Chapter 344 - Threatened

Chapter 344 - Threatened

Outside of the Skycloud Hall, in a certain courtyard.

Venerable Flameless was drinking with dejection in his heart and indignation on his face.

A youth with handsome features walked over and laughed. “Brother Flameless seems to have encountered some unhappy matters?”

This person was the first-in-line successor of the Dragonseal Family, Long Tianming.

“Brother Long, since you’re here, come have drink with me!” Venerable Flameless looked at Long Tianming and waved his hand.

Long Tianming sat down, raised a glass of wine, and said, “I wonder what trouble Brother Flameless may have encountered?”

Venerable Flameless said dejectedly, “Sigh. Don’t even talk to me about. I’ve followed that old man and cultivated for thirty long years. In these thirty years, I’ve always been loyal and devoted to him. However, I’ve always sensed that he’s been guarded against me and won’t pass me the most crucial chant for the [Skycloud] cultivation technique. Whenever I mentioned to him that I want to cultivate that last chant, he’d always say that the time is unripe.”

“Hierarch Skycloud is impartial. He spares no effort for the Divine Feathers Sect. He sets an example for our generation. Could it be that Brother Flameless is just overthinking the matter?” Long Tianming said while remaining calm and collected.

“Impartial? Haha, I’ve spared no effort for him, so why isn’t he impartial to me? Does he fear that he’ll get replaced once his disciple learns everything? He didn’t consider that if my father didn’t save his life, would he even have lived to see this day?” Venerable Flameless sneered.

“If that’s all you’re concerned about, then Brother Flameless shouldn’t worry over it too much. Amongst his disciples, Brother Venerable in undoubtedly the one he regards the most. If Hierarch Skycloud intends on choosing a successor for the [Skycloud] cultivation technique, then it’ll probably be you!” said Long Tianming.

Venerable Flameless snorted and said resentfully, “Previously, I thought the same. But now, the old man has recruited another disciple called Nie Li. The old man seems to dote on the boy a lot, like he’s looking at a treasure!”

A peculiar light flashed through Long Tianming’s eyes when he heard Venerable Flameless’s words. He said, “Hierarch Skycloud recruited a new disciple named Nie Li?”

“Yeah. You know him too?”

“I’ve heard of him before. This Nie Li came from the Tiny World. You could say that he’s the most outstanding amongst the newcomers.” Long Tianming’s brows slightly twitched. Nie Li’s methods truly weren’t simple. He was able to become Hierarch Skycloud’s disciple in such a short amount of time. Furthermore, Long Yuyin had been in close contact with Nie Li recently. She seemed to heed Nie Li’s words and since started gathering her own forces to fight for the Dragonseal Family’s Patriarch seat.

“Hmph, hmph! A brat who’s only at the Heavenly Fate Realm could only resort to some strange methods to gain favor of the old man! What capabilities does he have?” Venerable Flameless said in disdain.

“If Venerable Flameless doesn’t put him in any regard, then it’s a huge mistake. From my perspective, that person isn’t so simple. If he’s not dealt with soon, he’ll probably become a calamity for our future. Who knows? He might even deceive Hierarch Skycloud to impart the [Skycloud] cultivation technique to him in the future!” Long Tianming said with his brows frowning.

“So, what does Brother Long think we should do?” asked Venerable Flameless, as he looked at Long Tianming. He never expected that even Long Tianming would pay so much attention towards Nie Li.

“Why don’t we do this…” Long Tianming made a long speech in Venerable Flameless’s ears.

Venerable Flameless’s brows slowly loosened up.

Nie Li exited the Skycloud Hall in a pretty good mood. Becoming Hierarch Skycloud’s disciple was definitely be a great boost towards his future plans. One of the Divine Feathers Sect’s conditions to become Sect Master was to gain the support of at least one of the five major figures. Otherwise, the candidate wouldn’t qualify for the position.

Since he’d just recently become Hierarch Skycloud’s disciple, Nie Li still couldn’t gain huge support from Hierarch Skycloud. However, he believed that he could definitely gain it in the future, a bit at a time.

Shortly after Nie Li returned to Xiao Yu’s courtyard, Li Xingyun, Lu Piao, and Gu Bei also returned with excitement plastered over their faces.

Nie Li looked at the three of them and lightly smiled. “How did it go?”

“We ambushed two of the Blood Moon League’s gathering points and killed at least a thousand of them. We’ve only suffered about sixty casualties. Unfortunately, those whom we managed to kill weren’t very strong, there wasn’t much Heavenly Axis Realm experts. However, it’s still a damaging blow to the Blood Moon League!” Lu Piao said with excitement.

