Chapter 201

Chapter 201

[You have failed to observe the target’s skill.]

She tried a few more times but it was the same result. Euphemina became certain.

“A Saintess is a class that has at least a unique rating.”

"Based on what?”

Lauel made a disbelieving expression, causing Euphemina to explain.

“A Duplicator has a clear limit as an epic class. It’s impossible for me to duplicate skills that have a higher rating than myself.

“In other words... You failed to duplicate Ruby’s skill?”

“Yes. The only skills that I have failed to duplicate after raising my insight to a certain level belonged to Grid and Agnus... It is an experience I haven’t suffered in a long time.”

“Agnus?” The 7th ranked Agnus was known to have an epic class. He was surprised by Euphemina’s words. "Agnus is an epic class, so isn’t he equivalent to you? So why did your Skill Observation fail?”

"He must have a growth type hidden class.”

"Like Hurent?”

"That's right. Growth type classes are considered to have a higher rating than epic classes, so I can’t duplicate his skills.”

Agnus was someone thoroughly wrapped in a veil of mystery. He never showed up in public. Traces of him could only be found in the rankings list or from NPCs. He changed his appearance every time, so there were rumors that he was an NPC instead of a user, or a game operator, or so on.

However, Euphemina seemed to be familiar with Agnus, so this was an opportunity for Lauel.

“What exactly is Agnus’ class?”

“At first I thought he was a necromancer type, but considering the various features, it is more appropriate to call him a lich.”

“Lich? You mean an undead?”

Lich were one of the strongest undead. They transcended the concept of life and death, and were known to have infinite magic power. If Agnus was a lich, it was reasonable to assume that he was stronger than Grid.

"On the surface, he doesn’t seem to be an undead, but... It’s a bit difficult to explain. You’ll know if you meet him.”

Lauel showed great interest. “Where should I go to meet him?”

“Aren’t you being very active? Are you perhaps thinking about trying to get Agnus as Grid’s subordinate? I would forget about it. Agnus is a very dangerous and abnormal figure. It isn’t possible to have a positive outcome when you get in touch with him.”

“... I will listen to you.”

Agnus wasn’t the important thing right now. Grid’s sister had obtained a hidden class that at least had a unique rating.

‘Did those siblings receive the blessing of the game gods?’

The older brother was the first legendary class, while the younger sister received a hidden class at level 1. It was clear that Grid and his sister had saved a country in a previous life.

‘Anyway, this is good.’

Grid’s power was grounded on the basis of being the best after Duplicator Euphemina and then Saintess Ruby joined. This would grow further if the Tzedakah Guild joined. Lauel envisioned a brilliant future, causing his mind to spin faster than before.

‘Grid and his sister are fighting well, but it isn’t good to drag this out.’ A stamina system existed for users. Stamina would decrease the longer the battle lasted, so even Grid would face a crisis.  ‘The golems are only concentrating on Grid. And the ancient weapons will probably explode every time they die. Then...’

Lauel shouted as he came up with a way to end this battle that lasted nearly 30 minutes.

“Grid! Drive all the golems towards the ancient weapons!”


The golems were endlessly coming towards him! Grid was enjoying the battle due to Sehee’s strong support, and he saw the golems as chunks of experience.  He turned his gaze towards Lauel and then frowned.

“Isn’t this too much? I have to deal with the ancient weapon at the same time. Do you want me to die?”

Grid didn’t understand Lauel’s intent. Unlike his sister, he was stupid, so it couldn’t be helped.


“Dragon Claws.” Lauel used an earth barrier to block the magic power heading towards Grid and shouted again. “Just do as I say! Focus on defeating the ancient weapon and run away immediately!”

In Satisfy, qi was a different concept of mana. For this reason, there was a separate class called the qigong master. The Anti-magic Shield wasn’t immune to skills of a qigong master.

“Dragon’s Whispers!”

[The amount of damage the target will receive has increased by 30%.]


The ancient weapon was affected by Lauel’s skill and started to twitch. Grid confirmed this and reached out to Jude.

"Jude, let me borrow your sword for a bit.”

“I’ll willingly do it.”


Grid put the +8 Dainsleif in his inventory and used Fly. Sehee used Hope on him once again and Huroi cast a buff skill.

