Chapter 108 - Exchanging with your daughter

Chapter 108 - Exchanging with your daughter

“Soul Nurturing Pill, Soul Concentrating Pill or even those in the legends, the Soul Tempering Pill, Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill and Nine Transformation Pill. We can get you get any pill you need. No matter what cultivation technique, as long as you want it, we can help you get it……” Ye Xiu proudly said. Within Glory City, is there anything that the City Lord’s Mansion is unable to do?

Hearing Ye Xiu’s words, the Soul Puppet looked at Ye Xiu as if he was an idiot.

As the Ancestral Founder of Glory City, there are many cultivation techniques in his hands that ordinary people can never imagine. But even so, he was still mocked by Nie Li. How can those garbage cultivation techniques in the City Lord’s Mansion be compared to Nie Li’s cultivation technique? Ye Xiu actually said that he’ll provide cultivation techniques to Nie Li?

“Senior Ye Xiu, didn’t the City Lord tell you when you returned to the City Lord’s Mansion? All those elixir formulas were provided by me. If you need Soul Tempering Pill or related stuff, just let me know about it. I can still take out three to five thousand, and consider it a gift to Senior Ye Xiu.” Nie Li said, shaking his hands.

Those elixir formulas in Glory City were all provided by Nie Li? Regarding this matter, only the President of the Alchemist Association, City Lord Ye Zong, and a few number of people know about this. Ye Xiu just returned and came over in a hurry with that mysterious small book. He has not heard of this from Ye Zong.

“This……”Ye Xiu was filled with embarrassment.

“Please pass a message over to Lord Ye Zong. It’s possible to get me to lay down the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, however, I have a request.” Nie Li said, lightly smiling.

“What request?” Ye Xiu’s eyes lit up.

“I would like for me and my sister to be moved to Ye Ziyun’s yard and live together with Ye Ziyun. Otherwise, I won’t have any insight and will be unable to lay down the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.” Nie Li said, the corner of his mouth curled up.

“What?” Ye Xiu’s eyes widened. He never expected that Nie Li would make this kind of requirement. He stared at Nie Li attentively for a long period of time. So Nie Li has his eyes on the City Lord’s daughter, no wonder why when Lord Ye Zong heard of Nie Li’s name, his face would darken.

How old is Nie Li? Perhaps he’s maturing faster than the others? Does he already have knowledge of man-woman matters?

But isn’t this request from Nie Li a little too unusual?

Ye Xiu gulped down a mouthful of saliva. If it was someone else, hearing such a requirement, Ye Zong would definitely beat him to death!

Ye Xiu was in a long silence. He bitterly smiled and said, “I can’t make any decision regarding this matter. I have to get the approval of Lord Ye Zong!”

It was as though thousands of horses were running within Ye Xiu’s heart. How is he going to mention this matter to Ye Zong? How can he tell Ye Zong that he can exchange his daughter for the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array? He can almost imagine Ye Zong’s reaction when he heard this.

If they don’t agree to it... but that Ten Thousands Demonic Beast Array is simply too important.

If they agree to it, isn’t it equal to sending Ziyun to the door?

How did he meet such a fella?

Carrying with him a laughing or crying mood, Ye Xiu left Nie Li’s yard.

City Lord’s Mansion’s Main Hall

“What? Bastard, I’ll tear him apart! He can give up on living through the night!” Hearing Ye Xiu’s words, Ye Zong immediately flew into a rage. The armrest on his chair was crushed.

Veins were popping out of Ye Zong’s arm. If he knew that Nie Li would be so “Give him an inch and he’ll want a mile”, he would have snapped that darn bastard in Ziyun’s yard earlier!

“City Lord please pacify! Regarding this matter, it concerns the safety of hundreds of millions of citizens within Glory City! Please reconsider!” Ye Xiu hastily said, knowing that Ye Zong would have this kind of reaction.

“What Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array? It’s obviously something that kid came up with! That kid used god knows what flowery words to cheat my daughter, and now he’s trying to cheat me with a nonexistent thing, it’s simply his wishful thinking!” Ye Zong’s fury reached the peak.

Ye Xiu shook his head and said, “City Lord, I feel that that kid named Nie Li isn’t lying. If he wanted to lie, he wouldn’t be saying that he could lay down the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array within two months time. Afterall, two months of time is extremely fast. If he’s unable to lay down the array, he’ll be exposed. Instead, he’ll definitely say within three years, five years, or even longer for the array to be completed.”

Ye Zong’s mind was replaced with fury, completely losing his common sense. Ye Xiu in exchange, is rather calm.

“Even if he can lay the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, to have me to exchange it with my daughter, is simply impossible! Even if he knows how to lay down the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, but talking conditions with me, fat hope! I’ll go to his yard now, if he doesn’t put his heart into laying down the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, then don’t blame me for being impolite!” Ye Zong slapped on the table, got up, and walked towards the exit of the Main Hall.

Seeing Ye Zong’s action, Ye Xiu’s heart was shocked. He immediately followed up and said, “City Lord, please reconsider! This Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array is made from ten thousand of Black Gold rank demon beasts. The array is definitely exquisite. If the one laying down has resentment and was to do something to it and an issue occurred from it in battle, what should we do then?”

“Ye Xiu, what you mean is to obediently send my daughter up?” Ye Zong was like an enraged lion.

