Chapter 189 - Heavenly Fate Plateau

Chapter 189 - Heavenly Fate Plateau

City Lord’s Mansion

Ye Zong also received Nie Li’s letter.

“Nie Li is actually going out to train.” Ye Zong’s brow slightly knitted. The calamity that had been hiding within Glory City had just been eliminated and the Dark Guild retreated for now. For the time being, Glory City will be very safe. When Nie Li is around, Ye Zong would feel worry free; afterall, Nie Li helped him with much of the burden. Now that Nie Li left, he can’t get used to the difference so suddenly.

“Yet, you left so many items before your departure.” Ye Zong smiled as he shook his head. Among the items that Nie Li left behind, some of them can be used to protect Glory City, and one of them was a cultivation technique. The cultivation technique is specially suited for someone that integrated with the Snow Wind Great Ape, “All thanks to your luck, little rascal!”

‘It doesn’t feel any wronged to be this father-in-law at all.’ Ye Zong couldn’t help thinking inwardly. In his heart, he already made the decision to have Yun’er marry Nie Li.

Far in the St. Ancestral Mountain, the Infinite Forest

Nie Li was quickly moving through the Infinite Forest, appearing as though he knows his way. Everything here is very familiar to him, this is one of the tracks that he fled to once before, which is rather safe. However, there is the occasional terrifying demon beast appearing.

After merging with the Shadow Devil demon spirit, Nie Li’s movements became very fast, allowing him to change his direction before he encountered any danger. After a few skims in the dark forest, he reached his destination.

In his previous life, everyone in Glory City believed that they were in the only place that held surviving humans. The demon beast hordes from the Age of Darkness was simply too terrifying, every place that they passed by wouldn’t have a single human alive. However, the fact is that there are some people that managed to survive through some special methods and continued to grow in numbers in this world, even though danger was lurking around in every direction, and formed into tribes.

The surviving ability of humanity is stronger than they imagined.

The place that Nie Li is heading towards is the first place with human inhabitants that they encountered when they were escaping in his previous life, the Heavenly Fate Plateau.

The Heavenly Fate Plateau is at the summit of a mountain, the entire mountaintop looked as though a portion of it was sliced off, creating a huge plain in its place. There is only one path that leads to the mountaintop. There are thousands of people that gathered there, and formed a tribe.

Due to the Heavenly Fate Plateau being located in a high terrain area, there was only one way up and down. It’s a place that even demon beasts would have a hard time heading to; therefore, it’s rather safe there. However, there is an issue of food deficiency, so the thousands of people were only barely surviving.

Underneath the Heavenly Fate Plateau, there is an extremely terrifying and dangerous place known as the Black Spring.

No one knows where the Black Spring came from, but they do know that it flows from the St. Ancestral Mountain directly into the bottomless abyss. The demon beasts surrounding the Black Spring are existences above Black Gold rank. Legend has it that in the bottomless abyss, there lives a group of extremely powerful Legend rank demon beasts.

If it wasn’t for the natural obstacles, the Heavenly Fate Plateau wouldn’t have been able to survive.

When the morning sun shined on the Heavenly Fate Plateau, Nie Li was already in the market of the Heavenly Fate Plateau, wearing a short robe.

The market was very bustling. Those around here were wearing tattered clothes. Compared to them, Nie Li’s clothes appeared to be clean and neat.

“I wonder which young master he is from, why haven’t we seen him in the tribal meetings before?” many of the people in the market were all discussing this new person.

It has been a few hundred years since someone came into the Heavenly Fate Plateau; therefore, they did not think about it much.

Nie Li stretched his waist as he inhaled a mouthful of air, the corners of his mouth leaked a carefree smile. Everything here is just like it was in his previous life. Nie Li walked routinely to a congee shop before stopping.

A long, golden haired man was busy in the kitchen and a delicate, pretty girl was serving the customers congee.

“The business in old man Yun’s shop is as good as always!” Nie Li said as he smiled. After he sat down on a seat, he yelled, “Two bowls of wood powder congee!”

After a moment, a girl came carrying a wooden serving tray and placed two hot congees. This girl looks to be about fifteen or sixteen, wearing cyan plain clothes. Although the clothes were amended several times, but that did not affect her beauty. Under her long and slender eyebrows, flickered a pair of pure blue eyes. She has fair and rosy cheeks and a graceful nose. Whenever she smiles, there would be two dimples on each side of her mouth, giving others a sweet feeling about her; and her golden, long hair naturally drapes over her shoulders.

Sister Yun Ling is still as beautiful as she was in his past life, except she is slightly younger compared to when they met in his previous life.

In his previous life, when they moved here, it was old man Yun and sister Yun Ling who offered him and Ye Ziyun shelter. At that time, both himself and Ziyun were given lots of care, and it was all seen with Nie Li’s eyes. Although Nie Li and the rest were forced to continue their journey later, it wasn’t the fault of old man Yun and sister Yun Ling. He clearly remembered the moment when they left, Yun Ling was shedding tears then.

