Chapter 106 - Ye Xiu

Chapter 106 - Ye Xiu

Before long, Lu Piao’s cultivation will surpass his father. Although Lu Ning felt a little indignant, he’s still proud. After all, Lu Piao is his own son.

“Lu Piao……” Lu Ning struggled for a moment within his heart, and spoke in a gentle voice, “It’s fine to mess around in the house. But you actually went to peek at the Xiao Family’s girl while she’s bathing. If this matter is spreaded out, my Lu Family will be discredited by you!”

Lu Piao’s face slightly turned red from embarrassment and said, “Dad, I’m aware of my wrongs.”

“It’s good that you know!” Lu Ning nodded his head and said, “No wholesome deed is greater than correcting one’s faults.”

Lu Piao clenched his fist and seriously said, “The next time I peek, I will definitely not let them find out……”

Hearing Lu Piao’s words, the corner of Lu Ning’s mouth slightly twitched, he was sweating all over. How did he give birth so such a…… He began to have thoughts of beating Lu Piao to death! Although he’s feeling depressed, he did not take any action. The current Lu Piao is the darling of their Lu Family, who would dare touch him?

“Regarding this matter, the Xiao Family sent someone over,” Lu Ning said.

“Really? What did they say?” When Lu Piao heard this, he immediately became excited, “Dad, did they mention marriage to you?”

Hearing Lu Piao’s words, Lu Ning was stunned for a moment and finally figured it out, “So you like the girl from the Xiao Family……You wanted me to mention marriage to the Xiao Family? Hmph, you’re giving too much face to the Xiao Family!”

If it were a year ago, Lu Ning wouldn’t say it like this. At that time, Lu Piao marrying Xiao Xue is like a toad craving a swan’s flesh. It was only a dream. But now, the situation is different. Thinking about how much Lu Piao improved, Lu Ning is also pleased.

After hearing Lu Ning’s words, Lu Piao was immediately crestfallen. Although he wasn’t serious most of the time, he still follows most of the rules. It’s just that he has a soft spot for the Xiao Family’s Xiao Xue. He and Xiao Xue are childhood sweethearts. They would eat and live together. Later on, when both sides slowly grew up, they began to have hints of feelings towards each other. The adults of the two families began to limit their meetings.

Seeing Lu Piao’s listless look, Lu Ning was happy. He did not mention marriage to the Xiao Family, but the Xiao Family mentioned marriage to them. This is giving them too much face!

At this moment, a servant ran in.

“Respects to Master, Xiao Family’s miss has come!”

Before the servant finished talking, a crisp female voice sounded from outside.

“Lu Piao, come out!”

The one that spoke was Xiao Xue. She’s wearing a fire-red skirt that outlined her curvaceous figure. A ponytail was combed at the back, looking charming and cute. Both of her hands were on her hips, looking a little shrewish.

The moment he saw Xiao Xue, Lu Piao’s head shrank back and immediately felt like running away.

When Xiao Xue’s sharp eyes saw Lu Piao, she shouted, “Lu Piao, if you dare to run, don’t come looking for me in the future!”

Lu Piao lowered his head and stood obediently still.

Xiao Xue’s slender fingers grabbed onto Lu Piao’s ears and angrily said, “Lu Piao, did you peek at me while I was bathing yesterday?”

“I did not!” Lu Piao’s head at this moment, was shaking like a rattle drum.

“No? You dare to deny that?” Xiao Xue’s eyes stared.

“I did.” Lu Piao was crying bitterly, ceaselessly within his heart, “Lighter, lighter, Xiao Xue, I know I’m in the wrong!”

“How many times have you peeked recently?”

“One…...One time. Oh, nonono, not only one time……”

“How many times?”

“I can’t remember.” Lu Piao’s face was full bitterness.

“What have you seen? Tell me!” Xiao Xue stared at Lu Piao.

“I have only seen…...oh, no, I’ve seen it all……” Lu Piao’s face was like an eggplant.

“Did you like what you saw?” Xiao Xue is twisting Lu Piao’s ears, feeling angry, she added more strength to it.

“Yeah, it was very nice.” Lu Piao’s brain was remembering several scenes and immediately nodded his head.

“You still dare to say that!” Xiao Xue lifted Lu Piao’s ears and stomped her feet.

Lu Piao immediately shook his head, “No, it wasn’t!”

“You’re saying that I’m not nice?!” Xiao Xue was once again furiously staring at Lu Piao, her right hand increased in strength.

Lu Piao felt an endless bitterness in his head. Should he say nice or not nice?

Watching this scene, Lu Ning’s head began to shrink. Xiao Xue is just like Lu Piao’s mother. He slowly moved to the side and *whoosh*, he entered into the inner yard.

Lu Piao turned around, wanting to seek aid from his dad, but only saw his dad running away. He felt depressed. Are you still my dad?

City Lord’s Mansion

The City Lord, Ye Zong and several Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists were together, seems to discussing something.

