Chapter 107 - Not free

Chapter 107 - Not free

Ye Xiu’s gaze fell on Nie Li, looking him over. This teen in front of him the rumoured erudite and informed genius teen? Aside from being a little mature, he couldn’t see anything special about him.

However, at this time, a metallic bodied bird slowly landed on Nie Li’s shoulders.

Although this bird is made from metal, the eyes were bright and piercing. It seems to be filled with infinite wisdom. Using a look down gaze, it stared at Ye Xiu.

“That’s a Soul Puppet!” Ye Xiu felt a chill in his heart. After following Ye Mo for so many years, he is considered very knowledgeable. Although he has heard of a Soul Puppet, he has never seen one before, not to mention the creating method of a Soul Puppet.

Only the one that created the Soul Puppet, can become the owner of the it.

Since Nie Li has a Soul Puppet, he must be the creator of the Soul Puppet. The method of creating a Soul Puppet has already been long lost, how did Nie Li do it? Furthermore, Nie Li’s Soul Puppet wasn’t as legends says. It doesn’t have clouded eyes. Those spiritual eyes clearly told others that it has extremely high intellect.

If it were an ordinary teen, they would have already been scared stiff when knowing the number three of the Snow Wind Family came to visit; however, Nie Li was staring at him with a mysterious gaze, causing others to be astonished.

Ye Xiu began to be filled with curiosity in the teen in front of him.

“I heard that an erudite and informed teen appeared in our Glory City, so I came to have a look.” Ye Xiu said, lightly smiling. He wasn’t angry at Nie Li’s attitude.

“It can’t be that simple to have Senior Ye Xiu visit me.” Nie Li casually said.

Is the teen in front of him really thirteen-fourteen year year old? Isn’t this too monstrous?

Ye Xiu adjusted his attitude. He did not continue to treat Nie Li as a young teen and smilingly said, “I have a request.”

Nie Li originally thought that Ye Xiu was sent here by City Lord Ye Zong to pass a message. Probably Ye Zong doesn’t want to see him, therefore, Nie Li was wary against Ye Xiu. But since Ye Xiu is here to make a request himself, Nie Li will certainly help out. Afterall, Ye Xiu is the number three of the Snow Wind Family, Ye Ziyun’s uncle.

“Senior Ye Xiu can just say it out straight. I will definitely answer anything I know. You’re the uncle of Ziyun, which is also my uncle!” Nie Li said, patting his chest.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, the corner of Ye Xiu’s mouth twitched. He suddenly understood why Ye Zong was so furious. Nie Li is only a young teen, yet he already wants Ye Ziyun as his wife?

“Cough, cough.” Ye Xiu dry coughed for a while, took out a book and said, “Nie Li, when Lord Ye Mo and I traveled, we found this thing. Can you take a look at what this is?”

When Ye Xiu took out that mysterious small book, Nie Li could feel that pure soul breath.

This object is definitely extraordinary!

“Let me have a look!” Nie Li slightly frowned. He carefully took the book from Ye Xiu and examined it.

The surface of this book was filled with all sorts of mysterious words, drawings and inscription patterns. It was extremely exquisite.

The Soul Puppet on Nie Li’s shoulders also stared at that small book, not moving its gaze.

“What is this? It seems to be the language of the Sacred Empire.” The Soul Puppet on Nie Li’s shoulder spoke human language, scaring Ye Xiu.

This Soul Puppet can actually speak? Ye Xiu would never believe that the soul that was sealed within the Soul Puppet is the one of the five founders of Glory City, Ancestral Founder Ye Yan!

“You still claim to have a vast knowledge. This is not the language of Sacred Empire’s Era. Although it was evolved from the Sacred Empire’s Era, this is the language of the Woodland Empire after the destruction of Sacred Empire.” Nie Li retorted.

“This, at least I guessed eighty-ninety percent of it……” Ye Yan quibble depressingly.

“What’s the use of guessing eighty-ninety percent of it? Can you tell what this book is?” Nie Li rolled his eyes.

“It seems to be some kind of demon spirit control technique. This inscription pattern should be some kind of demon spirit manipulation inscription pattern.” Ye Yan said, secretly proud. He is still able to recognize quite a lot of things in it.

Nie Li scoffed at Ye Yan’s words, “I guess you are twenty-thirty percent correct. You don’t know anything and still feel proud of it. This is no different than knowing nothing!”

Ye Yan was helpless. When he was alive, he was known to have an encyclopedic knowledge. But in front of Nie Li, he was criticised to nothing. He was unable to raise his old face and did not speak anymore.

Hearing Nie Li and Ye Yan’s conversation, Ye Xiu was simply drenched in sweat. As a Soul Puppet, to be able to recognize twenty-thirty percent is already very good. When Ye Xiu and Ye Mo looked at this book, they were completely blanked. They couldn’t even figure out the usage of this book.

Even so, that Soul Puppet was badly criticised by Nie Li. Doesn’t that mean that, he and Ye Mo couldn’t even be compared to a Soul Puppet? Ye Xiu’s old face heated up.

Nie Li looked at the Ye Xiu, who couldn’t wish for more than to dig himself into the ground and said, “Senior Ye Xiu, I’m not speaking about you!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Xiu even more have the intent on banging his head to death.

