Chapter 162 - Fierce battle

Chapter 162 - Fierce battle

All the Patriarchs smiled. What Huyan Xiong just said isn’t wrong. Nie Li only used some potion and red oil materials, yet so many demon beasts were killed without seeing any blood and blade unsheathed from the soldiers. This alone could allow Glory City to avoid a lot of casualties.

This contribution is undeniable!

Ye Zong and Ye Xiu looked at each other and Ye Xiu smiled. Ye Zong knows that Ye Xiu purposely said this in front of all the Patriarchs, helping Nie Li to have his contributions recorded. In the future, the Patriarchs will recognise Nie Li.

Ye Zong looked towards the endless demon beast horde. Glory City has always been living under imminent crisis, having to face the attacks of the demon beast horde at any time. Who knows which day the city will be destroyed. If Nie Li is really able to guard Glory City, then marrying Yun’er to Nie Li is nothing much.

If Yun’er married Nie Li and she became the City Lord, perhaps it’s the best choice.

Except, thinking about Ye Han, Ye Zong couldn’t help lightly sighing. He looked towards Ye Han, who was wearing battle armour, and standing alone at the distant watchtower. His lonely figure was like a statue.

Hopefully Han’er can be more open.

Although Ye Han’s talent isn’t that bad, compared to the current Yun’er and Nie Li, he’s a little lacking. Furthermore, he has no noteworthy contributions to Glory City, only having an unstable foundation. Nie Li’s contributions were too huge, completely overshadowing Ye Han. Even if Ye Han wants to fight, he probably wouldn’t be able to win.

Ye Han felt something and looked at Ye Zong’s direction from the watchtower. He never imagined Nie Li to have such an endless method up his sleeve, killing hundreds of thousands of demon beasts. Among them, were two Black Gold rank.

Ye Han gradually understood why Ye Zong would place attention on Nie Li. He also heard that the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array was also laid down by Nie Li. Just based on these two contributions from Nie Li alone, it’d be very hard for him to compete against him.

Ye Han’s right fist clenched, his sharp nails dug into his palms. Only sharp pain would be able to ease the unwilling acceptance and resentment in his heart. The City Lord’s position is just within his sights, but he’s just simply unable to get it. He was seeing it getting further and further away from him.

Ye Han recalled what Shen Xiu said. If he’s unable to claim the City Lord’s position, then no one is allowed to claim it!

Ye Han’s eyes turned scarlet red, bit his teeth and thought inwardly, ‘This is what you guys have forced me to do!’

Right now, on top of the city wall.

Lu Piao, Wei Nan and bunch were unable to contain their excitement. They also used the bamboos to kill dozens of demon beasts.

Lu Piao stood on the city wall, facing the blowing cold wind and laughed, “This demon beast horde doesn’t seem to be anything much!”

Seeing Lu Piao’s pleased expression, Xiao Xue was just simply pissed off. Just a little earlier, he was whining and now, he’s being complacent. She even thought of kicking Lu Piao down the wall.

“Don’t rejoice too soon. Of this million level demon beast horde, we’ve only managed to destroy a tenth of them.”

Du Ze was a little speechless. This is just the beginning of the demon beast horde.

Aside from Lu Piao being playful, the rest were quite serious. After all, the demon beast horde has already broken through the third line of defense. Next up, how many trump cards can they still use?

The third line of defense held on for half an hour, killing tens of thousands of Snow Wind demon beasts. However, these Snow Wind demon beasts were still marching forward.

The Snow Wind demon beasts were gradually getting closer to the city. Rumble… the city gate suddenly suffered an impact.

“Quick, pour the red oil down!”

A group of Fighters poured the buckets of red oil from behind them and then lit a spark. Boom, flames were soaring into the skies.

Below the city gate, this is the fourth line of defense!

Flames engulfed countless Snow Wind demon beasts. The area below the city wall has already turned into a sea of flames with the Snow Wind demon beasts frantically roaring. The scene was simply hellish.

The guards on the walls were fully armed, ready to enter into battle at any time. Once the fourth layer of defense is broken through, then the battle will be with white blades. At that time, they’ll have no choice but to face the Snow Wind demon beasts.

“Demon beasts are charging up the walls!” an exclamation could be heard from far away.

The red oil turned into an intense flame. Although the flames were engulfing many Snow Wind demon beasts, there were still some of the more powerful Gold rank Snow Wind demon beasts that managed to charge up the walls. The experts of various families also immediately charged with swords in their hands.


The few Gold rank Snow Wind demon beasts that managed to charge up the walls waved their claws around, smashing several guards to death. In that instant, blood drenched the walls.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

Several figures flashed towards the Gold rank Snow Wind demon beasts. All these people were at least Gold rank experts, there were even a few Black Gold ranks. They would come together to quickly kill the Gold rank demon beasts and throw their corpses down the walls.

