Chapter 203

Chapter 203

"Overgeared! Let’s show the world the emergence of the Overgeared Guild and elevate our lord!”

[Your morale has increased.]

[Your attack power and magic attack power will significantly rise for the next attack.]

[The next attack will be a critical hit!]

The strongest buff skill of the 1st ranked orator, Morale Boost was applied to all guild members. The Tzedakah Guild members murmured about the overwhelming effect.

“Wow, the effect is really great.”

"It’s a buff that makes a deadly strike possible...”

Jishuka spoke to rile up Toban. “Shouldn’t the 1st ranked paladin prove that he isn’t lacking in comparison?”

Compared to the other guild members, his level was relatively low, but Toban was now level 280. He was at least 10 levels higher than Grid. He used a buff skill that could be called the ultimate skill of the second advancement paladin.

“God Judar’s Blessing!”

[All stats will increase by 20% for 5 minutes.]

[Your health and defense will increase by 30% for 10 minutes.]


Lauel finally recovered from his shock of Grid calling the guild Overgeared.

‘This is the best skill of the first ranked Judar paladin that I’ve only heard about!’

It was a great buff that was completely different from Huroi’s buff. All members of the Tzedakah Guild were truly monsters. Lauel was feeling admiration while Jishuka loaded a Super-special Jaffa Arrow.

“Then shall we begin?”

Grid made the unique rated ‘Salamander’s Horn’ for her, and it could be called the most powerful bow currently in existence. The disadvantage was its slow firing speed, but the attack power was ruthlessly high. It also increased the attack power of the fire attribute, so the compatibility with Jishuka was very good. 


The woman called an expert archer, her bow skills had reached the realm of a god. It was the moment when the 1st ranked archer entered the battle.

Syuok! Syu syu syu syu syuk!

The only drawback of the Salamander’s Horn was its slow speed, and this was overcome with her rapid-fire speed skills, as she shot seven arrows with barely any time lapses between them. The arrows were aimed at the ancient weapon 2,300m ahead of her.


It was amazing. The arrows flying alone exploded. Then like a firecracker, flames appeared at the end and added acceleration.


The ancient weapon felt danger. In order to counter the arrows, it opened its mouth and tried to launch the magic energy. Instead white magic power started to gather around the mouth. But Jishuka’s arrows didn’t give it time to charge its magic power. It struck the ancient weapon and caused another explosion. 


The massive body of the ancient weapon made a strange sound. Then a notification window appeared in front of Jishuka.

[The target’s mana core has been shocked.]

[The target’s magic power flow has been blocked.]

[The target can’t use magic for three seconds.]

The effect of Firecracker worked properly. The Anti-magic Shield of the ancient weapon was temporarily released. The first ranked mixed magician Laella and the second ranked wind magician Zednos acted.

“Demon King’s Tail Fire.”

“Tyrant’s Hammer!”

Jishuka used her strongest skill.

“Phoenix Arrow!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Everything in a straight line was swallowed up by the flames. The ancient weapon that Jishuka target was hit by black flames, a giant hammer and a mighty phoenix. Its eyes turned red as it looked around. It was asking its fellow golems for help.

But there was no one who could help it. The other five ancient weapons were in the same situation as him. All the ancient weapons were being beaten by the Overgeared members who had divided into several groups.

In particular, the ancient weapon being attacked by Regas was suffering the most.


[The 5th combo has been achieved!]

[The effect of the ‘Lightning Duke’s Knuckles’ has been activated, causing additional physical damage to the target.]


[The 6th combo has been achieved!]

[The effect of the ‘Lightning Duke’s Knuckles’ has been activated, causing additional lightning damage to the target.]

Kwang kwang kwang!

[The 8th combo has been achieved!]

[The effect of the ‘Lightning Duke’s Knuckles’ has been activated, causing additional physical and lightning damage to the target.]

Jjejejeok! Kwang!

[The 10th combo has been achieved!]

[The effect of the ‘Lightning Duke’s Knuckles’ has been activated, causing Thunder Chariot to be triggered.]


Was this person descended from the realm of the gods? A thunderous chariot fell from the sky and forced the ancient weapon on its knees. Then an eagle flew over its head and suddenly transformed into a human.  

Beasts of Prey Toon. He wore silver wristblades with the G engraved on them and he shouted like a lion.

[Weaken all nearby enemies.]

“Kukuk! Kuhahat! Now I will slice you up!”

Toon transformed into a werewolf and his greatly improved wristblades flashed. The ancient weapon had its whole body electrocuted so it couldn’t cope and suffered great damage. On the other hand, the ancient weapon in front of the south wall staggered under the combined attacks of Pon and Vantner.


Jjejeong! Jjeejeeeong!

"Ura! Ura! Urahh~!

Kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


The ancient weapon was unable to endure anymore and swung its arms. The agile spearman Pon moved away, while Guardian Knight Vantner defended himself with his shield.


It was a terrible damage. Vantner failed to completely absorb the damage and stiffened from the aftermath. The ancient weapon was about to fire its magic power at him. Vantner realized this and screamed.

“Hey! Help me, Pon!”

"Are you stiffened right now? Just hold it.”

Instead of helping Vantner, Pon jumped forward using Vantner’s shoulder. Then he aimed a skill towards the ancient weapon. 

“Mach Spear!”


It was an unbeatable attack. The sonic spear passed through the thick head of the ancient weapon.


