Chapter 205

Chapter 205

In this ‘Golem Army Invasion’ episode, the army of the Eternal Kingdom was helpless.

Not only did 1,000 golems advance to the capital, but the hundreds of thousands of troops couldn’t eradicate them. 

On the Internet, the netizens laughed at the fact that the Eternal Kingdom couldn’t do anything. They ridiculed King Wiesbaden and the nobles, stating that they were raising dogs instead of recruiting soldiers.

‘They don’t know.’

The Eternal Kingdom wasn’t weak. Rather, they were strong. The evidence was that the Eternal Kingdom had maintained its position of neutrality for many years.

‘But this time, their opponents were too bad.’

The golem army was unreasonably strong. In fact, the Giant Guild and 100,000 users weren’t able to compete with the golems.

‘Even I was barely able to destroy a soul doll, but the people of Grid’s group are monsters...’

Huroi, Lauel, Euphemina and Grid. Grid already had powerful users and he absorbed the Tzedakah Guild while the world was watching. It was obvious that Grid’s power would become stronger than the Giant Guild or Snake Guild in the future.

‘Overgeared... Should I apply? My life will be set if I could join.’

Reinhardt was busy with recovery efforts.

"Can you help me?"

"I need a hand.”

The soldiers and residents gave quests to join the restoration work. However, the 304th ranked Happy ignored them and headed towards the royal palace. 

‘There are more people than I thought.’

Thousands of users were gathered in a huge training ground. They were people who made great achievements in the ‘Fight the Golems’ quest. It was a small number considering that 100,000 users gathered in Reinhardt.

The administrators gave them their rewards in turn.

“You are the 16 member squad that destroyed an old golem? It was hard. I want to thank you on behalf of the kingdom. You will be awarded with 300 gold and 100 kingdom contribution.”

300 gold was worth 360,000 won. The users were quite satisfied. Sometimes, they looked with envy as a party that killed more than two old golems appeared.

“Ohh! Sir Happy!” Once Happy’s turn came, the administrator was very enthusiastic. "Many soldiers and people witnessed you becoming active on the battlefield. You took on an old golem and soul doll alone? You will be awarded with 1,900 gold and 800 kingdom contribution. I am grateful for your defense of the kingdom.”

The users made a fuss.

“Wow, amazing. He defeated an old golem and soul doll alone?”

"1,900 gold... I’m envious...”

"But isn’t Happy a ranker?”

"That's right. He’s in the 300s or 400s?”

"Kyah~ as expected from a ranker.”

Happy snorted at the users’ envious gazes.

‘They shouldn’t be envious of me.’

Happy’s gaze turned towards the golden group in the distance. At this moment, the king was paying direct attention to Grid. How much would Grid’s group be rewarded? Happy was restless. He wanted to log out and watch the awards ceremony on TV.


‘The legendary great magician...’

Grid hadn’t thought that Braham was such a great person. A person who had already died for hundreds of years had moved golems that caused a kingdom to fall into crisis. Braham’s ability was mind-boggling. But why did he invade the Eternal Kingdom?

‘Whatever the reason, I don’t like it.’

Due to that damn crazy magician, Sehee and his father-in-law almost died. Grid wanted to check what was contained in Braham’s Message.

‘However, I have to receive this first.’

The brilliant golden awards ceremony.

"Glory to Viscount Grid!”


The soldiers saluted as soon as Grid’s party entered. It was unbelievable that they had just suffered from an invasion and lost family and friends. Grid was impressed by how strong their minds were.

‘I remember my days as a soldier.’

Grid’s military service wasn’t good, but now he glorified those memories. Grid was proud of the soldiers who did their duty. At this moment, he felt a sense of gratitude to the Korean soldiers who were suffering to defend the country. It was sad that the world still wasn’t united.

'Aren’t North Korean women pretty as well? I wish we could be unified.’

Thump, thump.

Grid walked straight through with an upright posture. He had great physical strength and concentration due to his stats, so dignity radiated from him. The king seated on the throne and the nobles gulped.

‘Indeed, this is the appearance of a legendary warrior. There are no chinks.’

‘He has a deep look in his eyes. It’s like the ocean.’

‘I am envious of that firm waist and broad shoulders... I would be able to love more women if I had that body in my youth...’

When armed with the Holy Light Crown, Grid’s dignity exceeded 850 points. This was a figure that surpassed those of the major nobles of one kingdom, so it had a tremendous effect. The nobles forgot that Grid was a commoner and gazed at him with envy.

“Thank you, once again.”

Wiesbaden expressed his gratitude again from his throne. He couldn’t imagine that the cause of this incident was Grid, so he just considered Grid as his savior. But the important thing was that Grid also didn’t know he was the culprit.

Grid showed a wait-and-see attitude.

“If it wasn’t for you, this kingdom might’ve disappeared from history.”

Grid currently had the upper hand. He judged that there was no need for him to show humility.

"I hope that Your Majesty will show me your sincerity.”

It was a rude comment to the king of a nation. If Grid was a normal person, the king would’ve been very unhappy and the nobles would’ve resented him. However, Grid had high dignity and was the hero of the kingdom. No one questioned Grid’s words. To them, Grid just looked like a charming figure. Grid would be praised as manly even if he took off his pants.

