Chapter 204 - Done?

Chapter 204 - Done?

“Since all of Blackrock City already knows about this matter, there’s no harm in telling little brother. We and the Blood Demon Clan each have obtained some savaged map. We have to combine them together in order to get a complete map. We don’t know where treasure map leads to, but we can be sure that there is a big secret hidden within the treasure map.” Luo Jian said, “The Blood Demon Clan has already let word out that they will fight till one of us is left, unless we hand over the treasure map.”

Nie Li nodded his head, roughly understanding the situation. This Blood Demon Clan is a force that could cover the entire sky; otherwise, they wouldn’t be so arrogant and say such words.

Should he get drafted into the battle?

He pondered, afterall, the Jade Seal Family is a human force, it’s worthy of uniting with. If he can show a certain strength, he might be able to win over the Jade Seal Family. To Glory City, this is absolutely beneficial and harmless.

“I wonder, what is the Nine-Layered Deathland?”

“Legend has it that the Nine-Layered Deathland is the place where the human army and the demon beast army fought back in ancient times. The battle lasted for thousands of years, accumulating countless corpses. The miasma from the corpses turned the entire area into a deathland. However, there are countless treasures scattered around there. Since that area isn’t too far from our Nether Realm, there would often be experts from our Nether Realm that would go to that area to search for treasure.”

Ancient battlefield?

Nie Li thought of Yu Yan, who is still hiding in his sleeve. Perhaps this is the place where her painful memories lie. Her countless friends from the human clan died and her Divine Spark shattered, making her all alone as she suffered the slow long years.

“It’s really embarrassing for me to drink your excellent wine. If such excellent wine was placed on the auction, it would definitely be worth quite a lot of money.” Luo Jian said awkwardly, “I don’t have anything good here... I know, I’ll gift you this primary inscription sword. This can be considered quite a decent treasure, treat it as my thank you gift.”

Nie Li was dumbfounded upon seeing this sword with a Silver rank fire attribute inscription on it. The materials for this sword is pretty good but it had a Silver rank inscription carved on it. Every weapon he has inside his interspatial ring is much stronger than this. Furthermore, this sword seems to be very precious in the eyes of Luo Jian.

Nie Li shook his head and said, “I already have my weapon, I don’t have a need for this sword. Brother Luo can keep it.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Luo Jian was stunned for a moment. Nie Li already has a better weapon? The price of this sword that he showed was very pricey, yet Nie Li actually rejected it without thinking about it!

“Those carved on it are primary inscription patterns?” asked Nie Li as he pointed to the inscription patterns on the sword.

“Correct, to carve a primary inscription pattern, we would have to invite a Primary Inscriptionist to do so. After craving, it would let the weapon’s strength grow by several fold. A Primary Inscriptionist is not easy to invite, our Jade Seal Family had sacrificed a large amount of money to do so.” Luo Jian said proudly.

Nie Li understood what’s going on. There’s a major lack of all kinds of materials in the Nether Realm. Although there are many treasures in the Nine-Layered Deathland, the majority of that should have already been ruined after such a long period of time. They could only forge new weapons by having more materials. Furthemore, inscriptionists are extremely rare in this place.

Nie Li calmly said, “I can also do this level of an inscription pattern.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Luo Jian’s eyes lit up and asked, “Could it be that little brother is also an inscriptionist?”

“I guess.” In Nie Li’s view, he can only be considered a half inscriptionist. However, it’s more than enough to carve some low-grade inscription patterns, not to mention that he already has a grasp of the Law of Light and Darkness. With them, the inscription patterns that he carves will be even more formidable.

Hearing Nie Li’s answer, Luo Jian’s expression changed to frantic joy and said, “Recently the Wugui Family recruited a Primary Inscriptionist. Could it be that it’s you little brother?”

“No.” Nie Li shook his head.

“I wonder if little brother is willing to make a trip with me to the Jade Seal Family?” Luo Jian invited with great hospitality.

If he were to expose his inscriptionist abilities, he would probably be able to obtain the importance of the Jade Seal Family. Even if he encountered danger, Nie Li would still have all sorts of method to escape, he also has the help of goddess Yu Yan. Even the two Demigod rank experts in the Jade Seal Family would probably not be able to make him stay.

“Sure.” Nie Li calmly answered, nodding his head.

“Then, let’s go.” Luo Jian stood up, looking very excited. He’s a boorish man[1. he’s straight forward, isn’t able to hide his expressions, barefaced], therefore, he has all of his expressions on his face.

Luo Jian is a person that doesn’t scheme. Dealing with someone like this, Nie Li couldn’t help feeling a lot more at ease.

The two of them followed the path, walking far away.

The Jade Seal Family is a vast fort with strict security.

Seeing a fort of the human clan, Nie Li suddenly had an indescribable feeling. See those strict guards, Nie Li felt close. Afterall, there isn’t many humans that are alive in this world.

They passed the vast gate and entered the main hall, where a forty year old middle aged man, wearing grey robes, sat with a solemn expression. Those resolute cheeks looked as though they were carved on his face, appearing very grave and stern. The man is currently thinking about the conflict with the Blood Demon clan and has caused this Patriarch to frown with worry.

