Chapter 208

Chapter 208

"Do you remember Rabbit?”

“It’s a dear name.”

Euphemina met Grid due to Rabbit’s quest. Rabbit asked Euphemina to participate in the item making game against Grid, then he asked her to rescue Grid from prison. He had a smarter, more flexible mindset than most humans, so she couldn’t forget him.

“I remember. He was the brains of the Mero Company.”

"You remembered pretty quickly. What do you think about inviting him to the guild?”


Did Grid really share his affection with Irene? He was soaked with sweat. His upper body was somewhat revealed by the robe he loosely wore, revealing a masculine appearance. It was appropriate to call him sexy.

It was the effect of the charm stat.  Grid’s charm had sharply rising after becoming the first duke, so most people would feel favorable towards him. It was the reason why Euphemina was enchanted. But Grid wasn’t yet aware of this fact.


Euphemina regained her spirit and asked, "Ah, what did you say just now?"

Grid repeated. “What do you think about inviting Rabbit to the guild?”

Euphemina's opinion was positive.

“I want to invite him. Wasn’t he the one who drove the Mero Company to the top in the north? If you take into consideration his outstanding brain and experiences, his talent as a merchant and his ability to discern your value, he must be a named-grade NPC.”

Their encounter with Rabbit was short, but intense. It was a common feeling for both Grid and Euphemina.

“He is probably a named NPC... I agree.”

The current Grid was sure that Rabbit was an NPC with a much higher rating than Jude or Minor. He would be a great help if he was invited. But there was one problem. Rabbit was the hero who helped Grid and Euphemina save the people of Winston, but it couldn’t be denied that he was the number two of the Mero Company. Thanks to that, Marquis Steim sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

“Isn’t Rabbit still trapped in Frontier’s prison? Can you invite a prisoner to the guild? I can’t figure out how to get him out of prison."

"Why can’t I get him out?”

Grid opened his inventory. Then he pulled out an item he got along with Reidan.

[Great Lord’s Sword]

Durability: 220/220   Attack Power: 220

* Dignity +150

* Insight +150

* Leadership +150

* Skill 'Character Observation’ will be generated.

* Skill ‘Talent Search’ will be generated.

A rare sword only given to the best lords.

You can observe the soldiers and residents more closely and efficiently command them. 

Weight: 200

It was an upgraded version of the Ruler's Sword.

Grid handed it to Euphemina.

“I am a duke. With my authority, I can pardon a sinner sentenced by a marquis. Probably.”

"...Probably.” Grid shrugged at Euphemina’s questioning gaze. "Will he refuse the request of his son-in-law who’s a duke? He became a marquis thanks to me, so he should listen to this small request. Isn't that right?"

"Ah, that's right. I understand. I will go to Frontier and invite Rabbit to the guild. But I don’t need this sword.”

"We don’t know. Don’t you want to examine Rabbit with the sword first in order to determine if he is worth it?”

“The Character Observation skill was created on its own once my insight reached 1,600. So I don’t need that item’s help.”


Grid currently only had 1,100 insight, even if the effect of Kingdom's Hero was applied. However, Euphemina was a Duplicator and her main stat was insight, so it exceeded 1,600 points.

‘I’m envious.’

Character Observation was a skill to check the NPC’s stat information, skills information and potential. It would be much more comfortable if he could use this useful skill without relying on an item.

Euphemina asked Grid. "Should I come back to Winston with Rabbit?”

Grid shook his head. “No, go to Reidan. We will be departing for Reidan soon.”

"I understand.”

Euphemina said goodbye and left the office. Grid was left alone and he started thinking as he looked at the Great Lord’s Sword.

‘Is there a hidden talent in Winston?’ Grid wanted to take care of everything before leaving Winston. ‘I should explore with Talent Search.’

Grid was about to head into the city with the Great Lord’s Sword when he suddenly stopped.

“That reminds me of Kesan Canyon...”

It happened when Grid entered Kesan Canyon to acquire Pagma’s Swordsmanship. The NPC who called himself the captain of the Saharan Empire’s knights had tried to give him a quest.

‘Was his name Piero? He was incredibly strong.’

He had never seen such a strong NPC since Doran. Who was stronger between him and Jude? Jude wasn’t a match, even armed with the +8 Dainsleif.

‘I have to invite him.’

Grid worried for a while before quickly making a decision.

“I will attempt it once.”

He had nothing to lose if the invitation failed. This was because the NPC had a quest related to the Saharan Empire.

“Reidan is near the border of Saharan, so that’s a plus.”

Grid determined his goal and gathered the guild members.

"Take Khan and head to Reidan first. Join forces and organize the place until I arrive. Oh, don’t forget to take Minor along as well. I’m worried that he’ll escape if he isn’t under someone’s eyes.”

Vantner was puzzled.

"You aren’t coming with us?”

"I have a place I need to stop by first.”

Lauel had just taken the items away from Shay’s party and he admonished Grid. "You’re the leader of the guild. When you are doing your personal activities, you are obliged to explain the situation to the guild members in more detail. So that we don’t worry.”

