Chapter 24 Set Off

Chapter 24 – Set Off

At this moment Du Ze, Lu Piao, and others also rushed over.

"Shen Yue, you're too despicable. Having six people surround Nie Li!" Du Ze felt indignant at injustice. Seeing that Nie Li doesn't have any issue only then he eased down. Although Nie Li pretended to be in a very miserable state, but the actual fact is that Nie Li doesn't have any injuries at all.

A crowd of students viewing from far away also criticized Shen Yue's action.

"I didn't even do anything to him!" Shen Yue became depressed as he refuted. The explanation was lambasted by everyone.

When Nie Li exchanged looks with Lu Piao and the bunch, Lu Piao suddenly understood.

"Having so many people beating Nie Li up, how would he be fine? Do you want me to try beating you up?" Lu Piao roared pridefully, "Shen Yue, you dare to swear that earlier on, you didn't get the few of your lackeys to beat Nie Li to death? Even if you want deny it, the lots of students in the school all heard what you've said!"

"I did say that, but I really didn't..." Shen Yue anxiously trying to justify himself.

Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun both looked at Shen Yue with disgust. He actually tried to kill someone in school? He's simply too outrageous! Ye Ziyun's image of Shen Yue has simply been dropped to the extreme.

He had been speaking the truth. Although he told his lackeys to beat Nie Li to death, but that's only casually saying. Killing someone in school is something he absolutely doesn't dare to do. If he did it, then even Sacred Family wouldn’t be able to cover him!

But for others that are listening to those ruthless words, the meaning naturally wouldn't be the same!

"Ye Sheng Vice-Principal has arrived!"

"Nie Li, I admit defeat today, you better watch out!" Shen Yue spatted. Then he and his lackeys fled the place.

"Nie Li, are you okay?" Xiao Ning'er had a face full of concern, nervously clutching onto Nie Li's arm.

"I suffered a little injury, nothing too serious. Luckily you guys arrived early." Nie Li said, smiling while looking at Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun.

After Xiao Ning'er practised the new cultivation technique. Her complexion and skin became much better. Much more beautiful compared to the past, exuding an indescribable charm from her body. As for Ye Ziyun, she also became more beautiful, slender, elegant, and attractive.

Two beauties, one on the left and right, each possessing beauty not losing to the other.

Seeing Xiao Ning'er's concern for Nie Li, Ye Zi Yu had a strange feeling.

"It is good that you're fine." Ye Ziyun awkwardly laughed.

Seeing this scene, the surrounding boys couldn't calm down. How good would it be if they were the one getting beaten up and then standing in the middle of these two goddesses. The surrounding girls also noticed for the first time that Nie Li is quite handsome. They couldn't help taking more glances at Nie Li, feeling that Nie Li is more and more up to their taste. No wonder Nie Li is so popular with the goddesses Ning'er and Ziyun.

Some boys started to hate Nie Li even more, snatching one of the goddesses is enough but he actually snatched two of them! This is too unbearable, why didn't he get beaten to death by Shen Yue? Seeing the two beauties, their sympathy for Nie Li was thrown far away.

Seeing the beautiful Ye Ziyun besides Nie Li, Xiao Ning'er couldn't help to feel a sense of crisis within her heart. She knows that the one Nie Li likes is Ye Ziyun, but she couldn't suppress her strong inner feeling. Nie Li is the first and only boy that stepped into her heart. She thought that only she had notice Nie Li's talents, hence, she can slowly turn Nie Li's gaze from Ye Ziyun to her. However she never thought that unknowingly, Nie Li and Ye Ziyun seem to became familiar with each other.

"Nie Li, I'll help you back class, I've brought breakfast for you." Xiao Ning'er said in a gentle voice with both hands supporting Nie Li. The slightly bulged area in front of her chest were pressed against Nie Li's arm.

Feeling that softness, Nie Li couldn't help to have an alluring trouble, awkwardly looking at Ye Ziyun, "Ziyun, I..."

"Since the issue is settled, I should be going!" Ye Ziyun pretended that she didn't hear it, she turned around and left. She also couldn't tell what the strange feeling is. She still hasn't gotten to the degree of falling for Nie Li yet, but she doesn't know why that when she saw how intimate Xiao Ning'er and Nie Li are, her heart feels uncomfortable.

"Also it isn't my business," Ye Ziyun mumbled. Nie Li and Xiao Ning'er can do what they want.

Du Ze and Lu Piao beside smiled weirdly while raising their thumbs up. Nie Li is really capable, actually managed to be get close to the two goddess in the class. Although Ye Ziyun doesn't have much reaction, but when Nie Li was getting beaten up by Shen Yue's lackeys, that concern expression on her face can't be faked.

Far away within the crowd, Shen Fei's face became gloomy. Seeing how Xiao Ning'er supporting Nie Li and slowly leaving, .

