Chapter 23 - Murder!

Chapter 23 - Murder!

Ye Ziyun was distraught with anxiety. She took out the [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix Technique] given by Nie Li. The value of this [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix Technique] is absolutely unimaginable and Nie Li is actually willing to give her such a precious cultivation technique?

With both anger and gratitude, the two emotions intertwined within her heart, causing her to be unable to calm down.

After a long while, Ye Ziyun finally managed to suppress the indignation in her heart and focused on practising the [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix] cultivation technique. Her inner heart also began to slowly calm down. Her soul realm were tough as icy frost, crystal clear energy began moving around the body.

Ye Ziyun's skin turned crystal clear like jade's luster, becoming a lot more beautiful than it used to be. She's as though a fairy descending from the heavens.

With the soul force continuously to improve, the impurities were being discharged out of Ye Ziyun's body. Body is covered in sweat, suddenly a cyan light bloomed, they were as though a huge cyan lotus.

Ye Ziyun suddenly opened her eyes, her beautiful pupils were as pure as gems. The power of [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix] technique far surpassed her expectations. She's already near the borders of 1-star bronze rank but after practising [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix] cultivating technique, she directly broke through the barrier and became a 1-star bronze rank.

Feeling the stickiness on her body. This was extremely uncomfortable and Ye Ziyun immediately got the maid to prepare the water for bath.

Fragrance emitted from the flower pedals in the bath barrel. Ye Ziyun slowly removed her clothes revealing her curvaceous figure. Her white and exquisite skin were as though they were sculpted from jade. After practising the [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix] technique, Ye Ziyun became even more beautiful and charming. Although she has not reached the blooming age, but her development is already considered quite good.

Her exquisite ankle slowly enters into the sea of pedals. Feeling the hot water washing off the stains on her body and the flower fragrance leaving behind on her body. Ye Ziyun's mood couldn't help but turn happy. Her fine fingers slowly stroking her smooth skin. Seeing the butterfly-shaped birthmark on her left chest, her heart couldn't help but flutter.

This butterfly-shaped birthmark has been with her since birth. Slightly touching the birthmark, although she still hasn't reach the bloom age for girls, but the slightly elevated peaks are already very attractive.

So has Nie Li seen her birthmark before?

Ye Ziyun felt her heart flutter. If Nie Li has seen it before, then doesn't that mean that everything else has been seen by Nie Li?

Just then, rustling sound suddenly sounded from outside.

"Who? Who's peeking?" Ye Ziyun immediate cover her chest with her hands, indignant flashed on her face. Nie Li that scoundrel!

"Miss, it's me!" A pretty maid came out from behind the curtains.

It turned out to be the maid Xiao Die. Ye Ziyun breathed a sigh of relief, her face slightly heats up.  Nie Li hasn't even reached 1-star bronze rank yet, how could he be able to break into the heavily guarded City Lord Mansion? She's being too paranoid! So how did Nie Li actually see her birthmark?

A night of silence.

Second day, Secret Treasure Pavilion.

This is a large shop that specialize in variety of armours, weapons, and inscription scrolls. The shop is located a few hundred meters from Holy Orchid Institute.

"Boss, I'll take that bronze Ragefire armour set, and this Wrath of Inflammation sword!" Nie Li said, pointing towards at the bronze armour and bronze weapon.

"This set of Ragefire suit consist of 4 parts. Which is relatively the armour, gauntlets, leggings and boots, the price would be 500 thousand demon spirit coins. These are the pinnacles of bronze level, made from the scales of a Ragefire demon beast. Bronze ranked demon beast wouldn't be able to break the armour, even silver ranked demon beast would require large effort to break it. Young Master are you sure you want to buy this?" The boss said sizing Nie Li up.

"Of course! Do you think I'm joking with you?" Nie Li flings his hand throwing a bag out and continued "There's 70 ten thousand demon spirit cards."

