Chapter 343 - Taking in a disciple

Chapter 343 - Taking in a disciple

Hierarch Skycloud had been paying attention to Nie Li’s expressions and he was slightly surprised by them. Any other Skysoul Institute disciple would’ve jumped for joy if they’d known that Hierarch Skycloud was taking them as his disciple. However, Nie Li’s expression remained calm and tranquil.

Hierarch Skycloud was admiring Nie Li even more for his ability to remain calm. This boy was just like his calligraphy. In his calligraphy’s Dao intent, Nie Li had reached a transcendent state.

Venerable Redsoul transmitted his voice over to Nie Li, “Nie Li, don’t let your emotions affect your decision. This is definitely a great opportunity for you to become the disciple of my master. Don’t give it up just because of Venerable Flameless. Venerable Flameless’s father once saved Master’s life, and he’s also Master’s eldest disciple. Therefore, Master takes very good care of him. That’s why Venerable Flameless occasionally lets it get to his head and lets it narrow his judgement. But don’t let it get to you. Once you become Master’s disciple, you won’t have to worry about anything that he’d do to you!”

Nie Li transmitted his voice back to Venerable Redsoul. “Venerable, I know what I’m doing.”

Asking Nie Li to compromise was impossible. If it came to it, Nie Li would just give up being Hierarch Skycloud’s disciple.

Venerable Flameless was also someone who weighed Hierarch Skycloud’s words while observing his expression. Seeing as the Hierarch Skycloud wasn’t speaking, a chilling light flashed through his eyes and he coldly smiled. “Just what kind of place do you think this Skycloud Hall is? Do you think it’s a place where you can come and go as you wish? Hilarious! A Heavenly Fate Realm thinks of himself as some grand figure?”

Nie Li wasn’t angered, even after Venerable Flameless’s words. Instead, he responded in a neither servile nor overbearing tone. “Venerable, I respect Hierarch Skycloud very much and am very eager to become his disciple. I am only presenting my own requests and seeking Hierarch Skycloud’s opinion. Whether he agrees or not, the decision is his alone. Aren’t your opinions a little unnecessary?”

“You…” The Venerable Flameless was extremely enraged. If this was the outside world and an ant from the Heavenly Fate Realm, like Nie Li, dared to speak to him like that, he would’ve already killed them long ago.

The other four Venerables, aside from Venerable Flameless, couldn’t help taking another glance at Nie Li. He was acting neither servile nor overbearing when he dared to rebuke Venerable Flameless. He probably wasn’t an ordinary Heavenly Fate Realm expert.

The other four Venerables were also guarded against Nie Li. However, they weren’t people who’d take the initiative to provoke others. Therefore, they didn’t interrupt as they observed Nie Li.

Hierarch Skycloud smiled and said, “What Nie Li said is correct. The process of taking in a disciple has always been done under mutual consent. Even for me, I can only take in a disciple if he is willing. Others have no reason to voice their opinions.”

“But, Master…” Venerable Flameless was unable to accept this in his heart.

Nie Li was being so untactful, yet Hierarch Skycloud was actually bearing with it?

“There’s no need for more words!” the Hierarch Skycloud slightly frowned, appearing displeased.

Venerable Flameless ceased speaking when he saw Hierarch Skycloud’s expression. He knew that his Master was already a little angry with him, so he could only respectfully stand off to the side.

Hierarch Skycloud looked at Nie Li and smiled. It was time to give Nie Li a little test. “Nie Li. Among the words you gave me was a ‘none’. What’s your opinion on it?”

“The meaning of that word is: In doing nothing, a path shall appear. Allowing things to happen naturally. In doing nothing, everything can be done. In doing nothing, you are doing something,” replied Nie Li.

“In doing nothing, a path shall appear?” Hierarch Skycloud was obviously stunned. He thought that his own comprehension of tranquil inaction was already considered quite profound. He never imagined that Nie Li’s ‘in doing nothing, a path shall appear’ would be even more profound than his own understandings. He couldn’t help muttering, “in doing nothing, you are doing something…” A brief moment later, he actually sighed, “It truly is profound, to the point that even I admit defeat!”

Hearing Hierarch Skycloud’s words, everyone there was stunned. Venerable Redsoul also couldn’t help being at a loss for words.