“These results are still pretty good. We’ve gained some intel and now have a clear picture on the Blood Moon League’s situation. Let’s wait until your fate soul has stabilised, then we’ll find a chance to take down their Deity’s Lakes and make Gu Heng so poor that he can’t even boil water!” Li Xingyun smiled.

“I’ve received some other news. One of Gu Heng’s trusted aides has been embezzling spiritual stones from the Blood Moon League through some unknown method. However, Gu Heng trusts him very much and the people of the Blood Moon League don’t dare speak about it. Perhaps this might be our breakthrough. This is a person who values money heavily. If we lure him with sufficient benefits and threaten him a little, he might be willing to betray Gu Heng!” Gu Bei lightly smiled and said, “Shall we go and have a little chat with this person?”

“Of course, that’s for certain!” Nie Li lightly smiled in return.

Divine Feathers Sect, Mingshan Stronghold.

This was the Divine Feathers Sect’s center for trade. The majority of disciples chose to make their transactions here, instead of at the Skysoul Institute’s market; this place was simply bigger. Furthermore, there were many restaurants, brothels, auction houses, and various other businesses gathered in this area.

Many beauties and merchants from various cities and small realms were gathered here.

Dozens of streets bustled with people.

In a brothel, a group of people were drinking and being merry to the pleasure of life. One robust man embraced a girls in each arm and laughed. “If you serve me well today, I’ll reward everyone with one spiritual stone!” This robust man was a Deacon who held authority among Gu Heng’s underlings. His name was He Gui.

Upon hearing He Gui’s words, the eyes of the two beauties lit up.

A **[1. ** is indeed from the raws. Since this is a brothel, it’s probably a pimp or servant] walked towards He Gui’s side and whispered, “Deacon He, there are several lords who want to meet you!”

“What lords? They’re disturbing my current interests. I’m not meeting anyone!” He Gui said, appearing a little dull.

“These lords are saying that they want to make a deal of a hundred thousand spiritual stones with you,” the ** continued.

A deal of a hundred thousand spiritual stones? He Gui’s brows twitched. What a huge tone! Because his heart was moved, he stood up and said, “Okay then, I’ll go meet them!”

Under the **’s lead, He Gui walked along the long corridor and entered a chamber.

“You guys are…” He Gui raised his head and saw Nie Li, Gu Bei, Lu Piao, and Li Xingyun. His eyes flashed with a trace of fear. He immediately tried to escape, but the door was already shut tight.

“Deacon He, It’s been a long time!” Gu Bei lightly smiled.

“Young Master Gu Bei, why are you looking for me?” He Gui’s voice trembled a little as he looked at Gu Bei. He sensed that there were at least five Heavenly Axis Realm experts guarding them behind the scenes. Escape was impossible.

“Deacon He, we just need some help from you!” Gu Bei lightly smiled.

“What do you want?” He Gui asked nervously.

Gu Bei sat on the chair, sipped a mouthful of tea, and calmly said, “In the future, no matter where Gu Heng goes, you must let us know of his location!”

He Gui immediately said, “Asking me to betray Young Master Gu Heng is impossible!”

“He Gui, a wise man would submit to these circumstances. There’s nothing in it for you to follow Gu Heng. Being a Deacon only gets you a few hundred spiritual stones in your pocket. We’re not forcing you, but if you’re willing to cooperate, then we’ll give you two thousand spiritual stones every time you report his location to us. If you’re unwilling to cooperate… I, Gu Bei, might not be able to do anything to Gu Heng, but do you really think that I won’t be able to take care of the likes of you? Not to mention that your hands aren’t clean. If Gu Heng knew about what you’ve done, you should know your outcome!” Gu Bei laughed as he looked at He Gui, “This all depends on whether you cooperate with us!”

Gu Bei said it easily, but He Gui could sense the obvious threat within his words. Sweat filled his forehead. At the end of the day, Gu Bei was still the first-in-line successor to the Gu Clan. If he decided to dealing with He Gui, then he can’t really resist.

Furthermore, Gu Bei’s words were true; He Gui’s hands weren’t clean. If he was exposed, then he definitely wouldn’t be able to remain as Gu Heng’s subordinate.

Gu Bei signaled the other three with his eyes. “Since you’re not willing, then forget about it! Nie Li, Brother Xingyun, let’s leave!”

“Young Master Gu Bei, wait!” He Gui immediately shouted to stop Gu Bei.