Chapter 380 - Accidental Encounter

Chapter 380 - Accidental Encounter

Far away from Nie Li and his group were some people standing at the edge of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s barrier, attempting to break in.

However, most of them couldn’t accomplish it.

This entire mountain range, and surrounding forest, is a part of the Thousand Illusionary Array; entering isn’t an easy feat.

Experts from both the human and demon clans glared at each other, like tigers stalking their prey. However, it was clear that none of them actually wanted to start a fight; they all maintained a certain distance from each other.

It was obvious that no one would benefit from a battle. In fact, they might even lose their chance to enter the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. They only had ten days to enter the palace; if no one could accomplish it, then the task would be even harder next time.

Nie Li landed outside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s barrier, and observed the rainbow rays of light that fluctuated off of it. It was extremely magnificent.

Each color of the rainbow was a part of the Thousand Illusionary Array.

There were tens of thousands of people gathered outside the Thousand Illusionary Array. None of them could enter.

Wu Yazi looked at Nie Li and asked, “How are we going to get in?”

Nie Li turned to Wu Yazi and explained, “It’s still not time yet. The breach in the Thousand Illusionary Array only appears at noon, which is two hours from now.”

“Oh.” Wu Yazi nodded. He could only listen to Nie Li. Wu Yazi didn’t know if Nie Li was telling the truth, but he had a feeling that Nie Li definitely knew how to find the entrance to the Thousand Illusionary Array.

Nie Li continued refining the demon blood within his body.

Xiao Yu saw Nie Li cultivating, so she copied him.

At a location far from the Void Illusionary Divine Palace

A part of over thirty Heavenly Axis Realm experts reached the border of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. The one leading them was Long Tianming.

He stood outside, glaring at the the Void Illusionary Palace.

One of Long Tianming’s attendants, who wore golden armour, cupped his hands. “Young Master, trying to break into the Thousand Illusionar Array will be extremely difficult. Not only that, there are a lot of demon clan experts in the area. Why would you wish to come, personally?”

“Time and tide wait for no man on the path of cultivation. This Void Illusionary Divine Palace was left behind by a supreme expert. Who knows if they might’ve left behind some worthy inheritance inside? As long as there’s a chance, I’ll give it a try.” Long Tianming stepped forward and condensed his energy. By now, he’d already reached the Heavenly Axis Realm.

He’d also integrated with a Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit; therefore, he was much stronger than an ordinary Heavenly Axis Realm expert.

A 1-stage Heavenly Axis Realm expert who’d integrated with a Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit could easily face a 9-stage Heavenly Axis Realm expert, without a problem. This is the true power of a Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit!

Long Tianming used his senses to try and detect the location of the Thousand Illusionary Array’s entrance; however, he remained in that silent state, with his brows knitted together.

The others in his party noticed that he’d gone silent, so they respectfully stood to the side, not daring to speak.

From a certain distance, a group of demon clan experts had noticed Long Tianming’s party. However, they didn’t dare to provoke Long Tianming; after all, they had over thirty Heavenly Axis Realm experts on their side. No one would dare provoke them, unless they were a Dao of the Dragon Realm expert.

The crowd around the Thousand Illusionary Array gradually swelled. The number of small conflicts between the demon and human clans also increased and a battle would occasionally happen.

Nie Li had been cultivating for a while. Finally, he rose to his feet and began walking arounding the edge of the Thousand Illusionary Array as he carefully observed it.

Wu Yazi immediately followed behind him.

Nie Li glanced back at Wu Yazi and complained, “Why are you following me so closely?”

This guy wasn’t leaving an inch of space between them.

Wu Yazi chuckled and replied, “You’re only at the Heavenly Fate Realm. There are a lot of Heavenly Axis Realms in the area. I’m worried that you might run into some trouble!”

“Rest assured. I’ll definitely find the entrance of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace for you. But I’ll remind you that we have a deal. We’re going to split the treasures fifty-fifty! Furthermore, I get first pick!” said Nie Li.

“No problem!” Wu Yazi agreed without the slightest hesitation, since it was all the same to him, anyways. Once they exited the Void Illusionary Divine Palace, he’d kill both Nie Li and Xiao Yu. He could afford to let Nie Li choose first.

The three of them walked on.

“Nie Li, look over there!” Xiao Yu said as she pointed into the distance.

Nie Li followed Xiao Yu’s direction and saw Long Tianming and his subordinates. They seemed to be busy with something over there.

Nie Li didn’t have any conflicts with Long Tianming; however, his intuition told him that Long Tianming definitely wasn’t a good guy. Therefore, Nie Li didn’t have a good impression of him, not in the slightest.

Nie Li pondered for a brief moment, until an idea lit up his mind.

Since he and Xiao Yu weren’t in their human forms, Long Tianming wouldn’t recognise them, even if they stood in his way.

Nie Li intentionally moved closer to Long Tianming and his group, while pretending to examine the Thousand Illusionary Array.

“The aura from this Thousand Illusionary Array is growing stronger. There’s probably an entrance nearby!” Nie Li excitedly claimed as he quickened his steps and moved closer towards Long Tianming and his group.

“Wait! Those guys are all Heavenly Axis Realm experts!” Wu Yazi called out to stop him.

Nie Li furrowed his brows for a moment, looked at Wu Yazi, and ask, “What? You’re saying you can’t beat them?”

The corner of Wu Yazi’s mouth twitched as he said, “That hilarious! There’s no way I can’t beat them! I could flip all of them, just by myself!”

“Well then, there’s nothing wrong!” Nie Li said casually.

Wu Yazi furrowed his brows and said, “But they still have over thirty Heavenly Axis Realm experts on their side. If a fight does break out, then trouble is unavoidable!”

“Fine then. Just forget about it. Those guys are just gathered there, not moving at all. They’ve probably found the entrance. If they manage to get in first, then all the good stuff might fall in their hands!” Nie Li said with feigned indifference as he turned back.

Wu Yazi thought to himself, ‘If the entrance really was close to them, then wouldn’t he be losing by backing off like this?’

In his point of view, those thirty-something Heavenly Axis Realms might pose a little trouble, but shouldn’t be too hard to deal with.

Wu Yazi considered Nie Li’s words, then said, “You keep searching. If you can find the entrance, then everything’s good. We’ll chase them away, if there’s really no other way in. If they’re not tactful, then I’ll take actions. After all, they’re just humans!”

An almost unnoticeable smile showed at the corner of Nie Li’s mouth when he heard that. He continued moving towards Long Tianming’s party.

The three of them approached Long Tianming and his group, but a golden-armoured Heavenly Axis Realm expert suddenly blocked their way. He furiously glared at them and said, “Demon clan trash! Get lost! If you take another step forward, then don’t blame me for taking action!”

This man was one of Long Tianming’s underlings, and was in charge of guarding the area. He’d shouted at Nie Li’s group when he saw them approach.

He could tell that Nie Li and Xiao Yu were only at the Heavenly Fate Realm. He couldn’t discern Wu Yazi’s cultivation, but what kind of expert would be with two Heavenly Fate Realms?

Wu Yazi’s face turned black at the underling’s words.

“Who are you calling trash?!” Wu Yazi coldly glared at the Heavenly Axis Realm expert.