Chapter 191 - Don’t need it anymore

Chapter 191 - Don’t need it anymore

“What kind of place is Glory city?” Xiao Kuang sneered, disdain showing on his face. Although he said that, he was pondering deep within his heart. The opposite party might have a big background, which must be why Nie Li’s so fearless.

“Glory City is a city. We have withstood the attacks from the demon beasts and established a city in one of the mountain valley’s in the St. Ancestral Mountains. Although we would suffer from the attacks of the demon beast horde once every hundred years, and there are many times where Glory City was nearly destroyed, but due to the countless seniors sacrificing their lives, the city always managed to survive through it all.” Nie Li proudly said. If it wasn’t for the hundred million level demon beast horde, Glory City would’ve still been able to remain down the line in his previous life.

Hearing what Nie Li said, both Yun Ling and Xiao Yang had expressions of anticipation on their faces. Just what kind of city is it?! They have been hiding in the plateau, which is why they managed to escape the fate of being killed by the demon beast hordes. However, Glory City has fought with the demon beasts face to face!

“What is the population of Glory City?” Xiao Kuang asked, his heart slightly trembling. They’re able to withstand the attacks from the demon beast horde? It’s something even their Heavenly Fate Plateau doesn’t dare to do. If Glory City has towering power and is close by, and if he were to offend Nie Li, wouldn’t that mean……

“My Glory City has a population of millions with hundreds of thousands of experts. The lowest cultivation is Bronze Obsidian, Silver Obsidian and Gold Obsidian. Among these experts, a majority of them are Demon Spiritualists. We also have hundreds of Black Obsidian experts and two Legend rank experts.” Nie Li calmly said as he lightly stared at Xiao Kuang and the rest.

Hearing what Nie Li said, an uproar was caused by some people on the side. Hundreds of thousands of experts, countless amounts of Black Obsidian ranks, and two Legend rank expert, my goodness. Yun Ling and the rest were all shocked, this is simply unimaginable.

After listening to the conversation, even the people in the surrounding area had their hearts trembling. With such terrifying strength, a casually group of people would be sufficient to crush their Heavenly Fate Plateau.

Even Xiao Kuang was scared to the point that his face ashened. After calming down a little, he raised his head and snorted in disbelief, “Hundreds of thousands of experts? You must be boasting!”

“Boasting?” Nie Li glanced at Xiao Kuang with disdain, “You can follow me to have a look and see if I’m boasting.”

Nie Li’s right hand moved and suddenly shined with the radiance of his blazing soul force.

“Demon Spiritualist, Gold Obsidian rank?” Seeing this scene, Xiao Kuang’s eyes almost popped out. How old is Nie Li? At most, he’s only fourteen or fifteen and yet he is already a Gold Obsidian rank Demon Spiritualist. Then, the information about Glory City having powerful strength might not be such a strange thing after all!

Xiao Kuang swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Although he can do as he wished in the Heavenly Fate Plateau without caring for the consequences, the opposite party came from such a huge city and has such terrifying strength behind him. If he were to offend Nie Li, then it’ll definitely bring the calamity of annihilation.

Kill Nie Li? Ridiculous, what if the opposite party came prepared and some of Glory City’s experts tracked this area?

After pondering for a long time, Xiao Kuang understood that it’s best not to provoke this person in front of him.

Xiao Kuang awkwardly removed his leg from the chair, and scratched his head as he chuckled.

The rest were also shocked. So there is such a magnificent city in the St. Ancestral Mountains that has hundreds of thousands of experts, not to mention that they also have two Legend rank existences. Many people had expectation rise in their hearts. Due to their Heavenly Fate Plateau suffering from insufficient food, someone would often die from hunger. A city with countless experts must be very fertile and rich; otherwise, why would Nie Li use rice and meat to exchange for their Purple Smoke Rocks?

“Aha, there must’ve been some kind of misunderstanding. I thought there was someone causing trouble, now that the misunderstanding has been resolved, we will naturally welcome the young master as a guest of the Heavenly Fate Plateau, since you’ve exchanged so much food with us. In the Heavenly Fate Plateau, if you have any needs, I, Xiao Kuang, will do my best to help the young master.” It was a surprise to see a smile on Xiao Kuang’s scarred and vicious face.

The changes in Xiao Kuang’s attitude was simply too fast. This caused Xiao Yang, Yun Ling and some others to look at him with despise. He’s multi-faced and a coward. After he heard that the opposing party had such a deep background, Xiao Kuang was only short of kneeling down to the other party.

Xiao Kuang doesn’t care about other’s thoughts about him, he has to deal with Nie Li first before anything else. He wants to please this young master. If the other party became irritated and decided to destroy his plateau, then he would have nothing left. As for backbone, how much does that thing cost?

Xiao Yang opened his mouth and asked, “I wonder how far is Glory City from here?”

He can sense that Nie Li isn’t someone that is hard to associate with. The reason why he said all that earlier was to show Xiao Kuang true strength.

After hearing Xiao Yang’s question, the surrounding people couldn’t help quieting down and listen attentively.

“Rushing here from Glory City would require roughly ten days. If you guys want to walk the safest route, you might need roughly two months.” Nie Li said.

