Chapter 124 - Banquet

Chapter 124 - Banquet

Truth is, Ye Han is already qualified to be called outstanding, he has no flaws to be picky about. Huyan Lanruo has seen Ye Han when she was thirteen years old and secretly admired him. But, why did she change?

“Standards will always change!”

A figure flashed across Huyan Lanruo’s mind. Ever since that event, Huyan Lanruo was unable to forget about him. However, Nie Li has been hiding from her this whole time, which made her furious. Thereafter, she heard that Nie Li moved into the City Lord’s Mansion.

‘It must be that little fox, Ye Ziyun, who snatched him away. I refuse to believe that the man that I, Huyan Lanruo, has eyes on is able to escape from me!’ Huyan Lanruo furiously thought. proudly pushing her chest out.

Right, the City Lord’s Mansion!

Will Nie Li participate in this banquet?

‘No harm taking a look at it.’ Huyan Lanruo thought awhile, turned her head, and said to Huyan Xiong, “Okay, I’ll go. However, whatever I do there, you’re not allowed to control me!”

Huyan Xiong never thought that Huyan Lanruo would change her mind so quickly. He felt that something was not right, thought of something, and immediately said, “Daughter, don’t tell me that you’re going to smash the banquet? Don’t be rash! We won’t go to this banquet anymore.”

He is well aware of Huyan Lanruo’s temper. He knows that she’s fully capable of doing stuff like smashing the banquet.

“Smash the City Lord’s Mansion’s Banquet? Is your daughter, me, so b*tchy?”

Huyan Lanruo stared at Huyan Xiong.

Huyan Xiong nearly nodded his head, but immediately shook it instead. Huyan Lanruo’s character is just like her mother’s.

In just a short moment, Huyan Lanruo transformed into an innocent appearance, pampered, and acting like a spoiled brat, “Dad, how can you say that? I’m a lovable, beautiful girl that everyone likes upon seeing! Tonight, I have to dress nicely. Those guys at the banquet will be unable to shift their eyes upon seeing me!”

When she finished speaking, Huyan Lanruo went back to her own room humming.

Huyan Xiong was slightly stunned for a moment. He looked at Huyan Lanruo’s back figure and bitterly smiled. He can only hope she doesn’t smash the City Lord’s Mansion's banquet, since he’s unable to control this daughter of his.

Huyan Xiong has been together with Ye Zong ever since they were young. They’ve been through life and death together, and he is one of Ye Zong’s right-hand men. The entire Huyan Family is also one of the Snow Wind Family’s solid supporters. Therefore, Huyan Xiong wasn’t too worried about it.

After experiencing the previous assault, Glory City was in an alert state. Several important areas have had more guards than usual. After hearing about the City Lord’s Mansion being assaulted, every citizen in Glory City all felt panic. After all, the Dark Guild has never been as arrogant as this before. Aside from the citizens, the various families were also in a tensed state. There were two motives for the banquet, one is to ease the current pressure that everyone is feeling, the other is to pass some messages to each family.

Therefore in this banquet tonight, every family sent high ranked figures to attend it.

City Lord’s Mansion, Ye Ziyun’s yard

Nie Li has awakened. Although he still feels weak, there wasn’t any major issues. Nie Li understands his current situation very well. His soul force has been completely sucked dry. He would normally need dozens of days to restore it back. However, for some reason, he actually only needed three to five days to recover it.

Sensing the soul force in his body, he realised that, although his soul force is less than it used to be, it has become more purely refined.

‘Perhaps it’s because of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.’ Nie Li pondered to himself. The Temporal Demon Spirit Book has extremely mysterious power; therefore, he has kept the remnant page with him at all times. When he was battling with the Abyss Demon, he felt that the power released by the remnant page entered into his soul realm.

When Nie Li woken up, he saw Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er guarding his side. This caused Nie Li to be a little embarrassed, but at the same time, he felt touched by the scene.

“Haha, morning! This nap was great!” Nie Li chuckled, waving his hands towards Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er.

Ye Ziyun rolled her eyes and snorted, “Morning? It’s already close to evening.”

However, seeing Nie Li so lively, Ye Ziyun finally felt relief in her heart.

Since Nie Li has woke up, Xiao Ning’er was already very happy and could only deeply stare at Nie Li.

Although he was unconscious, Nie Li was clearly aware of how much time had passed. Perhaps, it’s one of the habits that he picked up in his past life. That extraordinary perception of his was unable to be explained with common sense. Nie Li jumped down from the bed and stretched himself.

Nie Li secretly thought, ‘My strength has recovered to around eighty percent. My soul force became more concentrated than it used to be. Nothing is wrong with me.’

Since Nie Li is so lively, there shouldn’t be any other problems. After remaining silent for a moment, Ye Ziyun opened her mouth, “My big brother, Ye Han, has returned today. Tonight, I will be participating in his return banquet, Ning’er will remain here to look after you.”

