Chapter 202

Chapter 202

“Amazing! Amazing!”

The directors and PDs of the broadcasting stations relaying the Reinhardt war were excited. Grid’s companions played an active role against the golems and audience ratings were high, so it was natural to feel excited.

‘Grid is a genuine star!’

This golem army had smashed the 700 Giant Guild members led by the 3rd ranked Chris, whose battle power was evaluated as over the Tzedakah Guild in Satisfy. Indeed, Grid was a legend. Whenever he appeared in public, he overwhelmed the audience with his power, causing the audience ratings to rise every time he appeared. He created the buzzword ‘Praise God Grid.’

"It would be nice if he summoned Noe...”

However, human greed was endless!

The station PDs were hoping for the appearance of Noe, who was just as popular as Grid. If the cute Noe emerged, the audience ratings would clearly rise because the hearts of the children and female viewers would be captured.

On the other hand, the hosts’ mouths were dry from praising Grid’s group.

『 The orator’s buffs and debuffs are only applied once, but they are extremely effective. If they are used well, an orator can play a more active role than existing buffing classes. It’s a class that deserves to be reevaluated. 』

『 Reevaluated? Don’t you know about orators? Orators are a class that had been treated as top rankers by the nobles since the beginning. But they are difficult to find because they’re a difficult class to level up. 』 

『 The advantage of an orator isn’t only the buffs and debuffs. A orator is basically a speech-giving class. They are politically useful. It is natural for the top rankers to be jealous of Grid for acquiring the 1st ranked orator. 』

『 Lauel is truly worthy of his fame. He fully understands the qigong master class. Rather than acting aggressively, he serves as a supporter and assists Grid. 』

『 In fact, qigong masters are more suitable to be rear damage dealers rather than supporters. But since Grid is in the party, there’s enough attack power. Therefore, his role in the group is changed. Lauel’s flexible mindset is great. 』

『 Above all, the best one is the user called Euphemina. She can cast all types of spells without chanting? It’s obvious that she has a hidden class, and she might be stronger than Grid. Perhaps she is a legendary grade magician? 』

『 If you look at the fact that she doesn’t show many S-grade magic, it’s hard to imagine her as a legendary magician. It is more likely that she’s a unique rated magician. Anyway, I am certain that she is better than Yura and Bondre. 』

『 I’m focused on the girl called Ruby. She is a complete beginner when looking at her clothing, but isn’t she supporting her colleagues with tremendous amounts of healing? 』

『 Sometimes, there are people with unique tastes. There are many high level users who deliberately look like beginners... 』

『 Didn’t the rare class Skin Creator recently appeared? The Skin Creator can freely change the appearance of items, right? Maybe the clothes she’s wearing now are actually really dazzling. 』

『 Is that rough-looking wooden staff actually a unique-rated weapon? Hahaha, in any case, Grid is really great. He has the named NPC Jude, the 1st ranked orator, the 1st ranked qigong master as well as the best magicians and priest as his companions... It’s clear that he has a great personality. 』 

『 I agree with you 100 times over. He must be charming to attract such excellent people. Grid has to be a generous, charismatic, wise, and good man. 』

As the misunderstanding about Grid deepened, Grid’s group was defeating the sixth ancient weapon. The remaining six ancient weapons were upgraded based on the information gathered from the destroyed ancient weapons.

[It is necessary to become tolerant to spiteful words.]

[Delete language comprehension feature.]

"This is pretty hard.”

It was hard for Grid to look relaxed. The ancient weapons became noticeably stronger every time one was destroyed. That’s why their combat power rose from 26,000 to 32,000. It was around the same level of the Awakened Guardian of the Forest. Grid’s party faced difficulties the moment the sixth ancient weapon was killed.

"Spiteful Tongue isn’t working.”

"The resistance to qi has increased, so my skills aren’t being applied properly.”

“The durability of the Anti-magic Shield has risen.”


Grid could feel the physical defense of the ancient weapons rising. He trembled.

"The golems grow as we fight. What type of freak made these monsters?”

They might be able to destroy some more, but it was difficult to predict how strong the remaining ancient weapon would be.

“There’s no chance of victory. We should retreat. Didn’t we do enough?”

"But if we retreat, Reinhardt will eventually collapse. The kingdom contribution that we earned will become useless.”

A skeptical mood began to form. Grid’s only method was to rely on Lauel.

“Is there a solution?” 

"The solution is simple. Destroy the remaining six ancient weapons simultaneously.”


It was an impossible task. Assuming that Grid alone could handle an ancient weapon, the rest of the group couldn’t take care of even one ancient weapon. It was impossible to kill six ancient weapons at the same time, even if all of the 100,000 watching users joined.

However, Earl Steim noticed the situation and directly commanded the army.

"The only solution is to destroy those large golems at the same time. Winston’s army! Everyone join forces to help my son-in-law defend this kingdom!”