"Okay! I'll wrap it up for Young Master immediately!" The boss's eyes beaming with joy.

"I still want this set of armour, and these inscription scrolls. I want it all, wrap them up for me. And this, this, this..." After selling a large amount of Purple Haze Grass, the amount of money in Nie Li's hand is simply frightening. Therefore buying these items isn't a problem at all.

Unsure which of the super families the young man belonged to, the shop owner’s teeth almost dropped from his smile. The generosity of Nie Li’s spending spree caused the sales of one day to top the sales of several months.

Nie Li also bought a 5-6 cubic meter space Interspatial Ring and placed all the items into the Interspatial Ring. As for the Ragefire suit, it was directly worn on his body. This Ragefire suit is extremely light, wearing a shirt over it would have the suit covered up.

"I'll make a trip today to the classroom to return the money to Xiao Ning'er!" Nie Li thought for awhile and said to himself. Then he walked towards the school's direction.

A few people suddenly appeared in front of Nie Li when he walked to a corner in the school.

"Brat, we've finally caught you!" Shen Yue coldly sneered looking at Nie Li. The six lackeys behind Shen Yue also looked at Nie Li with ridicule in their eyes. Nie Li was already well aware that Shen Yue and his bunch had been following him. He deliberately went to a remote area to wait for Shen Yue and his bunch to block him. Nie Li had an imperceptible smile on his face, look how I'll mess with you guys next!

"What do you guys want?" Nie Li pretended to look afraid.

"Brat, you finally know fear. Damn, I have been unhappy with you for all these days. Today you're seeking your own death! Beat him up mercilessly!" Shen Yue thundered.

The six lackeys behind Shen Yue charged towards Nie Li, like starving tiger going for it's food.

"Beat him! Beat him up mercilessly, until he can’t crawl up!" Shen Yue revealed a cruel and enjoying smile on his face.

"Don't come here, I'll retaliate!" Nie Li dodging while at the same time shouting using his soul force, "Murder! Sacred Family is going to murder me!" such a good chance to soil Sacred family’s name, Nie Li definitely wouldn't let it go.

Nie Li used a secret soul technique, his voice was as loud as thunder, causing other's eardrum to sting.

"Damn, shut that brat's mouth! Hurry up and shut them!" Hearing Nie Li's yell, Shen Yue's face almost twitched. Damn, Nie Li's yell can be heard throughout the whole Holy Orchid Institute. Even more miserable than pigs that are beings butchered!

Bang Bang Bang!

The attacks of Shen Yue's lackeys were as raindrops falling onto Nie Li's body. Within these six lackeys, three of them is 1-star bronze rank and another three of them is 2-star bronze rank. By right, a few fist from them should be able to beat Nie Li down. But after Nie Li receiving few blows, he didn't have any reaction. His yell is still as loud, echoing back and forth between several school buildings.

"Murder! Sacred Family is going to murder me!"

The power of his voice penetration simply shook the school building. Hastily, the whole Holy Orchid Institute was alarmed by it and lots of people leaned out against the window, wanting to see what's going on.

In just one look, they saw six people surrounding Nie Li beating him, and standing behind them is Shen Yue of Sacred Family.

"Isn't that Nie Li?"

"I heard that Nie Li offended the Sacred Family!"

"I heard that because of Nie Li exposing the plagiarism behind <<Scarlet Sunburst Inscription Pattern>>, Sacred Family is planning to secretly get rid of Nie Li!"

"Sacred Family is too dark, actually trying to kill a student in Holy Orchid Institute!"

"Hurry and report this to the Principal!"

Students began talking among themselves, even the people that are unhappy of Nie Li in the past also felt sympathy for Nie Li. Including several nobility kids within. Everyone were displeased with the methods of Shen Yue. This is Holy Orchid Institute, Sacred Family actually dared to kill someone in here? Isn't it a little too lawless?

Nie Li looked at the Shen Yue in front of him, the corner of his mouth raised. Shen Yue is still too inexperienced to play with him!