An intense fight broke out on top of the city walls. Although there were some casualties, compared to the demon beast hordes in the past, it’s much better. In the past, when the demon beast horde arrives, they would charge up the city walls in groups. Thereafter, there would be an intense fight with blades, like a meat grinder, killing many in an instant.

This time, ordinary Snow Wind demon beasts basically died in the sea of flames. Only a small amount of Gold rank Snow Wind demon beasts were able to charge up the city walls. Furthermore, the Snow Wind demon beasts couldn’t stand the blazing flames. With the flames blazing up into the sky, their fighting capability fell. Experts from various families on top of the city walls would constantly kill the Snow Wind demon beasts that managed to climb up.

Buckets of red oil were being poured down, and waves of flames would engulf the Snow Wind demon beasts.

The intense fight on top of the city walls continued, and Nie Li was also anxiously commanding. Although there was a lot of red oil, this situation can only be maintained for a few hours at best.

However, Nie Li already passed inscription pattern related materials to the Alchemist Association to have them start making Blood Burst Demonic Bottles. Once the red oil is finished, they’ll use the Blood Burst Demonic Bottles!

Up till now, there wasn’t any need for any Patriarch to take action yet, they are only responsible to stay alert.

“Immediately send some of the men back to the family, get everyone in the family to move any usable oil here. Today, daddy me will burn these Snow Wind demon beasts!” Huyan Xiong shouted. Several people from the Huyan Family immediately set off to collect red oil.

Patriarchs of various families also sent someone back to gather red oil. Even if they won’t be able to have any red oil for a year, they will gladly use them to destroy these Snow Wind demon beasts! If the citizens of Glory City knew that red oil can be used to fight the Snow Wind demon beasts, they will probably contribute all the red oil in their homes without any hesitation.

Ye Zong stared into the distance, his gaze falling onto the dozens of Black Gold rank demon beasts within the Snow Wind demon beast army. These Black Gold rank demon beasts are the most dangerous existences there. The whole demon beast horde is commanded by them!

The fighting fell into an anxious state. The area below the city wall is like a huge meat grinding machine, tens of hundreds of Snow Wind demon beasts have been killed, and the top of the city wall was plunged into battle. There has already been thousands of casualties with hundreds of deaths.

However, the current situation is still acceptable for Glory City.

While Nie Li was commanding the Fighters, he suddenly felt as though he was in an empty world. The countless amounts of demon beasts below the walls wailed, their voices seemed to be getting further and further away. Countless Snow Wind demon beasts deaths were like countless souls floating in the air.

Nie Li could feel the countless amount of soul force gathering into him. All of this soul force was rushing into Nie Li’s soul realm, with no intent on stopping.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Under the impact of all of this soul force, his soul realm frantically surged.

Nie Li’s soul realm felt as though it was about to explode. The movement of his body became very slow. Nie Li’s brows were locked tight, such an accident actually happened in such a crucial moment.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

A batch of Gold rank demon beasts charged up the city wall. Du Ze, Lu Piao and the rest all merged with their demon spirits respectively and engaged in battle. Duan Jian took the lead and charged towards the place where the most Gold rank demon beasts gathered.

Suddenly, two Gold rank demon beasts charged towards Nie Li.

“Nie Li, be careful!” Xiao Ning’er suddenly realised Nie Li’s strange reaction. Nie Li seems to be in a daze with his brows locked tight and looked like he was in extreme pain. She immediately charged towards Nie Li without any regards for herself.

Ye Ziyun also noticed Nie Li’s strangeness. She watched Xiao Ning’er charge forward to save Nie Li as two Gold rank demon beasts pounced towards Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er. If she doesn’t stop them, both Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er will definitely be in danger. Ye Ziyun immediately controlled the Snow Queen demon spirit, two storms formed in her palms and she threw them towards the two Gold rank demon beasts.

Ye Ziyun had only just stepped into 1-star Gold rank and these two demon beasts were at least 3-star Gold rank. However, Ye Ziyun did not bother about the difference that much. The two storms landed on the bodies of the two Gold rank demon beasts, causing their bodies to pause a little.

Ice wall technique!

Ye Ziyun quickly chanted while having the Snow Queen demon spirit control the water element’s energy, forming a thick wall behind Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er.


The two Gold rank demon beasts hit the ice wall. They let out a whimper and backed off.

At this moment, Ye Ziyun’s face turned slightly pale with a trace of blood leaking from her mouth. With her current strength, facing two 3-star Gold rank demon beasts is still too difficult for her.

When Xiao Ning’er pushed Nie Li out of the way, she gratefully gave Ye Ziyun a glance. It was Ye Ziyun that saved her and Nie Li earlier.