After a sudden idea, he said, “I can draw the map out for you. If an opportunity arises, you can go and have a look to see if I’m lying. After you get there, you can announce my name and say that it was me that told you to go there. The guards of the City Lord’s Mansion will naturally arrange something appropriate for you.”

Although the amount of experts in the Heavenly Fate Plateau isn’t much, it is a place with a Black Gold rank expert, and many Gold and Silver rank experts. If they moved into Glory City, then they would be able to give Glory City a little boost in strength. Furthermore, the only reason why the Heavenly Fate Plateau doesn’t have many experts is because the amount of cultivation techniques is too little. There are many people with the talent to cultivate, but they would have to cultivate another technique from the start. In that way, their strength will have a huge increase. Furthermore, the Heavenly Fate Plateau is so small, it won’t be able to threaten the safety of Glory City at all.

Glory City is actually so close from here and they only have to announce Nie Li’s name to get properly arranged by the City Lord’s Mansion? Could it be that Nie Li is from the City Lord’s Mansion? If so, then he simply can’t be belittled.

Xiao Kuang deeply glanced at Nie Li. Luckily he did not offend him, nor did he have any thoughts of pursuing the matter.

After Nie Li finish speaking, the inhabitants of the Heavenly Fate Plateau couldn’t help feeling a little happy. If there is such a place, then it’s just too great.

Nie Li took a drawn dense map out and said, “This is the map to Glory City’s surroundings. I will draw a map and a route for you guys so you can reach Glory City.

Glory City’s map? Everyone couldn’t help glancing at the table. The city with thousands of miles of circumference is Glory City? Isn’t the amount of space a little too huge? The Heavenly Fate Plateau wasn’t not even a tenth of Glory city! Furthermore, there are large pieces of farmland closeby, making everyone green with envy upon seeing them.

“Isn’t there any food insufficiency, since Glory City has so many people?” someone asked.

Nie Li lightly smiled as he shook his head and said, “The farmland is enough to provide for millions of people. The majority of the farmland is used to cultivate herbs. In the mountain range of Glory City, there is a countless varieties of fruit trees that can be plucked as one wishes. Every year, the experts of Glory City would kill tens of millions of demon beasts. The surplus of meat that can’t be consumed can only be left there to rot.”

At this moment, even Xiao Kuang, as the chief’s son, couldn’t help expectation rise up within his heart. Is Glory City as fertile as Nie Li said?

Even though he’s the chief’s son, he has to personally hunt for his own food, which is where the scars on his body came from. The Heavenly Fate Plateau is simply too poor, there are many people often dying from hunger.

Nie Li drafted a map, passed it over to Xiao Yang and said, “I will only be staying here for two to three days. I still have to go deeper into the St. Ancestral Mountains to train.”

Xiao Yang carefully took hold of the map, and Xiao Kuang was already rubbing his hands, looking very excited.

These youngsters were looking forward to a good life. It’s highly possible for some of these people to long for Glory City; however, some of the elders probably won’t agree to it. After all, those old men have already lived in the Heavenly Fate Plateau for too long.

However, all of this isn’t something that Nie Li can control. He provided them with the map, but whether they go or not up to them.

Nie Li continued exchanging Purple Smoke Rock for food.

An uproar rose up from the crowd of people, some of them were discussing in soft voices.

“Purple Smoke Rock is definitely a priceless treasure in Glory City, but he is only giving us a bag of meat in exchange. We want to him exchange for more rice and meat!”

“Yeah, exchange for more!”

These people were blocking some of the others from exchanging with Nie Li.

“We’re all about to die from hunger, are you still letting us live?” some of the people were still determined to exchange with Nie Li.

Sensing the commotion among the people, Nie Li lightly sighed. It’s true that the Purple Caltrop Rock is a treasure, but there is only a small amount of people that knows the usage of it. As for Nie Li, Purple Caltrop Rock is only something he will use while he is a Gold rank. After he reaches a higher rank, the Purple Caltrop Rock will be useless. Just because he is able to use the Purple Caltrop Rock doesn’t mean that others will also know how to use it. The poison in the Purple Caltrop Rock needs to be handled with special methods in order to dissolve it safely.

No matter what treasure it is, if one doesn’t know how to make use of it, then it’ll just be garbage.

The reason why Nie Li used food and meat to exchange Purple Smoke Rock with these people is because some of the people here have given assistance to the Glory City survivors when they were escaping in his previous life. However, there were many people who wanted to chase them away, and eventually chased them out of the Heavenly Fate Plateau, which caused Nie Li and the rest to have no choice but to move on in their unknown journey.

Nie Li feels that he has already done his utmost, since these people are greedy and never satisfied, there is nothing more to be done. After a while, when no one was willing to exchange Purple Caltrop Rock anymore, he faced the crowd and lightly smiled, “Since everyone has finished exchanging their Purple Smoke Rocks for food, I’ll stop. I already have enough to use, so everyone can go back now. There will not be any more acquisitions in the future!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, the crowd immediately explode into a loud commotion.

“Young master, I still have some Purple Smoke Rocks here, exchange with me!”

“Young master, i have some with me too!”

Nie Li glanced at the ones that called out. These people are the greediest among them all, he shook his head and said, “I don’t need them anymore!”