"He dared to go against my Sacred Family and hooked up with my woman? You're simply tired of living!" crackling sound can be heard from Shen Fei’s tightly clenched fist. He's the elder brother of Shen Yue and have already reached silver rank. He still has a spot even in the Genius Demon Spiritist class, therefore he wouldn't put Nie Li in his eyes.

But with the recent events, Nie Li's standing has already gone completely opposite with Sacred Family.

After returning to the class, although Xiao Ning'er doesn't want it, Nie Li still returned the hundred thousands demon spirit coins to Xiao Ning'er. Right now for Nie Li. A hundred thousands demon spirit coins isn't considered anything. As Purple Haze Grass is still selling well. Although the price dropped a little, every pound of Purple Haze Grass still maintained above 200 demon spirit coins. Since within 3 years, Glory City will have continuous demand for Purple Haze Grass, therefore, he can slowly get rid of them.

Nie Li has already become the subject of talk in the school. Whether if it's going against Sacred Family, or his ambiguous relationship with Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun. All this has made Nie Li the focus attention among students. There are even love letters under his desk placed by girls, expressing their love for him. Within those girls, there are a few with pretty good looks.

Nie Li in his previous life was a nobody with no one paying any attention to him. Having low-sense of presence in school. He never thought that in this life he would be so popular.

Those love letters were gotten rid of by Nie Li, after rebirth, his heart only has Ye Ziyun. How could these girls be compared to Ye Ziyun? After all, Nie Li and Ye Ziyun have experienced life and death in the previous life together. As for Xiao Ning'er, Nie Li is more than willing to become good friends with her.

With the constant practising of [Heavenly God Technique] Nie Li's soul force has been rapidly rising. Believing that in two months time, would be more then enough to allow Nie Li to be reborn.

[TL : Reborn as in change from weak ass dude to talented dude]

[Editor: No foul words you ass!]

Every night, Nie Li would take one Soul Assembling Pill and Spiritual Enhancing Pill. Then soak himself in Purple Haze Grass liquid medicine. This allowed his soul force to receive the maximum nourishment.

Other than practising soul force, Nie Li also trained various physical enhancing his physical strength. Although practising soul force can also strengthen the physical body, but practising is still necessary to strengthen the body. Upon reaching silver rank, demon spiritist would be able to integrate demon spirit in their soul realm. The stronger the physical body, the more powerful the demon spirit that one can integrate into their soul realm. If the physical body is too weak, it can easily explode from the overflowing demon spirit power.

A lot of demon spiritist would cram train their physical body after reaching silver rank and having a choice of demon spirit, but by that time would already too late.

Nie Li wants to lay his foundation starting now. Everyday running, mountain climbing and weight training.

In a blink of an eye, two days has passed. Nie Li's soul force already reached 76, estimated that in a few days, he would be able to reach 1-star bronze rank like Du Ze and Lu Piao.

Third day morning.

Chen Linjian and bunch had already been waiting in the Library.

Other than Chen Linjian, Ye Ziyun, and Shen Yue are also present. Chen Linjian belongs to the Divine Family, while Ye Ziyun belongs to the Snow Wind Family and Shen Yue belongs to the Sacred Family. They have known each other since they were little. Therefore it's not surprising that they would come together to explore the Ancient Orchid City Ruins.

"You also came?" Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li with astonishment. This adventure was organized by Chen Linjian. Since when did Nie Li come in contact with Chen Linjian? It seems that she underestimated Nie Li.

"Yep" Nie Li smiled nodding his head.

Seeing as Nie Li walking over, Shen Yue's face became more gloomy. Earlier on when he tried find Ye Ziyun to explain, only to be coldly rejected by her. She now always maintained a five to six meters distance away from him, causing him to feel depressed.

All this is caused by Nie Li! If Nie Li didn't appear then Ye Ziyun wouldn't be so cold to him!

Shen Yue placed all the faults onto Nie Li.

"Since you came on your own to die, then don't blame others!" Shen Yue ruthlessly thought while talking to one of his lackeys. The lackeys threw a glance at Nie Li and left the place. The two times that he suffered from Nie Li's hands allowed Shen Yue to understand that with the strength of bronze rank he wouldn't be able to do anything to Nie Li. So he got people to get some experts from home.

Nie Li sneered in his heart as all Shen Yue's action was seen by him.

Chen Linjian's gaze fell onto Nie Li. He faintly smiled while saying,”Okay! It seems we’re all here. I think it’s about time we set off!”

Chen Linjian brought a total of 28 people for their trip to Ancient Orchid City Ruins, Shen Yue brought 7, and further more adding Ye Ziyun and Nie Li. Nie Li didn't tell this matter to Du Ze, Lu Piao, and others. He Let them practice in the library. After all the Ancient Orchid City Ruins would have some danger and Nie Li couldn't look after them all.

All thirty seven people prepared some essential items such as food, camping tents, and hunting crossbows before setting off.

Their adventure this time is done secretly, so it was very low-profile, telling others that they are going to the mountain valley to practice.