Xiao Ning’er and Nie Li heavily fell onto the ground. Xiao Ning’er also couldn’t help letting out a groan. Although her cultivation had already reached Gold rank, she is a Demon Spiritualist. Therefore, her physical body isn’t very powerful. After rolling out, she became pressed under Nie Li’s weight.

“Ning’er, take Nie Li and leave first!” Ye Ziyun said in an anxious voice. She continued to control the Snow Queen and blocked the front of Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er.

“Ye Ziyun, you…” Xiao Ning’er looked at Ye Ziyun, feeling a slight pain in her heart. She still remembers the time when she was very young, when they used to be best friends. However, as time passed, Xiao Ning’er gradually understood the distance between them. Ye Ziyun is the daughter of the City Lord, and she is nothing. She had to face the fate of being married off to others, marrying that bastard, Shen Fei. She was filled with grief. She constantly worked hard, trying to change her fate. Thereafter, Nie Li helped her cure her illness and made her the most talented person within her family, hence she was able to get rid of that frightening chain before she was able to feel relieved. However, the only one Nie Li likes is Ye Ziyun.

Fate has always been playing a joke on her, everything is for Ye Ziyun.

However, the one saving them today is Ye Ziyun.

Xiao Ning’er is still rather kindhearted, she also couldn’t bear seeing anything happening to Ye Ziyun and reminded her by saying, “You be careful.”

Nie Li suffered a concussion earlier on and was slowly returning. Suddenly, he felt that he’s pressing into something, feeling something below him. A soft touch and a lady’s fragrance got to him. He forcefully opened his eyes, it turns out to be Ning’er. They were separated by a thin layer of clothes, so he was able to vaguely feel her voluptuous body. Nie Li’s consciousness become a little clearer, seeing Xiao Ning’er’s anxious expression and he was slightly stunned. He suddenly recalled, earlier on, his soul realm suddenly suffered an impact. There seemed to be two Gold rank demon beasts charging towards him and it was Xiao Ning’er that saved him.

“Nie Li, you're awake? What happened to you earlier? You scared us to death!” Xiao Ning’er, seeing Nie Li wake up, felt relieved. Suddenly, feeling that Nie Li is still pressing against her, her cheeks suddenly turned red. She quickly shook Nie Li, “Quick, get up. Ziyun is still defending us from the demon beasts, and we are in a dangerous position!”

As Nie Li continued to press against her, she wanted to push Nie Li away. But she feared hurting him, and cause even more damage to the already wounded Nie Li. The skin-to-skin contact made her shy and anxious.

Nie Li did not pay attention to her reactions. So much soul force had rushed into his soul realm, causing him to suffer from the impact. His body was still a little weak.

Hearing what Xiao Ning’er just said, he quickly operated his soul force. After having so much soul force rush into his soul realm, his soul realm seemed to have expanded a little.

Nie Li figured out why. With so much demon beasts dying in the battlefield below, there would be a large amount of soul force coming out of their bodies. All of this soul force seemed to have been controlled, and entered his body. Due to because Nie Li’s soul realm was unable to absorb such a large amount in such a short amount of time, is why this situation formed.

Nie Li got up with great difficulty, but his soul realm felt as though it was being shredded.

This struggle caused Nie Li to grimace in pain.

“Nie Li, how are you feeling?” Xiao Ning’er anxiously asked, quickly supporting Nie Li.

“Not good, I need to refine my soul force a little.” Nie Li said. He forcefully sat cross-legged, and immediately began refining the soul force in his soul realm. Only by recovering quickly, can he once again enter into battle.

In order to prevent Nie Li from being attacked, Xiao Ning’er guarded Nie Li’s side.

Although experts from various families have killed many demon beasts, the amount of Silver and Gold rank demon beasts charging up the walls was increasing, and they were entering into a bitter battle.

Ye Ziyun merged with her Snow Queen demon spirit, her body shuttling back and forth to dodge to attack of the two Gold rank demon beasts. A small blizzard turned into a sword that shot towards the two Gold rank demon beasts.

Boom! Boom!

The icicles exploded, causing only a slight pause in the movements of the two Gold rank demon beasts. The two demon beasts furiously roared, and pounced towards Ye Ziyun, causing her to be unable to dodge in time.

The Snow Wind attributed demon beast that Ye Ziyun integrated with is only 1-star Gold rank. Although it’s able to surpass rank and battle, it’s still unable to deal with two 3-star Gold rank demon beasts at once.

Seeing Ye Ziyun in danger, Xiao Ning’er felt anxious. Just when she was preparing to save Ye Ziyun, a Gold rank demon beast came from the side and pounced towards Nie Li. Seeing this situation, Xiao Ning’er merged with her Heavenly Lightning Sparrow, flapped her wings and shot bolts of lightning towards the Gold rank demon beast.