Chapter 159 - Demon Beast Horde

Chapter 159 - Demon Beast Horde

They have to think of a way to get rid of both the Sacred Family and the hidden division of the Dark Guild; otherwise, they’ll be the scourge of Glory City.

Nie Li pondered for a moment and said, “Why don’t we take some time and gather the experts from all of the families to the City Lord’s Mansion in the name of father-in-law’s City Lord. Say that the demon beast horde is already at the point of being able to take action. After everyone is gathered, leave everything to Ye Xiu. With the help of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array and the help of other families, I don’t believe that the people from the Sacred Family will be able to escape. During the banquet, father-in-law can lead a batch of people to clear the Dark Guild’s division and send a batch of people to destroy the Sacred Family that is without any experts to defend it.

After hearing Nie Li’s idea, Ye Zong nodded his head and said, “This is indeed a good idea, but it needs to be properly discussed before any action can be taken!”

Seeing Ye Zong’s expression, Nie Li knew that Ye Zong probably has some ideas already.

The three of them discussed various matters for a long time.

The calm Glory City is having some movements behind the scenes. No one knows what big matters will happen in Glory City next.

Previously, when Nie Li appeared in the Holy Orchid Institute, it was to lure the snakes out of their holes. He never thought that instead of luring people of the Sacred Family, it was meant to lure Ye Han instead. The fight with Ye Han caused Nie Li’s name to be spread across the entire Holy Orchid Institute. Thereafter, Nie Li and his bunch entered the Abyss Prison realm and went missing for dozens of days. There’s various legends being left behind by Nie Li in the Holy Orchid Institute.

In recent days, Nie Li and his group appeared in Holy Orchid Institute again, openly going in and out of the library and some other places.

The moment they reappeared, he was, once again, being chased around by Huyan Lanruo, causing him to run all over the place.

Sacred Family

A grey robed middle-aged guard knelt in front of Shen Hong and said, “My Lord, I have just been informed that Nie Li has appeared again, and is remaining in Holy Orchid Institute. He’s simply carefree.”

“Hmph, I’ll let that kid have his fun for now!” Shen Hong coldly laughed, “The Snow Wind Family couldn’t find any evidence to prove our collusion with the Dark Guild and sent a small kid to lure us out. They’re trying to make our Sacred Family leak out any flaws! Using this kid is only one of their little tricks, they’re underestimating my Sacred Family a little too much. Notify everyone. They are to remain in their current positions and don’t do anything else!”

“Yes, my Lord.” The middle-aged guard replied with respect.

Shen Hong sat high up with his fingers gently tapping on the arm rest. Although his Sacred Family has suffered the suppression of the Snow Wind Family, their foundation is still there. If the Snow Wind Family is trying to get rid of the Sacred Family, then it’ll be hard for them to guard against Sacred Family’s bite.

According to the plan, the Dark Guild will induce a large scale demon beast horde. At that at time, Glory City will be engulfed and the Sacred Family will retreat out of Glory City, and will be safe in the St. Ancestral Mountains. After the demon beast horde does its job, they’ll enter into the Abyss Prison realm with the Dark Guild. Shen Hong is one of the few that is aware of Abyss Prison realm’s existence.

Due to the Snow Wind Family suppressing the Sacred Family, the Dark Guild is already prepared to induce a small scale demon beast horde. This demon beast horde will cause the Snow Wind Family to be unable to bother with the Sacred Family, which will allow the Sacred Family a chance to breath!

In a few more days, the demon beast horde will attack Glory City.

What Shen Hong isn’t aware of is that the Snow Wind Family has already found the evidence of the Sacred Family colluding with the Dark Guild. The only reason why they got Nie Li to linger around in the Holy Orchid Institute is to get the Sacred Family to let down their vigilance.

Deep into the night.

Nie Li and his group were practising in Ye Ziyun’s courtyard. Nie Li understands that both the Sacred Family and the Dark Guild have many experts, especially the Dark Guild. It has been running for so many years, they will certainly have many experts within their midst. Right now, their cultivation is still far from sufficient.

Nie Li and his group, at this moment, were only around 1-star Gold rank. The strongest among them, Duan Jian, has already reached 1-star Black Gold rank. With his physical strength, an ordinary Black Gold rank expert wouldn’t be able to get rid of him easily.

Nie Li continued to refine a Blood Crystal.

The night is as calm as water, Ye Ziyun couldn’t sleep in her room and walked to the yard, where Nie Li is still focused in practising.

Ye Ziyun watched quietly and was lost in a daydream. Nie Li is someone that is so hard to understand. Sometimes, he will act like a kid, sometimes he’s deep and calm. Just what is her relationship with Nie Li? Ye Ziyun is also a little confused.

Moonlight shined on her body, making her look like an elf under the moon, sacred and beautiful.

Feeling Ye Ziyun’s aura, Nie Li’s heart become extraordinarily serene.

Several days later, in the City Lord’s Mansion.

Ye Zong and various higher ups of the Snow Wind Family were planning their actions to eradicate the Sacred Family and the division of the Dark Guild. Suddenly, a Black Gold rank elder hurriedly ran in.

The elder reported, in an urgent tone, “City Lord, it’s bad. The Demon Beast horde is a few miles away, they’re currently moving at the direction of our Glory City. In about five hours time, they’ll reach the Glory City.”

Hearing what the elder just said, Ye Zong suddenly stood up, his face dark. They’re currently preparing to deal with the Sacred Family, he never thought that the Dark Guild would take action first. This demon beast horde is definitely induced by the Dark Guild.

