Chapter 22 - Ice Phoenix

Chapter 22 - Ice Phoenix

Nie Li sat down in front of Ye Ziyun.

"Ye Ziyun classmate, we met again."Nie Li said, as he smiled faintly.

Nie Li had a kind of calm and self-confident temperament, boys of his age are far from him. But right now, Ye Ziyun doesn't have any special affection for Nie Li, only a little curiosity as well as her heartfelt admiration for Nie Li.

Nie Li's knowledge is indeed vast and profound, even Aunt Xue thought that Nie Li is an inscription master.

Nie Li's altered inscription pattern was made into a scroll by Aunt Xue and it is indeed a silver ranked inscription pattern. Can you imagine the psychological impact Ye Ziyun felt finding out Nie Li even knows a silver ranked inscription pattern!

"Nie Li, I tested the inscription pattern when I got back, and it is indeed the completed version of <<Icy Wind, Sudden Snow>> inscription pattern!" Ye Ziyun said looking towards Nie Li.

But Nie Li's face showed no prideful expression, he only replied with "oh", for Nie Li  this sort of thing isn't something worthy to show off.

As a member of Snow Wind Family, although Ye Ziyun doesn't show it but she is still a little prideful in her heart.  When she thinks back, although Nie Li is talented, he has always been low-profile in class and never showed off his talents. Until Shen Xiu's words angered him only then did he retort. In contrast, Ye Ziyun felt a little ashamed. Compared to Nie Li she really has nothing to show off.

At this moment, Ye Ziyun began admire Nie Li a little. Although it couldn't go to the extent of liking him, but Nie Li has already been the only boy that she is willing to contact with.

But for Nie Li, this is already a big improvement.

"Nie Li, here is the soul crystal that you told me to bring." Ye Ziyun brought out her Soul Crystal.

"Inject your soul force into the soul crystal!" Nie Li said, looking towards Ye Ziyun. In the previous life, Ye Ziyun have always been his woman, therefore he will not be stingy towards her.

After seeing the shape of Ye Ziyun's soul, Nie Li gasped. He never thought that Ye Ziyun's talent is even above of Xiao Ning'er's. Her soul form were a mass of ice and within it, sleeps a phoenix.

This is the legendary Ice Phoenix's soul shape.

One of the most powerful soul forms.

Ice Phoenix cultivation speed would be the same as Winged Dragon, but once stepping into Black Gold rank, the Ice Phoenix will hatch and the cultivation will advance by leaps and bounds. Pity that in the previous life Ye Ziyun didn't managed to reach the Black Gold Rank realm and died in battle. Otherwise Ye Ziyun will most likely become one of Glory City’s pillars.

"Snow Wind Attributes, Ice Phoenix soul form!" Nie Li raised his head looking at Ye Ziyun, his eyes contained full of excitement saying, "I'll teach you a cultivation technique!"

"Teach me cultivation technique? What technique is it?" Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li in surprise. Her cultivation technique is already the strongest Snow Wind cultivation technique in the Snow Wind Family. Does Nie Li have a better cultivation technique than that?

Snow Wind Family is the number one family in Glory City. Even the Sacred Family and Divine Family cannot be compared to it, because Snow Wind Family has a legendary demon spiritist watching over it, the legendary figure Ye Mo! The various collections of Snow Wind Family isn't that of ordinary person can imagine. Because Ye Mo loves to explore the Divine Continent, he explored ancient ruins in St. Ancestral Mountains, obtaining many powerful cultivation techniques and then translated them.

"Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix Technique!" Nie Li imparted the chants and cultivation technique to Ye Ziyun. Although [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix Technique] isn't the strongest technique that Ye Ziyun is able to practice but it is the most mysterious technique. Upon success in practising this technique, she would be able to have nine lives As long as the soul doesn't get destroyed she can be revived.

In this life, Nie Li will not let Ye Ziyun leave him again!

Ye Ziyun chanted the technique for a few times silently. She was shocked to find how powerful this technique is! The techniques that Snow Wind Family has collected could not be compared to this!

"Thank you, Nie Li!" Ye Ziyun sincerely thanked him. It was a little unexpected that Nie Li actually impart such precious cultivation technique to her, after all they have just met.

In Ye Ziyun's view she and Nie Li have just met for a while, but in Nie Li's view he have already known Ye Ziyun far too long and in his heart. Ye Ziyun is already his woman therefore, a piece of [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix Technique] couldn't be considered much.

Ye Ziyun started the [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix Technique] for awhile and her soul force in her soul realm started surging up violently. This cultivation technique is simply tailor-made for her!

Just as Nie Li and Ye Ziyun chatting away, a person walked towards the direction of them both, that person is Shen Yue.

Seeing Nie Li and Ye Ziyun happily chatting and the beautiful charming smile revealed on Ye Ziyun's face. Shen Yue couldn't suppress the jealousy inside his heart much longer and walk towards them from a distance away.

"Ziyun!" Shen Yue faintly smiled as he looked towards Ye Ziyun.