After placing the two bowls of congee in front of Nie Li, Yun Ling’s gaze fell onto him and her gaze flickered with astonishment. She and her father have seen many customers on a daily basis and her memory is exceptionally good. She had basically seen almost everyone that resides in the plateau; however, she has never seen Nie Li before.

Yun Ling’s slender hands shook a little and asked in astonishment, “Little brother, I have never seen you before. You’re not from the Heavenly Fate Plateau, right?”

“No, I’m just a traveller that is passing by,” said Nie Li, smiling.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Yun Ling covered her mouth in shock. For the past few hundreds to thousand of years, there hasn’t been a single outsider that has passed by before. She practically thought that there was no longer any other humans living in the outside world. So she never thought that there would be a foreign customer today.

Yun Ling immediately sat down, glanced at Nie Li and asked out of curiosity, “Where are you from? Why have you come to our Heavenly Fate Plateau?”

“I intend on entering to the depths of the St. Ancestral Mountains to train and unintentionally arrived here.” Nie Li said as he lightly smiled. Seeing Yun Ling blinking her curious big eyes and asking this and that, he couldn’t help recalling his previous life. In his previous life, when he and Ye Ziyun had come here, Yun Ling was also acting like a curious baby.

“I heard that the outside world is filled with terrifying monsters. Even a Black Obsidian rank expert wouldn’t be able to move a single step in the outside world. Could you be a Black Obsidian rank expert?” Yun Ling asked in shock. Since Nie Li dares to enter the St. Ancestral Mountains to train, his cultivation must surely be very strong.

The Black Obsidian rank expert that Yun Ling spoke of is a Black Gold rank expert. Because of the incomplete cultivating techniques in the Heavenly Fate Plateau, the strongest around here is only a dozen 1-star Gold rank experts.

“I’m not a Black Obsidian rank expert, but I do have some methods that are able to protect my life, which is why those powerful demon beasts couldn’t do anything to me.” said Nie Li, smiling.

Suddenly, a discontented voice was heard.

“Why hasn’t my congee arrived, yet?”

“It’s coming.” Yun Ling hurriedly replied. She then said to Nie Li, “Where are you planning to live?”

Nie Li pondered for a while and said, “The hotel close by; however, I don’t have any copper used in the Heavenly Fate Plateau for transaction. Can I use some items to exchange for some with you guys?”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Yun Ling’s eyes immediately lit up. Nie Li came from the outside world, he must have definitely brought along some mysterious items that she has never seen before!

“En, okay. I’ll go serve the congee. Just wait awhile, I’ll be back immediately!” said Yun Ling, smilingly pursing her lips.

“Okay.” Nie Li nodded.

Yun Ling went to serve the congee, and Nie Li drank his congee while he looked over his surroundings. Along his way here, aside from some merchant selling various items, there were some groups of hunters. These hunters all have tall and strong builds, holding all kinds of weapons in their hands.

Due to the Heavenly Fate Plateau having a shortage of food, they have no choice but to have a group of people hunt for demon beasts to obtain their meat in order to barely fill their stomachs. However, hunting demon beasts is a very dangerous job; therefore, only those that are rather strong can become hunters.

Aside from hunting demon beasts, they also accept jobs and get employed by others, something like mercenaries.

Right in old man Yun’s congee shop, sat a group of hunters, a total of six. Their builds are very tall and sturdy, especially the leading man. He wore a white long robe, and is a handsome youth.

“Miss Yun Ling, sorry about earlier. My underlings are too hot-headed.” the youth smiled as he apologized to Yun Ling. Looking at Yun Ling, his eyes flickered with a trace of affection.

“No worries, sorry about making you guys wait so long.” Yun Ling said as she shook her head, putting the bowls of congee down. In one of the bowls was a piece of meat, it was given to the youth.

Meat is very precious, only a small amount of people that have status and money can enjoy it. Although the few hunters had envy on their faces, after sweeping a glance, they all began to drink their congee.

“Let’s eat!” the youth smiled as he took a knife out, splitting the meat into a few pieces.

In the Heavenly Fate Plateau, aside from the chief, there is the elders association that controls all kinds of decisions in the plateau. The elders association has a total of five elders, all having control over a portion of the power.

Regarding the handsome youth, Nie Li has a slight impression about him. He should be the son of a certain elder. His character is decent; however, he forgot what his name was.

After Yun Ling finished serving the congees, she hurried over to Nie Li’s seat. She is filled with curiosity about Nie Li and couldn’t wait to know more.

“Right, I still have no idea what your name is,” said Yun Ling as she smiled. The corner of her mouth revealed two shallow dimples, looking very cute.

“My name is Nie Li.” Nie Li smiled as he nodded his head. Thanks to the experience in his previous life, he had some understandings towards Yun Ling, she’s a pretty good lady.

“Nice to meet you, Nie Li. May I ask what you are going to exchange with me?” asked Yun Ling. Naturally, she is interested about anything from the outside world.