“Thank you.”

He had full health. The strongest buff skill was nestled in his body. The best. An invincible feeling. There was nothing to fear in this world. It was just...

‘The kan jajang would’ve already become soggy.’

Won’t the food become tasteless? It was quite annoying, but he still felt good. His dear sister and companions. Now that they were enjoying Satisfy and relying on each other, Grid was truly happy. He had lived a lonely life without any friends, so this experience was truly precious to him.


Grid smiled with satisfaction and flew towards the ancient weapon that received the debuff from Lauel. He was like an eagle flying towards his prey. 


The old golems and soul dolls ignored the others, only chasing after Grid. Grid was annoyed by them, but recalled Lauel’s words and ignored them.


The ancient weapon remained silent as Grid approached, then launched its magic power. It was evidence that the golems were intelligent.


Grid judged that it was too close to avoid and wore Doran’s Ring.

[You have suffered 23,900 damage.]

[Healing effects will be reduced.]

[You have resisted.]

[The options of Doran's Ring and the Holy Light Armor have been applied to restore 35,850 health.]

‘Healing effect reduction?’

That hadn’t existed before. Grid became convinced. The ancient weapons were steadily evolving during the battle. They were optimizing themselves to kill Grid.

‘It’s great, but useless.’

The moon and stars were covered by a dark cloud of darkness. The ‘20% increase in damage in dark places’ effect was applied, making Failure more powerful.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship!”

A dazzling sword dance unfolded continuously.




There was a storm of blue-white energy blades as the skills were connected. The power was lacking compared to Linked Kill and Transcended Link, so the ancient weapon wasn't destroyed immediately. However, it was enough to release the Anti-magic Shield.


Then Grid swapped weapons. He used Dainsleif instead of Failure. Dainsleif gained additional attack power in proportion to the number of enemies, so it was just as good as Failure right now.


He used a skill straight after equipping it.

"Golden Flash!"

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

A ray of gold crossed the night sky like the sun.


The ancient weapon screamed as the ray penetrated through it.

Kiik! Kiiik!

The 800 golems following Grid were enraged. They watched the collapsing ancient weapon and howled like children losing their parents. In the midst of this turmoil, Euphemina yelled.

“Exploit! Thunder Storm! Light Sword! Blizzard!”

It was a feast of A-grade magic. She didn’t go through the process of chanting the spell, so the powerful magic perfectly hit the ancient weapon.

[You have destroyed an ancient weapon.]

[3,342,000 experience has been distributed.]

“Avoid it!”

Lauel shouted the moment the notification window popped up, and Grid responded by disappearing at full speed.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

It was a close call. Immediately after Grid escaped from the range of the explosion, a strong explosion occurred around the body of the ancient weapon. Most of the 800 golems following Grid were swept away by the explosion and turned to ashes.

“Wow... This was what you intended.” Grid was full of admiration as he saw the result and recognized Lauel’s intentions. He got goosebumps. "Lauel, aren’t you really smart? The best.”

Lauel bowed gracefully towards Grid, who was looking at him with envy.

“You are the one who is the best. I’m just your bridesmaid.”

‘...My hands and feet are shrivelling.’

Grid was suffering from Lauel’s cheesy words when someone appeared in front of them. Euphemina had figured out the number of surviving golems.

“There are 43 old golems, 11 soul dolls and 9 ancient weapons remaining. This battle, let’s finish it.”


Grid handed Dainsleif back to Jude and gave a command.

“The golems are only focused on me. You don’t have to protect Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl anymore. Attack the ones after me.”


Jude was better than Huroi and Lauel when it came to simple combat ability. He was an idiot who couldn’t be assigned important missions, but Jude was a very dependable person on the battlefield. Once his rampage started, the surviving old golems and soul dolls were overwhelmed. They were beaten and became mere pieces of stone.

『 Jude... I’ve never heard of him, but he must be a named NPC. To obtain NPCs as knights, at a minimum, an S-grade quest needs to be cleared and affinity built up... Grid is truly amazing. 』

As the world was impressed by Jude, Grid was taking care of the remaining ancient weapons with Huroi, Lauel and Euphemina. The old golems and soul dolls were no longer obstructing them, so their speed at destroying the ancient golems was faster than before.

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