Chapter 467 - Dragon Origin Spiritual Essence

Chapter 467 - Dragon Origin Spiritual Essence

An obscure light flashed across Nie Li’s pupils, Elder Feng Yu must have believed his words.

After all, it was impossible for others to know such a huge secret; the location of the dragon marks on Mu Yue’s body.

“Feng Yu meets the Honorable Lord!” Feng Yu immediately cupped her hands as she bowed.

“Elder Feng Yu is being too polite.” Nie Li smiled as he immediately supported Feng Yu’s arm.

Feng Yu’s arm was exposed with sparkling and glossy skin. He had to admit, Feng Yu herself was an absolute beauty, as well.

Sensing Nie Li’s two hands that were supporting her, Feng Yu’s face instantly blushed as she raised her head to look at Nie Li. There was an involuntary trace of charm in her eyes.

Feng Yu looked up as she spoke to Nie Li, “I never expected to encounter the Honorable Lord here, Feng Yu is extremely honored. If Honorable Lord requires it, Feng Yu can keep you company anytime.”

Nie Li’s heart quivered upon hearing her words.

Was Feng Yu testing him, or…?

According to the mindset of humans, since he was the Dao Companion of the Demon God’s Sect’s Sect Master, Feng Yu shouldn’t have displayed such ambiguous entrice.

Or perhaps the mindset between the Demon Clans was different compared to them?

Or perhaps…

Nie Li lowered his head as he took a glance at Feng Yu. He saw her face blushed red along with an unspeakable charm, her voluptuous figure possessed endless entrice.

A halo flashed across Nie Li’s heart as he quickly retracted his hands back and laughed, “Elder Feng Yu must be joking, I am absolutely loyal to the Sect Master. Thus, I will not commit anything that will be of disloyal to the Sect Master.”

With a strong personality like Mu Yue, how could she tolerate other woman coming in contact with her own Dao Companion, not even her closest subordinate.

Feng Yu inwardly observed Nie Li as she felt slightly relieved when she heard his reply. She made a charming smile as she brushed her fingers of her right hand on Nie Li’s chest as she smiled with pursed lips, “Does the Honorable Lord not wish for it? Or are you just not courageous enough? Feng Yu will definitely not tell the Sect Master about it.”

Nie Li shook his head in response, “Elder Feng Yu, don’t entice me to commit a great mistake. Not to mention that right now, I am in the body of a human. Don’t tell me that Elder Feng Yu wants a human…”

Nie Li took a profound glance at Feng Yu.

Feng Yu’s body paused as a loathsome expression surfaced. With her identity, how could she and a human…

Nie Li laughed, “I need at least another dozen of years to be free of this secret art. For the great ambition of the Sect Master, I have no choice but to sacrifice myself.”

“Feng Yu was rude, the Honorable Lord must have suffered.” Feng Yu’s expression turned grave as she spoke with her hands cupped towards Nie Li.

“I have already infiltrated the Divine Feathers Sect, obtained the Sect Master position and today, the Heavenly Note Sect has also fallen into my hands. The Sect Master’s great ambition will be a step closer.” Nie Li continued, “In the recent month, I have yet to report my progress to the Sect Master.”

“I wonder, what has the Sect Master’s Elder come here for?” Nie Li couldn’t help from asking as he looked at Feng Yu.

“Doesn't Honorable Lord know that the recent activities of the Six Divine Sects has been a little weird?” Feng Yu spoke with her brows furrowed.

“Weird? What is weird?” Nie Li enquired in doubt.

“The Six Divine Sects have suddenly gotten some sort of divine elixirs and their strength has soared. There are more and more experts that have broken through to the Martial Ancestor Realm. We are unsure of the reason.” Feng Yu continued, “Thus, we’ve come to scout the Heavenly Note Sect. Even if we have to suffer some losses, we still have to get to the bottom of this.”

“Hahaha, so it was actually this matter.” Nie Li laughed.

“Does the Honorable Lord know what’s going on?” Feng Yu asked as she looked at Nie Li.

