Chapter 161 - Wicked idea

Chapter 161 - Wicked idea

The terrifying demon beasts roars were like thunder booming, causing the city wall to tremble enough to for dust to fall.

Seeing the endless amount of demon beasts, Lu Piao, Du Ze and the rest had their faces ashened.

“My goodness, with so many Snow Wind demon beasts, there’ll be a lot of deaths! I don’t want to turn into the stool of these Snow Wind demon beasts!” Lu Piao had a bitter face, “God, have pity on me, I’m still a virgin!”

“Good for nothing!” Xiao Xue kicked on Lu Piao’s butt, “If these Snow Wind demon beasts climb up the city walls, I’ll turn them into stew!”

Du Ze gave Xiao Xue a thumbs up. If even a woman like Xiao Xue is not afraid, then what can the men be afraid of? Although Lu Piao whined earlier, he still remained on the city wall. He’s just someone that will have some complaints, but still have some backbone; otherwise, he wouldn’t have generously died without having any second thoughts in his previous life.

Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun stood behind Nie Li and said nothing.

Ye Ziyun glanced at Ye Zong, who was a good distance away. As the daughter of the City Lord, she will naturally not be worse than others. When facing the demon beast horde, she will definitely not back down. This concerns the pride of the Snow Wind Family!

Glory City is waiting for them to protect it!

Xiao Ning’er was staring at Nie Li’s back figure. Back in the Abyss Prison realm, she had already experienced death, so death is already mild in front of her. If the demon beast horde destroys Glory City, then she will gladly die together with Nie Li.

Nie Li looked at far away. The front line of Snow Wind demon beasts has already entered the first line of defense. When passing the sloped area, the speed of the demon beast horde had significantly slowed down. The group of demon beasts passed the sloped area very quickly, entering into the front part of the pitted area.

When these Snow Wind demon beasts stepped onto the ground, they were stepping into the pits and were being drowsed in a large amount of liquid.

When the liquid came in contact with the fur of a Snow Wind demon beast, it would immediately explode, forming a sea of flames in an instant. The demon beasts that were charging at the front line suddenly roared miserably within the sea of flames. The fire spread, immediately engulfing thousands of Snow Wind demon beasts.

What the Snow Wind demon beasts are most afraid of is flames. However, ordinary flames are absolutely impossible to cause any burns on the body of these Snow Wind demon beasts. What Nie Li poured into the pits was a red oil. Within this red oil, he added some mica materials. The moment the oil touches the skin or fur, it’ll ignite. The blazing heat is not something an ordinary cold can extinguish.

With the demon beast horde advancing, the frontline of Snow Wind demon beasts were unable to stop at all. They were pushed, one after another, into the sea of flames, causing the flame to be even more intense.

In just a few moments, the corpses of these Snow Wind demon beasts stacked on top of each other, forming a huge mountain of flaming corpses.

In just an instant, several thousands of demon beasts were dead!

This scene shocked everyone present. Who could have thought that the liquid in those pits would have such frightening power? In just an instant, it blocked the demon beast’s offense.

Right now, even Ye Zong, Ye Xiu and the rest were also dumbfounded for several seconds, before joy took over their expressions. They had no idea what liquid Nie Li used would be such a great weapon against the demon beasts!

“Nie Li really does have a method or two. Just this move alone can save a lot of our strength!” Ye Xiu said excitedly.

Ye Zong also had a hint of admiration flashing through his eyes, Nie Li has done a good job.

Shen Hong’s face went dark, he never thought that the demon beast horde’s offense would suddenly be blocked.

“Look!” one city guard yelled out in an urgent tone.

Looking far away, after the first batch of the horde was blocked, it quickly split into two and began to move around the flames.

Ye Zong’s face quickly changed, “Not good, if this goes on, the demon beast horde will move towards the east and west side of the city! The guards over at those walls are rather weak.”

Suddenly, two arrows, with the tips ignited, drew two arcs of light in the darkness, and landed into the deep ditches on either side. In an instant, two giant pillars of flame moved towards the other side, forming two flaming walls with the height of five to six meters and stretched for thousands of meters.

The charging speed of these snow wind demon beasts was too fast, they couldn’t stop in time and charged into the flaming walls. Instantly, they issued miserable shrieks as their entire bodies were ignited by the flames, and were stumbling as they ran dozens of meters and eventually fell onto the ground with their entire bodies charred. One after another the Snow Wind demon beasts couldn’t stop in time and continued to charge into the flaming walls. In an instant, another few thousand Snow Wind demon beasts died within the flames.

These Snow Wind demon beasts can only continue to proceed through the southern wall, since they were being blocked by the fire walls.

Ye Zong and the rest were simply dumbfounded as they watched this scene. Nie Li seems to have already calculated the route these Snow Wind demon beasts would take and used the intense flames to guide these Snow Wind demon beasts. The Snow Wind demon beasts don’t have high intelligence, they can only avoid the flames and charge forward.

“They’ll soon reach the second line of defense!” The corner of Nie Li’s mouth curl into a smile, everything has been going as he had expected.

With the the two flaming walls blocking their way out, the Snow Wind demon beasts got intensely packed together. On their bodies, there were some small sparks. One of the sparks landed onto the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions of great intensity were suddenly heard that could harm the ears. Even the people standing on the top of the walls couldn’t endure and were forced to cover their ears. The exploding sounds were simply too frightening.

