoke. “Elder Feng Yu, do not be tricked by that fellow. This person is extremely sly.”

“This will depend if Elder Feng Yu wants to know.” Nie Li lightly smiled as he walked off.

Feng Yu shook her hand in response, “I am well-aware of what is going on, do not speak any further.”

Feng Yu flew as she stopped beside Nie Li. With a wave of her right hand, a seal gradually shrouded the both of them within. She then looked at Nie Li, “Speak, this is a Soundproofing Array.”

“Elder Feng Yu must not be shocked at the things that I am about to say.” Nie Li spoke as he gave a meaningful glance towards Feng Yu.

“Shocked? What is there to be shocked about? Don’t dilly-dally and speak.” Feng Yu frowned her brows for an instant as she vaguely sensed that the matter that Nie Li was about to tell her was related to the Sect Master and it was a huge matter. Thus, it piqued the curiosity within her heart.

“Truth be told, I am the Dao Companion of your Sect Master.” Nie Li acted profoundly as he looked at Feng Yu.

“How is that possible? You are lying and you dare to humiliate our Sect Master. I’ll kill you!” A sword suddenly appeared in Feng Yu’s hand as she placed it on Nie Li’s neck. She was thoroughly enraged.

Nie Li calmly glanced at Feng Yu. “Why doesn’t Elder Feng Yu finish listening what I have to say?”

“I’ll see what else comes out of that filthy mouth of yours!” Feng Yu coldly snorted. The Sect Master was clean and clear as a jade, not to mention she was a Sovereign of the Demon Clan. How could she have gotten together with a human?

Nie Li was certain that Feng Yu would not kill him. As for the Sect Master of the Demon God’s Sect, Mu Ya. Nie Li would definitely not be lenient with his mouth to splash dirty water on her.

In the previous life, the Demon God’s Sect had slaughtered countless disciples of the Righteous Sects. In his last battle with the Sage Emperor, if it was not for the Demon God’s Sect’s obstruction, Nie Li might have defeated the Sage Emperor.

The Nine Divine Beasts under the Sage Emperor was Mu Ya’s ancestors! In the previous life, if it wasn’t for the Nine Divine Beasts that ganged up on him, he would not be in such a miserable state.

However, it was a pity as they were only chess pieces of the Sage Emperor. A bunch of fellas that were only being made used of and were unaware even at their death. The Sage Emperor aimed to refine the entire Draconic Ruins Realm. With the entire Draconic Ruins Realm gone, how could there be any place for the Demon Clan to live?!

The Demon Clan had been devoted to the Sage Emperor. If he wished to kill the Sage Emperor, eradicating the Demon Clan was absolutely necessary!

“Does Elder Feng Yu know that Mu Ya has a thumb-sized dragon mark on her wrist?” Nie Li said with a faint smile.

“What does that prove? Even if you had seen the dragon mark on her wrist, it doesn’t prove that you are her Dao Companion!” Feng Yu coldly snorted at Nie Li’s reply.

“Elder Feng Yu is one of the people closest to Mu Ya. So you would know that there is not only one dragon mark. In fact, there are six other dragon marks. Two on her leg, one on her shoulder blade. As for the remaining two…” Nie Li made a look as though he wanted to continue carrying on.

In the previous life, when he fought with Mu Ya and when life and death were on a strand, Mu Ya had activated her dragon marks. Those dragon marks were extremely dazzling to the point that even Nie Li could see their location, even with her clothes on!

Generally speaking, Mu Ya would not use her dragon marks. Therefore, it was impossible for ordinary people to know the location of those dragon marks!

“Enough.” Feng Yu cut in as she felt extremely startled and depressed.

As one of the people closest to the Sect Master of the Demon God’s Sect, Mu Ya, she had once helped Mu Ya shower. Therefore, she knew that the six spots of dragon marks that Nie Li had mentioned previously were not wrong!

A fearsome truth had rushed up her heart.

Could it be that the Sect Master had made up with a human? It was absolutely impossible for anyone of the Demon Clan and Human Clan to intermarry. If the Sect Master had really done such an act, how shocked would the Demon Clan be?

“Elder Feng Yu seems to be a little worried. However, you do not have to worry about it. As long as I explain it to Elder Feng Yu, you will naturally understand. Truth be told, I am of the Demon Clan!” Nie Li made a solemn vow.

“You are of the Demon Clan? That is impossible, you clearly have the body of the Human Clan!” Feng Yu furrowed her brows as she swept her glance at Nie Li in doubt.

“Elder Feng Yu is not aware, but among the Demon Clan, there is a secret art called the Ultimate Concealment!” Nie Li explained with a serious expression, “It could seize souls. I used this secret art and seized a human. In fact, my original body was of the Demon Clan.”

“The reason why I utilized the Ultimate Concealment Art is because of a huge plan!” The corner of Nie Li’s lips rose as he spoke.

“So that’s the case.”

If Nie Li’s original body was of the Demon Clan and seized the body of a Human Clan, that would explain everything.

There were only three people in the entire Demon God’s Sect that knew the location of Sect Master’s dragon marks. Since Nie Li knew about it, it showed that Nie Li did have an intimate relationship with the Sect Master.

There should be a reason why Nie Li had concealed himself so deeply. Who knew if it was a special arrangement from the Sect Master.