Chapter 190 - Exchange

Chapter 190 - Exchange

Nie Li pondered awhile and said, “What about these cloths?”

He took out several cloths from his interspatial ring and placed them on the table.

Yun Ling widened her eyes. Nie Li even has an interspatial ring. One must know that the interspatial ring is very rare, within the entire Heavenly Fate Plateau, probably only the chief would have one. Her gaze was attracted by the cloths placed on the table. She let out a cry in surprise and touched one of the cloths. The cloth was very soft and smooth, filled with simple and elegant flowery patterns.

After touching these cloths, Yun Ling could not move her eyes away for a moment. In their plateau, there were only rough clothes, how could there be such fine cloths?

“How many coppers are you planning on selling these for?” Yun Ling raised her head and asked Nie Li with her cheeks red. She was so mesmerized by these cloths that she lost her composure for a moment.

“Let’s go with two hundred coppers.” Nie Li said, lightly smiling.

“Only two hundred coppers? Even if these were exchanged for five thousand coppers, there would be lots of people queuing up for them!” Yun Ling said in astonishment.

Yun Ling is like she was in his previous life, treating people with sincerity and kindness. Nie Li smiled and said, “Two hundred coppers would be enough for me to eat for several days and it’s enough. Consider these cloths a gift for Miss Yun Ling. I also want to ask Miss Yun Ling to help me with a favour.”

“What favour?” Yun Ling asked with curiosity. She suddenly became a little flabbergasted, “How did you know my name is Yun Ling?”

“I heard from the people in the market.” Nie Li smiled and said, “Who doesn’t know of Miss Yun Ling here?”

In this place, Yun Ling can consider herself to have a little well-known. She is a well-known beauty and diligent with her work. The amount of people knocking up the door for marriage would be enough to trash the door apart.

“Oh.” Yun Ling nodded.

“Does Miss Yun Ling know of a purple coloured stone around here, having a shape of rhombus?” Nie Li smiled as he gestured, “Furthermore, it can also emit a faint purple smoke under the sunlight, becoming very hot.”

“Oh, you must be talking about the Purple Smoke Rock. We have many of those around here. These rocks are completely useless, furthermore, they carry a little poison.” Yun Ling said, “No one would want this kind of stuff in our area.”

The Purple Smoke Rock that Yun Ling spoke of is actually the Purple Catrop Rock, a kind of very precious stones. By collecting them, and using a special method, they can help Nie Li cultivate his soul force, allowing him reach 3-star Gold rank at the fastest speed.

“Right, I want these Purple Smoke Rocks, no matter how much they are worth. As for the price...I can exchange for them with food. Ten Purple Smoke Rocks for a bag of rice.” said Nie Li. For this trip out, Nie Li was fully prepared.

Hearing what Nie Li had said, Yun Ling became shocked. Ten pieces of Purple Smoke Rock for a bag of rice?

“Are you serious?” Yun Ling asked in shock.

“Of course I am.” Nie Li nodded his head, the only reason why he used rice as an item to exchange is because the surrounding land in the Heavenly Fate Plateau is too infertile. Therefore, the amount of food is also very insufficient. In his previous life, when he, Ye Ziyun and the rest arrived here, although they suffered some unfair treatment; however, he had also received all kinds of help from some of the kindhearted people. Using rice to exchange can be considered giving back a favour.

“Then I’ll go get the Purple Smoke Rocks!” Yun Ling hurriedly said, immediately leaving to gather Purple Smoke Rocks. Compared to those delicate and fine cloths, rice is very precious. A bag of rice can save a life, the Heavenly Fate Plateau is really suffering from the insufficiency of food.

Very quickly, Yun Long brought over twenty Purple Smoke Rocks and two hundred coppers. Nie Li gave Yun Ling the cloths and food as he had promised.

Purple Smoke Rocks can really be exchanged for food?

After taking the two bags of rice, Yun Ling felt as though she was in dream. What they have been eating were wooden powders, scraped from a tree called the Muyang Tree. Rice is a very precious thing, it is only affordable by a small amount of aristocrats.

Even a bag of rice can be exchanged for a beautiful lady from the poor families!

And she was actually able to obtain some for ten pieces of Purple Smoke Rock.

“Nie Li, will this exchange stay valid?” Yun Ling asked, appearing to be very excited.

“Naturally.” Nie Li nodded his head, “However, I only have a limited amount of rice. Ten pieces of Purple Smoke Rock can also be exchanged for five catties of meat!” before coming, Nie Li brought along many interspatial rings and filled them with food and all kind of other stuff.

“Okay, I’ll go inform everyone.” Yun Ling happily stood up. Purple Smoke Rock can be exchanged with rice and meat, she couldn’t wait to let everyone know about it.

If it’s someone else, they would definitely keep this a secret and try to secretly get rich. However, Yun Ling did not have these kinds of thoughts, she only wants to let everyone exchange some food so that their lifestyles can be a lot better.

After Yun Ling left, the youth walked towards Nie Li and sat in front of him.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Xiao Yang. I heard that brother is willing to use rice and meat to exchange ten pieces of Purple Smoke Stone.” Xiao Yun said as he looked at Nie Li. This is the first time he had see an outsider in so many years; therefore, he is filled with curiosity about Nie Li.

