Chapter 345 - Li Yufeng

Chapter 345 - Li Yufeng

Hearing He Gui’s words, Gu Bei sat back down and appeared as if he wasn’t in a hurry.

He Gui clenched his teeth and finally made the decision. “I can cooperate with Young Master Gu Bei; however, this matter has to be a secret!”

“Naturally. If you cooperate with us, then you’re one of us. We’ll definitely conceal it well for your sake. Furthermore, this arrangement will definitely be better for you than following Gu Heng! I definitely won’t be stingy to those who are useful to us!” Gu Bei smiled.

He Gui’s reaction was entirely within his expectations. However, they still had to be on guard, in case He Gui decided to double-cross them.

He Gui raised his head and said after pondering it over, “Young Master Gu Bei, I have a request. I wonder if Young Master Gu Bei can agree to it?”

“What request?”

“Among the trusted aides of Young Master Gu Heng, there’s another named Chai Yue. That person has never gotten along well with me. I want Young Master Gu Bei to help me pull him down!” He Gui’s eyes flashed with a trace of viciousness.

“No problem!” Gu Bei nodded on the spot. Chai Yue was a trusted aide of Gu Heng who was said to be absolutely loyal and devoted. In dealing with Gu Heng, the first thing they’d do was clip off both his wings, of course! Gu Bei considered it briefly, then said, “When you return, spread a rumor that Chai Yue is secretly contacting us.”

“A rumor alone probably won’t be enough to make Young Master Gu Heng suspect Chai Yue!” He Gui said after thinking it over.

Gu Bei smiled, “The next part depends on your performance. If you can report Gu Heng’s location to us just once and let us kill him, Gu Heng will probably start suspecting Chai Yue. Then, we’ll add more fuel to the fire and make it hard for Gu Heng not to suspect Chai Yue!”

“Young Master Gu Bei is wise!” He Gui praised.

Gu Bei looked at He Gui and lightly said, “Alright. Everything after this depends on your sincerity. I want you to write a few letters stating that you’ve been secretly writing to us. If you dare to play any tricks during this cooperation, these letters will definitely fall into Gu Heng’s hands!”

This meant that He Gui would be handing over his own weakness. If he didn’t cooperate when the time came, Gu Bei would have an easy method to deal with him. “I hope that you won’t play any tricks. Otherwise... you should be aware of the outcome.”

He Gui understood it clearly. If he didn’t follow Gu Bei’s requests today, then he definitely wouldn’t have an easy future. He went silent for a moment before he finally sat down, lifted a brush, and started writing. He wrote a total of six letters, according to Gu Bei’s request, all stating his loyalty to Gu Bei.

“Not bad, not bad!” Gu Bei nodded and patted He Gui on the shoulder. With a flick of his right hand, he tossed an interspatial ring to He Gui, which contained two thousand spiritual stones. “This is your reward. As long as you keep helping us in the future, you’ll definitely be well-treated!”

He Gui accepted the interspatial ring and swept through its contents. His brows couldn’t help twitching. There really were two thousand spiritual stones in the interspatial ring. When he followed Gu Heng, he had to risk his life every month just to earn two or three hundred spiritual stones. However, Gu Bei had casually given him two thousand spiritual stones.

Indeed, there were many more prospects in following Gu Bei!

“Many thanks to Young Master Gu Bei!” He Gui said, appearing deeply grateful.

A brief moment later, He Gui left.

“Nie Li, what do you think?” Gu Bei looked at Nie Li as he asked, “Is He Gui reliable?”

“This person highly values money and we’ve already given him such a huge sum. Not to mention we have two of his weaknesses in our pocket. There’s nothing to fear. He’ll listen obediently. He probably have already thought through it as well that there would only be suffering in going against us!” said Nie Li.

“There are two people who serve directly under Gu Heng. He Gui is a petty man, but that Chai Yue is very talented!” Li Xingyun couldn’t help sighing, “It’d be such a pity if Gu Heng disposed to him!”

Nie Li looked towards Li Xingyun as he asked, “Has Brother Xingyun had contacts with Chai Yue before?”