When she was done, Ye Ziyun turned around, preparing to leave. However, the thought of Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er spending some time together made her heart feel a little sour.

Why should she leave? Ye Ziyun asked herself; however, she had no answer to that.

Ye Han? Nie Li recalled his past life when he was chatting with Ye Ziyun. The information that he has for Ye Han is very little. Nie Li only knows that Ye Han is the foster son of Ye Zong, and that he grew up together with Ye Ziyun. As for other matters, he doesn’t know about them.

Nie Li couldn’t understand why Ye Ziyun didn’t mention anything about Ye Han in the past.

When he recalled the final battle in his previous life, Nie Li didn’t have a hint of a memory about Ye Han. It was as though this person never existed!

He’s a mysterious fella!

“How could you not let us participate in such a lively banquet?” Nie Li’s left arm hooked onto Xiao Ning’er’s neck and his right arm hooked onto Ye Ziyun’s neck, “Hehe, c’mon. We’ll take a look!”

Although Xiao Ning’er felt a little weird, she still accepted it. As Nie Li is this kind of person.

Ye Ziyun said angrily, “Nie Li, remove your hand from me! Otherwise, I’ll fight with you!”

“Hey, you’re a little too petty. Ah….!”

Nie Li felt a jabbing pain coming from his waist and he screamed.

City Lord’s Mansion, Reception Hall, Banquet.

Ye Zong and the higher ups of various major and noble families were in the upper hall talking in low voices. The youngsters were in the middle of the hall chit chatting. Young masters and young ladies from various families arrived, amounting to a total of fifty to sixty people.

Among the youngsters, Ye Han was undoubtedly the one with the most attention focused on, being surrounded by a crowd.

Chen Linjian had both of his arms on his chest, looking at Ye Han, he said, “Ye Han, long time no see!”

Although he’s a little younger than Ye Han, he’s the only one here whose manner wasn’t any weaker than Ye Han’s.

“Indeed, it has been two years!” Ye Han politely smiled back.

“In these two years, you have raised from 1-star gold rank to 3-star Gold rank. It’s really extraordinary!” Shen Fei flattered by the side.

“Young Master Shen is very flattering.”

Although he’s surrounded by a crowd of people, Ye Han still kept his calm and indifferent appearance. His gaze swept around the crowd, seeming to be searching for something. The calm and cool him caught the attention of the surrounding ladies’ eyes.

It’s indeed true that Ye Han is the ideal companion to the hearts of these young ladies. Due to the fact that Ye Han has yet to marry, some of the ladies have refused to be married to the point that they are getting a little old.

Suddenly, a commotion burst out from the crowd. A young lady, wearing a gorgeous dress, walked in from the main door. In that moment, the attention of the entire hall focused on that lady’s body.

That delicate and pretty face made her look like a goddess. The elegant dress dragged on the ground. Her shoulders that were exposed to the air, were creamy white.

Several guys were staring dumbfoundedly at her.

“It’s rumored that Huyan Family’s daughter is a tigress, but that’s only her character!”

Although Huyan Lanruo is called a tigress, that occasionally revealed elegance still caused others to be stunned.

“If I could marry such a tigress, even if I become a henpeck like Huyan Xiong, it’s all worth it!”

Even the indifferent Ye Han’s eyes lit up, revealing appreciation within them.

Huyan Lanruo walked slowly and elegantly to the middle of the hall. The surrounding guys opened up a path for her. Among the younger generations, the most influensive ones were Ye Han, Chen Linjian, and Shen Fei. Thereafter, would be Huyan Lanruo. Aside from their talents and strengths, they are also successors to each of their families, and represented the families behind them.

Huyan Lanruo looked at Ye Han, lightly nodded her head and said, “Big brother Ye Han, long time no see.”

“Long time no see. I still remember that before I left, Lanruo was a young and immature girl. I never imagined that in two years, you would be so lovely.” Ye Han said, laughing.

The surrounding girls that were looking at Huyan Lanruo, were throwing gazes of envy at her. Whether it’s appearance or family, they were all inferior when compared to her.

When she was twelve or thirteen, Huyan Lanruo confessed to Ye Han. However, a young girl’s rash love disappears quickly.

“Big brother Ye Han is just flattering me.”

When Huyan Lanruo was talking to Ye Han, she seemed a little absent-minded. Her gaze would constantly look around, seeming to be searching for something.

Feeling the changes in Huyan Lanruo’s attitude, Ye Han was slightly disappointed. When they were small, Huyan Lanruo once confessed her love to him. Although, Ye Han is still not in love with Huyan Lanruo, the change of her attitude caused him to feel a little disappointed.

Which man doesn’t want to be the focus of women, and enjoy being submerged in the love of these ladies?