Chapter 209

Chapter 209

Name: Piaro

Age: 39  Gender: Male

Class: Swordsman/ Hermit

Title: Great Swordsman

* The closest person to becoming a sword saint in this age.

* When a blade type weapon is equipped, attack power will increase by 40% and attack speed by 10%. This effect is applied separately from the Sword Mastery skill effect.

Level: 367

Strength: 2,038    Stamina: 1,380

Agility: 1,910    Intelligence: 530

Leadership: 812   Indomitable: 824

Skills: Trap Installation (C+), Empire’s Swordsmanship (B), Overwhelming (A), Empire’s Military Tactics (A+), Great Swordsman’s Enlightenment (S+), Supreme Swordsmanship (SS), Fated to Perish (??).

A descendant of a prestigious bloodline in the Saharan Empire, he was born with a natural talent for swordsmanship and military tactics. He joined the knights at a young age and became a captain in only 12 years.

In the following 5 years, he succeeded in winning a lot of achievements. However, 2 years ago, he witnessed the liaison between Asmophel and Empress Marie.

He was wrongfully branded as an imperial traitor and forced to flee.

* Currently, this person is suffering from a severe sickness of the heart. He has lost his original nature and all stats are reduced by 20% from those shown in the status window.

[Trap Installation]

Piaro can install simple traps. It’s a skill acquired to beat his pursuers.

[Empire's Swordsmanship]

The basic swordsmanship passed down to the knights of the Saharan Empire. It is made of five forms and is easy to learn, but the power is relatively good.

Piaro has reconstructed this swordsmanship and raised it to a higher level.


Piaro can overwhelm a target that has a much lower level than you. The overwhelmed target will feel fear.

[Empire's Military Tactics]

High level military tactics that the Saharan commanders learn. Piaro personally studied these tactics and raised it to another level.

He can seamlessly command thousands of troops. 

[Great Swordsman’s Enlightenment]

Pairo developed aura after achieving enlightenment as a swordsman. Be cautious, since the forming the aura will take some time.

Now that he has become one with the sword, his aura has become intangible and more powerful.

His sword techniques have gone beyond the limits of a human.

[Supreme Swordsmanship]

The swordsmanship that was passed through Piaro’s family for generations. Piaro was able to become a great swordsman by mastering this swordsmanship that hasn’t been mastered by anyone in his family for hundreds of years.

There is a theory that this swordsmanship originated on the Eastern Continent.

[Fated to Perish]

Piaro’s unique technique. The sword will attack one point on the target. The target hit by the sword must die.

Piaro is deserving to be a legend just from this technique alone.

Skill Mana Consumption: 40% of the maximum mana.

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 hour.

* This skill can’t be applied in quests and raids.  

'It is beyond my expectations.’

Piaro’s passive skill was comparable to Pagma’s Swordsmanship (Lv. 2), which increased physical attack by 30%, critical hit rate by 20%, and critical damage by 10%. Moreover, his active skills were brilliant.

‘In particular, the Fated to Perish skill is terrifying. A skill that will 100% kill a person?’

It was a technique that made him eligible to become a legend. It was safe to call this a legendary rated skill. But Grid admired something else about Piaro.

‘There is no limit on his stats increase.’

So far, all NPCs that Grid observed had a limit on their stats. It was the same with higher rated NPCs like Jude and Minor. Piaro’s name might be marked with gold, but there were no limits on his stats, so he could grow infinitely like a user.

‘Yes, this is truly a named-grade NPC.’

Grid was thrilled. “You, won’t you become my knight?”

“What?” Piaro frowned. "There are several things to point out. First of all, who are you?”

Grid introduced himself in a confident manner.

“I’m Grid, Pagma’s Descendant and a duke of the Eternal Kingdom.”

The Saharan Empire was the peak nation on the continent, so they dismissed the Eternal Kingdom. In fact, the Eternal Kingdom offered a tribute to the empire, just like other kingdoms. Piaro was a noble of the Saharan Empire, so the duke of a small kingdom didn’t seem great at all.

Just, “Pagma's Descendant?”

Piaro couldn’t stand still. Blacksmith Pagma, he had earned the reputation as the best swordsman since Sword Saint Muller. It was natural that Piaro was interested in a legend’s descendant.

“Is this the truth?”

Piaro quickly showed a combat posture. It was his instincts as a swordsman.

Grid smiled awkwardly. “Why do you suddenly look like that? Do you want to fight? I don’t want to do that.”

Piaro pointed his sword at Grid. “You are the one who rambled first. Suddenly asking me to become your knight? I should first check to see if you are qualified.”

Piaro could accurately guess the level of Pagma's Descendant. Then he could gauge his gap with Sword Saint Muller. Piaro decided and rushed towards Grid. Grid thought it was ridiculous as the distance between them was narrowed in an instant.

‘Is he seriously brandishing a sword at me? Is he crazy about fighting?’

Grid had wanted to avoid the fight. His weak self in the past would’ve run away, but now he was strong. He pulled out the +9 Failure.


Piaro admired the blue shark-shaped greatsword.

“That’s a great sword.”

Grid identified Piaro’s sword and scoffed.

"Your sword is unimpressive. Well, if it’s repaired, then it will improve.”