"En." Ye Ziyun softly replied. The current her already doesn't have any good impressions about Shen Yue.

Shen Yue sat down beside looking at Nie Li with hint of chill in his eyes.

The atmosphere between three person suddenly got awkward.

"Nie Li, we met again." Shen Yue sneered, revealing faint hostility.

"What, was the lesson last time not enough?" Nie Li had a face of leisure as from the start to finish, he have never place Shen Yue in his eyes.

"You......" Shen Yue clenched his fist tightly, if it wasn't that Ye Ziyun is present, he will definitely let his underling to teach Nie Li a lesson.

Ye Ziyun revealed a look of surprise, hearing from the conversation between Nie Li and Shen Yue, it seems that Shen Yue suffered loss from the hands of Nie Li. She is a little curious, Shen Yue as a direct descendent of Sacred Family, how would he be able to swallow the loss he suffered from Nie Li?

Shen Yue forcibly suppress the grievance within him, he looked at Ye Ziyun saying "My family and Ziyun's family are friends, the both of us has been playing together from young and we're familiar with each other. Our elders are also very supportive of us associating together."

Shen Yue's words is to remind Nie Li that only him and Ziyun are an appropriate match and received the consent of both side's elders, what is Nie Li considered? Actually wanting to snatch Ye Ziyun with him?

Upon listening to Shen Yue's words, Nie Li couldn't help but sneer deep in his heart. In terms of familiarity, could Shen Yue know about her more then him?

Shen Yue looked at Ye Ziyun, revealing a gentle smile on his face "It can be said that me and Ziyun have mutual understanding of each other's preference and habits of life."

Listening to Shen Yue's words, Ye Ziyun showed a hint of unpleasant expression on her face, she wanted to refute Shen Yue’s claims, since when did the familiarity between the both of them has reached that degree? After the few incidents in class, Ye Ziyun felt a little disgust towards Shen Yue, Sacred Family isn't as glorious and sacred as they show on the surface.

Ye Ziyun couldn't help to look at Nie Li, Nie Li wouldn't misunderstand right.

"Then why don't you say what do you understand, I'd like to know." Nie Li's finger gently tapping onto the table, in the previous life, Ye Ziyun was almost married to Shen Yue, therefore, in this life he couldn't let the same thing happen again.

"Ye Ziyun loves to eat Acampe Rigida, reading books and daze off staring outside the window..." Shen Yue looked at Ye Ziyun affectionately.

Nie Li faintly laughed and said "Actually, she doesn't like to eat Acampe Rigida, it was Lord Ye Mo that bluffed her saying that eating Acampe Rigida could strengthen one’s soul force, only fools would love to read those difficult books, Ziyun loves to explore the most, dazing off while starting at the window is because she longed for the outside world."

Hearing Nie Li's words, Ye Ziyun were lightning-strucked, staring at Nie Li, how did Nie Li know of these stuff? She absolutely never expected that there would be someone that understand her so well.

Nie Li took a deep breath, so much he wished that he could take Ye Ziyun travel throughout the continent, but that wish couldn't be fulfilled in the previous life, therefore in this life, he will fulfil Ye Ziyun's wish.

"You're talking nonsense..." Shen Yue tried to argued but looking at Ye Ziyun's expression, he opened his mouth but couldn't say anything out.

"Since you understand Ye Ziyun so much, there's a butterfly-shaped mark on her body, do you know where the mark is at?" Nie Li faintly smiled as he looked towards Shen Yue.

"How would I know!" Shen Yue angrily replied.

Hearing Nie Li's words, Ye Ziyun's face flushed red, how would Nie Li know of the butterfly-shaped mark on her body? A strange feeling surged up within Ye Ziyun and she stood up, "Nie Li you rogue!" Ye Ziyun stamped her feet onto the ground, mingled with shame as she ran away.

Ye Ziyun's slim back, long white dress and slender legs caused her to look more attractive.

Seeing Ye Ziyun's strange reaction, Shen Yue's face sullen, the relationship between Ye Ziyun and Nie Li is absolutely not that simple, maybe they had adultery, his face went horribly gloomy "Nie Li, remember this, I will let you die a horrible death!"

Nie Li looked at Shen Yue with disdain, sneered as he spoke "You are still far from being able to compete with me, if you still doesn't grow some eyes, I wouldn't mind giving you some lesson." Nie Li stood up and left.

City Lord's Mansion.

Ye Ziyun's crimson red face has not receded.

"Nie Li, you scoundrel! Scoundrel!" Ye Ziyun angrily stamping her feet, how did Nie Li know that there's a butterfly-shaped mark on her left chest? Thinking about it here, Ye Ziyun felt unease in her heart, could it be that Nie Li peek at her while she's bathing?

If Nie Li have seen the butterfly-shaped mark on her body, doesn't that mean that he have seen every part of her body?

No, I have to question that scoundrel!

Ye Ziyun is extremely shy in her heart, he gaze outside, how did Nie Li understand her so well? Nie Li couldn't have been always peeking by her side? But the City Lord Mansion is huge and heavily guarded, afraid that not even a fly can come in.