When surrounded by the six people, Nie li is using his quick movements so the attacks of Shen Yue's lackeys all fell on the Ragefire armour. Not only are they unable to hurt Nie Li, they even got hurt by the impact of their own attacks causing their hand to numb. The bones on their hand felt as though they were on the verge of breaking.

While dodging, Nie Li secretly had his fist strike onto the bodies of Shen Yue's lackeys, causing them to grimace from the pain. Strictly speaking, with Nie Li's current strength, he shouldn't be able to cause any harm to the few 1-star and 2-star bronze rank fighters. But Nie Li's fist is a little strange, his light punch hurts even more then being hit on the head with a rod.

"Damn, you bunch of imbeciles! Do you even lift?" Shen Yue roared. Under the crowd’s view, Shen Yue felt that his face is all thrown away. After so long not only did his six lackeys unable to beat Nie Li down, but Nie Li's yell is getting louder and louder.

[TL: The raw actually meant "Do you even eat?" but well.. the editor suggested to have a little joke in it xD]

Nie Li yelling for help alone is fine, but Nie Li yelled that Sacred Family is committing murder. That's simply pouring the foul water onto Sacred Family, branding them as criminals!

Shen Yue is simply about to go mad. Right now he can't retreat.

"Beat him up, ruthlessly beat him up!" Shen Yue roared.

Shen Yue's lackeys were filled with grievances. They have already tried hard enough. But no matter how they attack Nie Li, he didn't have any injuries, but rather they were beaten by Nie Li until their bones are about to scatter. Nie Li's punch seemed light, but it's full of power, beating them blue and black.

"What are you guys doing?" a lovable voice sounded soon after. A slender figure skimmed over, It's Xiao Ning'er.

Xiao Ning'er stood guard in front of Nie Li, furiously glaring at Shen Yue and bunch. Cyan glow shined on her body, she's already a 1-star bronze rank demon spiritist. Her hands holding onto a Blue Moon Dagger, preparing to act any time.

"Shen Yue, you're too much." Another lovely voice sounded. A beautiful slender figure skimmed over from the side, it's Ye Ziyun. She furiously glared at Shen Yue saying, "Shen Yue, I never thought that you're this kind of person!"

"Nie Li, are you okay?" Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun both looked towards Nie Li at the same time.

Seeing Ye Ziyun's concern for Nie Li, Xiao Ning'er's face froze, casting her head away.

Ye Ziyun is also slightly awkward, turning her head towards Shen Yue.

"Ziyun, you misunderstood, it isn't like that!" Shen Yue tried to explain. Seeing the faint mockery on Nie Li's face, he came to understand what happened. He was fooled by Nie Li! Shen Yue pointed towards Nie Li saying, "It's this brat that lured us here, he's behind it!"

"Shen Yue, who are you trying to fool?" Xiao Ning'er got angrier, "Isn't the excuse that you're finding a little too retarded?"

At this moment, Nie Li's face is looked full of innocence. Nie Li righteously rebuked Shen Yue saying "I admit that I have offended your Sacred Family, but weren't you guys too much. Actually wanting to kill someone in school? What do you think this Holy Orchid Institute is? Although my family couldn't be compared to yours, but I'm not at the mercy of you. I'd like to see to what extend is your Sacred Family overbearing to! I, Nie Li am proud, unless you kill me, it's impossible for me to yield to you villans!

Nie Li's righteous words simply caused Shen Yue to vomit in anger.

Hearing Nie Li's words, no matter if it's Xiao Ning'er or Ye Ziyun, couldn't help to look at Nie Li with admiringly. and Xiao Ning'er's heart is filled with admiration for Nie Li.

"I too, will not yield to Sacred Family!" Xiao Ning'er secretly thought. She is simply filled with hatred for Sacred Family! In her view, Sacred Family was always vile and repulsive. Just forcing her to marry to Shen Fei alone can see that!