Earl Steim raised the morale of the army by appealing to the fact that his son-in-law was a legendary warrior! He was a seasoned leader and reorganized the army with the strongest knights of each region at the forefront, advancing them towards the six ancient weapons. His fighting spirit caught the aggro of the ancient weapons.


The ancient weapons concentrated their magic power rays at Earl Steim.


Grid had a quest called ‘Save Earl Steim.’ The damage caused by the quest failure was a problem, but he also didn’t want to see Irene sad.

“Damn bastards!”

He tried to fly at full speed to protect Earl Steim, but it was useless. The magic power rays far exceeded Grid’s speed.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The six rays of magic energy struck Earl Steim and caused a powerful explosion. The soldiers near him flew away and became rags. Earl Steim at the center of the explosion must be reduced to ashes.


Grid was shaken. She had the most beautiful smile, but he was pained at the thought of his Irene crying for a while.

Then a familiar woman’s voice was heard. “I’m sorry I’m late.”


Grid closed his eyes because he was afraid to confirm the death of Earl Steim. He slowly opened his eyes. Then he saw it.

"You struggled to fight without us.”

The Tzedakah Guild. Armed with epic, unique and legendary items that had G engraved on them, Vantner and Toban protected Earl Steim while Jishuka and the others surrounded them.


Jishuka spoke to the thrilled Grid. “Please give us a command, Captain.”

It was the moment when the Tzedakah Guild expressed their intention to go under Grid.

Lauel shouted, “First of all, establish the guild!”

A minimum of 15 people were required to establish a guild. The golem army invasion had another quest for guilds, so this was a perfect opportunity to raise the guild experience. Grid grasped Lauel’s intention and acted quickly.

“Establish Guild.”

[To establish a guild, you need to get approval from the association.]

[You can set up the guild without an approval procedure because you are a high-ranking noble.]

[Please decide the name of the guild.]

“The guild name...”

Lauel prompted Grid.

“The guild name is a very important symbol for the guild. It should be a meaningful and cool name. Personally, I recommend Darkfire Masters, Blood Ice Makers, The Blessed of the Gods, Silver Dragons, etc.”


Grid had called himself overgeared since the time of the Neberius raid. It was a wordplay based on the templar knights. (TL: In Korean, not English.)

Grid really liked the word. The word was moved around his mouth. The guild name...

"Overgeared Knights is more extravagant than necessary... Let’s just stick to the simple Overgeared.”

“W-What?” Lauel was shocked. His face turned white and anger filled his eyes. “Overgeared, are you thinking properly? It’s completely childish! Elementary school students will laugh at the name! Please be joking!”

"Blood Ice Makers? I think Overgeared is a lot better than that.”

“What about Blood Ice Makers? It’s cool! On the contrary, what is Overgeared? This guild name will stick with us for the rest of all lives, so it needs to be better!”

Lauel was extremely opposed, but the reaction of the Tzedakah Guild members were unexpectedly positive.

“Overgeared... It clearly expresses the characteristics of the guild.”

"The names of the other guilds are too extravagant and childish. This is simple and clear.”

“Overgeared people belong to the Overgeared Guild! Kukuk, it’s simple and entertaining!”

“T-These crazy people...!”

Lauel felt like he was in a nightmare. He sent a look of help towards Huroi and Euphemina, but it was useless. Huroi only followed Grid’s will and Euphemina didn’t care about the name of the guild.

In the end.

['Grid’ and 27 companions have established the Overgeared Guild.]

Guild Name: Overgeared

Level: 1 (0/100,000)

Reputation: 0

Master: Grid

Capacity: 28/30

Affiliation: The Eternal Kingdom

Alliances: North of the Eternal Kingdom.

Hostile Relationships: None

Inclination: An unconditionally favorable relationship with Winston.

Territory: None

“T-This is ridiculous... The guild name is Overgeared...? I am an overgeared!”

Lauel seemed like he received a really big shock. In fact, the name ‘Overgeared’ was favored by the public, so Lauel was the only one who didn’t like it. A new quest window appeared in front of Grid.

[Defense War II]

Difficulty Level: SS

The golem army was much more powerful than anyone expected.

The kingdom’s strongest guilds and armies couldn’t prevent the golems from advancing.

The most powerful golems called the ancient weapons have plunged the Eternal Kingdom into a crisis.

Defend the Eternal Kingdom by defeating them.

Only you are the last hope of the Eternal Kingdom. The anxious King Wiesbaden can only rely on you.

Quest Clear Conditions: Defeat the ancient weapons (0/6)

Quest Clear Rewards: One big city. 50,000 contribution to the kingdom. The guild level will rise by 2. Five million gold will be obtained.

Quest Failure: The likely collapse of the Eternal Kingdom.

It was clearly an opportunity. Grid ordered everyone, including the frustrated Lauel.

"Defeat the six ancient weapons at the same time. Huroi! Toban! Buffs!”

It was the first time that the legendary Overgeared group left their footsteps in history.

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