Chapter 204

Chapter 204

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

20 blue-white energy blades flooded towards the ancient weapons.

『 It has come! The strongest skill! 』

The broadcast host shouted in a loud voice. The viewers’ hands became sweaty. Reinhardt's 100,000 users was thrilled.

Grid felt joy.

[The fusion skill ‘Transcended Link’ has increased a level.]

[Transcended Link Lv. 2]

You will temporarily be in a transcended linked state.

A total of 20 strikes will be launched, dealing 180% attack power with each hit.

Every time a target is hit, they will be stiff for 0.1 seconds.

* This skill doesn’t share a cooldown with Transcend and Link.

Skill Mana Cost: 1,600

Skill Cooldown Time: 15 minutes.

There was an exhilarating feeling the moment the skill level rose. He immediately felt stronger. The storm leapt from Grid towards the stiffened ancient weapon.  Then there was one rotation of Kill.



[Failure’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘5 Joint Attacks’ to be generated.]

[The Holy Light Gloves’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘5 Joint Attacks’ to be generated.]

[You have dealt 12,140,700 damage to the target.]

Using repulsive force, there was another rotation and a second blow.


[The Holy Light Gloves’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘5 Joint Attacks’ to be generated.]

[You have dealt 2,612,000 damage to the target.]

The third blow.



[You have dealt 1,205,800 damage to the target.]

The fourth blow.


[You have dealt 500,300 damage to the target.]

The fifth blow.


[Failure’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘5 Joint Attacks’ to be generated.]

[The Holy Light Gloves’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘5 Joint Attacks’ to be generated.]

[You have dealt 5,579,000 damage to the target.]

Grid’s basic stats were high and Toban’s buff also played a huge role. The stats that had risen dramatically, the strongest skill and the absolute power of his weapon, this trinity proved to be extremely powerful. Grid felt extreme pleasure at dealing more than 10 million damage in one blow.


Grid landed on the ground the moment that Transcended Link was finished. 


The ancient weapon became a complete rag. Shouts echoed from Reinhardt.


“Grid! Grid! Grid!”

Hundreds of thousands of NPCs chanted Grid’s name. If it wasn’t for Grid, the king and royal family would’ve died and perhaps their kingdom would’ve been lost. For them, Grid was the hero of their kingdom.

King Wiesbaden was thrilled to tears. "Thanks to the great hero, the 400 year history of the kingdom has been preserved...!”

The nobles were convinced as they saw it.

'Earl Steim will surely gain the title of duke.’

‘His son-in-law will at least be an earl...’

The key person of the kingdom was now destined to become Earl Steim. The politically complicated nobles felt a grudge towards Grid.

『 Truly God Grid! He’s on a different dimension! 』

The broadcasting anchors were very excited.

『 Today, we have learned one fact! Grid is the strongest! There is no doubt about it! This talent in the National Competition wasn’t just a bubble! 』

『 In fact, it isn’t just Grid’s power. Grid absorbed the power of the Tzedakah Guild while everyone was watching. Today is an important day where the power dynamics of Satisfy will rapidly change. 』

『 From Bairan Village to the present day... Grid is really becoming a legend. 』 

『 He will be the first user to become an earl. How much power will he have as an earl? I’m already curious and excited. 』

『 Will it stop at just getting the title of an earl? In my opinion, it’s different... 』

All six ancient weapons were humiliated. Soon, the golem invasion would end. Everyone believed it.

Lauel spoke, "Grid, give us a signal so that we can finish the ancient weapon at the same time.”

The ancient weapons had to be killed simultaneously. It would be seriously troublesome if the survivors evolved in real time. Grid nodded and shouted, “I will count to three. One! Two!”


The guild members concentrated their power. They were prepared to kill the ancient weapons the moment Grid countered to three.


Finally, the moment that Grid counted to three! Each guild team made their final strikes against the ancient weapons. Pon and Vantner were the problem.

"I will finish it!”

"No, me!”

The two people’s argument eventually caused an accident. The two people’s silly pride meant they struggled over who would deal the final blow, and eventually couldn’t finish off the ancient weapon.

[High fire and lightning resistance are necessary.]

[Minerals that have high conductivity must be excluded from the body.]

[The body will become smaller by abandoning the massive minerals. It will restore the lost agility.]

[The firing rate of magic power should be increased.]

[Instead of lowering the power of the mana, rebuild the magic circles so that it is dispersed better.]

[Tolerance to edged tools should be increased.]

[Tolerance to explosions should be increased.]

[It is determined that flying ability should be acquired.]

Clink! Clink clink.

The ancient weapon was only partially destroyed by Mach Spear. It started rebuilding its body based on the information left behind by the deaths of the other five ancient weapons. It was like a cube. The 8m tall body was repeatedly folded and stretched. Then light flashed and it had a new appearance.


The transformed ancient weapon looked like a soul doll. It had a height of 2m. The body resembled that of a human. At first glance, it seemed weaker, but that was only the outer appearance. The presence felt from it was unusual.

“Are you crazy?”

“No, are your brains working? What are you doing?”

The guild members scolded Pon and Vantner. The situation became like this because of their futile pride, so the atmosphere cooled. Pon and Vantner thought they had to make up for their mistakes.

