Chapter 160 - Beast horde arrives

Chapter 160 - Beast horde arrives

Every demon beast horde is a nightmare, all of Glory City is in a state of alert.

City Lord’s Mansion’s Hall

Various experts from various families were arranged to the various sides of the city, only the Sacred Family was left alone.

Ye Zong and Shen Hong’s gazes made contact, with rays of chilling light flashing through their eyes.

Shen Hong smiled as he looked at Ye Zong and said, “I did not expect Glory City to experience a demon beast horde. As a member of Glory City and for the sake of Glory City’s safety, my Sacred Family will naturally do anything it can to protect it. I wonder what has City Lord arranged for my Sacred Family?”

Ye Zong’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Shen Hong and said, “The Sacred Family’s experts will go protect the northern walls. Except, I have to ask for Brother Shen to go with me to the southern walls to hold the line.”

With the demon beast horde coming, who knows what tricks Shen Hong will try. If Ye Zong let this fellow, Shen Hong, leave his sight, Ye Zong will naturally be unable to feel at ease.

“I’m willing to serve the City Lord.” Shen Hong said, his eyes narrowing as he smiled. How could he not know what Ye Zong thinking about?

“Then, brother Shen, off we go.”

“As you wish, City Lord!”

Nie Li, Du Ze, Lu Piao and the rest of the group arrived at the southern walls first. In this demon beast horde, the southern walls will have the first impact and will, therefore, be the most dangerous place.

There was still five hours from the arrival of the demon beast horde. Under Nie Li’s command, the one thousand Fighters were digging outside the city. Due to the fact that the demon beast horde will soon arrive, everyone is very nervous and their movements were hastened.

“What is Nie Li planning?” Lu Piao felt very curious. Due to the Fighters digging around the place, the land became very bumpy. However, these potholes are useless against those powerful Snow Wind demon beasts.

“No matter what Nie Li is planning, we’ll just follow!” Du Ze picked up a shovel and constantly dug at the mud.

The guards at the top of the city walls would look below occasionally. They couldn’t figure out what Nie Li and his group were planning. They can only see the two deep ravines being dug below the ground with a group of people pouring an oil-like liquid in afterwards. The ground was also dug to the point that it became uneven. The ground was filled with many small pits that were the size of a fist.

There was another group of people that were cutting down thousands of bamboos and sharpening the tips, making them into something like a spear. Thereafter, they poured something into the insides of the bamboo.

Aside from that, a group of alchemists would rush here from everywhere. They were all holding buckets of a potion-like substance.

“What are these people doing?”

“Not sure, I have absolutely no idea!”

“What kind of potion is in those buckets? Why are they pouring those potions into the pits?”

“Who knows?!”

These city guards, who were guarding the wall, were curiously discussing the actions of Nie Li and his bunch, temporarily dispersing the fear of the coming demon beast horde.

Time was ticking away as minute after minute went past, the fear within their hearts become even deeper, because they know that the demon beast horde will soon arrive. Batches of experts from various families gathered on top of the wall, giving them a little peace of mind.

The mottled walls of Glory City appeared to be dark in the night, causing the hearts of the people to become inexplicably heavy.

There was countless amounts of predecessors dying on this wall. Every single piece of stone on the city wall was drenched in their blood.

For generations, they have been constantly in battle with the demon beasts. No one knows when the terrifying demon beast horde will arrive, no one knows if this very last piece of land that they are living on will be engulfed.

The thousand Fighters below the city wall were still busy. Although they don’t have much strength, their efficiency is still very high. The completed situation is still better than what Nie Li imagined and Nie Li still arranged even more fortifications.

While Nie Li was busy, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er refused to remain idle. They took up shovels and also began to dig just like the normal Fighters.

On the city wall, Ye Zong, Shen Hong and many experts arrived. Seeing the upright standing and firm Ye Zong, their hearts inexplicably felt a lot more at ease. In their hearts, Ye Zong is a god-like existence.

This person second to Lord Ye Mo, the guardian of Glory City!

At this current moment, Ye Zong, Shen Hong, Ye Xiu and the rest were all looking at the pits and holes below the city wall that were filled with all kinds of liquid substances and were feeling curious.

“What’s happening?” Ye Zong asked Ye Xiu.

The corner of Ye Xiu’s eyes glanced at Shen Hong, he shook his head and said, “I’m not too sure as well.”

Ye Zong was the first person to finish reacting to it. All of this is probably linked to Nie Li and only Nie Li would do such weird stuff.

Shen Hong looked below and puzzledly asked, “The demon beast horde will soon arrive, so what are these idiots doing? What can these things do? They think that they’ll be able to stop the great army of demon beasts with those pits? Simply ridiculous!”

Ye Zong and Ye Xiu did not refute. Since Nie Li has already done it, they can only wait and see. There’s no point in arguing with Shen Hong.

At this point of time, the various Patriarchs also appeared to be more tolerant.

The Divine Family’s Patriarch said while laughing, “Since the demon beast horde is coming, doing something is better than doing nothing!”