“I naturally know about it. Does Elder Feng Yu know of any elixirs in this world that could strengthen the strength of someone in just a dozen days and without any side effects?” Nie Li was filled with smiles as she looked at Feng Yu. With Feng Yu’s knowledge, it was definitely impossible for her to understand why Nie Li’s elixirs would have such an effect.

“There’s none.” Feng Yu shook her head as she continued speaking, “Why did the strength the of Six Divine Sects advance by leaps and bounds?”

“There are things Elder Feng Yu doesn’t know, instead of calling the divine elixirs a legendary pill in the path of cultivation, it is just Dragon Origin Spiritual Essence.” Nie Li smiled.

“Dragon Origin Spiritual Essence?” Feng Yu stared blankly.

“It’s understandable that Elder Feng Yu is unaware of the Dragon Origin Spiritual Essence, you can check the Mysterious Moon Herbs Record when you return.” Nie Li spoke, “It is a type of herbal liquid that originates from the Dragon Pond. The Dragon Pond is a cemetery of the Dragon-Blooded Spiritual Beasts. Gathering the corpses of those Dragon-Blooded Spiritual Beasts, and under the countless years of accumulation, it will form into the Dragon Origin Spiritual Essence.”

“I wonder what is the effect of this Dragon Origin Spiritual Essence? To be capable of allowing the cultivation of those from the Six Divine Sects to advance by leaps and bounds?” Feng Yu furrowed her brows together.

“Hahaha, Elder Feng Yu is worrying too much. Indeed, the Dragon Origin Spiritual Essence can increase one’s strength, but there is a dreadful side effect.” Nie Li spoke out, “Because the Dragon Origin Spiritual Essence can allow one’s strength to soar a dozen-fold, the effect could only last for 3 years. Once the effect disappears, there will be a great fall in their cultivation, not even a tenth of it will remain.”

He had expected that those like Feng Yu had no idea what the Phaseless Divine Fruit was.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Feng Yu was startled, “So that’s actually the case, but why would they use it?”

“Elder Feng Yu is unaware of this fact. By refining the Dragon Origin Spiritual Essence into elixirs, it could greatly increase one’s potential and it was hard for the effect to be noticed. When the three years is up, it will be too late for them.” Nie Li spoke with an eye-narrowing smile.

“According to my knowledge, there were at least a thousand of those that have consumed it, at least a few of those pinnacle experts of the Six Divine Sects have consumed the Dragon Origin Spiritual Essence.” Nie Li explained.

“Doesn’t that mean that three years later…” Hearing Nie Li’s words, Feng Yu’s eyes lit up.

“Correct, the heavens is helping the Sect Master. Three years later, the Sect Master’s great ambition will come true.” Nie Li smiled with his eyes narrowed.

“Is this something done by Honorable Lord?” Feng Yu couldn’t help looking at Nie Li as she asked.

“Nono, although it’s true that the Dragon Origin Spiritual Essence originated from the Divine Feathers Sect, it wasn’t done by me. According to my guesses, it could be the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land…” Nie Li spoke with an abstruse gaze.

“So that’s the case.” Feng Yu understood the picture in a flash. “Since it was an arrangement of the ancestral land, then I can only wait and see.”

“Yeah, especially right now, the Sect Master is currently in her crucial point, let’s not disrupt her about such small matters. All we need to do is to wait for three years and the Six Divine Sects will fall apart.” Nie Li smiled.

“Right, what Honorable Lord said is reasonable. When the Sect Master comes out from her seclusion, it will be the time when the strength of the Six Divine Sects falls and at that time, the Sect Master will flatten the Six Divine Sects!” Feng Yu spoke with excitement, “Luckily,  I have encountered Honorable Lord. If we were to start a war with the Six Divine Sects at this moment, we would definitely suffer a great loss. Thanks for the reminder, Honorable Lord.”

“Elder Feng Yu is being too polite, it’s my job to do so.” Nie Li smiled.