“City Lord, there’s news from Lord Ye Mo. Due to the climate change, the growing rate of demon beasts around Glory City is faster compared to previous years. We have to dispatch some people to hunt down those demon spirits to control the amount of demon beasts around Glory City. Otherwise, when those demon beasts grow up, they will be a great threat to our Glory City.” One of the Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists said. He’s the number three within the City Lord’s Mansion. His name’s Ye Xiu. His cultivation is only below Ye Mo and Ye Zong.

Ye Zong was silent for a moment before nodding his head and said, “Yeah, we’ll dispatch a portion of the demon spiritualists to hunt down those demon beasts. Good thing we have the elixirs from the Alchemist Association, making our strength grow quite a bit. Also, with the Nine Transformation Pill, we can greatly decrease our wounded and deaths.” A figure appeared within Ye Zong’s head. On this point, he has to admit that Nie Li has contributed to this. But when he thought of Nie Li trying to take the liberties of his daughter, Ye Zong began to have thoughts of tearing Nie Li apart.

“However, we have to be careful of those people from the Dark Guild,” Ye Zong added. If they were to send demon spiritualists outside of the city, there’s no guarantee that the Dark Guild won’t take any action.

“Aside from this, Lord Ye Mo asked me to bring back one item. Please have a look!” Ye Xiu said, retrieving a book from his interspatial ring, “Lord Ye Mo found this from a very ancient cave. He has no idea what material this is composed of nor the words written on it.”

Ye Xiu flipped open the book, and saw exquisite drafts appearing in his sight. It was filled with strange spell-like stuff, it also has pictures of all of the demon spirits.

A mysterious power blew out.

This power was extremely pure. Even Ye Zong did not feel such a pure power before.

“Where was this book obtained from?” Ye Zong’s heart was slightly chilled as he looked over the book. He carefully examined it, but couldn’t understand the words nor the drawings in the book.

“This was obtained when Lord Ye Mo dived deep into a demon beasts cave and got it from an expert’s corpse. According to our speculations, when that expert was still alive, he had already reached the peak of Legend rank.” Ye Xiu said. Ye Mo frequently went around exploring, and dive into some extremely dangerous place and inspect the situation outside Glory City. “That cave was too dangerous. Even Lord Ye Mo did not dare to stay for long, and retreated after he obtained this book.”

Although he obviously knew that this book is a treasure, he doesn’t know how to use this. Naturally, he felt depressed.

Ye Xiu thought of something and said with a little excitement, “Lord Ye Zong, I heard that recently, a genius teen appeared in Glory City that is able to understand some ancient books, including the Book of Divine Lightning Fire. Should we invite that teen over and have him take a look?”

Hearing Ye Xiu’s words, Ye Zong’s face immediately turned dark, “Don’t mention him!”

Ye Xiu was somewhat surprised and asked, “Why?”

Ye Zong was extremely furious. In order to protect talents, he arranged Nie Li into the City Lord’s Mansion. Who would have thought that he actually invited a wolf in. That brat actually dared to take the liberties of Ziyun. Because of some matters, he has no choice but to bear with it. Also, he has not settled that matter with Nie Li. Now he has to go beg him?

How can he pull his face down to do it?

Looking at Ye Zong’s expression, Ye Xiu seems to understood something. That brat probably did something and angered Ye Zong. However, this matter is still extremely important. Ye Xiu slightly bowed and said, “City Lord, this item was obtained with Lord Ye Mo risking his life, it’s definitely not an ordinary object. If we’re able to crack the mystery on it, it’ll also be good for the entire Glory City. I urge the City Lord to put down your personal grudges!”

Ye Zong was furious within his heart, but there is nothing he could do. Afterall, he’s not someone who’d ignore the general interest. He waved his hand and said, “You’ll go and invite him. But I’ll not show myself in this matter!”

“Yes, City Lord!” Ye Xiu nodded his head and said, bowing as he left.

Nie Li’s Yard

When Ye Xiu entered, he looked around. The conditions here were quite good. Ye Zong did not seem to have mistreated Nie Li.

As he lowered his head, he saw a six-seven year old girl currently practising while sitting cross-legged. A wave of soul force lingered around her.

Looking at this scene, Ye Xiu’s heart felt a chill. With his eyes, he can see that this soul force is at least 3-star Bronze rank.

But this is just a six-seven year old girl!

Such a genius, if made known to others, would definitely shock Glory City!

Ye Xiu took in a deep breath. It’s a good thing that such a genius is in the City Lord’s Mansion. If it was made known to the Dark Guild, they would definitely do everything they can to eliminate her!

Just when Ye Xiu was preparing to walk inwards, a tall young teen walked out from inside. This teen is Nie Li.

Nie Li raised his head and looked at Ye Xiu. Although he felt the expert breath on Ye Xiu, Nie Li did not look a bit nervous. He only took a glance said, “Is there a matter that the number three of the City Lord, only beneath Lord Ye Mo and Ye Zong, Senior Ye Xiu came to visit me about?”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Xiu was slightly stunned for a while. He never thought that he would be recognized with just a glance. By right, he should be frequently traveling around with Ye Mo, so he doesn’t stay in Glory City that often. A young kid like Nie Li, by right, shouldn’t recognize him.

Suppressing the shock within his heart, Ye Xiu slightly smiled and said, “Correct, that’s me.”