“What is the size of the demon beast horde?” Ye Zong asked.

“The size is roughly around a few million with many ordinary and Bronze rank beasts within. A portion of them are Silver and Gold rank with very few Black Gold rank. As of now, there aren’t any Legend ranks found.” The elder said, cupping his hands.

Hearing this, Ye Zong and the others felt relieved. the Demon Beast horde, with the size of only a few million, is still something that Glory City can handle, especially when there isn’t any Legend ranks within the horde. If there was a Legend rank demon beast, then it will be troublesome. However, they can’t let their guards down. It is, afterall, a demon beast horde!

It once destroyed many empires, killing countless amounts of experts, causing human civilization to drop. Glory City was also close to being destroyed many times; therefore, they are well aware of how frightening the demon beast horde is.

“Sound the alarm immediately, prepare the whole city!” Ye Zong said, solemnly.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Very quickly, the bell sounded throughout all of Glory City.

Hearing this bell, Glory City suddenly lit up with many human voice that could be heard for miles.

Nie Li suddenly opened his eyes. He will naturally not forget this kind of sound. In his previous life, two years later, it was this bell that made Nie Li watch a terrible disaster befall Glory City.

“Sacred Family!” Nie Li’s anger broke out. By right, the demon beast horde should only come two years later, he never thought that the Sacred Family and the Dark Guild wouldn’t wait anymore. Luckily, the City Lord’s Mansion has the protection of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, they’ll at least have a life saving trump card. In the worst case scenario, they’ll be able to retreat into the Abyss Prison realm, their situation is a lot better compared to his previous life.

Du Ze and the rest that were practising asked, “Nie Li, what’s happening? The demon beast horde is coming?”

“Yes, it’s the demon beast horde!” Nie Li nodded his head, “Gather everyone quickly and remain here with Duan Jian. I’ll go meet with the City Lord immediately!”

At this moment, both Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun had concern filling their faces.

“I’ll go with you!” Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun said at the same time.

“You guys remain here and wait for any news!” said Nie Li shaking his head. He then turned into a blur of shadow and flew towards the City Lord’s Mansion’s hall.

In the Hall

Ye Zong, Ye Xiu and the group of others were now laying down their defenses. Batches of Snow Wind Family’s experts would rush towards various wall locations. An army of the various families were also gathered up, standing outside the main hall.

“Lord Ye Xiu, how big is the demon beast horde?” Seeing that Ye Zong is still busy, Nie Li hurriedly asked Ye Xiu.

“The horde this time is roughly the size of a few million, as of now, the strongest is only Black Gold rank.” said Ye Xiu.

Hearing what Ye Xiu just said, Nie Li lightly exhaled a breath of relief. Although a few million demon beast horde is enough to inflict a degree of damage to Glory City, it shouldn’t be enough to destroy it. The demon beast horde in his previous life was at the hundred million level! It engulfed Glory City directly, there wasn’t any strength to resist them!

“What is the main attribute of the demon beast horde?”

“Snow Wind attribute demon beasts.” said Ye Xiu.

“How long would it take them to reach us?”

“Roughly around five hours. The first impact will probably be the Southern walls.” Ye Xiu said, wanting to see if Nie Li had any ideas.

‘Five hours is more than enough time!’ Nie Li thought inwardly to himself and said to Ye Xiu, “Lord Ye Xiu, can you arrange five hundred men to me? I’ll guard the Southern wall.”

“Five hundred men?” Ye Xiu lightly frowned his brows and said, “Your current situation is very dangerous, both the Sacred Family and the Dark Guild have their eyes on you! If they take advantage of the demon beast horde and launch a sneak attack, we won’t be able to guard against it.”

Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “I know the art of face changing, I can turn into someone else.”

“What cultivation do you require of the five hundred people?”

“Five hundred normal Fighters would be enough!” Nie Li smiled.

Hearing what Nie Li just said, Ye Xiu was stunned. What can five hundred normal Fighters do? This is a demon beast horde with the size of millions!

Perhaps Nie Li has some unique ideas. Since it doesn’t affect the overall situation anyway, there’s no harm in letting Nie Li have a try. Ye Xiu pondered for a while and said, “No problem. I’ll arrange you a one thousand normal Fighters, you can do what you want with them!”

“Then, I’ll have to thank Lord Ye Xiu!”

Nie Li glanced at the currently busy Ye Zong and saw that he was definitely having a headache and was distressed by the problem. Nie Li did not go greet him and left to arrange his plan.

These few hours were simply torturous for the citizens of Glory City. In Glory City’s long history, there were many demon beast hordes at the size of tens of millions. Glory City was also nearly destroyed countless times. Although Glory City managed to rebuild itself again, however, it’s usually at the cost of heavy casualties with seven to eight deaths in every ten people.

They never thought that the demon beast horde would come again.

No one knows what the current situation will be like, the streets were filled with fully armed guards, rushing to various sides of the walls.

Seeing this hectic scene, the citizens remained in their houses with their lights lit up.

In a household

“Mummy, will the demon beast horde come?” a little girl wearing plain clothes blinked her eyes, staring at a woman beside her.

The woman had an ashened face, but still managed a forced smile and said, “Don’t worry kid, the demon beast horde won’t come. Daddy will chase the demon beast horde away!”

The woman stared into the dark sky outside. Her husband is among the city guards. She’s not sure how many people will die in this fight, nor if he will return…...