Chapter 123 - City Lord’s young master

Chapter 123 - City Lord’s young master

When Xiao Ning’er sat beside Nie Li’s bed, Ye Ziyun lightly sighed and walked to the side. Although she appeared to not be concerned, she would occasionally turn her gaze over to Nie Li.

Looking at the quietly sleeping Nie Li, Ye Ziyun’s heart became complicated.

“Ning’er likes you so much. So why are you still chasing after me?”

Ye Ziyun’s heart had a little resentment. Nie Li is nothing more than a rascal that had unreasonably barged into her life, causing her calm heart to faintly ripple.

When Nie Li got her to bring Nie Yu away, Ye Ziyun had realised how much she worries for his safety. When she saw Nie Li unconscious, she had finally realised how worried she really was.

It seems that, Nie Li has broken through into her heart.

But what is she going to do next?

The originally sleeping Nie Li suddenly began to struggle in agony, his brows were tightly locked together, causing Xiao Ning’er to panic.

“Could Nie Li be having a nightmare?” Xiao Ning’er said with worry.


The dreaming Nie Li had a painful expression on his face and heartbreakingly called out. His face was covered with tears.

Not knowing what Nie Li was dreaming about, Xiao Ning’er’s heart was severely torn apart when he called out. But she bore down the tears to keep them from coming out. When she had first made contact with Nie Li, he already told her that the one he likes is Ye Ziyun. However, Xiao Ning’er still loves Nie Li without any hesitation.

This calling out for Ziyun, caused the atmosphere between Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun to be extremely awkward.

Ye Ziyun couldn’t figure out why Nie Li would dream of her. Furthermore, it’s so painful that tears were covering his face. She had a feeling that the Ziyun that Nie Li was calling isn’t her. She couldn’t figure out why Nie Li likes her so much. It was to the point that he would even call out for her in his dreams. Within Ye Ziyun’s heart, there’s a little feeling of being touched; however, she was also feeling bad for Xiao Ning’er.

The atmosphere was quiet.

“Ning’er, I……” Ye Ziyun doesn’t know what to say. She knows that Xiao Ning’er likes Nie Li very much. However, she had stolen the guy Xiao Ning’er likes.

Xiao Ning’er’s shoulders slightly trembled from trying to keep the tears from falling. She lowered her head and looked at Nie Li’s face. She then covered him with the quilt that he threw off and stood up. The current her, went back to her originally cold attitude.

“Ye Ziyun, since young, I’ve been very envious of you. You’re the daughter of the City Lord, there’s no one that could force you to do anything. You just need to stretch out your hands and every beautiful thing in the world will be sent to you. As for me, I have to fight for everything that I want. To fight against marrying into the Sacred Family, I even risked my life.”

“In this world, finding someone that I could wholehearted love is too hard. Nie Li made me understand the meaning to live on. In my heart, Nie Li is someone irreplaceable.”

“I don’t know what had happened between you and Nie Li to the point that it’s unforgettable for him. Even when dreaming, he thinks of you.” Xiao Ning’er’s voice paused for a moment, her eyes flashed with a trace of sadness and then turned firm, “However, all of this doesn’t matter.”

“I, Xiao Ning’er, won’t admit defeat so easily. No matter what happens, I will always stay by Nie Li’s side. If Nie Li does not pay any attention to me, I will be his shadow. Although the one he likes is you, even if the both of you ended up together, I will still not give up.”

Xiao Ning’er stood on the spot. Moonlight shot through the window and illuminated her body. She’s wearing tight fitted clothes, like a sculpture of a goddess. She looked at the sleeping Nie Li, a faint trace of gentleness flashed through her eyes.

At this moment, Ye Ziyun didn’t know how to answer Xiao Ning’er. Perhaps, the knot between Xiao Ning’er and her will never be untied. Furthermore, she couldn’t say words like letting Xiao Ning’er to take Nie Li. Because this would be disrespectful towards Xiao Ning’er and Nie Li.

Perhaps Ye Ziyun is reluctant? Her heart is in a thorough mess.

She’s different from Xiao Ning’er. Ye Ziyun is peaceful and uncompetitive. She only lives in a peaceful world. If it wasn’t for Nie Li barging in so suddenly, perhaps she wouldn’t have such headache. However, Nie Li has already done it.

In this small room, both of the girls were emotional, and did not know what to say.

Three whole days have passed, Nie Li has yet to awaken. The two girls took turns to take care of Nie Li. As for Nie Yu, she has been in her room training and sleeping whenever she’s tired.

During these last few days, all kinds of construction was being held in the City Lord’s Mansion. The blueprint to the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array has been passed to Ye Xiu. After seeing how powerful the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array was, they immediately sent more people over to construct it.

If the Ten Thousand Demonic Array was laid down earlier, the Dark Guild wouldn’t be able to be so arrogant, and come and go as they wish.