“It’s a plain waste of workforce. In order to beat the demon beast horde we will still have to rely on brute force! The fist is the true way!” Shen Hong proudly said. He has always been dissatisfied with Ye Zong’s actions. What’s happening below should have been arranged by Nie Li; therefore, he has disdain that was beneath contempt for this matter.

A short period of silence. Aside from the shoveling sounds coming from below the city wall, no one spoke a word.

A moment later, someone broke the silence and said, “The demon beast horde is only at the millions level, we don’t have to be too nervous about it! We have also withstood the tens of millions level of demon beast hordes before!”

In fact, a millions level demon beast horde can still be blocked. However, there will always be large amount of casualties in every horde. In order to repel the horde, Glory City has to pay a painful price. After the horde comes through, there would be nothing but devastation.

Five hours passed by very quickly.

The demon beast horde still not arrived yet. Everyone looked at the land far away, they were a little puzzled and were wondering what was happening.

“Could it be that the demon beast horde is not coming anymore?”

The Demon beast horde is formed by a large amount of demon beasts. They’re like a tidal wave, engulfing everything they passed. The reason for the demon beast horde forming is still unknown. Perhaps it’s for migration or maybe to look for prey. Their route is uncertain; therefore, who knows if they changed directions.

Everyone felt a little lucky in their hearts. After all, if the demon beast horde were to change their directions, then Glory City would be able spared from this horrifying battle.

Just when everyone was feeling a little more relaxed in their hearts, a demon beast roar could be heard coming from the valley. The roar of this demon beast sounded so mournful in the quiet night.

Hearing the demon beast roar coming from far away, everyone’s faces changed.

“The demon beast horde is coming, everyone, full defense!”


“People below, get back up!”

Hearing the demon beast roar, Nie Li and the rest quickly stopped their work and entered the city gate. The city gate dropped down with a boom. The originally squatting guards at both sides of the door stood up, being in full alert. Almost every time when the demon beast horde arrives, the gate would be bridged. What they are facing is flesh and blood killing intent.

Several recruits holding onto the spears in their hands were slightly trembling.

“You’re afraid?” an old soldier with scars all over his face asked.

The new recruit nodded his head.

“It’s fine, everything will be fine when the fight starts!” the scarred face old soldier laughed, “White blade enters, red blade comes out. At that time, there’ll be nothing to be afraid of!”

Nie Li and his group quickly went up the city walls and looked into the distance. On the flat ground far away, black dot appeared one after another and quickly become more dense, turning into a thick black strip. The ground was also rumbling, like dense thunder striking it.

In the St. Ancestral Mountain lives countless amounts of Snow Wind demon beasts. When these Snow Wind demon beasts get together, they’ll become a frightening demon beast horde.

The horizon of the sky is lit with grey. Looking towards the sky, the horizon couldn’t be seen, only demon beasts.

These demon beasts are all roaring, charging towards Glory City.

Ye Zong and the rest have already unsheathed their swords, preparing to charge out and enter into battle. With their strength, as long as they don’t encounter any demon beasts above the Black Gold rank, they can safely retreat.

Nie Li walked to Ye Xiu’s side, took a glance at Shen Hong, and said in a low voice, “Lord Ye Xiu, get Lord father-in-law to not take any action first. Wait till the demon beast horde arrives at the city walls!”

“Okay.” Ye Xiu nodded his head. He already has complete trust towards Nie Li; therefore, he did not ask for Nie Li’s reason and passed Nie Li’s message to Ye Zong.

The speed of the demon beast horde is extremely fast, it was already roughly three miles away from the city walls. There were all sorts of huge demon beasts mixed in, some were more than five meters in size and were daunting.

All the various Patriarchs unsheathed their swords respectively.

“City Lord, we should take action soon!”

In the previous battles against the demon beast horde, experts like them would go up and withstand the first impact. Only after they are exhausted would they come back to rest and let the guards on the wall to cover a wave, giving time for the experts to finish resting before going up. Doing it this way, it could efficiently use the roles of the experts.

“Wait!” Ye Zong waved his hand. Nie Li got Ye Xiu to pass the message to him to not attack just yet.

“City Lord, what are you waiting for?” Shen Hong said with a little impatience. When Ye Zong and the rest are fighting, he can find a chance and if he could get Ye Zong to die by the hands of a demon beast without any flaws, then that would be perfect.

Ye Zong shook his head and said, “Wait!”

Hearing Ye Zong’s command, all the various experts held their steps. They couldn’t understand what Ye Zong was preparing to do next.

Truth is, even Ye Zong doesn’t know. It was Nie Li that got him to do it.

The demon beast horde was already close to the city walls. Within the demon beast horde, the majority of them are normal or Bronze rank demon beasts with a height of around two meters, which was huge in size. The amount of Silver and Gold rank was slightly less; however, their heights were usually reaching four to five meters. Within the demon beast horde, there are roughly a dozen of Black Gold rank demon beasts. Their sizes were several times that of the Silver and Gold rank demon beasts, like a huge mini mountain.

These demon beasts are mostly Snow Wind attributed demon beasts, so when they charged, a blizzard was blowing. The surrounding air seemed to be getting condensed.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Discovering the human city wall, the demon beasts madly roared. Every one of them began to frantically bolt, charging towards Glory City.