“We’ve had a few contacts before. I once invited him to my Heavenly Path League but was refused!” Li Xingyun sighed in great pity.

“If that’s the case, then Brother Xingyun should stay in touch with him. If there’s a day where he no longer has a place as Gu Heng’s subordinate, then he’ll definitely think of Brother Xingyun! After all, no other factions are willing to accept a traitor!” said Nie Li.

“Alright.” Li Xingyun nodded. As long as it’s a talent, he definitely won’t miss it.

“Since we’re already in the Mingshan Stronghold, why don’t we buy some things before going back!” Nie Li said after pondering it over.

“Sure!” the three of them nodded.

The group headed towards the Celestial Treasure Pavilion, an artifact trading company in the Mingshan Stronghold. This was also the largest artifact trading company in the Mingshan Stronghold; even some higher-ups would shop here. In the Draconic Ruins Realm, there existed powerful forces other than the various major sects. For example, there was the Gods Craft Pavilion, which was in charge of forging artifacts and selling them to the major sects. There were also a few powerful trading companies that were on par with the major sects.

Inside the Celestial Treasure Pavilion.

The four of them entered a huge hall and were immediately greeted by an elderly man wearing a long robe. He walked up to them, smiled kindly, and said, “Four Young Masters, welcome to our Celestial Treasure Pavilion! May I ask, what do you require?”

Lu Piao swept his gaze over the walls and said, “Boss, do you have any artifacts used to kill and protect?”

The elderly man couldn’t help smiling, “The majority of our items are used for protection and killing. May I ask what grade you four Young Masters are looking for?”

Nie Li said, “Bring the best out and let’s have a look!”

At Nie Li’s words, the elderly man’s brows slightly twitched, appearing to be extremely shocked. He took several more glances at the four, then immediately smiled. “Please follow me!”

Although the four of them were dressed quite simply, they were probably Young Masters of some major forces. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have asked for the best upon walking in the door.

Under the senior’s lead, they entered the deepest area.

In the deepest vault of the Celestial Treasure Pavilion was a secret room, where hundreds of high-grade artifacts of all sorts were on display.

Nie Li could sense that there were many powerful experts concealed in this room. Each of them was at least of Dao of Dragon Realm.

The four of them entered.

“Why is there someone else in here as well?” An annoyed voice sounded from inside.

“Honored Young Master, we’re very sorry about that. However, any customer of the Celestial Treasure Pavilion who wishes to purchase an artifact of Grade 5 or above would come here!” A lady’s voice patiently explained.

Li Xingyun’s gaze fell on the other party and his brows furrowed.

The person inside had also raised his head as he swept his gaze at the four of them. When his eyes met Li Xingyun’s, he revealed a slightly cold expression.

Nie Li noticed Li Xingyun’s expression, so he transmitted his voice and asked, “Who is he?”

Li Xingyun settled down his mood and replied softly. “Li Yufeng!”

Upon hearing Li Xingyun’s words, the three of them understood. Indeed, “enemies walk on a narrow path”. To think that they’d encounter Li Xingyun’s archenemy in a place like this. This Li Yufeng was the one who stole Li Xingyun’s Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit! Li Xingyun recalled that incident and remembered that Li Yufeng had also wanted to devour the Heavenly Path League as well.

“I never expected Younger Cousin Xingyun to be here as well. Since you’re here, come, let us sit together!” Li Yufeng laughed. “I never imagined that Younger Cousin Xingyun would also have the money to buy the Celestial Treasure Pavilion’s artifacts!”

With anyone else, perhaps Li Xingyun would’ve still exchanged a greeting. Li Xingyun couldn’t even be bothered to that much with Li Yufeng. However, he didn’t appear angry. Instead, he calmly sat down beside Li Yufeng and treated him as if he was air.

Nie Li and the other two noticed what was going on. They sat next to Li Xingyun and ignored Li Yufeng as well.

Even though Li Xingyun had replied to him unhappily, Li Yufeng wasn’t bothered by it. But the fact that the four of them were actually so arrogant as to treat him as air, enraged Li Yufeng. The corner of his mouth slightly twitched. He no longer bothered himself with those four.