“Correct.” Nie Li nodded.

“I wonder what uses does the Purple Smoke Rock have?” asked Xiao Yang, trying to probe.

Everyone had their attention on the part about being able to exchange rice and meat, but Xiao Yang had noticed the bit about the Purple Smoke Rock.

“I’m not able to tell you that.” said Nie Li, shaking his head.

Xiao Yang nodded his head and did not ask any further. Since Nie Li is willing to use rice and meat to exchange for Purple Smoke Rocks, they should definitely have a great usage for it. It’s totally understandable that Nie Li isn’t willing to say.

Originally, there wasn’t a need to make a big deal out of the collection of the Purple Smoke Rocks, because Nie Li isn’t prepared to stay in the Heavenly Fate Plateau for a long time and will be leaving after a few days. Furthermore, the strongest in the plateau is just a 1-star Black Gold rank Fighter, practically no one is able to threaten him; therefore, Nie Li did not bother about it.

If it’s a 1-star Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, then perhaps Nie Li would need to be a little afraid. However, since it’s just a 1-star Black Gold rank Fighter, there isn’t a need to bother about it.

Although Nie Li only has the cultivation of 2-star Gold rank, by using all kinds of methods, he’s able to cause headaches to Black Gold rank experts. The amount of Black Gold rank experts dying in the hands of Nie Li is also not just a few.

After the information had been spread out, the efficiency of exchanging increased.

Regarding the news of being able to exchange rice and meat for Purple Smoke Rocks, many people were doubtful about that. However, there were still many people who believed in Yun Ling’s words. They all carried the attitude of giving it a try, and brought some Purple Smoke Rocks over. Many people only gathered one or two of them. Even though there are many Purple Smoke Rocks, they weren’t everywhere.

A Purple Smoke Rock for half a catty of meat and ten for a bag of rice, Nie Li quickly became busy.

“Purple Smoke Rock can actually be used to exchange for meat and rice?’

“Good heavens! It’s actually real!”

Very quickly, the news began to spread even faster after some of the people obtained rice and meats.

Continuously, many people brought Purple Smoke Rocks over to exchange with Nie Li. The amount of people that went to search for Purple Smoke Rocks in the wild also suddenly increased in numbers.

From the constant gathering of Purple Smoke Rocks, the amount quickly rose to a few thousand. The amount of people that were exchanging food were also increasing more and more, practically stuffing the door of the congee shop.

Xiao Yang and the rest did not think that Nie Li would have so much rice and meat; furthermore, he did not show any signs of stopping. This guy is simply too rich.

Suddenly, a ruckus was heard outside.

“Outta my way. outta my way, get outta my way!” several well built men pushed the crowd apart and walked into the congee shop. The leading man was a bald young man, he wasn’t wearing a shirt, so he was revealing his firm muscles. His face and body were also filled with sinister scars.

“It’s him. Nie Li, he’s the son of the chief, be careful.” Yun Ling anxiously reminded Nie Li.

Xiao Yang also had his brows knitted together. He never thought that Xiao Kuang would come. Xiao Kuang is the second son of the chief, having a cultivation of a 3-star Yellow Obsidian rank. In normal times, he is extremely arrogant and tyrannical, the amount of fights and people he’s beaten for fun is more than just a few.

Xiao Yang looked at Nie Li, not knowing how deal with him. If Nie Li can’t be dealt with, then he will have to come out and settle this.

“Oh, outsider.” Xiao Kuang arrogantly stepped on the chair with one foot, looking very overbearing, “Do you know where this is? If you want to start a business here, you have to pay taxes!”

“Taxes? I wonder what taxes do I have to pay?” Nie Li lightly looked at Xiao Kuang.

“Business Taxes, you exchanged so many Purple Smoke Rocks, first take five hundred bags of rice out before anything else. Otherwise, I’ll show you a good time.” Xiao Kuang coldly snorted, emitting a violent killing intent from his body. After killing many demon beasts for a long amount of time, his body carried a bloodthirsty killing intent.

“Xiao Kuang, you’re too arrogant.” Yun Ling stepped forward and stared at Xiao Kuang.

“Yun Ling, on the face of your dad, I won’t make things difficult for you. Don’t bother about this matter, go away.” Xiao Kuang coldly snorted.

Nie Li pulled Yun Ling to the side and said smiling, “Young master Xiao Kuang, I indeed have five hundred rice with me. If you want to take them away, then we must see if you have the capability to do so.”

“Oh, foreigner, you’re quite arrogant. Do you know what this place is?” Xiao Kuang stared viciously at Nie Li.

“I know, the Heavenly Fate Plateau. The strongest leader here appears to be only 1-star Black Gold rank.” Nie Li lightly smiled.

Under his intimidation, Nie Li did not even have the slightest weakening in his manner. Xiao Kuang couldn’t help pondering, just who is this Nie Li? After all, he is the son of the chief, although he is usually a little arrogant, he’s not the kind of person that doesn’t have any brains. He coldly smiled and asked, “Brat, where are you from?”

“Glory City.” Nie Li calmly said, maintaining his calm composure.

“Glory City? Where is that? Do you guys know about that place?” Xiao Kuang turned around and asked his underlings.

“No idea.” his underlings all shook their heads, they have never even stepped out of the Heavenly Fate Plateau before.