Half of the head was broken and the ancient weapon staggered. Pon landed on the ground and cheered. Vantner glared at him angrily, “You jerk...! How dare you use a companion as a sacrifice? Eh? Did you feel good?”

Vantner had turned charcoal after being hit by the magic ray. He was truly angry, but Pon just shrugged.

"It's called teamwork."

"Shit! What is this teamwork?”

Vantner’s face turned red. He seemed like a boiled octopus, causing Pon to laugh. In the end, Vantner couldn’t bear it and swung his axe at Pon.

"Today I will kill you!”

“Try it if you can, bald bastard.”


The ancient weapon thought it was ridiculous. Fighting each other in front of it? This was an opportunity. It swung its arms at the fighting Pon and Vantner. But Pon once again easily avoided the attack, while Vantner defended with his shield.

The same pattern was repeated. The ancient weapon had only one choice. It ignored the fast Pon and tried to launch a magic ray towards the rigid Vantner. Vantner once again contemplated.

“Hey Pon! This time you should really help me! I will die this time! Yes?”

"Use your Invincible skill~”

Vantner had been putting points in stamina since the Malacus raid. Now his survival ability was as excellent as a cockroach’s. Pon knew this better than anyone else, so he once again one-sidedly used Vantner as a tanker.

"True Illusion!”


The ancient weapon fired magic power at Vantner, and at the same time, it was stabbed dozens of times. Pon made a satisfied noise as he saw it.

"My skills are indeed perfect."

An axe flew at him.

“Those two are still acting like that.”

The city. Faker smiled as he watched Pon and Vantner in the distance. Faker told them, "Pay attention to the opponent in front of you. There was no room for cockiness.”

The 1st ranked assassin didn’t participate in the National Competition. When the top rankers spent time at the National Competition, he focused solely on leveling up. As a result, he was now level 293 and 17th on the unified ranking.

He showed the result of his training.

Papat! Pa pa pa pat!

He created 20 clones and climbed the ancient weapons from all sides. The ancient weapon was in the middle of the city, so it was covered with the blood of many people. The humans were so weak that the golem disregarded them.



The ancient weapon was astonished. This was because the 20 daggers stabbed in its body caused it great damage. Holes were made in its solid body.


These humans were unlike anyone the ancient weapon had encountered before, so it swung its arms like windmills to somehow shake them off. Faker didn’t try to defend himself. Instead, he just moved forward. He moved in an incredibly agile manner and avoided the attack of the ancient weapon, rushing at its neck.


The confused ancient weapon opened its mouth to launch magic power.

“Thank you.”

Faker threw five daggers into the mouth of the ancient weapon. The daggers exploded.


Then another ancient weapon flopped to the ground. But it’s commitment was great. In the midst of its collapse, it swung its arm and attacked Faker. Faker was unable to freely move during the descent and was in a crisis. An assassin’s health and defense was extremely low, so he could die from this attack.

'It is failure at a critical moment.’

The moment that Faker frowned, a lightning bolt struck from the sky. The lightning bolt was powerful enough to completely shift the orbit of the gigantic arm heading towards Faker. Faker shifted his gaze towards the person who prevented his death. Then he saw a beautiful blonde girl.

Faker cried out, “That girl...!”


Euphemina had completely shattered Faker’s group in the past. Due to that, she climbed onto the Tzedakah Guild’s kill list. However, that was in the past. The Tzedakah Guild didn’t exist anymore. In the future, she would be a colleague.

Faker forgot about the past and thanked her.

“I owe you a debt.”

Euphemina smiled awkwardly. 

Among all the guild members, Ibellin wasn’t shining as brightly.  

"Lauel, can you bind the ancient weapon with Dragon’s Wings?”

“I can only bind it for one second.”

“That will be enough."

Lauel was known as the strongest among the 10 Rookies and Ibelline was the second strongest. Once they joined forces, they showed amazing results.

“Wind Dragon’s Wings!”

[The target’s movements have been bound.]



The target’s body will be brutally torn open by Thorn. The target will receive fixed damage equal to 60% of their current health.

Skill Mana Cost: 500

Skill Usage Condition: Target must be in a bound state.


The Thorn of Deep Grievance ripped through the ancient weapon with no mercy. The ancient weapon was severely damaged by a single strike and fell into a stunned state.


It was an incredible sight. The powerful ancient weapon lost 60% of its health in one shot? The attack power that Ibellin showed was within Grid’s level, so Lauel was incredible confused. He was alarmed because this guy showed better skills than he thought. But he pretended to be unconcerned.

“I guess even slugs have a talent for rolling around on the ground.”

Ibellin shouted angrily, "Who are you calling a slug? Dammit! I will soon be able to surpass you!”

Lauel snorted. “This is just the power of items.”

Lauel was also an overgeared person. On the other hand, Grid was confronting an ancient weapon in front of the inner wall.

“Have strength!”

King Wiesbaden desperately encouraged Grid from the walls. After a while, a satisfied smile appeared on Grid’s face.

“Transcended Link. Linked Kill.”

Subtle emotions crossed the faces of King Wiesbaden and the nobles. The 100,000 users in Reinhardt and the millions of viewers watched as two of the best skills were used in succession.


A white light got rid of the darkness. Earl Steim watched the artificial white sky and shouted excitedly, "My son-in-law is a legend!"

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