Chapter 203 - Remnant map?

Chapter 203 - Remnant map?

The headquarters of the Dark Guild was built with stones. Although it looks very grand, in this Blackrock City, it isn’t too eye-catching.

Long Sha and Gui Sha returned to the Dark Guild’s headquarters.

“Long Sha, were we and the Sacred Family tricked by Ye Han? Ye Zong is still alive, which caused Shen Hong and the Sacred Family to be thrown out. It was a good spy move!” Gui Sha said with indignation, “If I knew earlier, I would have killed that kid. Now that the kid escaped, this is simply making me burst with anger!”

Long Sha shook his head and said, “Ye Han did not lie. He should have indeed poisoned Ye Zong, it’s just that no one thought that he would still be alive. He was probably saved by someone.” Long Sha recalled the youth in the middle of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. To be able to lay down such a powerful array, it wouldn’t be surprising if he saved Ye Zong.

Gui Sha’s brows twitched and asked, “If Ye Han did indeed betray Glory City, and if he was to leak information about Glory City to the other families of Blackrock City, wouldn’t that mean…...I’m afraid that we’ll have to be punished by the Demon Lord.”

“The Demon Lord is still in secluded, we can’t disrupt him. We can only take this a step at a time and see the situation.” Long Sha said solemnly. Glory City is fat meat, even if the Dark Guild can’t obtain it, they will not let someone else have it.

“Long Sha, we have news that Ye Han has joined the Wugui Family. What should we do next?” Gui Sha asked, looking at Long Sha.

Long Sha knitted his brows and said, “Since Ye Han has joined the Wugui Family, he will definitely tell them about the secret passage. Although the Wugui Family has three Demigod rank experts, those three great ancestors probably won’t take action themselves. Adding on to the fact that Glory City isn’t so easy to deal with, as we imagined it to be. That Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array will make it hard for the Wugui Family to eat Glory City. We can only quietly watch on the sidelines.”

Hearing his words, Gui Sha’s eyes lit up. The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it[1. Chinese idiom meaning while one predator stalks its prey, another predator will stalk the first predator]. This is indeed a good idea.

“We can dispatch people to keep a close eye on the Wugui Family’s movements. We have to use some time and go into seclusion cultivation to recover from our injuries.” Long Sha said solemnly. If Glory City is really taken down by the Wugui Family, then it’ll be too much of a waste.

“I will make the arrangements, immediately.” Gui Sha nodded with his eyes shooting a chilling ray of light. Once the Demon Lord comes out of his secluded training, what can the Wugui Family be considered? Even the three Demigod rank grand ancestors of theirs wouldn’t be able to do a thing to the Demon Lord.

Demigod rank experts, they only have the cultivation of a pinnacle Legend rank, except that they could use the power of law to a certain degree, making them only a small step away from Spiritual God. Once they grab hold of the power of law entirely, only then will they reach the level of Spiritual God.

There are many Demigod rank experts in the Nether Realm; however, as long as the Spiritual Gods above have not been killed and lost their control of the laws, then these Demigod rank experts won’t be able to gain control of the laws and become a Spiritual God. Therefore, the possibility of becoming a Spiritual God is very rare.

Blackrock City was emitting a chilling aura everywhere.

In this Nether Realm, the Law of Nether was everywhere. The chilling aura even surpassed the Law of Darkness to a certain degree.

“I never thought that after such a long time, the strength of the Master of the Nether Realm would reach to such a shocking degree. The moment I entered here, I could sense the Law of Nether’s aura. I never thought that the entire Nether Realm would become his domain.” Yu Yan was transmitting her voice over to Nie Li from his sleeve.

The amount of experts in this Nether Realm is too much, the moment they entered the Blackrock City, Yu Yan could no longer show herself.

The entire Nether Realm is the Master of the Nether Realm’s domain? Nie Li pondered, which level is this Master of the Nether Realm’s strength at in the Heavenly Fate rank?

In the Blackrock City’s streets, Nie Li wore a black cloak as he quietly walked down the streets while looking around.

He never thought that there would be such a realm that would have all kinds of races that look differently from one another, walking about. There were Troglodytes, Dark Elves, Golems and Tailed Men actually living lives similar to that of a human’s.

They were shouting all kinds of slogans, buying and selling all kinds of stuff, making Blackrock City bustle with activity.

While he was walking, he heard some Golems conversing in the bar.

Those Golems are nibbling on crystal stones as though they are biting on soybeans. Fragments were flying all about while they were talking in hoarse voices, they were actually speaking the human language.

“Have you heard? The Blood Demon clan and the Jade Seal Family had a heated fight and the Jade Seal Family suffered horrible casualties.”

“What were they fighting over? If everyone treated each other peacefully, the world would be much more beautiful!” one of the female Golems had a weird flirtatious voice.

This voice caused Nie Li to have goose bumps. He would rather hear the voice of the male Golems. Although it’s a little hoarse, it’s still acceptable.

“It’s said that when the experts from the two families entered the first level of the Nine-Layered Deathlands, they found a treasure map and fought over it.”