“We will handle this.”

"I will clean up my shit!”

The two people cooperated for the first time in ages. They held their weapons in a serious manner and rushed to the evolved ancient weapon. But it was useless.


“Why has its defense increased so much when its size is smaller?”

Pon and Vantner’s spear and axe didn’t do much damage to the evolved ancient weapon. The ancient weapon seemed to laugh at the two people and raised a finger.


What did this mean? The two people were dumbfounded by the actions of the ancient weapon. Then two rays of magic power were fired at their hearts.

[You have suffered 18,010 damage.]

[Healing effects will be reduced.]


Vantner lost 30% of his health despite his legendary rated armor. Then what about Pon, who was a damage dealer?

[You have suffered serious damage!]

[You can’t regain your mental state.]

[Healing effects will be reduced.]

Pon lost 60% of his health at once and became stunned. The evolved ancient weapon was approaching him.


Pon turned pale. The ancient weapon head-butted him.


Sehee urgently used her healing skill, but the healing effect was reduced due to the debuff. He was on the verge of dying. The guild members came out to save him. Toban stood in front of him and used a defense skill, while Jishuka, Laella and Zednos attacked from the rear. The damage dealers, led by Regas and Faker, immediately cast their ultimate skills.



The evolved ancient weapon exerted overwhelming power. The Anti-magic Shield it unfolded defeated all magic while avoiding Jishuka’s arrows at the same time. Then it dealt great damage to Regas and Faker. Finally, the magic power rays were fired everywhere and casualties followed.

“...It’s the end.”

Vantner thought it was over. He felt guilty when watching his colleagues be hurt because of him. Someone placed a hand on his shoulder. It was a large, powerful and trustworthy hand. It was full of calluses, like the hand of a warrior or a blacksmith. It was Grid’s hand.

"Sorry...!” Vantner couldn’t lift his head. He didn’t blame Grid for resenting him. But Grid was smiling.

"Didn’t I tell you? I will be your strength.”

The day he asked the Tzedakah Guild to come under him. Grid had asked them to be his strength. He also vowed to be their strength. Grid was prepared to defend that promise now.

‘He has changed again.’

Vantner and the guild members were very shocked. It was surprising that Grid, who normally hated any losses, had matured even further. As everyone watched, Grid summoned the worst pet.


It was the best demonic beast of hell. He appeared with shining eyes.

"Will you give me something delicious today? Nyang!”

“Perhaps. It might be the most delicious prey you’ve ever eaten.”

The reason that Grid hadn’t summoned Noe during the battle was because of jealousy.

Noe had far more fans than him. So if Noe played an important role in public, Grid was afraid that his popularity would be completely overshadowed. Therefore, Grid was determined to end this battle with his own strength. But he was unable to measure the combat strength of the evolved ancient weapon. Grid predicted it was at the same level as Hell Gao who had been weakened twice.

Grid had just used Transcended Link and Linked Kill, so it wasn’t an enemy he could face right now. He was forced to depend on Noe.

"The fan cafe numbers will go up again...”

Grid swallowed his regret.

“Swallow it.”


Noe flew away immediately. Then he opened his mouth and swallowed the evolved ancient weapon.

[The memphis has taken part of the target’s soul.]

[There will be a 50% decline in the target’s main stats for 3 seconds.]

[The stats taken from the target will be transferred to the master.]

[Stamina has increased by 2,133.]

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship! Kill!”

It was lucky. A critical, as well as the option effects of Failure and the Holy Light Gloves were applied. The ancient weapon’s health and defense was greatly reduced, so it was forced to suffer great damage. The guild members unleashed their offensive towards it.

In particular, Euphemina used the S-grade magic that she saved.


The ancient weapon resisted as much as it could. But the minimum level of the Overgeared Guild members was 270. The one with the lowest level was Grid. The evolved ancient weapon continued to be swallowed by Noe and couldn’t endure their onslaught for long.

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

Sehee’s level kept rising continuously while using the wide-area heal. It was great for Grid. Then the ancient weapon finally died.  As it died, it dropped an item called ‘Braham’s Message.’

‘Braham...! Is he the cause of this?’

Grid wanted to read the message right away. But he had to put it off for a while. King Wiesbaden himself was running over.

"Thank you! Thank you!”

The king grabbed Grid’s hands and shouted. He reigned as the absolute person since his birth, so it was amazing to see him bow his head. 

Now only the rewards were left. Grid headed to the palace with the Overgeared Guild. The reporters tried to follow to relay the situation, but they were stopped by the guards.

Lauel gave Grid advice. "Grid, you should ask the king to allow them to come. We need to inform the world about how much you and the Overgeared Guild has grown from today’s achievement. This is an opportunity to make everyone look up to us.”

Lauel was Grid’s adviser. Grid had never once suffered damage from his words.  Thus, he accepted Lauel’s advice.

After that.

King’s Wiesbaden gratitude to Grid’s group was relayed to the world in real time. Grid’s reputation skyrocketed. 

It was the first time that Director Yoon Sangmin of the S.A. Group reacted positively to him.

“Yes, this is like a legendary class.”

The activities of a unique existence that caused a positive influence. He was delighted that many users would want to be Grid and would play Satisfy even harder.

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