The scene before them caused everyone to be even more shocked than they already were.

In a series of explosions, the demon beasts that were crowding the front were sent up into the air. Many of the Snow Wind demon beasts were shattered into bits and pieces, turning into nothing more than pieces of meat flying in the sky.

In this series of explosions, at least several tens of thousands of Snow Wind demon beasts were killed and turned into ashes, even a group of Gold rank and two Black Gold rank demon beasts were killed.

The sea of flames earlier caused Ye Zong, Ye Xiu and the rest to be surprised. And now, they were utterly shocked.

This explosion is simply too frightening! Even Black Gold rank demon beasts were shredded to pieces!

“Just what did that kid, Nie Li, use?” Ye Zong said, fear still lingering from the explosion.

At this moment, Shen Hong was even more frightened. That chain of explosions was simply too frightening. If one didn’t have the proper precautions and was ambushed by it, the entire Sacred Family would probably fly into the sky!

Nie Li got the Alchemist Association to mix mica, black chips and twenty over minerals together with some herbs, to form into a liquid. This liquid is extremely unstable, the moment it comes into contact with fire, a terrifying explosion will occur. The might of the explosion can be described as devastating.

Several tens of thousands of Snow Wind demon beasts were killed without anyone fighting. This is enough for Glory City to have a lot less casualties! Furthermore, there were two Black Gold rank demon beasts that were within those explosions, which were absolute frightening existences!

These explosions were simply too frightening. The Snow Wind demon beasts at the back felt their fear rising.

However, the amount of Snow Wind demon beasts was too many. Those at the back constantly pushed the charge forward, pushing the Snow Wind demon beasts at the front.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions occurred, blowing another few thousand Snow Wind demon beasts apart.

The Snow Wind demon beast army continued to march forward, closing in on Glory City. Although their approaching speed is a lot slower, the sheer amount would cause fear in people.

“They’re at the third line of defense now!” Nie Li estimated the distance of the Snow Wind demon beasts.

Although the army of Snow Wind demon beasts did not stop their marching, their amount was being exhausted little by little. As their numbers get exhausted, there will be that many less losses that Glory City has to face.

With the Snow Wind demon beasts only a few kilometers away from the city walls, Nie Li picked up a bamboo spear and threw it over to the place with the densest amount of Snow Wind demon beasts.

The sharpened bamboo drew an arc in the air and landed within the densely packed amount of Snow Wind demon beasts. With a boom, the bamboo exploded. The potion from within the bamboo leaked out.


Those Snow Wind demon beasts that inhaled the potion had their eyes turn red and went insane. They were constantly biting their companions and, in an instant, turned the whole area into a mess.

Bamboo was thrown at the horde from the hands of the Fighters. Within the bamboo was a poison that would cause the Snow Wind demon beasts to go crazy. After the Snow Wind demon beasts inhale it, they will enter into a berserk mode and attack their companions.

The only downside is that under such short notification, the Alchemist Association was only able to find a small amount of materials and only made roughly five thousand bamboos filled potions.

The Snow Wind demon beasts were attacking one another, and the scene immediately entered into chaos. Every bamboo can get rid of dozens of demon beasts.

As the Snow Wind demon beasts charged forward in waves, waves of bamboo were shot up and soon another fifty to sixty thousand Snow Wind demon beasts fell to the ground.

Bursts of cheers were coming from the guards on the city wall. They never imagined that there would actually be such a method to fight against the demon beasts. There were already over hundreds of thousands of deaths on the demon beast’s side before they even charged the city walls. Every single one of them were excited, and couldn’t wait to get some of those to give them a try.

As for the ordinary Fighters that were throwing the bamboo, they were even more excited. Normally, they could only manage to kill one Snow Wind demon beast when few of them team up. But now, as long as they throw out a bamboo, they will be able to kill dozens of demon beasts. This is simply too easy, causing them to plunge into excitement.

At this moment, all the various Patriarchs were also discussing with one another.

“Who came up with this idea? It really gave me an eye opener!”

“Yeah, after battling demon beasts for so many years, I had no idea that we can use this method to kill them!”

“The key is those potions. Without those potions, ordinary methods would be complete useless against the Snow Wind demon beast!”

“The one that came up with this potion and this method has done an outstanding service to Glory City. If it wasn’t for him, who knows how many of us would die?!” Divine Family’s Patriarch sighed.

“Yeah, an outstanding service! By contributions alone, he’s definitely first!” all the Patriarchs praised.

Shen Hong remained silent, without saying anything. His face was expressionless, but in his heart, he felt extremely depressed. In order to induce the demon beast horde, the Dark Guild had to spend a lot on it, could it be that their efforts will be wasted? However, it’s good that there are only hundreds of thousands of Snow Wind demon beasts being killed. There is still nearly millions of demon beasts left. This demon beast horde is far from finished!

“Regarding this matter, we still have to be grateful to that kid, Nie Li. These ideas all came from him!” Ye Xiu said, smiling at the side.

“That genius Nie Li?!”

“Never think that aside from having extraordinary talent, the kid still contained quite a few wicked ideas!”

“What wicked idea? This is simply great wisdom. What I, Huyan Xiong, admires the most is smart people!” Huyan Xiong rose his thumbs up, “Killing hundreds of thousands of demon beasts without seeing our soldier’s blood and blades, which one of you can achieve that?”