Chapter 122 - Misty Leaf Herb

Chapter 122 - Misty Leaf Herb

City Lord’s Mansion

Noticing that the Abyss Demon has been killed, the people from the Dark Guild that infiltrated the City Lord’s Mansion quickly retreated, hastily disappearing into the darkness.

In another corner, within the shadows

A figure quietly stood still. This black clothed person saw the entire process as the Abyss Demon was being killed and also witness Ye Xiu carrying Nie Li away. His lips slightly pursed and hoarsely said, “Interesting.”

There were several times that he wanted to take action, and snatch Nie Li from the hands of Ye Xiu. However, he gave up in the end and looked towards another direction.

“I know that you have already sensed me. I was about to take action, and chasing after me won’t be easy. This round of the battle, consider it your win. However, the next time won’t be so simple.”

The black clothed person coldly smiled as his figure slowly merged into the darkness.

Ye Zong, who was standing beside the Tai Yi Killing Array, had a sharp ray of light flash across his eyes. The aura that he has been alert of, has gradually disappeared. He knows that the person has left.

From the appearance of Abyss Demon till now, aside from personally capturing two Demon Spiritualists from the Dark Guild, Ye Zong has been alert of this aura that has been causing him to be uneasy. Before that aura vanished, Ye Zong wasn’t able to locate that person.

‘Looks like he doesn’t have the intention to take action.’ Ye Zong thought. If the other party were to take action, even Ye Zong would inevitably fall into an intense fight.

Suddenly, a Black Gold rank Fighter hastily ran over.

The Fighter hurriedly said, “Lord Ye Zong, bad news!”

“What happened?” Ye Zong suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

“The three Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists that we’ve captured are all dead!” The Fighter said, cupping his hands.

“So that’s the case.”

Ye Zong’s fists were tightly clenched. To prevent those three Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists from escaping, like releasing a tiger back to the mountains, Ye Zong destroyed the soul realm of those three Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists, causing their cultivation to be unable to restore. However, he never imagined that the Dark Guild would be so vicious and directly kill all those three Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists.

“They sent someone to raid the prison? What level of strength does the other party have?”

By right, the City Lord’s Mansion’s prison is supposed to be extremely secretive, no one should know about it. So how did the other party know of it’s location and launch an attack towards it? This entire matter has to be thoroughly investigated!

The Fighter said, “Respects to the City Lord, the prison wasn’t raided. Those three Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists just mysteriously died.”

“Mysteriously died?” Ye Zong felt a chill in his heart. The Dark Guild does have a final method! If he did not guess wrong, the Dark Guild placed Soul Shackles on those three Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists. In the event of anyone being captured, they can just activate the Soul Shackles to kill them.

With such methods, they would be able to prevent the betrayal of their men. No wonder the Dark Guild is so secretive. Even various families of Glory City are unable to locate the location of the Dark Guild.

Currently, outside the City Lord’s Mansion

One black clothed person stood quietly still. The other dozens of black clothed men were all kneeling down respectfully, not daring to emit a single sound. Among them, included several Black Gold ranks.

The black clothed person coldly snorted, “A total of eight Black Gold rank came here. One was killed by the Abyss Demon, Ye Zong killed two of them and one was killed by that youth. No news from those that went for that boy’s parents too. You bunch of garbage!”

“Lord, we never imagined that those two weird arrays would have such a strong power. Furthermore, over at the Heavenly Marks Family, there are several Black Gold ranks standing guard. They have obviously been preparing since long ago. We were unable to locate the youth’s parents!”

The black clothed guy opened his hands, three black seal stones were shattered within them.

“This time, I’ll let it go. But if there is any more failures from you guys, you will be like the three of them!” The black clothed person’s voice was cold to the point that it sounded as though it came from the pits of hell.

Seeing this scene, the people kneeling shivered, revealing fear on their faces. Those three black seal stones were the soul stones of those three captured Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists. Once the black clothed man activated the seal and cause the three seal stones to shatter, the three Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists will be chained to death by the Soul Chain. There’s no escaping from death.

From the moment they joined the Dark Guild, their lives were no longer under their control. Their souls were chained to their own soul stone. The moment the soul stone shattered, they will die. There are those that tried to rebel; however, those that rebelled ended up dead. They couldn’t even bear to look at the horrible scenes. As for escaping, the Dark Guild is too powerful. Even if you ran to a safe place, they would be able to capture you back. Therefore, they can only be slaved and carefully work for the Dark Guild. Occasionally, they would experience the death of their allies, causing them to be depressed.

Even though they keep on dying, there would be many newcomers that were able to climb out of the hell-like training, which caused the Dark Guild to get more and more powerful.