City Lord’s Mansion, Main Affairs Hall

Ye Zong is currently arranging and handle various matters. In this battle, the casualties from this recent battle was huge. He has to arrange the pension. Many places in the City Lord’s Mansion were destroyed, and he has to send someone to repair them. Whenever he could, Ye Zong would pay visits to Nie Li, but did not let Ye Ziyun and bunch to know about it.

“City Lord, Young Master Ye Han seeks an audience.”

A guard hastily rushed in.

The tightly knitted brows of Ye Zong were released. Lightly smiling he said, “Oh? Xiao Han has returned? Bring him in, quickly.”

That particular guard ran out. Quickly, a smart and handsome looking young man walked in. He’s wearing a white robe, his body looked like a jade tree. His facial features were almost as though they had been sculptured, he had a sharp and clear cut handsome face. He has a tall pointed nose, medium thick lips, black hair and clear eyes.

Anyone that saw him wouldn’t be able to hold their joyous screams. Such a handsome youth!

Ye Han, the adopted son of Ye Zong, the next possible successor of the City Lord. He has always been the attention of Glory City. When he reached thirteen years old, various families sent people over to request marriage, but were all rejected by Ye Han with an excuse of cultivating..

Ye Han also did not let down everyone’s expectations of him. He reached 1-star Gold rank Demon Spiritualist at eighteen years old, becoming the genius that has the most potential after Ye Mo. Thereafter, he followed an elder of the Snow Wind Family to train for two years. Of course, if it wasn’t for Nie Li popping out so suddenly, the name of number one genius would belong to Ye Han.

Ye Zong laughed and then puzzledly asked, “Xiao Han, your back. Where’s Elder Ye Ming? He didn’t come back with you?”

Ye Han cupped his hands, appearing to be very polite and said, “Elder Ye Ming has found a secret place. That place was too dangerous for me so he let me return to Glory City first.”

“Oh? So that’s the case. Haha, it’s good you’re back.” Ye Zong patted on Ye Han’s shoulders, “Xiao Han has grown, you’re looking more outstanding compared to the past. In these recent times, your cultivation did not fall behind, right?”

“Yeah, I have already reached 3-star Gold rank.”

When Ye Han mentioned his own cultivation, it sounded gentle and light, but held an indifferent attitude.

“3-star Gold rank? Not bad, this has far surpassed my expectations!” Ye Zong laughed and said, “Tonight, I will set up a dinner at the City Lord’s Mansion to celebrate your return.”

“Many thanks, foster father.” Ye Han also lightly smiled. He looked around and puzzledly asked, “I wonder where is lil sis Ziyun now?”

Ye Zong slightly paused and then laughingly said, “Ziyun still doesn’t know that you’re back. I’ll send someone to notify her!”

Ye Han nodded his head, showing a gentle expression on his face and smilingly said, “I’ve brought back a present with me to give to her.”

“Ziyun is looking after a wounded friend. I’ll send someone to get her. As for the present, no harm in waiting till tonight to give it to her. Father will test your cultivation. If you don’t pass the test, I’ll have to punish you by making you face the wall.” Ye Zong said, openly laughing.

Ye Han’s expression turned solemn, he nodded his head and said, “Yes.”

The various families of Glory City have been paying attention to every move in the City Lord’s Mansion. When they suddenly received an invitation to join the dinner for welcoming Ye Han, they sent people over.

“Have you heard? Young Master of the City Lord’s Mansion is back. The City Lord is going to host a dinner to welcome his return.”

“I heard that his cultivation has already reached 3-star Gold rank in just two years of time!”

“3-star Gold rank? That’s really extraordinary! With such cultivating speed, he’s already the number one genius within the Glory City, right?”

“Number one genius? That might not be the case. Recently, there are several genius’ emerging within Glory City! Including Nie Li who killed the Abyss Demon from that time. He’s probably the number one genius!”


For the City Lord’s invitation, various families have sent their representatives over. As for the Sacred Family, the Patriarch has personally attended to it. As for Alchemist Association, Yang Xin has been sent as a representative.

Huyan Family

“Dad, that kind of banquet is going to be dead boring, you still want me to go no matter what?” A lovely and pampered voice sounded. This voice simply melts the bones off of people. The one talking is Huyan Lanruo. She’s wearing a sexy silk dress. Her figure is extremely sexy. The perkiness in front of her chest is proudly standing, the white dress couldn’t cover that deep ravine at all. When she walks, they would slightly shake. Her charm is simply disastrous.

“Lanruo, I don’t want to nag, but you should already be married at your age. However, you seem to despise everyone. This time, the City Lord’s Mansion’s young master has returned. He’s handsome and his talent is pretty good too. The family behind him is even more solid. There’s nothing you can despise about. Doesn’t he fit your standards?”