“A Nine-Layered Deathlands’s treasure map? No wonder! Just entering the Nine-Layered Deathlands is a death sentence. Since the Jade Seal Family actually dared to start a fight with the Blood Demon clan, they were simply seeking death. These human clans are overestimating their capabilities. They came to our Nether Realm after few thousand years and have forgotten who’s the boss here.”

“Who’s the boss? The Blood Demon clan?”

“Of course not, it’s the Golem clan!”

After listening to the chatter of these Golems, Nie Li’s heart was slightly moved. So in this Nether Realm, the Dark Guild isn’t the only human force here, this Jade Seal Family is one as well.

Nie Li drank a few mouthfuls of the wine in the bar. It had a spicy hot taste with a sulfuric smell that made it simply too disgusting to drink. He couldn’t drink much more of it and took out a bottle of wine that he brought from outside and poured himself a glass.

“I heard that recently, the Wugui Family just recruited a new member and it’s said that he’s an inscriptionist, able to create primary inscription patterns. This time, the Wugui Family has earned a profit. In the whole Nether Realm, there are only six inscriptionists!”

“I heard that when a primary inscription pattern is carved on a weapon, it can increase the might of the weapon several fold!”

“That’s for sure, inscriptionists are very rare. The only senior inscriptionist, Lord You Ye is an existence comparable to a city!” Several Golem were chatting about.

A Primary Inscriptionist?

Nie Li’s brows twitched. What kind of inscriptionist is he considered? Must be at least senior level, right?

The forces in this Nether Realm are very complicated, there seems to be lots of powerful existences here. Especially the mysterious Master of the Nether Realm. However, inscriptionists seem to be very popular in this world.

While Nie Li was pouring some more wine, three cloaked men walked passed him as they came down from the streets. The moment they saw Nie Li, they couldn’t help looking at him. The leading man seems to have noticed something, since his eyes lit up and he decided to walk in behind him.

“Little brother, you don’t seem to be from Blackrock City.” one of the men sat down beside Nie Li, while the other two quietly stood beside him.

“Oh? How did you notice?” Nie Li swept his gaze at the other party, he is a youth of around twenty years old. His cultivation is roughly around Black Gold rank.

“I’m more or less acquainted with the experts in Blackrock City. Since little brother actually dared to walk alone on the streets, your cultivation should have reached at least Gold rank; otherwise, you would have been killed. I don’t have any impressions of a young talented youth like you; therefore, it can only be explained that you’re not from this place.” the youth smiled and said, “I’m from the Jade Seal Family, my name is Luo Jian. I wonder, how can I address little brother?”

“Nie Li.” Nie Li said, after pondering awhile.

“Our Jade Seal Family is uniting the human clan’s experts in Blackrock City. Even if we die, we want to expand the space for our human clan to survive in, letting our descendents continue on. Since little brother has come to my Blackrock City, I wonder if you’re willing to join our Jade Seal Family?” Luo Jian extended his warm invitation towards Nie Li.

“Oh? Jade Seal Family?” Nie Li pondered, he just heard some people talking about the Jade Seal Family earlier. It seems to be a decent sized family in this Blackrock City. His fingers lightly tapped on the table. If this Jade Seal Family’s motive is to expand the living space of the human clan, then they might have mutual interests with Glory City.

After Nie Li pondered for a moment, he said, “There isn’t any problem in me joining the Jade Seal Family; however, I do not wish to be restricted in any way.”

“The exterior members of my Jade Seal Family will not suffer any restrictions, only those joining as an inner member will be under restrictions.” Luo Jian’s nose suddenly sniffed a little and his eyes widened with a lustrous look. He had an astonished expression on his face and said, “What fragrant wine.”

Hearing Luo Jian’s words, Nie Li poured a cup and placed it in front of him.

Luo Jian wasn’t polite. He took the cup, straightforwardly drained it in one gulp and laughed, “Excellent wine, I have never drank such tasty wine before ever since I was young. Compared to the wines in Blackrock City, the ones in Blackrock City are all trash. This simply a top-quality wine!”

Hearing Luo Jian’s words, Nie Li couldn’t help smiling. The one Luo Jian drank was just the commonest wine. However, compared to the wine in Blackrock City, this wine is indeed of top quality. If someone brought the wine from Blackrock City to Glory City, even the beasts wouldn’t be willing to drink it.

“Then I’ll join as an exterior member of the Jade Seal Family.” Nie Li smiled, since there are no restrictions, there is no problem. He wondered what the strength of the Jade Seal Family is like.

Guessing what Nie Li was thinking, Luo Jian proudly smiled and said, “There are two Demigod rank pinnacle experts in my Jade Seal Family, ranking us third among the forces in Blackrock City, however……” Luo Jian’s face flashed with a trace of depression and said, “Recently, we had a conflict with the Blood Demon clan; therefore, there is still a certain amount of danger in joining our Jade Seal Family, which I have to tell you about!”

Luo Jian is a rather honest person.

“What kind of forces does this Blood Demon clan have?” asked Nie Li.

“The Blood Demon clan is the strongest force in this Blackrock City, even stronger than the Wugui Family, as they have five Demigod rank experts in it. They wanted to snatch the remnant map that our Jade Seal Family obtained from the Nine-Layered Deathlands. Naturally, we wouldn’t follow their orders that easily.”

“Remnant map?” Nie Li is a little curious now.