"Earl Aden.”

The king called the person in charge of finances. Then an old nobleman came forward and said, "First of all, I will reward the achievements of Baroness Jishuka and the other 21 people who joined the battlefield later.”

The Tzedakah Guild stepped forward as they were called.

Earl Aden conveyed King Wiesbaden’s will.

"Baroness Jishuka and 21 others have saved Earl Steim and defended their kingdom, helping Viscount Grid defeat six of the ancient weapons. You will be awarded 20,000 gold and 10,000 kingdom contribution. In addition, they will be given the title of Viscount for their loyalty to their kingdom."

"We are much obliged.”

The compensation was as they expected. The Tzedakah Guild members were completely satisfied. The media were excited.

『 The experts speculate that there should be 20 users who became nobles in Satisfy. Among them, the only viscounts are Grid, Zibal and Chris. 』

『 But now, 22 more viscounts are born. In addition, all 22 people are Grid’s subordinates. They can appoint three knights each, so the result is that Grid has around 70 knights. This is a truly tremendous power. 』

The earl continued.

"Huroi, Lauel, Euphemina, Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl. You joined forces with Grid to defeat 733 old golems, 187 soul dolls and 12 ancient weapons. If you hadn’t acted, this country would be in a great crisis. You will be honored as a hero of the kingdom, receive 442,900 gold and 184,800 kingdom contribution, as well as the title of Earl.”

Numerous notification windows popped up in front of the five people.

[The title ‘Kingdom’s Hero’ has been obtained.]

[The title ‘First Earl’ has been obtained.]

[You have become an earl of the Eternal Kingdom.]

[In accordance with the laws of the Eternal Kingdom, an earl can have 10,000 soldiers and five knights, and can have up to three spouses. You will receive a monthly salary of 3,000 gold.]

[Kingdom's Hero]

A hero who saved the Eternal Kingdom from a crisis.

* All stats +120.

* The highest reputation throughout the Eternal Kingdom.

[First Earl]

A user has become an earl for the first time.

* Dignity +200

* Charm +500.

* If you have more than 500 charm, people of both sexes will show great favor towards you.

『 Earl...? 』

The reporters of each broadcasting station were astonished.

『 It’s amazing. Didn’t the kingdom originally have a limit on the number of senior nobles? To appoint five earls in one day... 』 

『 It means they are big enough to make the Eternal Kingdom endure the financial bleeding. 』

『 If they are earls, then... Grid should become at least a marquis. 』

『 Grid is truly amazing. He’s writing a new legend every time. 』

『 ... Sexy Schoolgirl didn’t do anything during the battle, but she was still counted? 』

『 ... 』

Five earls were born, and all of them were Grid’s subordinates. The world became frenzied at the breaking news. Huroi, Lauel and Euphemina were pleased at gaining more rewards than expected.

But Sehee and Yerim didn’t care.

"Is an earl good?”


"Is 442,900 gold a lot?”

"Well, I don’t know.”


Lauel sighed as he looked at the two girls. People who were born with gold spoons couldn’t perceive how good they had it.

'I wish I had a brother or sister like Grid too...’

As Lauel was feeling jealousy, Grid was receiving his rewards.

"Viscount Grid, you led your knights and colleagues to defeat 733 old golems, 187 soul dolls and 12 ancient weapons. Your achievements can’t be denied. You will be praised as the country’s hero...”

"The next part will be a burden for Earl Aden.”

King Wiesbaden got up from the throne. Then he congratulated Grid instead of Earl Aden.

"Viscount Grid will be given 500,000 gold, an infinite amount of kingdom contribution and the large city Reidan.  In addition, you will be awarded the title of duke and your statue will be set up in the Hall of Fame, keeping you alive to the next generation.”

[The title ‘Kingdom’s Hero’ has been obtained.]

[The title ‘First Duke’ has been obtained.]

[You have become a duke of the Eternal Kingdom.]

[Depending on the historical background of the continent, a duke has no limit on their expansion of power. The royal family won’t be able to openly bind you.] 

[Please note that there will be repercussions if you expand your power to the extent that it infringes on the royal family’s authority.]

[If a statue is made in the Hall of Fame, special effects will occur.]

[First Duke]

A user has become a duke for the first time.

* Dignity +600

* Charm +800.

[As a prominent figure, your reputation across the continent has risen by 10,000.]

"I want you to pledge eternal loyalty to the royal family.”

"I, Grid...”

Grid was about to pledge to Wiesbaden when Lauel urgently sent him a whisper.

-Only swear allegiance to King Wiesbaden, not the royal family.

Grid didn’t understand. But he did as Lauel said.

"I, Grid, swear eternal loyalty to Your Majesty.”


Some nobles frowned. In particular, the princes’ faces filled with anger. However, King Wiesbaden was over 70 years old and in a state of considerable decline. He didn’t find any issue with Grid’s remark and smiled.

On this day.

New articles praising Grid were spread all over the Internet. The number of fan cafes for Grid increased exponentially. But since the number of Noe’s fan clubs increased more, Grid was struck with a sense of defeat.

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