Chapter 163 - 2-star Gold rank

Chapter 163 - 2-star Gold rank


A ray of light shot out. The lightning struck the Gold rank demon beast, causing fresh blood to splatter around.

The Gold rank demon beast, suffering from the heavy damage, took a few steps back and roared. It widened its mouth and charged towards Xiao Ning’er.

The power of the blizzard instantly decreased the surrounding temperature by several degrees, causing Xiao Ning’er’s body to be a little stiff.

The pressure from the 5-star Gold rank Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard’s bloodlust felt huge to Xiao Ning’er.

Xiao Ning’er had difficulty chanting as she mobilized the surrounding soul forces. Three bolts of lightning appeared out of the thin air, shooting towards the Gold rank demon beast.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three bolts of lightning penetrated the body of the Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard, immediately making its blood splatter around the area. The Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard painfully wailed, but its body did not stop as it continued to charge at Xiao Ning’er.

This demon beast seems to have gone crazy, not having any regards for its own life. Xiao Ning’er quickly tried to dodged the Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard’s attack,but it was too fast.


The Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard smash into Xiao Ning’er, causing her to suffer great injuries as she heavily flew to the floor.

The Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard raised it’s claws, smashing at Nie Li.

Not good! Nie Li is in danger!!

Witnessing this scene, Xiao Ning’er immediately mobilized the last of her soul force, formed it into a lightning chains and shot them towards the Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard’s front paws, binding them in place.

Xiao Ning’er’s heart was in an extremely anxious state. She exhausted all of her strength. This Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard is way too powerful, it’s not something that she can compete against. However, Nie Li is still sitting there, cross-legged. She has no idea when Nie Li will recover, and she is no longer able to hold out anymore. Her soul force has already been exhausted, the corner of her mouth leaked out a trace of blood and even her internals has suffered great injuries.

“No matter what, I won’t let you harm Nie Li.” Xiao Ning’er’s eyes were firm, forcefully mobilize her soul realm, exhausting whatever’s left of her soul force with her strong will, and was fighting to maintain the lightning chain.

However, the lightning chain soon collapsed.

Just when the Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard’s claw was about to land onto Nie Li, Nie Li suddenly open his eyes. The soul force that rushed into his Dantian has been fully absorbed into his soul realm, causing his soul realm to grow by at least a fold.

His soul force has undergone a transformation. He had finally stepped into 2-star Gold rank.

Nie Li felt the changes within his body. The power of a 2-star Gold rank caused his heart to be excited. He never thought that he would be able to absorb those deceased demon beast’s soul forces and make a breakthrough.

Nie Li’s right hand moved, the Scarlet Flame flying knife appeared in his hand, then shot into the sharp claws of the Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard, piercing the Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard’s entire arm, then through its brain and finally out the back of its head.


The Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard let out a wail and heavily fell onto the ground with blood all over the floor.

After reaching 2-star Gold rank, Nie Li’s control over the Scarlet Flame flying knife became much smoother. It’s might is simply frightening, directly penetrating through a 5-star Gold rank demon beast!

With a wave of his right hand, the Scarlet Flame flying knife returned to his hand. Nie Li threw a glimpse into the distance, Ye Ziyun was at the brim of the wall, fighting two Gold rank demon beasts. Nie Li’s body quickly underwent a transformation, merging with his Fanged Panda demon spirit, and activated Gravity Field. He then opened his mouth, and shot a black sphere and a white sphere from it.

Ye Ziyun was in the midst of a bitter battle. Suddenly, the two Gold rank demon beasts were falling down the city walls. The sudden change caused Ye Ziyun to be a little surprised. After taking a quick glance at Nie Li, she understood what’s going on.

A black sphere and a white sphere exploded beside them. That frightening impact instantly engulfed the two Gold rank demon beasts.

Ye Ziyun let out a breath in relief, and slowly floated down. She gave another look into the distance, and saw Nie Li carrying the heavily wounded Xiao Ning’er, while using his soul force to treat her injuries.

The sunset was shining, covering Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er with a layer of golden light. This scene was so magnificent and beautiful in the battlefield filled with death.

What a nice pair of lovers.

Not knowing why, Ye Ziyun felt a sharp pain in her heart when she saw this scene. She continued to stare at them, eventually lost in a daze.

“Ning’er can forgo everything for you, she likes you so much, yet, what am I to you? We don’t have any deep and unforgettable feelings between us. I don’t have any right to snatch you away from the hands of Ning’er.” Ye Ziyun’s eyes became moist. She felt as though her heart was being torn. After a long time, she quietly wiped the tears from her face, “Nie Li, from today onwards, lets just be friends. Both you and Ning’er are my best friends. You must be good to her.” Ye Ziyun mumbled, looking at Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er.

She began to think of her lonely self again. Perhaps, she is meant to be lonely for her whole life. As the City Lord’s daughter, she bears too much responsibility on her shoulders. She has to protect Glory City with her life and it is deemed that she couldn’t be like Ning’er, who is able to love someone so intensely.

In this moment, she has firmly decided to bury her feelings for Nie Li deep within her heart. However, she has no idea why, but she could feel the faint pain in her heart.