Grid briefly explained. “I am going to pick up a treasure before heading to Reidan.”

Treasure? The guild members were expectant after seeing Grid’s attitude. Then they left for Reindan. Reidan was located to the west of the kingdom, so it would be a long journey.

“Then I’m going.”

Grid separated from the guild, had a gratifying farewell with Irene, and ended up alone. He opened Braham’s Message as he flew towards Kesan Canyon.

[Are you sure you want to open Braham’s Message?]

[There is unidentified magic power. You need to be careful.]

Grid flinched. He recalled the time when he opened Braham’s treasure box in the Golem’s Labyrinth. He only opened the message after he fully armed himself with items and the pavranium.

[The unidentified magic power has formed someone’s voice.]

Braham’s voice was directly transmitted to his brain.

[Pagma’s Descendant, the fact that you received this message means that you’ve defeated my golem army? This is a simple warning. Gain the four blessings of the gods and make the Vessel of the Soul! Then resurrect my body! If you keep delaying, then you will suffer a disaster!]

"He invaded the kingdom just to intimidate me?”

This crazy bastard. He killed thousands of people just for that reason?

'He is beyond selfish.’

Grid called up the information of the quest he had been postponing.

[Great Magician’s Resurrection]

Rating: Second Class Quest.

The legendary great magician Braham was a genius. He reigned as the best magician ever since he started learning magic. There was a myth that he survived against the fire dragon Trauka without dying.

As he grew old, he started mourning the fact that he was a mortal. Mentally and physically, he had already transcended humanity. Therefore, he wanted to become immortal.

After much research, he designed the ‘Vessel of the Soul’ that will regenerate his mortal soul into an immortal soul. 

But the Vessel of the Soul is an object that doesn’t exist in this world and is impossible to create.

He searched for an entirely new mineral that could be used as a material for the Vessel of the Soul and learned that his old friend Pagma was trying to create a mineral that wasn’t part of this world. He went to Pagma and assisted in the work.

The two combined their power and created the mineral called pavranium.

Braham had no doubts that pavranium could be used to make the Vessel of the Soul. 

But the only blacksmith who could smelt pavranium was Pagma, who unfortunately died of old age.

In the end, Braham didn’t achieve his wish!

He looked forward to the day that Pagma’s Descendant would be born to create the Vessel of the Soul, creating 28 mines and setting up mazes all over the place before he died. 

Each labyrinth is full of minerals, and he believed that it would be enough to lure Pagma's Descendant.

Now 300 years have passed.

Out of 28 pieces of Braham’s soul that were sealed in 28 labyrinths, one has finally encountered you.

Braham wants you to make the Vessel of the Soul. Through the Vessel of the Soul, he will be resurrected with the soul and body of an immortal.

* Second Class Quest Clear Condition: Create the Vessel of the Soul.

Second Class Quest Clear Reward: A large amount of pavranium. 

In order to create the Vessel of the Soul, the pavranium needed to obtain four blessings. But Grid had a hostile relationship with the Yatan Church, so it was close to impossible to receive their blessing.

‘No matter how much Braham threatens, it’s currently an impossible quest. There’s something strange.’

Legend had it that Pagma died 100 years ago. But when reading the details of this quest, Braham’s time of death was 300 years ago. From this perspective, Braham’s story about the pavranium seemed to be full of mistakes. The past Grid wasn’t cautious and didn’t recognize this mistake, but now he was different.

'There’s something fishy about Braham.’

In fact, he could obtain the quest rewards with just Minor. Hadn’t Grid already found seven pieces of pavranium in the north thanks to Minor?

“Great Magician’s Resurrection? Damn, I can’t complete this quest. If you want to warn me, then warn me. I don’t like this attitude. Damn bastard.”

Obviously, he had an obligation to complete the class quest. He had to clear the class quest in order to fully understand the story about Pagma and to complete his class. But Grid wasn’t nervous. If all of the pavranium was recovered, it was assumed that the story would develop without Braham’s help. It was a wisdom he naturally acquired while clearing various types of difficult quests.

[Braham’s Message has been destroyed.] 

Grid removed the ridiculous message and his flight speed increased. Then after two hours, he arrived at Kesan Canyon.

"It was around this place?”

Loran Falls was one of the most sacred places for the people of the Eternal Kingdom.

Grid shouted, “Come out! Piero!”

His powerful voice echoed through the canyon. After a while.

"My name is Piaro, not Piero.”

The middle-aged man showed up in front of Grid. Grid was completely different from the past, so Piaro didn’t recognize him.

"Who are you? Were you sent by Asmophel?” In the past, Piaro thought highly of Grid’s development. However, the current Piaro recognized Grid as strong and was very alert. "Based on your skills... It seems like you can handle the current Asmophel?"

An endless sense of dignity could be seen. This was the current Grid. Piaro was extremely nervous while Grid cut to the chase.

“You, won’t you become my knight?”

Grid observed Piaro’s details using the Great Lord’s Sword and was more stimulated than when he made a legendary item.

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