Chapter 378 - Demon Blood Sacrifice

Chapter 378 - Demon Blood Sacrifice

Wu Yazi was extremely disheartened at Nie Li’s words.

If Nie Li had claimed that he couldn’t break the Thousand Illusionary Array, then Wu Yazi would’ve just forgotten about it and gone by himself.

However, Nie Li had claimed that he could break the Thousand Illusionary Array, but he didn’t want to go. That’s why Wu Yazi felt disheartened. However, Wu Yazi would really be pushing his luck if he tried to enter alone; after all, passing through the Thousand Illusionary Array was still too difficult for him.

Wu Yazi looked at Nie Li and asked, “Can you really break the Thousand Illusionary Array? You’re not lying, right? Why don’t you tell me how it’s done? I’ll go in myself. If I manage to find any good stuff in there, I’ll split some with you. How about it?”

Nie Li looked back at him with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile. “There are over a thousand parts to the Thousand Illusionary Array. Each one requires a different breaking method. Could you even remember them all, if I told you? Otherwise, why would it be called the Thousand Illusionary Array?”

Wu Yazi felt a major headache at Nie Li’s words.

An array with over a thousand parts. He probably wouldn’t be able to break it, even if Nie Li told him all the methods.

Xiao Yu couldn’t help herself from secretly smiling as she heard the conversation between Nie Li and Wu Yazi. That Wu Yazi was about to get hooked by Nie Li’s plot. She didn’t know if Nie Li was speaking the truth when he claimed to be able to break the Thousand Illusionary Array, but she knew that he definitely had a motive.

Wu Yazi pondered over it a little, then said, “How about this? I’ll take you guys to the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. You guys help me break the Thousand Illusionary Array and we’ll split everything fifty-fifty.”

“I’m not going.” Nie Li shook his head, then looked at Xiao Yu. “We should leave this place, quickly!”

“Wait!” Wu Yazi barked.

“What is it?” Nie Li looked at him.

Wu Yazi ground his teeth and said, “If you don’t come to the Void Illusionary Divine Palace, then you’re definitely dead!”

Nie Li shrugged and looked at Wu Yazi. “We’re in the outside world; dying isn’t unexpected. But even if we do, it’s not that big of a deal! Do you want to take action?”

Hearing Nie Li’s tone, Wu Yazi softened his tone. “Of course not. There are too many people from the Demon God’s Sect wandering around the area. But you guys definitely won’t be able to return without my protection. Since you’re going to die anyways, why don’t you come with me to the Void Illusionary Divine Palace?”

“It’s not that we don’t want to go. But if someone sees us with a member of the Demon God’s Sect, we’ll be labeled as traitors of the human clans. If that happens, we’ll never be able to wash the tarnish off our reputations, even if we jump into the Yellow River[1. Famous river that runs through China.].

“Parochialism. From my point of view, as long as you don’t try to steal from me, then you’re not my enemy. I don’t care if you’re from the demon clan or the human clan,” Wu Yazi snorted. “Anyone who tries to steal from is dead meat!”

“Even if you don’t mind, what would others think? What would other members of the Demon God’s Sect think if they saw you with two humans?” Nie Li added.

Wu Yazi stopped to think. What Nie Li had said was true. “So what do you propose?”

Nie Li paused for a moment before he said, “There’s one method…”

“What is it?” Wu Yazi’s eyes lit up.

Nie Li looked at Wu Yazi and asked, “Have you heard of the secret technique called the Demon Blood Sacrifice?”

“Demon Blood Sacrifice?! There’s no way I’m doing that!” Wu Yazi immediately shook his head. “That’s a huge taboo for our demon clan!”

Nie Li waved his hand in dismissal. “Then forget it. There’s no other way.”

“What’s the Demon Blood Sacrificial?” Xiao Yu asked with curiosity.

Nie Li feigned ignorance as he explained, “I’ve only heard of it before in rumors. Usually, someone from the demon clan offers up some blood as a sacrifice. It allows a human to possess the aura and appearance of a demon. That way, we’ll be able to deceive the other members of the demon clan, and we won’t be killed by them!”

Xiao Yu had really timed this question well.

“Then why doesn’t he want to do it? He doesn’t lose much by just giving up some blood, right?” Xiao Yu asked in confusion.

Wu Yazi looked at Nie Li. How much did this kid know about the Demon Blood Sacrifice? He wanted to use that method just to bluff his way through the demon clan?

Nie Li shrugged and said, “If we can’t bluff our way through, then we’d rather not be seen with a demon clan expert. Just forget it. Let’s go!”

Wu Yazi looked at the two. Something flickered in his eyes as he pondered.

Both Nie Li and Xiao Yu had stored away a fate soul before they came to the outside world. If they died along the way, then the Demon Blood Sacrifice would lose its effects! Wu Yazi made his decision. You couldn’t blame him for burning the bridge after he crossed it. The power of the Demon Blood Sacrifice definitely shouldn’t be given to humans!

Just as Nie Li and Xiao Yu were about to leave, Wu Yazi called out to them. “Wait!”

“What is it?” Nie Li turned around as he looked at Wu Yazi.

“I thought about it a little. I’ll do the Demon Blood Sacrifice. But you can’t stray more than a kilometer away from me, until we’re out of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace! After that, you’re free!” Wu Yazi said to Nie Li and Xiao Yu.

Nie Li gave Wu Yazi a long stare, then said, “Sure.”

“Alright, then. I’ll give both of you some demon blood.” A sharp weapon materialised in Wu Yazi’s hand, and he used it to make a cut on his wrist. A few drops of demon blood flowed from the wound and into a bottle that Wu Yazi produced.

The bottle was filled in just a brief moment, and Wu Yazi tossed it over to Nie Li.

Nie Li caught the bottle of demon blood and dipped a finger into it.

Nie Li then raised his head and looked at Wu Yazi. “Oh, that’s right. How do you draw the inscription pattern array for the Demon Blood Sacrifice?”

That made Wu Yazi feel much more assured. It looked like Nie Li really didn’t know how to use the Demon Blood Sacrifice.

“It’s like this…” Wu Yazi began teaching Nie Li.

Nie Li wrote down the inscription patterns, which slowly formed into an array that revolved around his body with dazzling light.

Wu Yazi extended his right hand and tapped on the heart of the array. A majestic energy flowed through the Demon Blood Sacrifice inscription pattern array and emitted rays of light. With Wu Yazi’s help, the inscription pattern array quickly vanished into Nie Li’s body.

Nie Li sensed a mysterious energy flowing through his blood.

It flowed into Nie Li’s arteries and hibernated there. This was Wu Yazi’s demon blood. The sheer sensation of it made Nie Li wonder what Wu Yazi’s origins were. There was a majestic energy in his demon blood. It looked like his bloodline wasn’t that simple!

Wu Yazi glanced at Nie Li and said, “Alright! Your Demon Blood Sacrifice is complete!”

Quickly. Xiao Yu’s Demon Blood Sacrifice was also completed.

Xiao Yu didn’t know what its uses were, but she sensed that it wasn’t as simple as Nie Li had described. It was definitely more than a just a way to disguise themselves.