Nie Li injected his soul force into Ning’er’s body, warming her damaged meridians. A moment later, Xiao Ning’er groaned as she woke up, opening her eyes with difficulty.

Xiao Ning’er’s face was ash white. She took in a breath, feebly smiled and said, “Nie Li, it’s good that you’re fine……”

Her breathing was very feeble at the moment, her beautiful face didn’t have a single trace of blood in it. Luckily, she only exhausted her soul force and wasn’t in a life threatening situation.

“Don’t talk, your soul force is too exhausted. You can no longer partake in the battle. I’ll get Ye Ziyun to send you back. Both of you must go back to the City Lord’s Mansion to recover before you do anything else,” said Nie Li. Looking at the current state of Xiao Ning’er, Nie Li couldn’t help feeling a little pain in his heart. Because of him, Xiao Ning’er had to exert all of her strength, however, he can’t give Ning’er what she wants. Before he could repay the debt from his previous life, he now has another debt in this life. Nie Li’s heart was filled with guilt as he walked over to Ye Ziyun and gave her a look.

“Leave Ning’er to me.” said Ye Ziyun, supporting Xiao Ning’er. Her head was lowered, and she did not make any eye contact with Nie Li.

“I……” Nie Li looked at Ye Ziyun and wanting to thank her for having no regards about herself and blocked the two Gold rank demon beasts.

“Let’s talk about it later, if you have anything to say. Ning’er is not in a suitable state to remain here. I’ll bring her back.” Ye Ziyun interrupted, unwilling to wait for Nie Li to finish his speech. She then supported Xiao Ning’er and leaped far from the battlefield.

Nie Li was slightly stunned. He could somehow feel that Ye Ziyun’s expression was a little strange. He couldn’t say what was exactly wrong; however, now that the demon beasts were still charging at the city walls, there’s no time to think about anything else. The Scarlet Flame in Nie Li’s hand flew out.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

The demon beasts fell, one after another, by Nie Li’s hand.

Taking a look at the far distance, he saw that Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er’s figures were already gone.

With his cultivation reaching 2-star Gold rank there wouldn’t be any problems, even if he were to leap up in rank and challenge a 5-star Gold rank demon beast. Furthermore, with a weapon like the Scarlet Flame, he can kill dozens of demon beasts in just a moment.

The Snow Wind demon beasts attacked for over thirty hours, from night to day, day to night. The City Guards were swapped, batch by batch, to take turns to fight.

One third of the million level demon beast horde was killed.

In the midst of this intense fight, a loud deafening roar was heard coming from far away. The Snow Wind demon beast army somewhat retreated to few kilometers away from the city wall before holding their position.

The Snow Wind demon beasts actually stopped their attacks?!

This is simply unbelievable! In the past, the demon beast horde would only charge forward endlessly.

Seeing the snow wind demon beasts stopping a few kilometers away, Ye Zong, Ye Xiu and the rest looked at each other, wondering why the demon beast horde suddenly stopped.

Could it be related to the roar from earlier? The roar earlier was sharp and clear, it was issued by at least a Black Gold rank demon beast. Could it be that these ordinary demon beasts heed the command of a Black Gold rank demon beast?

After a sudden thought, Ye Zong lightly gasped, “That Black Gold rank demon beast had unlocked its Spiritual Wisdom!”

Unlocked its wisdom? Ye Xiu’s heart slightly trembled. He had once heard this happening in a legend. Among the demon beasts, there are some with extraordinary wisdom. Upon unlocking their Spiritual Wisdom, they would obtain intelligence that wasn’t any less than a humans. However, under normal circumstances, shouldn’t only a Legend rank demon beast have its Spiritual Wisdom unlocked?

Ye Zong look into the distance and sighed, “Over the years, the experts in our Glory City have been getting less and less. However, the evolution of these demon beast are getting faster and faster. Even the demon beasts surrounding Glory City have grown stronger than before!”

Hearing what Ye Zong said, Shen Hong curled his mouth. That had been determined a long time ago. If they were to bitterly guard Glory City, they’ll be destroyed sooner or later. The only way to survive is to join the Dark Guild, since they are able to open ancient array. Surrendering to the Dark Guild is the only way out!

The other Patriarchs also felt a little sad, however, with those rise of the younger generations, Glory City is not without hope. Ye Zong recalled Nie Li, Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er and the rest.

The elders era was slowly passing away. The younger generation is currently growing up. The future is in the hands of the younger generation.

As elders, they can only try their best to create a better condition for the younger generation to grow.

No matter what, Glory City can not fall while it’s in their hands!

With the the demon beast horde backing off, various Patriarchs moved a lot of the red oil to the wall. The Alchemist Association also delivered many completed bamboo spears and large amounts of Blood Burst Demonic Bottles. To fight this demon beast horde, all of Glory City has been working at high speed.

‘Wonder when they will launch their next attack?’ Nie Li couldn’t help thinking about this question.

“What are they doing?!” someone exclaimed.

The demon beast army was mobilizing. The huge sized Snow Wind demon beasts were moving huge stones from a far away mountain. Everyone’s faces changed upon seeing this scene.

“They’re preparing to throw stones at Glory City!”

“Good heavens! We’re doomed!”