For Glory City, the Dark Guild will forever be a nightmare.

“Let's go! We must report to the Demon Lord.”

The black clothed guy turned around and walked towards the front. The group of black clothed men looked at each other and followed behind him.

What they are unaware of is that a huge bird was firmly standing on a huge tree at a faraway mountain. It’s body is made of metal, and has its sharp gaze that pierced through the darkness. This huge bird is the soul puppet that has the soul of Ancestral Founder Ye Yan sealed within.

City Lord’s Mansion

Nie Li is quietly lying on the bed, both of his eyes shut tight, still unconscious.

“Father, how is Nie Li?” Ye Ziyun asked, anxiously. Her eyes were filled with concern. Not knowing why, when she saw Nie Li in his state, her heart was full of worry, and she was unable to control her tears as they fell down her cheeks.

Nie Yu cried,“Big brother Nie Li, quickly wake up. Wuuuu……”

Ye Zong and Ye Xiu were quietly standing by the side.

“Lord Ye Zong, how is he?” Ye Xiu asked, looking at Ye Zong.

Ye Zong sighed and said, “He’d still be okay if he had overused his soul force; however, for some reason, his soul realm was sucked dry. That’s a bit of a problem.”

Ye Zong was silent for a moment, looked at Ye Xiu and said, “Bring the Misty Leaf Herb over and have Nie Li consume it.”

Hearing Ye Zong’s words, Ye Xiu’s brows twitched. He looked at Ye Zong in disbelief. He was a little shocked that Ye Zong would actually take out the Misty Leaf Herb to have Nie Li consume it!

With Ye Zong’s current strength, he’s only a step away from Legend rank. As for that Misty Leaf Herb’s leaf, it’s the crucial point as to whether he could break through into Legend rank! The leaf of Misty Leaf Herb is extremely rare. It only appeared in the forest at the depth of the mountains. Furthermore, a matured Misty Leaf Herb would have several Legend rank demon beasts guarding it. One time, Lord Ye Mo risked his life and seized it from the hands of a Legend rank Demon Beast.

Ye Zong stared at Ye Xiu and solemnly said, “You still haven’t gotten it? Saving a life is more important!”


Ye Xiu hurried over to the City Lord’s Mansion’s treasury.

Seeing Ye Ziyun’s face full of tears, Ye Zong sighed within his heart. The reason why he was so aggressive towards Nie Li was his way to protect her as her father. However, seeing the current state of Ye Ziyun, Ye Zong sighed again in his heart. No father can keep their daughters by their side forever, he can only let her go.

Although Nie Li is always fooled around, he has his seriousness inside him.

In today’s battle, the reason why they were able to defeat the Dark Guild is because of Nie Li. Ye Zong’s attitude towards Nie Li also changed a little.

A moment later, Ye Ziyun followed Ye Zong’s instructions, grinded the Misty Leaf Herb into a powder, mixed it with water and had Nie Li drink it.

Watching Ye Ziyun’s gentle and delicate actions, Ye Zong couldn’t help shaking his head. A woman is born to leave her family, this is indeed so. Thinking again, it doesn’t seem to be right to intervene into a couple of youngsters lives. Ye Zong slowly exited.

A very long dream.

In the dream, Nie Li returned to the time when Glory City was being destroyed. The surroundings were filled with the cries of women and children. Glory City was plunged into a sea of flames, Nie Li personally witnessed his own clansmen being killed. The group of kids escaped under the protection of several family experts.

In the dream, his father said. “You’re the hope of the clan. As long as you live on, the clan will be able to continue.”

After speaking, his father died.

In the dream, Ye Ziyun and him embraced each other. She was recounting the past, stroking his chin in his arms and softly whispered, “No matter which one of us dies, the other has to bravely live on.”

It seemed to be an eternal farewell.

At this moment, tears covered Nie Li’s face.

“Ziyun……” Nie Li desperately called out with all his might, wanting to grab onto Ye Ziyun’s hands. However, what he saw was Ye Ziyun slowly fading into the endless darkness.

In the room

When she became aware of Nie Li’s situation, Xiao Ning’er hurried over from her home. She then saw that Ye Ziyun was already taking care of Nie Li. Ye Ziyun and Ning’er slowly walked to Nie Li’s side, but neither of them spoke a word. They were playmates when they were children. They were familiar with each other, yet a little unfamiliar.

Xiao Ning’er squeezed the towel and place it on Nie Li’s head, and quietly looked at Nie Li’s face.

Some time ago, this boy never aroused her attention. She only had a dream, and that is to become stronger. Suddenly, at the training grounds, her fate had changed. At the same time, in her heart, aside from training, something became even more important to her.