Hierarch Skycloud actually admitted defeat?

After all, who was Hierarch Skycloud?

He was a Martial Ancestor Realm expert, and one of the major five of the Divine Feathers Sect!

In the eyes of Venerable Flameless and Venerable Redsoul, Hierarch Skycloud was a superior existence. However, his understandings on Dao intent were actually inferior to Nie Li’s? This completely toppled their views of the world!

That boy, Nie Li, had probably obtained some secret manual and was using it to bluff others! Venerable Flameless couldn’t help thinking that in his heart. Of course he wouldn’t believe that an ant-like existence such as Nie Li could actually have such profound comprehension of Dao intent. If Nie Li’s comprehension in Dao intent truly was that deep, his cultivation should’ve leaped by soars and bounds long ago. How could he possibly still remain at the Heavenly Fate Realm?

What Venerable Flameless didn’t know was that Nie Li’s cultivation on Dao truly had reached that height. Originally, his cultivation should’ve leaped by soars and bounds, and he might have already reached Heavenly Star Realm. But because of that vine in his body, Nie Li’s cultivation wasn’t able to make any major breakthroughs.

After the four other Venerables exchanged glances, they looked at Nie Li with peculiar expressions on their faces. No matter what, even their Master had admitted defeat; therefore, they couldn’t help re-examining this youth before them. They’d have to at least put Nie Li on the same level as themselves.

“Hierarch Skycloud must be joking. It’s just something that I’ve comprehended by coincidence. Compared to the Hierarch Skycloud, my understandings are still too inferior,” Nie Li immediately said. After all, he couldn’t mention that he’d been reborn.

Hierarch Skycloud lightly smiled. “You’re too modest. Even if you did comprehended it from some ancient books, the fact that you could write your insight into your calligraphy is already something exceptional. Although there’s nothing I can teach you in terms of Dao intent, I can still provide many guidances to you in terms of cultivation. If you’re willing to become my disciple, you may come and go in the Skycloud Hall as you wish. You will not be under anyone’s control!”

“Then many thanks to Lord Master!” Nie Li immediately bowed. For Hierarch Skycloud to take him as his disciple, the Nether Master probably wouldn’t say anything about it. He might even be extremely happy about it.

How many people had tried to have a relation with Hierarch Skycloud, but could only shrink back due to the wide difference in identity?

Having Hierarch Skycloud as his Master would definitely be extremely helpful in the future, so that he could on stand firmly in the Divine Feathers Sect!

“Good, good, good!” Hierarch Skycloud laughed. Of all the disciples he’d accepted in the past, he admired Nie Li the most.

Venerable Redsoul was also slightly shocked. He never thought that his Master would actually agree to Nie Li’s terms. This was the first and only exception that the Skycloud Hall had ever seen! Hierarch Skycloud was normally extremely strict with controlling his disciples, yet he was being especially lenient with Nie Li.

The remaining four Venerables were also a little surprised. It seemed that Nie Li would be the most special within the Skycloud Hall. Furthermore, since Hierarch Skycloud regarded Nie Li very highly, they had to get along well with this Junior Brother of theirs.

A rage of jealousy flashed through Venerable Flameless’s eyes. Nie Li’s appearance before him made him feel greatly threatened. He’d always been the eldest disciple of Hierarch Skycloud, and the one most highly regarded. But presently, Hierarch Skycloud had actually made an exception with Nie Li. This showed his exceedingly high regard for him.

“The rest of you can leave. I’ll stay here and have a good talk with Nie Li about Dao intent!” Hierarch Skycloud brightly laughed.

Venerable Redsoul and the other four received their instructions of Hierarch Skycloud, bowed, and backed out the door. Venerable Flameless gave Nie Li one last furious glare, then backed down as well.

Nie Li remained in the Skycloud Hall and conversed with Hierarch Skycloud for several hours, discussing Dao intent.

The eyes of Hierarch Skycloud grew brighter and brighter. Everything that Nie Li said was actually something that he could benefit from! He’d truly picked up a precious jade! With Nie Li’s talent, he’d definitely be able to unleash a dazzling light before long. There was also a possibility that he’d become a major backbone for the future Divine Feathers Sect!

Since the Divine Feathers Sect was approaching a crisis, Hierarch Skycloud was even more attentive with Nie Li.