Noticing someone had entered, he opened his eyes. His fierce eyes swept a gaze on Luo Jian and Nie Li.

“Father, I’ve encountered a little brother on the streets who claims to be an inscriptionist.” Luo Jian excitedly said towards the middle aged man.

This middle aged man is the father of Luo Jian, Luo Xiao, the Patriarch of the Jade Seal Family. Nie Li couldn’t help throwing him a few glances.

Hearing Luo Jian’s words, Luo Xiao looked at Nie Li in astonishment with his brows furrowed. At such young age, Nie Li doesn’t look like an Inscription Master at all.

However, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Over the years, he has seen all kinds of youth genius’. Although he doesn’t believe it, he does not show it on his face and said, “Nephew, please have a seat. I wonder, where are you from? Who is your teacher?”

Hearing Luo Jian’s words, Nie Li shook his head and said, “I’m afraid that I won’t be able to answer these questions, please forgive me.” Nie Li is also staring at this controller of the Jade Seal Family. Although Luo Xiao is huge in his figure, his style is very gentle and did not give others an exceptional pressure.

“Since nephew is unwilling to answer, then forget it.” Luo Xiao smiled and said, “Nephew is a Primary Inscriptionist?” said Luo Xiao, guessing Nie Li’s identity. Afterall, since a stranger came to their Jade Seal Family, he has to be vigilant.

“Correct, I do have a little understanding towards inscription patterns.” Nie Li answered.

At such a young age, even when facing a Patriarch, he is neither obsequious nor supercilious. This caused Luo Xiao to have a whole new impression of Nie Li. He wanted to see if Nie Li is indeed, an inscriptionist.

“We view inscriptionists with great importance. As long as it’s a confirmed inscriptionist, they will be able to receive generous treatment from our Jade Seal Family. I wonder if nephew is willing to show a little of your skills?” Luo Xiao smiled.

“Sure.” Nie Li nodded his head. He’s not interested in the treatment whatsoever. The reason why he came here is to cooperate with the Jade Seal Family. Naturally, before cooperating, he has to show sufficient value in their eyes.

“Men, bring the tools used for carving primary inscription patterns.” Luo Xiao said, looking at the guards.

“Yes.” the Guards replied, hurrying off.

A few guard far away were discussing in soft voices.

“Claiming to be an inscriptionist at such young age, I think he’s a fraud. How could there be such a young inscriptionist?!”

“I also feel that way. Which inscriptionist hasn’t spent decades of years studying inscriptions. Even if he were to start learning inscription patterns from inside the womb, he wouldn’t be able to become a Primary Inscriptionist, right?”

“You can’t say that either. After all, you can’t judge a book by its cover!”

The voice of the guards were very soft and they kept glancing at Nie Li’s direction, feeling very curious about the results. If Nie Li is confirmed to be a fraud, he will definitely be thrown out of the Jade Seal Family!

Very soon, a table was moved into the main hall with all kinds of tools used for carving primary inscription patterns and was placed in front of Nie Li.

A scarlet red Sword of Flame was placed in front of Nie Li. He took the sword up and quietly felt the body of the sword. He grabbed a carving tool, dipped it in a little demon beast blood and started carving on the Sword of Flame.

By rights, the inscription pattern carving knife shouldn’t be able to carve into the body of the Sword of Flame; however, Nie Li’s every carve would leave a pattern behind that was gradually imprinted on the Sword of Flame. Every carve emitted a scarlet luster as a trace of Soul Force spread throughout the pattern.

Seeing this scene, both Luo Xiao’s and Luo Jian’s eyes lit up.

Although Nie Li only made few carvings, it has already proven that Nie Li is a Primary Inscriptionist, there was no doubt about that.

Such a young inscriptionist, just how vast is his knowledge? He might even be able to become a Senior Inscriptionist when he grows up in the future!

Seeing this scene, Luo Xiao already made his decision to recruit Nie Li at all costs, making him a member of the Jade Seal Family. In this vast Nether Realm, humans will naturally be closer to one another. Among the human forces in Blackrock City, the Jade Seal Family is, without a doubt, the strongest. By adding on the discovery of Nie Li, the Jade Seal Family will have even more of an advantage now.

Nie Li continued carving the pattern onto the sword. Within the pattern, included Nie Li’s understanding towards inscription patterns and laws. Naturally, the inscription pattern carved on it is just Silver rank; however, the might isn’t comparable to ordinary Silver rank inscription patterns.

Yu Yan, who is inside his sleeve, also noticed Nie Li’s expressions and actions. Even she couldn’t help being shocked by Nie Li’s intent and his comprehension towards the power of law.

Right now, Nie Li can already utilize all kinds of law with proficiency.

Roughly a tea time later, Nie Li lightly breathed out and said towards Luo Xiao and Luo Jian, “Done!”


Luo Xiao was a little shocked. An ordinary inscriptionist would need at least half a day’s time to carve inscription patterns. Just how long did Nie Li take?