“I don’t know where Senior Ye Xiu got this book from, but this book is no trivial item. Senior Ye Xiu has to carefully safeguard it. This book records an array named The Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. It’s able to control thousands to tens of thousands of demon beast that are Black Gold rank and above, creating a super array. Even Legend rank Demon Spiritualists, when entering this array, can be easily killed,” Nie Li said, after closing and passing the book over to Ye Xiu.

When Ye Xiu and Ye Yan, whose soul was sealed in the Soul Puppet, heard Nie Li’s words, they felt a chill in their minds.

Even Legend rank Demon Spiritualists can be easily killed? This array is a little too frightening.

Ye Yan slightly poundered. According to what he saw from the inscription pattern and drawings, it’s exactly what Nie Li just said. At this moment, he is simply gazed at Nie Li with admiration. He can even recognize wordings from the Woodland Empire Era. Furthermore, he can see what the usage of the book was. Nie Li’s knowledge is far greater than his.

It’s a joke that he always thought of himself as having a vast knowledge. Thinking about it now, he was really ashamed.

Ye Xiu took the book from Nie Li’s hands, thought for a moment and asked, “What would happen if there’s a Ten Thousand Demonic Spirit Array near the City Lord’s Mansion?”

“No one would able to break into the City Lord’s Mansion, not even if it were dozens of Legend rank Demon Spiritualist,” Nie Li said without hesitation. This Ten Thousand Demonic Spirit Array was no joke. Even if someone used the most basic refining method, it can deal with Legend rank Demon Spiritualists. If Nie Li were to give improvements to it, its power would simply be unimaginable.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Xiu was stunned for a moment and shockingly asked, “Really?”

Nie Li nodded his head and said, “I speak the truth.”

“Then can you lay down this Ten Thousand Demonic Spirit Array?” Ye Xiu asked. The huge underground area beneath the City Lord Mansion can accommodate the whole population of Glory City. If they are able to put a Ten Thousand Demonic Spirit Array near the City Lord’s Mansion, they can save everyone in distressing times.

“Indeed I can lay it down. Laying down a Ten Thousand Demonic Demon Spirit Array requires a huge amount of time, it’s too exhausting. The materials needed is also very hard to gather. I’d need near ten thousand Black Gold rank Demon Spirits.” Nie Li shook his head and said, “Also, I still have to practice.”

“There’s no problem in gathering ten thousand Black Gold rank Demon Spirits. How much time would be needed to complete it?” Ye Xiu asked. Such a powerful array, it would probably require at least ten to twenty years to finish laying it down, right? Even so, Ye Xiu already has made his heart well prepared for it.

As long as they are able to lay down the Ten Thousand Demonic Spirit Array, no matter how much money it took, it would be worth it. This is simply a life-saving talisman!

Nie Li thought for a moment and said, “This will require a whole two months time.”

“W…...What? Two months?” Ye Xiu said, forgetting his prestige. He thought that he heard him incorrectly.

Nie Li raised his head, quizzically looked at Ye Xiu and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Such a powerful technique array, even if he spent ten years time, Ye Xiu wouldn’t find it long. Nie Li actually finds two months long? Two months time would be able to get another life-saving talisman for the Glory City? Thinking about it here, Ye Xiu felt excited.

He slightly cupped his hands and said, “As a representative of the City Lord’s Mansion. I, Ye Xiu, request for your help making this Ten Thousand Demonic Spirit Array.” Although the one standing in front is a thirteen-fourteen year old kid, at this moment, he didn’t treat him as a kid.

Nie Li shrugged his shoulders,“I’m not free.”

“Not free?” Ye Xiu was stunned for a moment and immediately said, “This array concerns the safety of Glory City. Being one of Glory City’s member, how can……”

Before Ye Xiu finished speaking, Nie Li interrupted, “You are correct, I’m a member of the Glory City. But I don’t have any obligation to help the City Lord’s Mansion in this matter, right? It’s not impossible to help you guys laying down this Ten Thousand Demonic Spirit Array, but Senior Ye Xiu, you can’t be a representative of the City Lord’s Mansion, right? If you want me to help you in laying down the Ten Thousand Demonic Demon Spirit Array, at least get the City Lord himself to come and talk to me.”

It’s not impossible to help them lay down the Ten Thousand Demonic Spirit Array. Although Nie Li’s cultivating speed is shocking, reaching Gold rank or even Black Gold rank would require at least half a year or longer. Using two month’s time to make a life-saving talisman for Glory City isn’t that bad.

However, in this matter, Ye Zong has to personally come and beg him. He was just beaten to the point of vomitting blood by Ye Zong, and now helping Ye Zong in laying down the Ten Thousand Demonic Demon Spirit Array. He’s not so easy to bully!

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Xiu was slightly stunned. He understood Nie Li’s meaning and said, “Nie Li, as long as you are willing to help us to lay down the Ten Thousand Demonic Spirit Array, you will make a huge contribution to the entire Glory City. We can provide you with a large amount of training resources……”

“Wait!” Nie Li waved his hand and asked, “In Senior Ye Xiu’s opinion, what training resources can the City Lord’s Mansion provide me?”