“Weapons aren’t important.”


Piaro rotated the sword in his hand that had collided with Failure. Then Grid felt a tremendous pressure and almost let go of Failure. He had to tighten his grip in order to not lose it.

‘I have more strength, but why am I being pushed in a power struggle? Is this technique?’

At this time, all of Grid’s strength was concentrated on his upper body. Piaro kicked Grid’s ankle.


Grid stumbled. Piaro’s foot aimed at his face while he was leaning sideways.


Grid raised his knee to defend against the kick. This time, his strength was concentrated on his lower body.


Piaro rotated his sword again and struck Failure. Blood spurted from Grid’s chest. Piaro expressed his thoughts. "Poor techniques. Your claim about being Pagma's Descendant is false. Or was Pagma’s skill this low in the first place?”

“Poor techniques? It doesn’t matter if you disrespect Pagma, but don’t humiliate me!”


Grid became serious. His pride was dented so he triggered Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Link. 21 blue-white blades were generated and covered Piaro at a fearsome speed.



Piaro defended against all 21 strikes by moving his sword with minimal movements. His stats might’ve fallen by 20%, but this was possible because his agility was twice as high as Grid’s. In the meantime, Grid had only been investing his points in strength and stamina. But now he gained enlightenment.

‘Speed is really important in swordsmanship. I need to invest in agility in the future.’

“Is this your best technique?”

Piaro was disappointed and looked at Grid with derision.

“No way!”

Grid used a combo skill that he developed over his many combat experiences. Theoretically, it was a combo guaranteed to win.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Restraint!”

Grid first restrained Piaro’s actions. Rather than linking with Kill which might kill Piaro, he struck three times. Then once Restraint was almost over, he used Wave to slow down Piaro’s movements and used Link again.

Piaro’s high agility and passive skill meant he defended against most of the attacks, but he eventually allowed two attacks and coughed out blood.

Then he dropped his sword.

“What? Is this the end?” Grid was immersed in the duel, so he couldn’t help asking Piaro with a frown.

"Doesn’t it seem like you’re holding back? I admit defeat.”

In fact, Piaro also hadn’t used all his strength. He didn’t use Fated to Perish. But even if he used it, Grid had his invincible passive skill. Grid didn’t doubt his victory, so his expression brightened.

“Okay. Now that I’ve won, will you become my knight?”

Piaro shook his head. "I just said I would see if you are qualified. I never promised to become your knight. I’m sorry, but I promised to never swear allegiance to anyone again. I can’t accept your request.”

"Are you traumatized because of your experience of being abandoned by your master?”


Grid spoke honestly to the baffled Piaro. "I'm well aware of your situation. Weren’t you framed by a colleague and became a fugitive? The fact that the emperor didn’t help you meant that he also doubted your loyalty... Now you’re determined to completely isolate yourself from the world after being betrayed by your colleagues?”

Piaro showed killing intent for the first time.

"The empire is the only one who should know that story. It isn’t something that can be discovered through rumors. Did Asmophel tell you?”

“No? I heard this story directly from you.”

What was this nonsense? Piaro still looked puzzled, so Grid pointed to his face.

“Look closely. Aren’t I somehow familiar?”

“Come to think of it...?” Piaro finally remembered. "Are you the person from that time?”

A year and a half ago. There was one person who entered Kesan Canyon, a place where powerful monsters were found, by himself. At the time, he was weak, but he seemed like he would grow quickly. So Piaro asked him to act on Piaro’s behalf.

“Amazing. Your skills, atmosphere and appearance have changed. I didn’t think you would be the ugly person from that time.”

"No matter how ugly I was, saying that...”

Grid was shocked and frustrated by Piaro’s blunt words.

After a short silence.

Grid barely managed to regain his mind and proposed.

“I will get revenge for you. Instead, come with me. Isn’t it too unfair for you to live away from the world just because of a traitor?”

Piaro questioned him. “I don’t know why you need me. Isn’t the Eternal Kingdom guaranteed peace as a neutral kingdom? Why do you need my help?”

“I want you to escort me when I go to find minerals...”

"What nonsense...”

In fact, Grid’s intentions didn’t matter.

'If I can achieve my revenge...’

Piaro lost everything due to Asmophel. His colleagues loyal to him were killed. Revenge was Piaro’s last desire.

‘If I can achieve my revenge, I’m even willing to sell my soul to the devil.’

But the problem was after his revenge was achieved. Was he willing to pledge the rest of his life to someone?

As Piaro hesitated, Grid stabbed right to his core.

"You wanted a duel as soon as you heard that I am Pagma’s Descendant, so aren’t you still longing for strength? Don’t you want to become a sword saint? Among my companions, there are many strong people. Don’t you want to live and train with them?”

"... But I doubt that I can be loyal to you.”

"You don’t have to force yourself to be loyal. You don’t have to pledge to be a knight if you’re unwilling. Stay as my guest. You can decide for yourself if you want to follow me.”

Grid didn’t want to miss Piaro, so he eventually took a step back. Therefore, Piaro had no choice but to accept Grid’s proposal.

On that day, Grid left the city where he lived for a year and eight months after he became Pagma’s Descendant. It was the moment when the legend shifted to a new stage.

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