Chapter 379 - Void Illusionary Divine Palace

Chapter 379 - Void Illusionary Divine Palace

Wu Yazi asked Nie Li, “What did you do with the rest of the demon blood?”

Nie Li waved his right hand and said, “I’m keeping it safe in my interspatial ring!”

Wu Yazi pondered over it a little, then said, “Alright.”

He didn’t bother to argue with Nie Li over the matter; after all, he planned to kill them as soon as they exited the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. He’d get his demon blood back, along with Nie Li’s interspatial ring.

Wu Yazi knew that he was being underhanded, but he really didn’t have any other choice. If Nie Li and Xiao Yu managed to run away with the effects of the Demon Blood Sacrifice, it would definitely cause many unforeseeable dangers.

Once upon a time, a member of the demon clan secretly helped a human complete the Demon Blood Sacrifice. In the end, the two were pursued to death by the experts of the demon clan. No one who obtained the Demon Blood Sacrifice would have a happy ending.

The Demon Blood Sacrifice was an extremely mysterious thing, so much that even Wu Yazi himself didn’t quite understand it. It was such an importantly guarded secret that only a few pinnacle experts of the Demon God’s Sect might know of its true uses.

On top of the usual dangers, Wu Yazi himself had inherited the Primordial Bloodline. It was all the more reason he couldn’t allow his blood to fall into the hands of humans.

Once the treasure hunt in the Void Illusionary Divine Palace was over with, he’d have to kill Nie Li and Xiao Yu. If it came down to it, he’d repay them with a few treasures next time they met.

Wu Yazi glanced at Nie Li and Xiao Yu and said, “Alright! Let’s go!”

Nie Li looked at Xiao Yu with a light smile. “According to what I heard, if you activate the demon blood and let it flow through your body, you can change your physical appearance and aura!”

Nie Li activated the demon blood within his own body and his form rapidly changed. His face morphed into a totally different one. A pair of furry ears sprouted from the top of his head, similar to Wu Yazi’s. Nie Li studied his reflection in a nearby creek. The appearance of those two furry ears made him feel like vomiting blood.

He glanced at Xiao Yu, who had a similar pair of ears sprouting from her head. However, they made her look even more adorable and gentle.

The power of the Demon Blood Sacrifice had changed their appearances so much that even Lu Piao wouldn’t be able to recognise them.

Nie Li touched the ears on his head and asked, “Wu Yazi, what clan on you from? Are you from the Rabbit Clan?”

Wu Yazi’s expression turned dark at Nie Li’s words. “You’re the rabbit.[1. Wu Yazi took association with the “Rabbit Clan” as an insult, and turned the insult back on Nie Li.] I’m from the Divine Blooded Raccoon clan. Our ancestors are from a heavenly lineage. Primordial Bloodline. Understand?”

Nie Li’s heart slightly shook. He’d guessed that Wu Yazi was from the Nine Nether Raccoon clan, which was an Ancient Bloodline. He never imagined that Wu Yazi would actually be from the Divine Blooded Raccoon Clan, which had a Primordial Bloodline and heavenly lineage. He’d really hit the jackpot!

Now that Nie Li had the Divine Blooded Raccoon’s Demon Blood Sacrifice, what should he do with it?

Nie Li activated the demon blood within his body and felt it flow like an endless river towards his soul realm.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The majestic energy within the demon blood stimulated Nie Li’s soul realm and charged it. He felt like his soul realm was boiling.

A Primordial Bloodline is indeed an extraordinary thing!

The vine within him began growing at an insane pace, stimulated by the Primordial Bloodline. A white flower quietly blossomed open. After that came the second, the third… all the way to the fifth flower, which quietly blossomed a pure white, just like the others.

The energy also seemed to have linked itself with the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, as well as the three demon spirits within his soul realm.


Next to his red, blue, yellow, black, and purple fate souls, a sixth, green, fate soul quickly formed.


Wu Yazi sensed the changes in Nie Li’s aura and asked out of curiosity, “Oh? You’ve made a breakthrough?”

Nie Li’s face was blank, showing that he was also at a loss. “I don’t know why, but it looks like I’ve made a breakthrough. Maybe I was just hovering at the pinnacle of 5-fate without even knowing it, and somehow accidentally made a breakthrough.”

“Oh!” Wu Yazi nodded.

Under Wu Yazi’s lead, the three of them flew towards the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. Wu Yazi stayed close to Nie Li and Xiao Yu throughout the entire trip. The two of them were only at the Heavenly Fate Realm, and with Wu Yazi’s powerful Heavenly Axis Realm strength, escape was impossible. However, Wu Yazi still didn’t feel assured.

A demon clan expert’s cultivation is contained entirely within their blood. With Wu Yazi’s help, Nie Li had completed the Demon Blood Sacrifice; that was equivalent to having part of Wu Yazi’s demon blood. If Nie Li unleashed its full power, he’d be able to obtain a cultivation on par with Wu Yazi’s with a frightening speed.

It might not even require three months!

Furthermore, Wu Yazi possessed the Primordial Bloodline from a heavenly lineage. An innumerable number of Wu Yazi’s ancestors had hidden their intents within his blood. Once Nie Li opened the seal within the blood, he’d be able to obtain the Primordial Bloodline’s power and reform his body with it!

The demon clans have always had the most powerful physiques. Although humans could obtain strength through integration with demon spirits, those were still a far cry from a real demon’s physique. Humans were especially vulnerable before the transformation, and could easily be killed. However, once a human gained possession of some demon blood, then he’d be able to slowly reform his physical body and obtain the demon clan’s Primordial Bloodline physique!

The Sage Emperor was extremely powerful because he was also from a Primordial Bloodline. However, Nie Li didn’t know if the Sage Emperor’s Primordial Bloodline was stronger or weaker than the Divine Blooded Raccoon’s Primordial Bloodline.

This was just a small part of the Demon Blood Sacrifice’s true uses!

Nie Li finely manipulated the demon blood within him, and simultaneously refined it to remove any impurities. Its nourishing effects slowly washed over him, as his meridians toughened and acquired a metallic sheen.


In addition to the sixth green fate soul, a seventh cyan fate soul slowly ignited within him. A surge of majestic energy radiated from Nie Li’s body. He couldn’t hide it, even if he wanted to.

The Primordial Bloodline was simply too powerful!

Nie Li couldn’t help thinking to himself that this was only a tiny portion of its true power!

Wu Yazi was startled mid-flight, and he glanced back at Nie Li. “You ranked up again?”

Nie Li pondered for a brief moment, then said, “I have no idea. Maybe it’s because of my cultivation technique.”

Something flickered for a moment in Wu Yazi’s eyes. No matter what happened, they still had to visit the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. After that was settled, then he’d kill Nie Li and Xiao Yu. Otherwise, he’d never be able to rest easy while knowing his demon blood was running through other people’s veins.

Nie Li had made two breakthroughs, but he was still a 7-fate. That was still within his control.

Wu Yazi definitely couldn’t allow the situation to spiral out of hand.

The three of them flew onwards to the Void Illusionary Divine Palace, which was located in a far off mountain range. It was a majestic construct that shined with seven colors, and looked extremely magnificent. Its image was only faintly discernable, like a mirage.

They’d arrived at the Void Illusionary Divine Palace!