Ye Xiu immediately followed up, “I definitely don’t mean that. I’ve heard that this Nie Li seems to be fond of Yun Er. With Yun Er’s current age, if it were any other family’s direct descendent, she would already be married. Although this Nie Li doesn’t have any power, with his talent and attainment in various aspects, he is suitable for Yun Er. Who knows, decades later he might be another Legend rank expert of Glory City! This youngster might be a good match for Yun Er!”

“Good match? Laughable! At such a young age, he’s well versed in all kinds of swindling. Who knows what will happen to Yun Er if she marries him? Furthermore, I know that this kid is a womanizer on the outside. The Winged Dragon’s Xiao Ning'er and Huyan Family’s Huyan Lanruo. Hmph.” Ye Zong furiously stared at Ye Xiu and solemnly said, “If you mention this matter again, don’t blame me for falling out!”

Ye Xiu opened his mouth, bitterly smiled incessantly and could only shut his mouth. It seems that Ye Zong has prejudice against Nie Li. In Ye Xiu’s view, Nie Li’s character isn’t that bad. Even if he’s womanizing on the outside, so what? Who hasn’t come from that time? Among the nobility of Glory City, aside from a small number, who doesn’t have several wives? This is extremely normal. Even Ye Zong himself has two wives.

However, Ye Ziyun is Ye Zong’s only girl. Convincing Ye Zong wouldn’t be that easy.

Nie Li’s Yard

The moment Ye Zong’s feet stepped into Nie Li’s yard, he heard a voice coming from within the yard, “Oh, Father-in-law. What wind blew you here?”

Hearing this sentence, Ye Zong staggered, almost tripping over the threshold. His whole body was trembling from anger.

Under normal circumstances, a Black Gold rank expert like Ye Zong can even shatter a giant stone with a kick, not to mention a small threshold! The current him is simply angered to the max by Nie Li, almost losing his common sense.

Hearing Nie Li’s words and seeing Ye Zong’s expression, Ye Xiu wanted to laugh but did not dare to. As the City Lord of Glory City, aside from Nie Li, who else would dare to say such words in front of Ye Zong? It’s simply a miracle that Nie Li actually lived till now without dying. It’s indeed one subdues another in this world!


On Ye Zong’s body, a powerful soul force burst forth. The current him has a face that’s frightening black. Every step down the ground would carve a deep footprint on the ground, like a demon from hell.

Even Ye Xiu could feel the frightening pressure coming from Ye Zong. Ye Zong is really indeed the one with the strongest talent among the fifth generation of Snow Wind Family. Just a few years passed, and his cultivation has already reached the pinnacle of Black Gold rank, even Ye Xiu could only look from afar.

“City Lord……” Ye Xiu urgently called out. He’s worried that Ye Zong wouldn’t be able to control his anger and kill Nie Li. That would be a great loss to Glory City.

Ye Zong took two steps, and Nie Li who is standing afar at the steps could already feel a tsunami-like pressure blowing towards him.

Just when Ye Zong’s pressure about to reach Nie Li’s body, a solemn snort sounded. The Soul Puppet standing on Nie Li’s shoulders spoke out in human language, “Ye Zong brat, I’m Ancestral Founder Ye Yan. Stop at once!”

Hearing these words, the Soul Force from Ye Zong’s body stopped for a moment. His face was filled with confusion as the voice sounded a little familiar.

“Ye Zong brat, could you have forgotten me? You want me to give you the offense of going against your ancestor?” Ye Yan coldly snorted from within the Soul Puppet, “If I didn’t teach you seven heart cultivating technique back in Heavenly Sacred Border, would you’ve been able to achieve what you are today?”

“Ancestral Founder Ye Yan?” Ye Zong’s gaze fell onto the Soul Puppet on Nie Li’s shoulders.

At this moment, Nie Li’s face had a hint of a sloppy smile, causing Ye Zong to be extremely angry.

Ancestral Founder Ye Yan said, “Correct, that’s me.”

Ye Zong’s face turned even more black. It was dark beyond terrifying, “Nie Li, you’re extremely daring. To seal the soul of Ancestral Founder Ye Yan into a Soul Puppet! That’s simply unforgivable! If I don’t kill you today, I will not be surnamed Ye!”

(T/N: Chinese takes pride in their surname, something that have been passing down since ancestral times. Therefore, if they say something that is related to their surname, is like a vow or some sort.)

“Presumptuous! If you’re not surnamed Ye, what’s your surname then?!” Ye Yan furiously snorted, “I willingly allowed my soul to be sealed within the Soul Puppet.”

“Father-in-law is too serious. I have no idea how I caused father-in-law to be so angry, I’ll apologize for it here today.” Nie Li chuckled. However, his face didn’t have any intent to apologize.

Seeing this scene, Ye Xiu was stunned for a few seconds. Ancestral Founder Ye Yan?

He couldn’t be more familiar with Ancestral Founder Ye Yan. This is an extremely big secret in Glory City. Only him and those who passed the test of the Heavenly Sacred Border knows about it. There’s an eternal soul within the Heavenly Sacred Border, and that is Ancestral Founder Ye Yan. He can also say that among many of the Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists, many received guidance from Ancestral Founder Ye Yan.

But now, Ancestral Founder Ye Yan had actually come out of the Heavenly Sacred Border and was sealed within a Soul Puppet? What exactly is going on?